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Chapter 109 – Bloody Conflict

Zhou Yuhao miserably screamed, and the corners of his mouth were overflowing with blood. His expression was completely pale, and he was running for his life. With so many attacks coming at him, all types of symbols were densely packed as they sparkled with light. Everyone was oppressing and beating him.

Geniuses were still human, and as he faced off against a hundred of the large tribes’ most powerful youths, he couldn’t defend himself at all. Blood flowed from his mouth and nose, and his disheveled hair was fluttering about; it was a tragic sight.

Typically, he was a noble and untamed steed. He was naturally talented, and would not even care about these ordinary disciples. Although he wouldn’t speak words of contempt, he always despised them within his heart. However now, he was being madly beaten.

The hundred or so youth who originated from large tribes were all shouting, and they formed into a giant flood as they submerged everything. Zhou Yuhao loudly shouted, “I truly don’t know! I have nothing to do with him!”

“Who would believe that? You were just fiercely resisting just now, and even said yourself that you knew where that devilish brat was. Many of us heard you, furthermore, if it really wasn’t you, why do you need to run?”

Zhou Yuhao endlessly cursed. If I didn’t run, wouldn’t I be beaten to death? It truly was  like ‘jumping into the yellow river but still unable to clean oneself.’

“Brothers, catch him! Slowly interrogate him!” someone shouted.

However, Zhou Yuhao’s strength was not just for show, and he dashed left and right. Although he didn’t have any way of escaping and was seriously injured, he was still painfully persisting on.


Within the dark, symbols formed into a small palm, and directly smashed into his left rib. Zhou Yuhao seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and his entire body felt as if it was collapsing apart. He shouted miserably, as this symbol palm was too terrifying. It immediately made him feel as if his left ribs were shook until they broke.

This time, he fell onto the floor, and he was instantly drowned out by that group of people. The group of people crazily trampled on him, and he was hugging his head and trying his best to protect his crucial parts.


The cry that Zhou Yuhao emitted was simply not a sound that belonged to humans. It was like a wild beast wailing, and a mouthful of teeth were spouted out. They all fell, and he was powerless as the surrounding people all trampled and smacked him.

“No good, if we continue like this, Yuhao will lose his life!” someone said in a low voice within the genius camp.

Although they were separated by quite a distance, and more than a hundred people were blocking their way, they were still able to vaguely see Zhou Yuhao falling. If it continued like this, then he was definitely going to lose his life.

This was not just one or two people taking action, but rather a hundred people attacking together. Just from their trampling alone could turn him into meat paste.


Symbols flickered, and it sounded like a waterfall. It was deafening, and the two people who were normally on the best terms with Zhou Yuhao soared over and attacked in that direction. Using their precious techniques to open up a path, many people were sent flying in an instant.

In that split second, there were more than a dozen youth who began to cough blood. They all became unsteady, and fell down.

In that short period of time, the scenery was peaceful and quiet, and the intimidation effect was achieved. After seeing this, those two people relaxed. Their faces were cold and detached, and they immediately charged inside. They once again took action, and sent another dozen people flying.

“The genius camp is bullying the newcomers. We came from the great tribes! Did we come to the Heaven Mending Pavilion just to get bullied? Group together, resist!” The little guy loudly shouted within the group of people.

In that split second, countless people began to blaze with fury, because they saw for themselves the ruthless actions of those two just now. After arriving, they knocked down twenty to thirty new disciples. Their faces carried arrogance and indifference, and this was something that they all witnessed for themselves.

“You want to bully us, who have just entered this school? To directly wound us like this, return the stage! Let us support our fellow disciples who were wounded!”

“What is so special about the genius camp? Do you think that you can oppress others just because you arrived earlier? Beat those two unbridled fellows!”

The entire place erupted. This time, it was not just a hundred people. Over ten people ran forward, and used an incomparably crazy power to send all types of symbols into the air. They smashed forward.

These two instantly became scared. Their intimidation unexpectedly failed, and now they were caught up in this tide of people as well. Next to him, all types of multicolored lights flashed, and as they grouped together, they formed an astonishing and terrifying attack.

Ah pu…

Soon after, these two were beaten until they vomited out blood.

