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Chapter 899 - Lost

The calling came from far away, and it was extremely faint, almost inaudible, but still extremely real. It wasn't an illusion.

Shi Hao stood there, his body and mind trembling. He really wanted to walk over, but even if he really did step on the altar, what could he do? 

That cauldron couldn't come over, unable to truly take form. 

Apart from this, the altar was damaged as well. It was too ancient, and together with the great battle from the past that destroyed half of it, there was simply no way to transport any creatures or objects. 


The altar shone, the symbols ancient. Shi Hao couldn't recognize a single one of them. They were all incomparably mysterious. Were those immortal dao patterns?


Then, the vague three-legged two-eared circular cauldron shook greatly. About to truly take form on the altar.


A cry sounded. There were still other words after it, but it was forcibly cut off, preventing him from hearing it. 

The cauldron was too ancient and sacred, momentarily truly taking form, towering above the altar that had remained on the ancient path throughout time. At this moment, it shook heaven and earth. 

This cauldron was too mysterious. There were all types of patterns, including flowers, birds, fish, bugs, plants, all living things, as well as the stars in the sky. All types of creatures appeared, vivid and lifelike. 

However, it was sticky with blood, and not just one or two types. An unsurpassed aura seeped out from the dark redness, pervading the air. 

Divine will transmitted out from this cauldron, calling out for him to ascend onto the altar and enter that cauldron, leaving with it to enter a boundless battlefield. 

There was no hostility, nor was it an illusion. This was a true and urgent calling, requiring him to cross over.

"What happened? Do I know you all?" Shi Hao's breathing was urgent, feeling the urge to step out and walk onto that ancient altar several times. 

He felt the impulse to cross heaven and earth, travel through ten thousand ancients to fight against the most powerful creatures!


The cauldron quickly became blurry. It immediately grew dim, fading away on the altar, only leaving behind a void shadow. It was too difficult for it to truly appear here. 

It was quite clear that if it truly came, it needed to exhaust an endless amount of power.

It could only stop in that indistinct void, wait there for an answer, waiting for someone to lend a helping hand. It was enduring an endless amount of natural law pressure.

"Why are you calling out to me? Do you know me?" Shi Hao absent-mindedly asked. 

Unwittingly, he already began to walk, about to approach the altar. He truly wanted to see where that cauldron would bring him. 

Suddenly, his fine hairs all stood on end, his body going taut. He quickly backed up, staying far away from that altar. 

Ever since he stepped on his own path and took that step, cultivating a strand of immortal energy, his divine senses became incomparably sharp. He was able to always sense dangers a step before they arrived. 

At this moment, even his scalp felt a bit numb. He understood clearly that there was great dangers here. If he continued any further, he would undoubtedly die. 

"Is this a trap, a type of temptation, purposely guiding me over and then killing me?" He was incredibly shocked, feeling horrified as he continuously stepped backwards. 

That damaged but massive altar flickered with a strange brilliance. Streak after streak of flowing light appeared in his surroundings, shining with incomparable brilliance. 

This type of light was extremely shocking. Even for someone as powerful as Shi Hao, his mind was still greatly impacted, feeling that his primordial spirit was going to leave his body, about to throw itself into this stream of flowing light. 

He understood that the immortal dao auspicious multicolored light that he occasionally saw above the abyss was definitely this type of scene. Everyone thought that an immortal artifact appeared at the bottom of the abyss, but in reality, this was just the light released by an ancient transport formation. 

"En, this light…" 

Shi Hao's expression was serious. He saw that those strange lights could twist the void and open up streak after streak of great cracks, and even vaguely saw quite a few floating ancient corpses between those cracks. 

Moreover, the clothing of the creatures floating in the different cracks weren't the same, as if they belonged to different eras. 

"There seems to be more auras of living creatures. Are the cracks in the void related to a few ancient realms?" 

He felt a wave of anxiety and uneasiness, feeling that this place was quite chaotic. It gave one the misconception that they were going to fade into nothingness, no longer existing and entering those great void cracks. 


Suddenly, creatures fell into the abyss from above, a total of four of them.

Two of them landed on the edge, smashing into a pile of skeletal remains without any abnormalities. Meanwhile, the other two appeared at the edge of the altar. They were swept through by the light, displaying shocking changes.

"What kind of power is this?!" Shi Hao's eyes widened, feeling great shock inside. 

One of the corpses, originally a young individual, immediately began to age. His long black hair quickly became snow white, and his skin that was full of luster began to sag, eventually fracking apart and falling off from the body.

This type of change happened too quickly, completed in an instant. His entire body aged and then broke apart, crumbling into ashes, completely wasting away. 

"This altar… is extremely terrifying!" Shi Hao was horrified. Just now, if he didn't back up, he would likely turn into trailing dust. 

The other corpse also changed, but it was entirely different, leaving Shi Hao shocked. He continuously stared in that direction.

This was originally a middle-aged man, but his body became young. His face gradually became tender, and eventually, he turned into a child. The light there was too resplendent.

However, when the altar trembled, that child was directly destroyed, turning into flying ashes. 

The expression in Shi Hao's eyes became blank. He stared at that altar, not saying anything for a long time. This place was extremely sinister. That type of power was great and ridiculous, not something human power could contend against at all. 

He also had the Reincarnation technique, but when compared to the altar, it truly was a grain facing a vast sea, not something on the same order of magnitude!

In this place, space wasn't stable, and time seemed to be chaotic as well. There was terrifying and shocking destructive force!

