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Chapter 898 - Immortal Road

The leftover leaves were a soft green, unknown how much time had passed since they were left here. They still carried life force, not being destroyed. 

Shi Hao picked them up. The symbols within them had already been erased, but there were still wisps of life force within them. He didn't know what kind of intense battle happened back then here. 

After a short period of silence, Shi Hao decided to continue heading downwards to see what it was exactly that was calling out to him. He just couldn't feel at ease until he took a look at it. 

Of course, this was if he could head down any further. If it really was too dangerous, then he could only turn around and head back. 

At this time, he already brought out the pill furnace to protect himself. 

The abyss became darker and darker. The walls were rough like dragon scales, with many small cracks. There was even more so a horrifying fluctuation that was released from time to time. 


The pill furnace trembled, the sound it released like thunder. 

Symbols flickered on the stone walls, landing on the pill furnace's body. If not for the pill furnace protecting him, Shi Hao would have likely fallen into the abyss.

"Only a thousand five hundred zhang, yet already like this, how deep is it exactly? Will I even be able to head down any further?" Shi Hao frowned. 


When he reached two thousand zhang, the pill furnace received a heavy blow. All types of patterns appeared on the walls, striking him like a hammer. 

The pill furnace shone, and one could vaguely hear the sounds of dragons and phoenix cries. Light shone brilliantly, surrounding his body, protecting this region. 

Now that he had already traveled so deep, he already couldn't see other creatures. This was already the limit of what everyone could handle. If they headed down any further, there would likely be great dangers. 

When the ripples scattered and the walls became calm again, Shi Hao took a moment to rest. He felt a bit of hesitation. Should he continue forward? This abyss seemed bottomless!

"The pill furnace is extraordinary, defensive strength astonishing, but it definitely won't be able to withstand it all in the end. Is there any other way?" He thought to himself. 


Shi Hao put on the tattered armor, something he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm. It was covered in large holes, and any random shake would cause rust stains to fall off. 

However, he knew that this thing was extraordinary. It originated from the depths of the uninhabited region, possibly having some incredible origins, related to the Lightning Emperor!

What was unexpected was that as soon as he put on this armor, he felt warmth. In addition, the armor shone, becoming exceptionally brilliant. 

This armor resonated with this place, as if there was some type of reaction, unexpectedly becoming sparkling and translucent. Even those rust marks began to shine. The scene was incomparably shocking.

"Yi, what happened down below? Why is there a sphere of light shining? Could it be that an immortal artifact has been dug up?" 

Many people were observing from above. They vaguely saw a bit of light, flickering there, causing many people to be shocked.

On the cliff, Shi Hao was moved. He never expected to see this type of result. He set his resolution to continue downwards. 

This time, things went unexpectedly smoothly. Even the ripples he previously encountered completely vanished. The rough stone walls were calm again, not displaying the slightest bit of danger. 

"It is a bit strange. Why did this tattered armor revive here? Could it be that the Lightning Emperor left something behind here?" Shi Hao was truly shocked.

He was like an armored lizard, quickly moving downwards. In the blink of an eye, he already reached three thousand zhang, not the slightest mishap happening along the way. The abyss was calm and incredibly dark. 

He tossed aside everything else, using this chance to quickly heads downwards.

Four thousand zhang, five thousand zhang…

In the blink of an eye, he already traveled eight thousand zhang. If others knew about this, they would definitely be shocked. How many people could travel this far? It was too inconceivable.

Finally, Shi Hao heard a pi pa sound. He saw a string of sparks. It was right below. 

Meanwhile, at this time, the armor on his body became more bright. It released a flourishing energy, as well as thunderous noise. Strand after strand of electrical arcs appeared. 


Shi Hao widened his Heavenly Eye, seeing the scene over there. It wasn't the bottom of the abyss, still along the way. 

A bit of electricity flickered on the cliff. Even though it was extremely weak, it still didn't scatter this entire time, moving about within the crude rocky gaps. It was rather terrifying, making even one's soul shake. 

"What formidable electricity, frightening leftover lightning." Shi Hao's expression changed. 

There was clearly immortal dao energy there. The electrical arcs were astonishing. They condensed together, not separating even after endless time had passed. 

Apart from this, there was horrifying blood. Even though it had already dried up, it still released a frightening aura. 

This was two completely different types of power, one belonging to electricity, and another that carried a harsh frigidness. Its owner was struck down by lightning. 

"The Lightning Emperor had previously appeared here, killing a terrifying creature!" Shi Hao came to this conclusion. No wonder the armor on his body was shining.

