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Chapter 984 - Esteemed Presence

After leaving the underground palace, running out from the immortal tomb region, the nine heavens steps appeared again. 

Shi Hao ran frantically, moving as fast as lightning. Finally, he returned to the Wall of Despair. 

It was clear that after arriving here, he still had to follow the golden spatial path back. There weren't any transport formations for him to use. 

Shi Hao thought for a bit, stopped, and then hid himself to the side of the wall he broke, quietly waiting for the ones who obtained natural luck to return.

Soon after, a few people returned, not including the Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King, and others, It was clear that they were still searching for other sources of natural luck. 

Shi Hao took action, brandishing the ancient coffin that was even heavier than a mountain, smashing it down, immediately slapping a person onto the ground. 

This was an ancient freak, but right now, he was in a daze, entire body weak, unable to produce even a bit of force. He was struck by a blunt object, the strike making everything before his eyes spin.

Shi Hao quickly moved up. He didn't go too far, not taking this person's life, only hitting him until he fainted.

He quickly rushed up, looting him on the spot. 

Unfortunately, this person didn't have any unmatched scripture or inheritance on him, because he never cultivated immortal energy. He realized that there wasn't anything to gain from that place, thus running out ahead of time, cherishing his life.

Shi Hao shook his head. He tossed this person to the side, and then went into hiding again.

Time was pressing, so he couldn't wait too long. He was hoping that Ning Chuan would come out ahead of time. If he could steal from Ning Chuan, then that would be too great. 


Another person rushed out. Shi Hao brandished the jade coffin, mowing another person down.

"Yi, jade book!" Shi Hao cried out with excitement. As soon as he smacked this person down, he sensed the great dao fluctuations. 

However, surprisingly, the scriptures were too sinister, releasing a radiance, surrounding the immortal seed and rushing into the skies. 

Shi Hao did everything he could to take action, but the scriptures were too mysterious, unexpectedly turning around in the void and returning. It pierced through the great earth, thus disappearing.

"Even I can't restrict it?!" Shi Hao was shocked.

His face fell greatly. This thing was too sinister. Not choosing him was one thing, but it was clever like this, difficult to capture after escaping from the ancient coffin. 

Immediately afterwards, the Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King rushed over. They also began to head back, because they knew heavenly deities were coming, so they had to hurry and leave to avoid being stopped.

Behind them was Ning Chuan, his goal similar.


Shi Hao's 'great brick' brandished about, his hands wrapped around the jade coffin. He also used all types of precious technique, releasing the most terrifying radiance, smashing it down.

The Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King were shocked. They already rushed out a set of distance, now suddenly turning back, just in time to see Shi Hao take action, both of them startled. 

Right now, they somewhat believed that Huang shouldn't have obtained any other inheritances, to the extent where he didn't even obtain a jade book. That was why he would go so far as to hide here and ambush others. 

Ning Chuan roared. When he encountered this attack, his fine hairs stood on end, using all of his precious techniques to defend himself. 

One had to admit that Ning Chuan was exceptional, truly formidable, able to avoid this attack even under this type of circumstance. If it was other kings, they would have definitely encountered disaster. 

Only, it was too sudden, so his precious clothes were shattered. 

In addition, Gu Jianyun who came out with him was smacked, his shoulder immediately exploding, bloody mist pervading the air.

Gu Jianyun was injured to begin with, his body in tatters, so now, it was even worse, almost dying here. 

Moreover, the jade book and immortal seed he carried both fled, leaving his body.


Gu Jianyun screamed, his eyes becoming red. 


Ning Chuan took action, in his hands a bracelet, displaying six exceptional precious abilities, producing six spheres of auspicious light, surrounding Gu Jianyun and forcibly dragging him back from death's gate. 

Otherwise, Shi Hao's following attack would have been enough to take his life.

"There are heavenly deities who are slaughtering their way inside, currently hurrying over from the arena!"

Someone shouted loudly. This came from those who hurried inside from the arena. It was because there were many cultivators, and quite a few of them lagged behind, only arriving now, transmitting messages for the people from their clans who entered a step earlier.

The Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King's expressions changed, immediately rushing forward. 

Ning Chuan's face was cold. With a swing of his sleeve, he used a secret method, sweeping Gu Jianyun over. In addition, he attacked towards Shi Hao, stopping his escape.


Shi Hao brandished the coffin, smashing it over, the aura berserk. 

Ning Chuan wanted to stop him? Too difficult!

A scale already appeared above Shi Hao's head, precisely the defying dragon scale. It suspended there, releasing killing energy!


In the rear, someone shot an arrow. Chang Gongyan's black arrow shattered space, arriving in front of Ning Chuan. 


Dual-pupils opened the heavens, chaotic mists pervaded the air. Shi Yi also appeared, his eyes releasing two terrifying beams of light, shooting towards Six Crown King Ning Chuan.

"Aiyaya, this one has also come!" Cao Yusheng shouted.

When Shi Hao saw this, he was originally going to leave, but he now turned back and attacked viciously. If they could kill Ning Chuan here, that wouldn't be too bad of a choice. 

Ning Chuang was alarmed. He turned around and left, not tangling with them.

"Let's go, can't waste anymore time. If a heavenly deity comes, we definitely can't keep the inheritances we got!" Cao Yusheng transmitted sound.

In reality, none of them wanted to stop here. Time was precious, and not even a bit of it could be wasted. 

Only Shi Hao dared to take action like this.

Shi Yi rushed over, his eyes deep. He didn't greet Shi Hao, not did he take action.

