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Chapter 885 - Sin Character's Support

This king died here alone, using his body to protect the abyss. 

Shi Hao found it impossible to calm down. He felt a great pain when he saw this enormous heroic figure. His body was covered in injuries, with all types of supreme treasure fragments that were carrying chaotic energy penetrating his body. The blood on his body had yet to dry. 

He could only give a deep bow of respect, his heart feeling great grief. 

"Senior, take care!" 

Shi Hao was filled with complex emotions, feeling sorrow for this king. His descendents were treated as if they had 'sinner's blood', being treated as sinners. It was truly a mournful thing. 

Such a powerful figure, fighting at the desolate border, blood-soaked while fighting, using his life to protect the world beyond, yet his descendents fell to this kind of state. 

"I also have the 'blood of sinners' flowing through me, haha…" Shi Hao couldn't help but laugh out loud, feeling both anger and grief. This king might very well be his ancestor. 

"If I can break free, there will definitely be a day when I will visit the desolate border and participate in the battle!" Shi Hao vowed. 

He clenched his fists. If the day came when he could stand at the top of the divine dao, he had to flatten the disorder, suppress all enemies in the desolate border!

Even if there were undying things, even if there were inimaginable unmatched figures, he still had to head there and slaughter his way into that realm. 

The symbol in the space between his brows shone, holy light surging into the sky, rushing through the murkiness. The beam of light shot into the heavens. 

In that abyss, the ice cold corpse of the king that was sitting silently and unmovingly had some type of reaction. His forehead also shone, scattering the darkness. 

Shi Hao's body trembled. The symbol in his forehead was resonating, as it encountered someone of the same bloodline and was unwilling to part. There was a type of sadness.


Suddenly, the enormous corpse that suppressed the abyss released a streak of resplendent light, and upon closer inspection it was precisely the sin character. It entered Shi Hao's sin character patterns. 

Shi Hao's body immediately staggered, his forehead bone feeling hot, as if it was going to burn. Immediately afterwards, the space between his brows became even more resplendent, the radiance illuminating heaven and earth. 

Those patterns were interweaving, complex and profound. The sin character was as clear as if it were metal or silver strokes, making the blood in Shi Hao's body surge and roil like a sea. 

In that instant, his body became comfortably warm. In this dangerous place, he no longer felt ice cold while facing the gray mists and black fog, not feeling any more fear. 

When everything calmed down, that corpse became quiet and unmoving again. 

Shi Hao's entire body was free from worry. He vaguely felt as if the complex patterns in his forehead had something added to them, but he didn't know how to operate it. 

"Is this character really representative of sin?" His eyes carried anger. He naturally knew that it was honor and glory, only, it was given the alternate meaning of sin and chaos by the higher realms. 

In the future, he was going to pay Fire Cloud Cavern, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and the other ancient sects a visit!

What he had previously seen on that altar,  was that when the sinner's blood scatters the clouds, their strength would become more powerful, but he didn't know how to use it. Even though there was some reaction to that king's body, resonating with it and transmitting a streak of light, making the sin character in his forehead bone extremely clear, he still didn't know how to use it. 

"Perhaps I'll only know after arriving at the desolate border…" Shi Hao was quite expectant. The great battle there was endless, a terrifying world. Meanwhile, he actually wanted to fight in that type of battlefield and slaughter. 

This was on the premise that he could leave from this place alive. 

When he arrived at the end and saw this abyss, Shi Hao understood many things. He knew that the higher realms looked peaceful, but that was definitely not the case. 

"Ominous and inauspicious, does it all originate from this abyss?" Shi Hao thought to himself. 

What kind of origins did this king have? It was hard to fathom. 

Suddenly, ancient lamps appeared silently, one after another, suspending in the void. Meanwhile, thunderous sounds rang from the abyss below, attacking at the seal. 

Strand after strand of gray and black mist seeped out from the seal.

"It's not sturdy any longer!" Shi Hao's expression changed, and he saw something extremely extremely bad. His heart immediately became cold.