Was he going to head down any further? He was already eight thousand zhang below, yet he unexpectedly encountered energy left behind by the Lightning Emperor. What kind of place was this exactly? 

Even though he felt that this place was extremely dangerous, Shi Hao felt more and more curious, finding it difficult to calm down the great waves within him. He really wanted to see exactly what there was in the abyss below. 

"Going to stake it all!" 

The armor shone, still able to protect him. Shi Hao continued again, this time his speed even greater, almost as if he was swooping downwards, turning into a streak of light as he moved along the stone walls. 

"Just how deep does it go exactly?" Shi Hao trembled inwardly. 

In addition, right at this time, he sensed another familiar aura. The Kun Peng technique operated automatically, producing a pair of wings on his back, resonating with this place. 

"Kun Peng!"

After Shi Hao moved down a set distance, his Heavenly Eye saw another region. There were a few crushed scales and two broken feathers. These belonged to the Kun Peng!

"It also fought here before?!" 

Shi Hao's expression changed, feeling even more terror and dread. This place was simply heaven defying. 

There was another pool of dark purple blood dyed on the Kun Peng's scales. It was quite clear that the purple blood was left behind by a creature after it was killed and dissolved. 

"A pool of thick blood?!" 

The Kun Peng had fought an intense battle here, killing this kind of creature?

Shi Hao's expression became serious. That purple blood was half dried, but there was still endless killing intent. He stared at it, but didn't get close to it. 

"This is a battle from the last great era, a terrifying battlefield." Shi Hao, while shocked, was still thinking about what he witnessed. 

Why did all of the most powerful creatures slaughter their way into this abyss? In addition, they unexpectedly didn't destroy this place. It seemed like the stone walls possessed unmatched symbols, containing matchless formations!

He felt extremely uneasy, but he still headed downwards. 

This time, it was even faster. He moved while sticking to the stone walls, along the way seeing a few leftover traces, all of them from battles. There was even blood that hadn't dried yet, the killing energy world shocking, completely unapproachable. When there was still some distance in between, it would make one feel as if their bodies were going to explode. 

Shi Hao avoided those region, quickly rushing downwards. 

He reached fifty thousand zhang. This time, there were ruined feathers among the battle traces that drew his attention. When he carefully inspected them, his mind trembled. 

These might very well be Phoenix feathers!

However, the true feathers' symbols had already been destroyed. They were inserted into the stone walls, large amounts of dark red blood marks that had already dried around them, their life force wiped out by the Phoenix feathers' true patterns.

Why was this here? What kind of ancient abyss was this? 

He felt that this seemed to be some type of path. Unsurpassed experts were fighting intensely, slaughtering each other as they moved, and that was why these types of remains were left behind. Otherwise, how could they have charged into this place? 

When he reached ninety thousand zhang, Shi Hao heard waves of whimpering sounds. He was close. He might be close to the bottom. 

It was precisely here where he once again sensed the Willow Deity's aura. Soon after, he found a golden branch, on it a row of golden leaves. 

It belonged to the Willow Deity, and even now, there were still divine force fluctuations. However, they were already incredibly weak, almost wiped out.

However, this was still incredibly shocking. After all, an entire great era had already passed. For a branch that was left behind after a life and death struggle to still be like this was already incomparably heaven defying!

That willow branch was a zhang in length. It was nailed into the stone wall, sparkling and shining. 


Suddenly, Shi Hao trembled. That stone wall caved in. When he approached it, he saw a badly damaged creature, impaled by the willow branch.

"Is this the enemy?"

This was a damaged skeleton, one that was exceptionally large. Unfortunately, only the chest remained, the other parts all gone. It was nailed to the wall. 

"What kind of appearance does it really have…" Shi Hao stared at it. 

While looking at this chest bone, he reckoned that this creature's height should be at least three zhang tall.


Suddenly, following Shi Hao's arrival, waves of divine force fluctuated. Those bones turned into fine powder, directly crumbling.

This left him startled. That was definitely an unmatched creature, not rotting away even after tens of thousands of eras. Why did it suddenly crumble away now?

Right, he immediately understood. This should be caused by the golden willow branch. It had been suppressed for all this time, completely dissolving it. 

The willow branch was still there. Even though it lost its unmatched divine might, its form was still preserved. There was also a faint immortal dao energy that flowed out.

Shi Hao was moved. He crawled forward, carefully testing things out. He unexpectedly successfully pulled out that golden willow branch without receiving any harm.

He placed this branch into the Heaven and Earth Pouch, storing it away. 

This was the Willow Deity of the last great era.

Legend had it that the Willow Deity experienced a rebirth, a seed germinating again. Did it still remember the past? Did it have a great mission that it wished to carry out?

