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Chapter 985 - Oppress

"Younger generation, do I look like someone with a very good temper?" That heavenly deity spoke, his face carrying cold intent, towering in the air.

"My temper isn't good either, so I killed him." Shi Hao replied. 

Everyone became stupefied. Huang was fearless after all, not feeling any misgivings even when facing a heavenly deity, actually daring to speak like this.

In reality, Shi Hao knew that there was no benevolence between them as soon as he saw the six great heavenly deities. Regardless of whether they bowed down or not, it would all be the same result, so it was better off just making a gamble. 

"Not knowing the difference between life and death!" That heavenly deity reached out a large hand, grabbing towards the arena. 

"Dao friend, please cease your anger." A shout sounded from the void. A symbol appeared, stopping that palm.

However, the one who offered assistance didn't display any traces, not wishing to directly clash with the heavenly deities of the outside world, only stopping with symbols. 

"I advise dao friends not to interfere with out matters. Immortal Ancient is about to split open, and people from the outside world's sects will enter, so I believe it is best to leave behind some good karma." That heavenly deity retracted his palm, speaking like this. 

His voice wasn't that loud, but it carried a wave of intimidation, making all of the natives who heard this tremble.

For the natives, if Immortal Ancient cracked open, that would be a truly great clash. It was unknown how the sects of the outside world would treat them. 

The void moved. Another heavenly deity walked forward, looking down on this arena and saying, "Leave behind the natural luck and you all can go."

At this moment, many people walked out from the gate of light, returning to the arena. When they saw that the road ahead was blocked, all of them felt a wave of pressure. 

"You are Huang?" That heavenly deity's eyes were cold. He looked at Shi Hao, and then said, "Offer up the jade coffin!"

"For what reason?" Shi Hao asked in response. 

"You are asking me for what reason?" That heavenly deity laughed loudly, but his voice immediately turned cold. "The realm walls have already been smashed through. Your so-called struggle should come to an end as well." 

This was a type of coldness, and even more so a type of arrogance, as well as a type of contempt.

For a heavenly deity, no matter how powerful a genius was, it still wasn't enough, easily killed. 

The heavenly deity realm and other cultivation realms were different. It was like standing far above, the distance insurmountable, difficult to make up for the disparity in cultivation realm.

"Wu, the two of you, come over as well. You two aren't allowed to leave." There were more heavenly deities that showed up, stopping the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King. 

"Reporting to great one, Immortal Ancient's natural luck is not just this jade coffin, there are also many jade books, at the very least ten ancient scriptures that have already been brought out!" Right at this moment, someone reported, trying to curry favor with the heavenly deities.


Ten Crown King took action, blasting this person apart with a single fist, leaving behind a ground full of blood and bone.

"Haha… interesting, there are actually many ancient scriptures!" The heavenly deities' chests rose and fell, their minds fluctuating intensely, all of them finding it difficult to calm down. 

The so-called natural luck were ancient scriptures! This, without a doubt, had to do with immortal dao. 

"Offer up the scriptures respectfully, and then you all can leave!" A heavenly deity spoke up, Even those as powerful as them felt their hearts rise and fall greatly. They stopped these geniuses, so they could seize their natural luck. 

No one handed them over, let alone walking forward. 

"Did you all not hear the words that I spoke? Huang, it'll start from you. Offer up the ancient coffin, or else face death!" A heavenly deity spoke. 

"If you want it, then come get it yourself. Do you think you all are heavenly deities? Doesn't feel that way to me, nothing more than a bunch of shameless scum!" Shi Hao said. 

"Outrageous, daring to speak to us like this, there is no way out for you! Do you truly believe yourself to be a genius, able to change the wind and clouds? In my eyes, before reaching the heavenly deity level, even the most powerful geniuses are just a blade of grass. Once you're removed, there'll be nothing left!" That person shouted. 

"Apart from your ages being greater than mine, what else do you have? If we are from the same generation, a single finger from me is enough to kill you!" Shi Hao said with ridicule. 

When these words were spoken, it left everyone shocked. 

Huang was just too powerful. When facing heavenly deities, he actually challenged in such an undisguised manner, not showing the slightest bit of fear.

"The sects of the outside world truly wish to immediately kill you. Many will feel grateful towards me for taking action here. Huang, there is no need for you to continue living!" That heavenly deity shouted coldly. He took a step forward, a fist smashing down. 

