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Chapter 108 – Genius Camp

The forest was lush and full of life, and it was dense with spiritual essence. Ancient medicines were were rooted within the cracks of the mountain rocks, and this area was extremely auspicious and peaceful. This was the entrance to the disciples’ residence.

However, this group of geniuses who arrived could not help but frown. Compared to their spiritual land, this place seemed rather poverty-stricken, and the density of the spiritual essence was not comparable at all.

This piece of land in particular was especially bare, and there weren’t any fine trees growing at all. It lacked propitious vapors, and their areas of residence far surpassed this area. Their cultivation speeds were definitely several times faster as well.

At this time, they were all startled inwardly. They definitely could not be eliminated from the genius land, as the outside conditions were too ‘arduous.’ Comparing the two, it was clear that this school truly treated them geniuses well.

“Fellow disciples, the reason for our appearance this time is to exchange pointers. Please do not take offense.” One of the geniuses carried a smiling expression, and it was like the warmth of sunlight. It gave everyone a warm feeling.

Everyone nodded their heads in greeting.

He was wearing white clothes, and his stature was rather tall. He appeared to be roughly fourteen to fifteen years old, and although he was male, he had an outstanding temperament. He was like a charming God, and he continued speaking. “Although battles have a beginning and end, it does not distinguish between the noble and lowly. We are fellow disciples, and ought to assist each other.”

He was modest, and naturally won over everyone’s favorable impressions. After all, he was a genius, and was a well-known figure even among the geniuses.

“Senior student, what should we address you as?” a new disciple asked.

“White clothed senior student is truly handsome!” Many of the females began to develop an extraordinary splendor within her eyes as they stared forward.

“I am called Yu Feng, and entered the school a few years before you. We are all fellow students, so in the future, if you need help, look for me.” The white-clad Yu Feng smiled, and his black hair freely danced about. His gaze contained a bright light, his teeth were extremely white, and his temperament was extremely outstanding.

“He is Yu Feng?” Quite a few people cried out in surprise.

Within these past few days, a large amount of the new disciples have understood quite a few things. There were quite a few formidable individuals within the students who were a few years older than them, and they were familiar with the majority of them.

Yu Feng was definitely a strong expert, and he carried a famous reputation. Although he only dueled with others a few times, the ones who lost miserably to him were all genius level experts, and they were all extremely powerful.

Within his generation of disciples, there weren’t many who could suppress him. Beside this, he also had a sister, and her name was Yu Lin. She was as tender and pretty like a flower, and was extremely beautiful. She was a naturally talented young lady, and her name was well known.

“The white clad Yu Feng, naturally born with charming looks. Upon entering a rainy condition, there are no enemies he cannot withstand. He has the power to strike down the enemies with lightning from the highest of the heavens, and his golden-colored symbols covers the skies.”

Someone declared a few of his accomplishments, and it immediately made the surrounding people revere.

The little guy watched from the side and nodded his head; this Yu Feng was quite a character. Soon after, he frowned as he thought for a bit. Wasn’t this the supporter of the group who were bullying Qingfeng?

However from the looks of it, an expert at his level should not have any reason to target Qingfeng, but rather that it might have been that those individuals made it up. They simply wanted to recommend and squeeze in one of their own comparatively weaker geniuses.

“Among the disciples here, are there any who want to challenge us?” At this time, another individual spoke out, and he was wearing a gray set of clothes. He was roughly fourteen to fifteen years old, and his appearance was ordinary. Their purpose for this visit was precisely to reveal their powerful strength and obediently carry out the elder’s orders, allowing the new disciples to see just how great of a gap there was between them.

“I’ll try!”

A youngster opened his mouth, and stepped out from the crowd. He directly challenged the gray-clad genius.

With a weng sound, a ray of multicolored light flew past. Symbols interweaved, and gathered together into a bright turtledove. It released its wings as it soared, and while releasing a long cry, it shot towards that genius within the stage.

“Ya, it is actually a precious technique!” Everyone was shocked. Precious techniques were rare, and typically, how could disciples who just entered the school comprehend one? Only a hidden and profoundly large clan would have this.

That gray clothed genius stood there motionlessly, and with a simple wave of his hand, a scarlet light flashed. A thick and solid wall appeared in front of him, and was incomparably glaring. This was actually a lofty wall of fire, and was forged from burning flames. It raged and burned fiercely, and stood in the path of the attack.

That bright turtledove wailed, and immediately transformed into ashes. It scattered into a rain of light, and the challenger snorted. He retreated, as he lost; moreover, he was thoroughly defeated.

Everyone was fearful and apprehensive. This was only a single confrontation, and even though that youngster used a rarely seen precious technique, he was still defeated in an instant.