Unfortunately, too much time had passed. Many things were lost in transmission, so it was impossible to say. 

"I arrived at the bottom!" 

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He traveled a hundred thousand zhang, finally arriving at the bottom. 

Countless skeletons could be seen everywhere in this abyss, from creatures of all different species. They stretched out as far as the eye could see. It was like a country of death. 

It was clear that these were all experts who came to take risks in the abyss, but ended up falling from the stone walls, their corpses accumulated through endless time. They were everywhere. 

"This is… what's calling me?!" Shi Hao's mind trembled. 

There was an altar there. It was incomparably massive and ancient, releasing chaotic energy. It seemed to have existed with the world, surviving from the ancient times until now. 

The altar was damaged, already half ruined. However, that type of aura, that type of great changes still made others tremble, immediately wishing to bow down and kowtow towards it. 

There were all types of blood on the altar; silver, black, purple, blue, red...

Even now, it hadn't dried up. It was as if it experienced the most bitter battle. Even though the blood was surrounded by the altar's gentle radiance, there was still endless killing intent!

Shi Hao's soul moved. He sensed for the first time, how frightening the creatures of Immortal Ancient were. Symbols clearly still existed in the blood, the killing intent never retreated, and it was precisely because of this that it was so terrifying. 

This wasn't like the lump of immortal blood Immortal Palace's inheritor possessed, where the killing energy contained within had been long erased. 

This was all the most primitive, unmatched precious blood, maintaining the immortal dao power from the past!

Shi Hao had a feeling that if any drop of this type of blood got out, it would be enough to kill sect master level figures. It was too tyrannical and incomparable. 

Aside from this, there was a broken willow branch, damaged feathers, and other things on the altar. The scene was terrifying. 

"Are you the one that is calling me? Why are you doing this? What kind of relationship do you have with me?" After the initial shock, it took Shi Hao quite some time to calm down. He quietly asked this.

The altar became indistinct. All types of void cracks appeared around him. Absent-mindedly, Shi Hao felt as if time and space were distorting, as if the river of time was flowing in reverse. 

"This place…" 

Shi Hao backed up. There was a strange feeling that was difficult to describe. 

Honglonglong sounds rang through the air. After a moment of distractedness, that altar became complete, no longer being damaged. The ancient energy pervaded the air. This place became indistinct. 

"That is… nine dragons pulling a coffin?"

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He could vaguely see a few creatures fighting a great war. Then, these creatures entered a bronze coffin. Nine dragons pulled the copper coffin, breaking through the shackles from this altar, fleeing into an unknown world. 

"Right, Willow Deity and the others were defeated, destroyed in Immortal Ancient Great Era. This is… an immortal path. They escaped through this place." Shi Hao seemed to be talking in his sleep as he watched the indistinct scene. 

He had previously seen by the Three World Coffin that Immortal Ancient Great Era was completely buried, nothing left behind. Only the nine dragons escaped while pulling a copper coffin. 

"Defeated, they were all defeated…" Shi Hao repeated this sentence. 

With a weng sound, this place became quiet again. The altar was damaged once again, no longer complete. A gentle radiance surrounded it. 

On the altar, the various types of blood formed a ghastly sight.

"Why? Why did you call me here? It doesn't make any sense…" Shi Hao asked himself when he became clear-headed again. 

Suddenly, the altar shone again. This place became even more blurry, and time seemed to have become chaotic. Shocking changes were taking place!

On the damaged altar, the void distorted. The entire world seemed to be disappearing. 

"Didn't the Three World Coffin leave? Could there be something else?" Shi Hao stared at this altar. 

Suddenly, he widened his eyes with shock as he looked at this ancient damaged altar. 

This time, there weren't any strange things leaving from this path, but rather something that was coming!

A cauldron, one that was extremely indistinct, seemed to be arriving from the distance. It did everything it could to appear on this altar, but in the end, it still couldn't truly appear.

One could vaguely see that this cauldron had three feet and two ears. The cauldron's opening was perfectly round, the inside surging with primal chaos. Strand after strand of heaven and earth source energy was released from within. There was a supreme holy aura. 

Only, it was too blurry, unable to truly appear. It was too difficult for it to come out.


The altar trembled. Shi Hao saw a few things clearly. That cauldron seemed to truly take form slightly. 

"There's blood!"

Shi Hao saw that the cauldron was sticky with striking blood, moreover not just one or two types. The dark red color was glaring. 

He could vaguely hear a type of calling. Someone was shouting towards him, needing him to go over and participate in the great battle!

"I… what can I do?!" Shi Hao was shocked and stunned. 

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