At this moment, it wasn't only Shi Hao who took action. Even the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King moved. It was because they understood well that if Huang was captured, they wouldn't be much better off. 

They each activated their own supreme treasures, immediately making this place erupt with chaos!


That heavenly deity retreated, evading the attack, his face falling. Just now, he actually felt his heart rate go up, feeling a bit scared. 

He stared at Ten Crown King's World Tree, the Exiled Immortal's Heavenly Horned Ant's single horn, as well as the dragon scale in Shi Hao's hands, his expression extremely cold. He felt like he lost quite a bit of face, actually being forced back.

"You all still want to retaliate?!" The others swarmed over. A single one of them wasn't enough, so several heavenly deities rushed up together. After all, they were higher in cultivation realm, high above these three. 

"I will give you one more chance. Huang, if you offer up the jade coffin respectfully, I will permit you to escape." A heavenly deity spoke, and then he looked towards the others, saying, "It is the same for you all." 

"The ones I killed back then, if any of them reached your age, they would be ten times more powerful." Ten Crown King said with an overcast tone.

Those heavenly deity were furious. How many years had it been since others talked to them this way?

However, after thinking things over carefully, Ten Crown King's words weren't that exaggerated. He didn't randomly kill, the geniuses he focused on and treated as opponents were definitely terrifying. If they were able to continue living, they indeed could exceed heavenly deities. 

"Take action!" 

Those heavenly deities pressed forward together, taking action at the same time. 


At this time, Shi Hao, the Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, Shi Yi, and the others all moved, each bringing out their secret treasures.

The others offered assistance, for example, the male with the Reincarnation Disk, Chang Gongyan, and the others.

The World Tree displayed might, shattering the void. The Reincarnation Disk terrifying, chaotic energy engulfing all directions. This place immediately collapsed. 

"En? Not good!" A heavenly deity roared angrily. 

It was because the heaven and earth they had locked down had been broken through. Those precious artifacts were too terrifying, heaven reaching, scattering the sealing force. 

Human figures rushed into the heavens. The group of geniuses on the arena all fled, heading through the gap to escape from this place. 

"Little friend, this way!" There was someone who secretly transmitted to Shi Hao, precisely the Eight Armed Soul Race's old heavenly deity. Not long ago, he was precisely the one who stopped the heavenly deity's hand. 

Shi Hao sensed his aura, and then quickly fled in a direction. He immediately brandished the Everlasting Immortal Sword, hacking open the void and disappearing from that place.

"Unmatched sword core!"

"Chase after him!"

Two great heavenly deities' eyes burned with greed. They had long locked onto Shi Hao. Even if he escaped, they could still sense him, so they followed in pursuit, entering the shattered void and chasing after him. 

The other four heavenly deities had their own targets as well, each rushing in a direction.

"Why did he disappear?" After a short amount of time, and after crossing four small worlds, the two heavenly deities' expressions changed. It was because they completely lost track of Shi Hao's aura, unable to sense him any longer. 

"There was a heavenly deity that took action, bringing him away." The other said coldly.

"He won't be able to escape. Who is it that brought him away? When we understand Immortal Ancient's circumstances a bit more, we'll be able to make our guesses. When the time comes, we'll demand for him!" 

This day, Immortal Ancient surged. It was six great heavenly deities that appeared first, and then six others descended, a total of twelve heavenly deities slaughtering their way into Immortal Ancient, shaking up all sides. 

These people chased after geniuses in all directions, seizing natural luck.

There were ancient kings that were captured, losing their dao books. 

There were a few people who, even though they didn't have dao books, were still killed, dying violent deaths. 

Moreover, the heavenly deities that entered transmitted sound to the various worlds, telling them to hand Huang over, telling the natives that they should not try to hide him.

In reality, the natives couldn't remain calm either, some of them starting to make moves, seeking out those geniuses. With Immortal Ancient's natural luck before them, who wouldn't be moved?

"Huang, come out quickly. It is useless no matter where you try to hide. If you offer up the jade coffin, immortal seed, and other things, we can leave you with your life!"

Towards some kings, for example, Ning Chuan, Gu Jianyun, and others, the twelve heavenly deities didn't dare act viciously, to the extent where they didn't even pursue them. It was because their masters were too powerful.

Huang was someone hated by many sects, and as such, those heavenly deities didn't feel any misgivings. They wanted to kill him and obtain everything he had. 

The Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King were in dangerous situations as well. The two's background were mysterious, no one heard of them having any great powers supporting them. 