Everyone began to revere the gray-clad youth. After seeing that his appearance was ordinary, they never thought that with just a wave of his hand, he would be able to congeal a solid and thick wall of flame and destroy a powerful precious technique.

The gray-clad youth did not utter a single word, and retreated a few steps. This was a genius; they could display a powerful might with just a simple action to defeat a powerful new disciple.

Shortly after, another individual walked out from the genius camp, and he was rather tall. He was at least two meters tall, and his physique was especially robust. Black hair fluttered about his head, and a visible wave of energy was being emitted.

“I have already been at this school for four years, and have arrived quite a bit before you guys. In addition, I am already eighteen this year, so if you feel that it is not fair for me to make any moves, then it is better that you guys just attacked me. I won’t retaliate.” While he was speaking, his energy was ample, and it was as if a large bell was ringing, shaking the people until their ears were making wengweng sounds.

“This is actually allowed?” Immediately, quite a few people were eager to give it a try.

Finally, a youngster walked out, and with a loud shout, symbols began to interweave within his palm. It formed into a lance, and it was completely forged out of symbols. He emitted his fighting aura, and it was rather terrifying.

Everyone felt their hearts tremble. Even the people within the genius camp were startled, as within this group of ordinary disciples, there was actually such a formidable person. It really was unexpected, and it was possible that he might not be much weaker than the people within their group by much.


The youth shouted, and the lance stabbed out like a streak of lightning. All of the power were gathered at a single point, and with a kengqiang sound, it emitted a genuine metallic sound. It was incomparably terrifying, and shot towards that tall and well-built genius.

All of the people felt their hearts tremble. If this lance was aimed at their own bodies, would they dare to directly resist it? Even a few of the geniuses were feeling anxious, and some were feeling fear. However, that tall genius stood there without moving an inch, and only a layer of golden light enveloped his body. It transformed into a small golden colored vortex, and rotated about the surface of his body. There was an inexhaustible amount of symbols, and was somewhat abnormal.

When the point of that lance shot over and neared the surface of his body, the golden-colored vortexes began to rotate even more violently. With a kacha sound, the lance pierced into the center, and was unexpectedly directly shattered, transforming into a rain of light.

All of them inhaled a breath of cold air. What type of body protecting technique was this? Such a domineering and powerful vanishment, it really caused the people to exclaim in admiration.

Without a doubt, the challenger was defeated.

“Senior disciple, what type of technique was that?” The little guy’s eyes were emitting light, and he shouted out while hiding within the crowd.

“This is called the Golden Spiral Ripple Technique, and emerged from a set of symbols that originated from the body of the Golden Winged Peng,” said the tall genius truthfully.

“So powerful! Will we be able to learn it?” Many of the new disciples all revealed a hopeful expression.

“If you guys are able to enter the Sacred Treasury Pavilion, then there are many bone books to choose from within there. At the time, I found a piece of muddy and ash covered golden bone in a corner, and learned it from that piece of bone. It is a pity that I was only able to find a single text.” He did not conceal the truth at all.

Although the school’s method was not comparable to the symbols originating from the bloodline of the Golden Winged Peng, it was still extremely astonishing. If they were able to find the follow-up text within the Sacred Treasury Pavilion, then it would definitely be absolutely terrifying.

“If there is a chance, I definitely need to find a way to let Hairy Ball enter the Sacred Treasury Pavilion!” The little guy’s large eyes were shining, and his little canines were sparkling and shiny. He was smiling with incomparable happiness.

Everyone was yearning for the Sacred Treasury Pavilion that had been collecting bone books since the ancient times until now, and they did not know just how many of them were in there. It was definitely boundlessly wonderful, and it made all of them yearn for it.

However, the new disciples all knew that entering it was extremely difficult. They did not know exactly what kind of conditions they had to satisfy in order obtain such a chance, and all of them were wishing for such a day to arrive sooner.

Following that, the geniuses would appear one after another. They were challenged by roughly a dozen new disciples, and without any mishaps, they were all defeated; they were far from being their opponents.

Even the silver gowned Xiao Tian went on the stage, and he was a genius disciple among the newcomers. In the end, they were similarly powerful, and after obtaining a slight advantage, he caused a female disciple to roll and fly.

“So powerful!” Many people cried out in alarm.

Xiao Tian heard what was said, and nodded his head in an amiable manner.

‘It really was a promising and brilliant young individual1!” someone shouted in praise.

The silver gowned youth immediately became stiff, and he felt the veins on his forehead jump. He resisted his impulse and slowly retreated.

The little guy laughed.

Everyone was in admiration. They finally understood just how great the disparity was, and their road to the genius camp was still very long.