Peng, peng…

In that split second, two mysterious palms formed out of symbols appeared, and directly smashed into their bodies. More than ten of their bones instantly snapped, and the two individuals’ fighting abilities steeply declined; they were drowned out by the crowd.

The little guy had accomplished his task, and was now retreating. The person who first yelled out was naturally him, and the one who threw a fist first was naturally him as well. The one who inflicted the serious injury at the crucial moment was also, of course, him.

Now that Zhou Yuhao’s group of three were submerged within the flood, he rapidly retreated. He felt rather satisfied, and that he carried out this matter excellently. You three should just pray for some stroke of luck to occur.


The three were beaten until they wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves, and even when they kneeled and begged for forgiveness, it was useless.

The genius camp’s members frowned. If this continued, it would definitely lead to major trouble. If these three individuals weren’t crippled, then they were going to die. All of them were watching this, and one of them had already left to look for an elder, while a few others walked forward and took actions collaboratively. They wanted to rescue those individuals.

“The genius camp really are bullies! Just now they were humble and showed their courtesy, but now, it seems as if it were all just pretending. It was all an act, and they are now revealing their fangs and starting a war against us!”

A loud voice shouted out, and this entire area clamored with noise. The three thousand new disciples all charged towards this area. Symbols immediately fell down like rain, and sent several of the geniuses flying.

The little guy was stunned. He merely pushed them a bit, and never thought that things would blow up like this. Like a wisp of smoke, he fled.

The genius camp were also angered at this point, and many of them began to emit light from their bodies. They were preparing their powerful precious techniques to sweep away these new disciples, letting them understand who exactly a genius was!

Yu Feng frowned. If they fought back like this, then it might incur a large scale conflict. At that time, it was no longer clear who exactly was going to be on the losing end. Although he wanted to stop them, he knew that it was useless.


Symbols flared up from both sides, and erupted like a storm. It directly caused the space around them to explode, forming a powerful wave of radiance that contained enough force to collapse several mountain peaks.

“Stay your hands!”

A loud shout rang out, and a bottle gourd appeared in the air. It was a glistening yellow, and was radiating rays of light. Soon after, it began sucking everything in like a whale, and removed all of the surrounding symbols. It completely swallowed up the blazing radiance that could have collapsed a mountain peak, and it all entered that gourd.

Everyone was shocked, and they felt a terrifying aura. There was only a single symbol on that gourd, and it endlessly flickered. It was as if it split apart the heaven and earth, and shook all of their hearts. Hidden within was unexpectedly the aura of primal chaos!

Finally, the golden skinned gourd downsized, and the symbols disappeared. It began to spin around until it became the size of a palm, and fell into the hands of an elder; it was precisely that elder who previously sat in front of the mountain gate.

Currently, he was carrying a dignified aura, and his expression did not contain the slightest hint of a smile. He shouted in an extremely serious manner, “Everyone who participated in this disturbance today will face the wall in meditation for three years!”

The little guy who had already quickly ran into the distance raised his ears, and after hearing those words, he once again made his way into the crowd. If he suddenly exited the group, then it would be too weird, and so it was still better to follow the large flood.

The elder’s gaze was intimidating, and it swept over all of the disciples. He sighed inwardly; recruiting three thousand disciples at once did indeed create a large problem, and internal strife truly did occur.

Soon after, several elders appeared. They were all wiping their cold sweat, especially Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun. They were shouting within their hearts; how could another another ripple been created when the first one hadn’t even settled yet? After recruiting these new disciples this year, there hasn’t been a single event that went by smoothly.

They began to investigate just what exactly was going on, and in the end, they had absolutely nothing to say. There wasn’t any instigator for the chaos, and there were only a few unfortunate people.

Ninety percent of the bones in Zhou Yuhao’s bones were broken, and the other two also suffered serious damage. They were already half crippled, and even if they were nursed back to health with medicine, it would still take several months.

Many of the people were following along blindly, and they did not truly cause an insurrection.

“Why did you claim to know where the little guy was?” elder Zhuo Yun pointed at Zhou Yuhao who was lying on the floor, and he was angry and furious. He completely chewed him out until the words were splitting Zhou Yuhao’s head and covering his face; their shouts were only lacking the three words ‘serves you right’.