"Huang, if you don't come out, your close friends will be affected!" That day, a heavenly deity's cold voice sounded.

"Too noisy!" Shi Hao said, currently in the Eight Armed Soul Race.

In reality, a few people had suspected that he was here, appearing in the surroundings, just waiting for him to come out. 

"I must ask seniors to take action, completely wipe them out." Shi Hao said. The one he was facing was an elder with dishevelled hair, precisely the Soul Race's ancient ancestor. 

"Little friend, if we do that, great karma will be tied between me and the inheritances of the outside world." The Eight Armed Soul Race's number one expert said.

"Senior, you are a sect master level creature, so what are you fearful of? Are you scared that they will treat your Soul Race unfavorably? If they dare do such a thing, you can just unleash a great slaughter and kill their disciples. Who wouldn't feel restraining fear?" Shi Hao said. 

Normally speaking, this level of figure, regardless of whether it was the outside world or Immortal Ancient, they possessed tremendous intimidation force. Rarely were there people who dared to provoke them.

"Senior, there is no need to be so fearful towards the sect masters of the outside world. Soon after, I can make several great sects' ancient ancestors revive, eliminate all of their curses." Shi Hao promised. 

"Little friend, you are saying…"

Shi Hao then said, "It won't be long before I'll break through again. When it comes time to face tribulation again, the Lightning Tribulation Liquid quality will definitely be even greater, able to revive large amounts of experts!"

The Eight Armed Soul Race's old ancestor was moved. If he could revive a few old friends and group together, then they wouldn't have to fear the outside world's attacks!

In addition, regardless, he wouldn't abandon Shi Hao, because the clansmen were still waiting for him to save them. 

"Fine, little friend, I will kill them for you!" The Soul Race's ancient ancestor agreed.

"Senior, you don't need to continue taking action. Once I cross tribulation, if heavenly deities dare enter Immortal Ancient again, I'll kill them one by one!" Shi Hao said domineeringly.

"Haha… I look forward to the day little friend rules over the world under the sky!" The Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor roared with laughter. 

"If Huang is offered up, you will obtain the acknowledgement of the sects, becoming our ally!" A heavenly deity transmitted sound again. 

"Huang must die! Many sects in the outside world do not want him to continue living!" Another heavenly deity said coldly.

These words transmitted to all parts of the little worlds. This was a warning to the natives, as well as an expression of their unwavering determination to kill Huang. 

"People like you, just wait until I successfully cross tribulation! All scum!" Shi Hao appeared, rushing out from Soul Island, arriving outside the mountain range.

"Little monster, you actually dare to come out. Where do you think you are going?!" There were immediately four heavenly deities that surrounded him.

"Since you came out, then you can forget about returning. Are you going to end your own life, or are you going to wait for us to take action?" A heavenly deity said calmly. 

"I wanted to ask you all the same question! Are you going to slit your own throats, or do you want to wait for me to kill you all?!" Shi Hao said. 

"Courting death!" One of them shouted.

Immediately afterwards, they were horrified. A large hand slapped down, imprisoning the void, preventing them from budging an inch. Then, they were all grabbed up.

"Sect master?!" 

"Weren't all of the sect masters of the natives locked away in seclusion, stuck in a muddled state?!" 

They cried out loudly, their minds now in panic.

Even if one of these individuals came out, they still shouldn't have dared to offend them. How could this person be so hot-headed? Could it be that he didn't fear the sect masters' retaliation?

"Little friend, I'll leave it to you." The Eight Armed Soul Race's ancient ancestor threw those people before Shi Hao.

The situation changed too quickly, difficult for these heavenly deities to accept!

"Huang, stand still, you are not allowed to walk over!" One of them shouted.

"What are you thinking of doing?!" Another one panicked, frantically struggling, but his body was sealed, unable to budge an inch.

"So noisy. I already said before that you all can either kill yourselves or be killed by me." Shi Hao said. 


He pulled out the Everlasting Immortal Sword, holding this unmatched sword core, taking action decisively.


A sword descended, and a head flew, blood splashing high into the air. 


Another sword descended. One person was hacked apart, the two halves falling down, blood surging frantically.

Shi Hao sliced out in succession, cutting down the four heavenly deities. The four corpses fell, divine blood dyeing the skies red.

"Ah…" The four great heavenly deities' primordial spirits roared in anger.

Unfortunately, their primordial spirits were quickly killed as well. Shi Hao's sword moved through them one after another, shattering all of them!

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