When they passed, Shi Hao gave Ning Chuan a look, and then he also disappeared with a flash, thus fleeing. 

In reality, Ning Chuan didn't want to stay here for too long either. If other sects' heavenly deities and sect masters entered, then he would most likely be in danger. Even if he was unharmed, that dao book would likely be lost. 

Darklight Realm, several figures already crossed over, successfully appearing in Immortal Ancient remains. 

Meanwhile, there were more behind them. That realm wall was extremely dangerous, requiring the sect masters' joint support. Only then could those people safely cross. 

The six that appeared first all had auspicious energy around them, divine light splitting the skies. Every one of them was a heavenly deity!

All of them were powerful individuals that could sweep through an area.

Some of them had eyes like suns, burning the void, making the distant natives feel fear, as if they were going to collapse onto the ground. 

There were heavenly deities whose eyes were like cold pools, bone chilling. Those who were swept through by their eyes felt as if they were frozen. It was an extremely terrible feeling.

"Why are the heavenly deities of the outside world this powerful?" Someone cried out in shock, all courage wavering. 

These six great heavenly deities were like unmatched creatures that were consecrated in temples, their appearances dignified, auras outstanding. They coldly overlooked everyone. 

They truly were powerful, because they were the well-known individuals from various sects, all of them displaying flourishing blood energy, spiritual essence roaring like the seas.

The first batch had a total of twelve heavenly deities, while they were the six that appeared first. Right now, they all smiled. This pure land with such rich spiritual essence was going to be shaken because of these individuals. 

That natural luck, those opportunities, how could they escape? Who dared stand in the way of this overwhelming force?!

"Those little fellas have had their fun. The so-called power struggle should come to an end. We arrived, so they can now withdraw." One of them said in a deemphasizing manner.

"Hah, I hope these younger generation know how to act tactfully, not misunderstanding their own worth." Someone said indifferently.

It was clear that now that they came, everything was going to change. The natives couldn't get on the arena, but they could. When the time came, who could stop them?


Someone took action. A native in the distance immediately cried out loudly, sucked over. A heavenly deity placed his palm on his head, obtaining everything he wanted to know. 

"Huang won on the arena, the first one to enter!"

"Not much time has passed. Don't let those younger generation seize the greatest opportunities since ancient times!"

Their expressions changed, unable to calm down. They grabbed one person, having him lead the way. They directly pierced through the void, rushing murderously towards the small world the arena was located in. 

The area where the arena was located. Light flowed about. 

Shi Hao possessed extreme speed, surpassing all others in his way. He sped along while holding a jade coffin, quickly approaching the exit.


The Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King and Shi Hao rushed out, all of them vigilant out of fear of being ambushed by those of the outside world. 

A cry of alarm sounded outside. Many people were watching. When they saw how fast people returned, they were all extremely shocked. 

"Did they return with natural luck?" A group of people stared with passionate eyes, and this was no exception even for the natives. All of them looked towards these people.

In the rear, another group rushed over, also returning to the arena, triggering waves of alarm. 

"Heavens, could that so-called great natural luck be a jade coffin?"

"What is inside? There seems to be an ancient scripture!"

At this moment, Shi Hao became the focal point of everyone's attention. Everyone looked towards him, because he was the first one that entered, and the one that was different from everyone else, carrying a coffin back. 

Shi Hao, the Exiled Immortal and others wanted to immediately escape, but they discovered that there were people using a great divine ability, sealing up heaven and earth. There were heavenly deities that hurried over, blocking off all directions.

"Hahaha…" There was a heavenly deity that was laughing, calm and unperturbed, perfectly stopping this group of people, not letting a single one go.

"You all can talk about what kind of natural luck there was exactly now." One of the heavenly deities spoke, his expression cold, looking at the first person that rushed out. 

Apart from the six great heavenly deities, there were a few true deities that came. They were here to test whether or not the passageway was safe, a total of a dozen of them here. One of them asked, having the cultivator on the arena talk about the natural luck's situation. 

The Exiled Immortal, Ten Crown King and others didn't didn't give them a look, not paying them any attention.

"With heavenly deities here, you all still don't know to behave properly?!" One of them flew into a fit of rage out of humiliation. 

"You think you are worth anything, daring to bark at me?" Ten Crown King's voice was cold. 

"What he said is also my intention. Those on the arena are temporarily not allowed to leave." A heavenly deity spoke. He looked at Ten Crown King, and then at the Exiled Immortal. 

One of the two had a World Tree, the other had the single horn of a Heavenly Horned Ant. Both of them were immortal treasures that couldn't be missed out on. 

As for Shi Hao, he even more so couldn't be let off. He carried a jade coffin. This was just too eye-catching, impossible to avoid attention even if he wanted to. 

"You, lower the jade coffin, respectfully offer it to the heavenly deities!" One of them shouted, pointing at Shi Hao. 

This was a true deity. He naturally recognized Huang. He saw Huang display might more than once in these past few years through the Immortal Dao Flower's petals, his achievements shocking all sects. 

There were heavenly deities holding the lines here, so he was naturally fearless. In addition, commanding the world-shaking Huang gave him an unspeakable feeling of joy. 

"Even trash like you who originally didn't even have the qualifications to enter can point at me?" Shi Hao said. The ones he killed here were all geniuses from clans, so he naturally didn't attach any importance to this person. When facing provocation, he directly pointed a finger out.


Bloody light flashed. That person exploded.

The heavenly deity not far out didn't offer any aid. Only, his face immediately fell. 

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