The new disciples were no longer willing to enter the stage, because the difference between themselves and the genius camp was simply too great. Although they were outstanding youth specially selected from great tribes, within the Heaven Mending Pavilion, they really weren’t worth much.

“How about this, we will select a relatively weak disciple from within the genius camp, and everyone can challenge him.” A youth opened his mouth, and was roughly eleven or twelve years old. He wore a set of blue clothes, and his thick eyebrows and big eyes emitted a frightening aura. One could tell that he was a powerful individual with just a glance.

He carried a mocking expression on his face, and beckoned for an individual to come out from within the genius camp, indicating for him to come over.

The little guy immediately raised his eyebrows, and his pupils became cold as they emitted terrifying rays of light.

“Senior Zhou, my body is injured, so I cannot come out right now.” Qingfeng’s heart shook, and he was extremely weak. On his body were numerous wounds and bruises.

Zhou Yuhao laughed, and said, “Disciple, don’t be so modest. Only by exchanging pointers with others can you improve.”

His body was extremely sturdy, and his skin was a bronze color. Symbols flashed within his eyes, and although he was laughing, he gave others a warm feeling. However, when he walked over, he grabbed Qingfeng’s arm, and with a force like iron pincers, he immediately made Qingfeng feel as if his bones were splitting open.

“Come, junior disciple, don’t always be so bashful. Being within the genius camp all the time won’t allow you to encounter any bitter cultivation, and it is best if you often exchange moves with others,” Zhou Yuhao shouted, and it seemed as if he was being a good senior disciple. When he lifted up his junior disciple, the spectators could not find a single bit of malicious intent.

Only Qingfeng’s heart was trembling, and the bones in his arm were about to snap. After being carried over with such force, he really did not want to challenge anyone here. This was because his injuries were truly not light, and the person grabbing him was a completely different person from within the genius camp.

“Forget it, don’t bother Qingfeng anymore. Since his body is unwell, then there is no need for him to battle.” Within the genius camp, someone frowned as they spoke.

The white-clad Yu Feng nodded his head, and said, “Let it go.”

This was because if Qingfeng was defeated by an ordinary disciple, then they would lose face as well.

Zhou Yuhao heard what was said, and he smiled. “Since it is like this, then allow our genius camp to to demonstrate some martial arts. We will show everyone a few clever uses of symbols.”

“Yes!” The new disciples replied, and they were immediately joyous.

“Junior disciple Qingfeng, let us pair up and demonstrate a few usages of symbols towards these junior disciples.” Zhou Yuhao sincerely invited.

Within Qingfeng’s eyes appeared a slight dread, and he began to retreat backwards.

“Don’t worry, there is no need to be shy. We are only practicing martial arts, and it’s not like a decisive battle of life and death.” Zhou Yuhao walked forward, and already began to take action.

“Qingfeng braced himself as he had no choice but to fight. Otherwise, his injuries would only worsen.

“Fellow junior disciples, please watch carefully. This is the usage of an aquatic dragon’s symbols, and with just a simple swing, one could emit a powerful hidden force and sent your opponent flying.”

Zhou Yuhao seemed to be extremely focused, and his right hand drew out an elegant trajectory. It was as if an aquatic dragon was moving its tail, and in an instant, it emitted an endless amount of symbols as it struck towards Qingfeng’s location.

Although Qingfeng did his best to avoid it, his opponent’s achievements in symbols surpassed his by too much. With a wave of Zhou Yuhao’s palm, an aquatic dragon emitted light, and truly appeared. It immediately shot towards Qingfeng.


Qingfeng flew horizontally, and heavily fell onto the floor. His sternum was stuck to the ice cold floor, and it felt as if he was splitting apart as his five visceras and six bowels ached with sharp pain. Only after a long time did he stand up again, and he knew that he suffered several serious injuries. He wanted to vomit out blood, but he couldn’t.

It was obvious that the opposing party’s technique left everyone speechless. They couldn’t see through anything.

After a long time, Qingfeng stood up with difficulty, and felt as if his entire body was splitting apart.

“Junior disciple Qingfeng, nothing is wrong, right?” Zhou Yuhao was astonished as he spoke, and then he quickly ran over. He support Qingfeng up, and shook his head as he said, “Junior disciple, it’s not that I’m scolding you, but your body is truly too frail. To want to remain in the genius camp, you truly must work harder.”

He appeared to be a good senior disciple, and gave the surrounding people good impressions.

Qingfeng was finally able to stand up, and a fury burned within his eyes. However, it was difficult for him to take action, and he could only tightly clench his fists. He was clenching them so hard that his fingernails were turning white.