The king that was sitting there, half of his enormous body was dyed pitch-black like ink, as if he became a demonic ancestor. It made one's heart tremble. 

The black fog surrounded him, wishing to infect his entire body. However, each time it reached his forehead, it would always be blasted apart by a streak of flowing light. Even though he was already dead, the sin character was still there, still shining.

"Not good, there will be a day when the seal will break. When that day comes, the ominous and strange things will invade the great earth. That will definitely be a great disaster!" Shi Hao said with a sigh. 

However, he couldn't be bothered to worry about that right now. 

In the distance, jiu jiu sounds of ghosts wailing rose and fell. On the mountains at the other end of the horizon, all of them became pitch-black like ink, releasing strange mists. 

Every single mountain had an enormous lantern that shone. They were scarlet like blood, lighting up the skies. 

Ao ao...

It was like the weeping and howling of a million malicious spirits, as if the gate to the underworld had been opened. In between those mountains, black figures swarmed out in the tens of thousands, endless as they threw themselves over.

That type of scene was too horrifying. There were too many dark figures! Perhaps they shouldn't be called ghosts, but rather ancient corpses. They leapt from one mountain to the next, throwing themselves over. 

Black figures covered everything as far as the eye could see. They were all corpses of ancient generations, all of them previously powerful individuals. They all slaughtered their way over now. 

Shi Hao released a sigh. He was most likely finished. With so many enemies, if every single one of them wasn't weaker than himself, it was useless even if he cultivated a strand of immortal energy. It still wouldn't be enough.

"En, it doesn't seem too right. It's not all of the ancient corpses that are extremely strong. There are some that have already rotted." 

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, seeing everything. Ever since the streak of light shone from the king's forehead bone, entering the space between his brows, he now discovered that he could use bone texts and other things, not receiving any recoil from touching the forbidden power.


Regardless, Shi Hao wouldn't just wait helplessly for death. Even if he were to die in battle, he would still go out strong instead of dying cowardly. 

Both his hands held halberds, the two weapons both originating from Immortal Palace's inheritor, refined from the Void Beast's bones. He rushed forward, sweeping through all of these ancient corpses. 

A stench assailed his nostrils. These corpses had existed for who knew how many years, their bodies long rotten and not existing. However, they were being controlled by some natural laws, still maintaining their physical body. 

Only now were they hacked through, turning into blood and mushy bones. 

Shi Hao noticed that there were some ancient corpses that were different. They were surrounded by black mists and carried vitality, slowly walking over from the rear. They possessed powerful might.

In addition, there was a group of people that had power similar to his own. 

"It's coming again, the ominous and inauspicious!"

He saw a group of young individuals numbering in the dozens, standing there proudly, their expressions indifferent. They were all staring deathly at him. 

"En? They are all people from this era, some of them from the ancient era, some from the recent few thousand years!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Dozens of people walked over, their terrifying auras overflowing into the sky. With all of them grouped up together like this, the scene was extremely terrifying. These were young supreme beings, all of them with an unmatched dao. 


Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. Could it be that these were all ancient outstanding heroes who ultimately encountered ominous events? Not only were their precious techniques seized, even their bodies were brought to this place?

If this was true, then it was a truly horrifying thing!

He looked even further out, and then he immediately felt despair. There were a few middle-aged individuals in the mountains with auras even more terrifying. They all had unyielding spirits, believing themselves to be unmatched. 

Those were individuals with even higher cultivation realms. They similarly had outstanding reputations in their eras! 

If they were to come over as well, how was he supposed to fight? He would undoubtedly be killed. 

"Trials… slaughter… stealing techniques… sinister disasters." There were will fluctuation coming from the abyss.. That corpse seemed to be reacting to this type of scene. 

A roar sounded. The endless ancient corpses stopped their restlessness, no longer attacking. Over a hundred blood red lamps appeared, illuminating this place. 

Some of those several dozen young experts began to walk forward. The most dazzling creatures were about to take action, all of them at the consummate level of the Divine Flame Realm.