Shi Hao produced two stalks of holy medicines, accurately tossing them towards two different directions. He opened his Heavenly Eyes to carefully observe their changes. 

One of the medicines immediately shrunk, becoming tender and replete with moisture, and then it actually turned into a seed, ultimately exploding unstably in space. 

The other holy medicine's changes were even more shocking. It quickly grew, the flower buds blossoming, and then it began to wither. It produced fruit, landing on the ground. 

Its own body became a dried up yellow. Even though it was a holy medicine, it still had the day when it would decay, unable to live forever. As such, it rotted away, ultimately returning to dust. 

Meanwhile, those seeds also displayed shocking changes. They immediately produced buds, their radiance resplendent. They quickly grew, and soon after, they turned into mature holy medicines. 

Then, they produced seeds that landed on the ground, while their own bodies died, quickly aging and becoming dust. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. In that instant, that region was already covered in holy medicine, the rays of light resplendent. The medicinal fragrance was astonishing, fragrance wafting through the air!

This altar was too heaven defying! Forget about turning aged creatures and medicinal herbs back to their younger state, just the latter type that allowed medicinal herbs to quickly mature was world shocking. 

If others obtained this, how formidable would that be?

Holy medicines were everywhere, multicolored mists shone, medicinal fragrance so dense it turned into holy light, filling this place. Shi Hao felt as if he was going to sprout wings and ascend. 


Unfortunately, with a shake of the altar, this place became unstable. All of the surroundings split apart. The medicinal herbs everywhere immediately erupted, and then turned into ashes, all of them dying, no longer existing. 

A streak of light swept out, and then the altar's surroundings were cleaned and restored. Nothing remained. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything even after a long time had passed. He looked at the altar, and then at the indistinct cauldron, feeling a wave of silence and speechlessness. This place left one with great shock, and it also made one think about many things, too many associations to make. 

It was quite clear that time here was chaotic, space unstable. It was incomparably weird. This was a heaven defying place!

"Three World Coffin escaped. This is something I know and can understand." 

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao spoke.

"However, what are that cauldron's origins? It wishes to come here, but I've never seen such a thing before. In the strange scenes I saw in Fire Province's grasslands when the copper coffin was opened, there wasn't anything like it." 

Shi Hao frowned. He found it extremely difficult to calm down. There were some shocking speculations, but nothing could be proved. 

"Where did it come from? Why did it never appear before? There are no rumors of its existence in the present world. Why is it calling out to me?" Shi Hao said to himself. 

Only, with his current self, it was impossible to set foot onto the altar. Otherwise, if he didn't immediately die, then he would become a child, and then be erased by the void. 

Time and space here seemed to be ever changing, impossible to stabilize. There aren't many creatures who could ascend the altar. As soon as they got close, they would definitely die. 

Shi Hao silently thought to himself for a long time, not willing to move at all. It was as if he was petrified as he stared at the altar, truly wishing to understand it. 

There were too many mysteries here. Everything was shrouded in mists. With his current amount of strength, it was completely impossible to decipher them all.

"There will be a day when I will definitely return and ascend the altar. I will head towards that unknown place and explore it to its end!" Shi Hao vowed. 

It was difficult for him to find peace without solving these mysteries. He always felt empty. In the future, he definitely had to return. 

"I am going to become stronger!" 

Shi Hao said. Taking a step back, even if he truly had the ability to ascend that altar and depart through that cauldron, what could he do?

With his current strength, it was simply impossible to participate in that unimaginable, bitter great battle.

At the same time, he thought of other things. This world was going to change. The desolate border was unstable, and great chaos might soon engulf all nine heavens and the tenth earth. 

After all, even the Willow Deity had been defeated in the past, only able to flee.

Everything was intersecting. It wasn't just one battlefield. It passed through all of time. One had to consider the element of past times and great vicissitudes over the years. 

Time, space connected everything from the the ancient past until now. They were from different regions, different battlefields. In the future, it was definitely going to be extremely bitter and desperate, but there was a chance that it might very well become incredibly brilliant!

"I have to become stronger and ascend to the peak of the divine dao, sweeping through all enemies in my way!" Shi Hao said. 

Then, he suddenly turned around, leaving this place. He wanted to return above the abyss. He was going to rise up now and squeeze out every bit of his own potential!

While Shi Hao was walking up to the stone walls and about to climb upwards again, he turned around to give this place one last look. He was shocked once again. 

That cauldron vaguely took form. Precisely at this moment, someone walked out from within!

That person was extremely indistinct, unable to see clearly at all. That person stood on the altar.

"This is…" Shi Hao found this difficult to believe. He stopped moving and stared in that direction. 


The altar trembled. It was extremely unstable. A blurry radiance shone there, and then an unstable passageway appeared. That person fell inside, thus disappearing. 

"Someone came, landing in the void passageway, leaving this place. Where exactly… does it lead to?" Shi Hao's voice was trembling. 

After a long time had passed, his eyes became resolute, his expression serious. He said to himself, "This is a leftover image from the past, the reappearance of an engraving. Everything I saw didn't happen just now." 

Who was that person? Would he meet this person one day?

If they did meet, he would be able to understand who it was that was calling out to him, wishing for him to join that great battle. 

Shi Hao didn't hesitate anymore. He quickly climbed up the abyss walls. 

On the abyss, there were many creatures. 

"Where is Huang? He will have an audience with my clan's great one." Someone spoke, walking towards Qing Yi and the others.

"Fallen Divine Ridge's cultivators!" Cao Yusheng's expression changed. 

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