“Come, I’ll help you circulate your blood essence, and then we can demonstrate another usage of symbols to these junior disciples,” Zhou Yuhao loudly spoke.

He grabbed Qingfeng’s arm, and ferociously used his strength. In that second, it made Qingfeng’s blood essence roll over and over. It was incomparably uncomfortable, and once again inflicted wounds on him.

“Alright, let’s demonstrate another usage of symbols.” Zhou Yuhao had a smile on his face.


Qingfeng once again flew out, and smashed into a patch of trees. He felt that his injuries were worsening, and it was difficult to even budge an inch.

“Ai, junior disciple, this will not do. You need to work harder, or else it will be hard for you to remain in the genius camp. If there is something that you don’t understand while cultivating, you can find me.” Zhou Yuhao shook his head, and lifted him up.

In the distance, the little guy’s pupils were flashing with a divine radiance, and his canines began to make grinding noises. It seemed that when Zhou Yuhao lifted Qingfeng up, he once again used his power to injure Qingfeng, and it was absolutely fierce and despicable.

“Alright, we will end it here.” Someone from the genius camp couldn’t watch this any longer, and opened his mouth.

“Fellow junior disciples, if you have anything you don’t understand, you can ask us,” said a genius in this way.


Three thousand disciples immediately rushed forward, and began to ask all types of questions.

Around the white clad Yu Feng was where the most people gathered, and a large group of young ladies surrounded him. They were chattering continuously, and wanted to ask him for guidance.

The others were also surrounded densely by people, and the area was overcrowded. Many of the geniuses were being surrounded, including the silver gowned youth Xiao Tian.

The three thousand disciples asked every type of question possible. They asked for advice on cultivation and asked for secrets within the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

“Rumor has it that Shi Yi came too, and so did the Emperor’s daughter. There were a total of ten special geniuses that entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion, so why haven’t they appeared?”

“This group is particularly special, and even have an heir of an Archaic descendant. It is extremely rare for an ordinary person to meet one of these people, and they were lead away by an old person.”

This area was bustling with noise, and all of the geniuses were being surrounded as they patiently answered.

A while later, a large chaos erupted in the distance. A blood-curling shriek ran out, and no one knew what was happening. Everyone turned around, and their gazes shot out. They only saw the hundred new disciples who appeared completely startled and were completely stirred up. It seems like someone was being hunted down.

“What happened?” A group of geniuses were astonished.

Shortly after, many people arrived, and the miserable screams were divided up.

“Isn’t that Zhou Yuhao’s voice?” Someone within the genius camp was shocked.

“Chase after him! Don’t let him escape, and get that devilish brat’s whereabout from him!” The group of people were extremely stirred up.

They only saw Zhou Yuhao with his hair dishevelled, and his teeth splattered across. He was beaten until he was sent flying by someone, and when he dropped to the floor, he did not dare pause. He immediately got up and began to flee.

Unfortunately, he was immersed by the sea of people.

“What happened?” The genius camp was dumbstruck.

“Find out where that devilish brat’s whereabouts are!” The little guy immersed himself within the group of people and loudly shouted.

“That is Zhou Yuhao, what relationship does he have with the devilish brat?!” The genius camp’s people all felt that this was a bit crazy.

Zhou Yuhao was so angry that he was vomiting out blood. He was merely joking with the people around him, and said that he knew where the whereabouts of the devilish brat was. In the end, he was smashed in the face by some little thing, and the impact made his face burst open. Blood splashed everywhere, and he was framed into being the devilish brat’s accomplice.

Following that, the little thing who he didn’t even see clearly loudly shouted, and a group of people swarmed over. They were completely stirred up, and held him down as they violently stuck and beat him until even his teeth flew out.

“I’ve been beaten until even my blood became moldy. It was a f*cking joke! How could that little thing be real?! You’ve handled this too viciously!” Zhou Yuhao was driven mad.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion had said in the past that as long as they noticed the devilish brat’s whereabouts and had some clues about him, then they would be promoted to a core disciple as long as this information was reported.

“The reward is truly astonishing, but you guys need to find proof first! I really don’t know where the devilish brat is!” Zhou Yuhao vomited out blood, and he covered his head and sneaked away like a rat.

The large mass of people was extremely stirred up as they charged after him. Even if he was a genius, it didn’t matter.

The most important thing was that in the very beginning, a little thing beat his face until it blossomed, and as the group of people chased after him, it immediately created a blindly conforming effect. Hundreds of people began to join in.

“Why is my mouth so lowly!” Zhou Yuhao furiously ran, and his heart couldn’t help but howl in grief. However, he felt that the little thing was even lower, as how could he do such a thing to him? To seize such an opportunity, it was too lacking in moral sense. What the f*ck was this?!

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