This was a cruel great battle. Shi Hao had to face this group of inconceivably powerful enemies. 

This was especially true since the strand of immortal energy couldn't be used freely yet. Shi Hao decided that he might as well not use it. He brandished the two halberds to fight them all. 

Soon after, he already killed two individuals. However, he himself was injured as well, blood flowing from his body. The most terrifying strike almost pierced through his heart. 

"How formidable!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

That person's power was extremely great, his flesh unexpectedly not weaker than his own. He carefully looked at this creature. It was a golden being with a human body and an ant head, its strength boundless. 

"Could that be the well known Golden Ant from twenty thousand years ago?" Shi Hao's mind trembled He had also heard about a few ancient and formidable figures, feeling that this ant should be it. 

However, regardless, he wouldn't stop here. Even if he died, he would die in battle.


Another powerful young supreme being was killed by him.

At the same time, bone texts shone resplendently and precious techniques clashed. He blasted another expert to pieces.

Moreover, when he took action, the fiery light in his body emerged, blasting apart all of the shining blood-colored ancient lamps in the void, preventing them from displaying his precious technique. 


A gray and ordinary looking sword hacked down. Brilliant rays of light immediately erupted, making Shi Hao's Heavenly Eyes feel a wave of pain. His hands caved in, and then the two great halberds were unexpectedly sliced through! Bloody light flashed, and a world shocking streak of sword energy entered his body.

It was all too fast. This sword was exceptionally sharp, fast to the extreme, piercing through the void as it arrived from the distance. 

Shi Hao quickly backed up, but his neck was still knicked. Blood gushed outwards, almost removing his head. It was truly too dangerous. 

That was a human shaped creature, his sharp eyebrows reaching his temples. His temperament was extraordinary, eyes like cold lightning. In his hand was a grayish, dull ancient sword that was incomparably powerful.

Shi Hao knew that this person definitely had a brilliant name in the ancient eras. He was too powerful.

Of course, that sword was quite special as well. When it wasn't used, it didn't draw attention, but once it was, the light released was many times more brilliant than the sun, making it hard for one to even open their eyes. 

Moreover, it was just a sword core and not completely refined to perfection, yet it was already like this. It was a bit ridiculous.

"Even a divine treasure like the Void Halberd was broken. This sword is truly extraordinary." Shi Hao speculated. It should be some type of immortal gold. 

It was still just a sword core, yet it was so powerful. 


Shi Hao moved, his speed as fast as lightning. He rushed at that individual. 


He attacked that sword core with precious techniques, releasing dang dang sounds.

Blood blossomed. There were many young experts around Shi Hao, all of them exceptional. They took action together, immediately adding many injuries onto his body.

Meanwhile, that youngster who held the mysterious sword core was even more terrifying. The sword didn't leave Shi Hao's vital areas, and one strike even drew blood. 

Of course, Shi Hao also returned a strike, slamming his palm against his body, blasting him backwards, blood flowing out from his mouth.

"So powerful. What kind of ancient being is this?" Shi Hao's expression was grave.

He entered a situation of imminent death. Aside from the one who held that sword and the Golden Ant, the others were also extremely terrifying. He killed a few of them, but the situation was getting more and more dangerous. 

Soon after, Shi Hao was seriously injured. Even though he had long propped up his only heavenly passage, it still directly caved in under an attack. These creatures took action together. No young experts of the present generation could face them.


Under the metallic sounds, Shi Hao smashed away the sword core, but he also took a strike from the sword. A terrifying cut was opened on his chest.


He sent that sword using creature flying, seizing this sword. 

However, because of this, he paid a tremendous price, almost dying on the spot.


Sword light overflowed outwards. Shi Hao brandished it about, adding his own precious techniques on top of it, directly removing the heads of two people around him. His divine energy erupted.

However, at this moment, strange changes took place. The abyss released wuwu sounds. There was a strange power that crushed down onto him.

Meanwhile, that king's corpse shone, suppressing the abyss, and at the same time releasing an extremely gentle power towards this direction, surrounding Shi Hao within. 

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