Zhou Yuhao was filled with grievance, and he felt that he really had a low mouth. However, that little thing who he couldn’t see clearly was even lower. He was too lacking in morals; why did you send your fist over at me with absolutely no reason?

Couldn’t you at least waited to strike after you finished asking clearly?

At the same time, his heart was still doubting. How could he, a genius, be punched in the face until his face blossomed by a little thing, and almost be knocked unconscious? He didn’t even have any way of evading it. The only thing was, he was too embarrassed to ask this question, as he was scared of the humiliation.

There wasn’t a specific instigator for this event, and naturally no one had to face a wall in meditation for three years like the golden skinned gourd elder claimed. Therefore, he directly left.

“You all… Are truly infuriating!” Elders Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun roared. Only after a quite a while did they finally retract their ‘demonic dog methods’, and left in extreme anger.

The crisis gradually calmed down. The little guy batted his eyes at Qingfeng who was in the distance, and he carried a smile on his face.

Qingfeng’s mouth was completely round, and he almost shouted out. This entire disturbance was caused by little big bro? This was simply too frightening!

The males and females who rushed over were all at least twenty years old. They had already been within the Heaven Mending Pavilion for over eight years, and their strength were astonishing. They were in charge of the aftermath of the crisis. While they explained to everyone the regulations of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, they treated the injured at the same time.

“Senior disciple, do you know what kind of treasure that gourd in the elder’s hand was? It really is effective, where did he obtain it from?” The little guy moved up and asked.

“Little fatty, you are curious about everything. Those are things that you don’t need to be concerned about. To even ask about where such an item was obtained from, were you actually planning to pluck off another one?” said a rather good-natured senior disciple.

“If there really are those kind of gourds, I would definitely also pick one. They really are just too useful,” the little guy said, making his seniors all gag at him.

Several pretty girls gently laughed from the side, and covered their mouths with their hands. Among them, one of the pretty seniors laughed and said, “Little fatty, don’t think so much. That is our Heaven Mending Pavilion’s treasure, and was obtained from our Guardian Spirit. Do you still dare to pluck one?”

“Ah?” The little guy was immediately shocked. It turns out that the Heaven Mending Pavilion was a gourd vine, it really was too mysterious.

The crisis quieted down, and several days passed.

There wasn’t anyone else who bothered Qingfeng, and he was allowed to peacefully cultivate. This allowed the little guy to relax a bit, and he decided to take a stroll around to familiarize himself with the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

This region was truly extremely boundless, and there were more than a hundred spiritual mountains within the cultivation grounds. As for the elders and the higher class, each and every one of them occupied a grand and ancient mountain.

Furthermore, there were still many mysterious areas, and it was just like the original wasteland. Disciples were not allowed to come near, and was even more vast.

“That area is the holy institution.” The little guy looked into the distance, and saw a vast and obscure area of land, and a mist of primal chaos was surging about violently.

“Yi, there’s someone here!” Right at that moment, he became astonished. That holy institution was enshrouded within propitious vapors, and not even the buildings were visible. He could only see a single road, and it lead into the extremity of the primal chaos.

On top of that road was a youth, and his steps were firm and resolute. He was walking forward step by step, and gave people an indescribable type of feeling. It was as if the Heaven and Earth blended together, and were combined into an integral whole as it resonated with that great road.

However, while he walked on that road, although he was advancing forward, that road seemed as if it had no limit, and continued on endlessly.

“Shi Yi.” The little guy spoke in a soft voice.

He believed that individual was definitely that powerful Shi Yi, and he was an existence that was similar to a God!

“He continuously walks forward, and seems like he had already walked for many days. However in the end, he was still unable to reach the end of the road.” The little guy pondered over this, as this sacred institution was indeed mysterious.

That area was a boundless, and if you took out that strip of road, then there was only the primal chaos. It wasn’t clear where the road lead to, and it was evident that Shi Yi had been on this road all along. He seemed to be moving forward, but from start to finish, he hadn’t taken many steps.

“This road is truly not simple. I could feel a sort of rumbling sound all the way from over here. While walking on that road, although he hasn’t entered the ancient sacred institution, these types of conditions will still grant major benefits.”

The little guy spoke to himself, and after pondering for a while, he felt that he had to work harder. Otherwise, he really would be shaken off by Shi Yi.

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