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Chapter 886 - Breaking Out 

The gentle power supported him. It was extremely warm. Even the injuries on Shi Hao's body were lightened.

However, the black energy below the abyss surged, attacking intensely at the seal, making the seated king's body sway. The seal might be torn apart. 


A black streak of light swept outwards, landing on Shi Hao's body, originating from the abyss. 

Shi Hao knew that after he continuously attacked, killing a few powerful strange corpses, the 'ominous' couldn't tolerate him being alive.

Fortunately, this king's radiance surrounded him.


In the abyss below, a strange howling sound rang through the air, one that was many times more horrifying than that of the malicious spirits. Even as a cultivator, Shi Hao still felt scared, cold energy seeping into his body through his pores. 

"Not good!"

Shi Hao was frightened. Not only were these young powerful experts at his level attacking, even those in the distance moved. Those middle aged men were like enormous mountains, all of them with their own dominating auras. 

After hearing the roar from the abyss, they began to walk in this direction. 

These people were too powerful, unknown what kind of cultivation realms they were at exactly. One of them pointed out, and then the voice directly shattered, erasing everything in its way as it rushed here. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. Even though he was surrounded by that king's gentle radiance, he still quickly moved out of the way.

That finger was too large. It crushed downwards, creating a huge valley in the great earth. Rubble rushed into the clouds. 

"What kind of cultivation realm is this? Heavenly deity or sect master level?" Shi Hao felt that if he didn't have that king's radiance wrapped around him, the powerful fluctuations would have been difficult for him to endure. 

There were middle-aged men who walked over from all sides, their eyes giving off an ancient feeling, clearly having experienced endless time. However, there was also a type of deathly gray color. 

They were scattered in different areas, cutting off all routes of escape. 

Meanwhile, those several dozen young supreme beings also moved, activating precious techniques and bringing out precious artifacts, slaughtering their way over. 

Those middle-aged experts towered there. If anything unexpected happened, they were ready to attack at any time to suppress and kill Shi Hao. 

The situation was dire. The abyss' voice was mournful, continuously attacking at the seal, about to blast apart that king's corpse and make its way out from below.


Shi Hao held the sword core in his hands, attacking here with incomparable divine valiance. He once again removed the head of a young supreme being, cutting down another influential figure from his era.


The abyss became chaotic. Natural law forces emerged from all directions, and all types of ancient lamps surged, continuously swaying about. 

Moreover, the corpses covering the mountains and plains stood up, gathering in this direction. 


Those immeasurable middle-aged men roared and took action, the large hand one stretched out covering heaven and earth, smothering the sky to kill Shi Hao. 

It was clear that the strange and ominous saw that Shi Hao was surrounded by that king's light protection, and that was why they released such great destructive force. Geniuses at the same level could not keep him in check, so they were going to directly eliminate him. 

Ancient lamps flew out one after another to copy and reflect his precious techniques, stealing away all of them. 


The body of the king seated in the abyss shone. It was affected by the power from all sides. His unmatched flesh released resplendent radiance after being agitated, turning into ripples that scattered outwards.

With a pu sound, the great hand that originally slapped towards Shi Hao was swept through by the ripple, breaking apart in midair. Large amounts of blood poured down like a river.

Following a hong sound, that hand fell onto the ground, making the great earth cave in, creating a pitch-black valley. 

This scene left Shi Hao stupefied. 

The sharp and intense cries sounded from the abyss below. The power of natural laws rushed over to erase Shi Hao's existence. This was the unmatched power of the strange and ominous. 

Shi Hao coughed out a large mouthful of blood, feeling a wave of coldness entering his body. If not for the gentle radiance the unmatched king wrapped around him, he would have received an unimaginably severe injury, possibly having his body and soul wiped out. 

At the same time, some of the surrounding middle-aged men moved.

An enormous hand reached down again, and it was as if a mountain itself smashed down. The void distorted, continuously crumbling apart. 

There were several large hands that were like pitch-black clouds as they descended. They covered this place, all of them crushing down murderously towards Shi Hao.


In the abyss, resplendent light blossomed. That king's frontal bone shone, flowing with endless divine force, suppressing the abyss, scattering all of the black mist and gray energy that seeped out.

Moreover, his body released golden ripples one after another, scattering all of the ominous and inauspicious natural laws, sweeping them clean. 

The most terrifying thing was that the golden ripple shattered the large hands that were rushing at Shi Hao one after another, and those middle-aged experts broke apart inch after inch as well, turning into a bloody mist and burning into nothing. 

It was too terrifying. That type of power was too shocking.

Shi Hao finally knew why this corpse could still suppress this place. It was because there were still unmatched symbols and divine force within his body, its power without equal.


The darkness was split open, revealing a streak of divine light.

The space between that king's brows shone, and the sin character burned, unexpectedly blasting open a path.

Then, the flame within Shi Hao's body moved as well, surging and engulfing the heavens, burning all of the ancient lamps and the mist. 

In addition, it unexpectedly threw itself into the abyss, dancing about that king, burning away some of the black-colored areas around his body, forcing some of the strange and inauspicious that had infected his body to disappear. 


That flame returned, wrapping around Shi Hao and rushing into the passage that was pierced through, disappearing from this place. 


Outside the void, on the three thousand bluestone path.

Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, the little rabbit, and the Divine Striking Stone were all quite worried. What exactly did that enormous black void crack contain? Shi Hao went inside for too long, not coming out all this time, moreover warning them that they couldn't get closer, to stay as far away as they could. It made them feel uneasy. 

"That black-colored crack is closing!" Cao Yusheng's expression changed.

"What do we do? Shi Hao didn't come out! Can it be that he is going to disappear from Immortal Ancient just like that?" The Divine Striking Stone felt anxious. 

Many creatures within the various small worlds could feel the abnormalities that were taking place. 

Not long ago, the intense fluctuations transmitted from the three thousand bluestone paths were too intense. A few sensitive experts perceived something, already moving.

"Can it be that someone is trying to take that step, about to succeed?" A few powerful creatures quickly rushed over, hurriedly arriving at the bluestone path. 

It was clear that more than one person felt this way. People from all directions sensed it. 


Resplendent firework-like brilliance erupted in the nothingness. Shi Hao was shocked. He discovered that he left the black-colored ancient boat from that passageway, unexpectedly escaping out. 

Moreover, he saw the great void crack that was about to close. He rushed in that direction.

Behind him, the black-colored ancient boat trembled intensely. Then, it drifted into the endless void, gradually disappearing. 

He could vaguely sense the king's remaining will, as if it was a type of summoning. "Help me… suppress…" 

"I will! I will go to the desolate border, and I will get on this ancient boat to settle everything!" Shi Hao roared.

That flame surrounded him as he emerged, and then it entered his body again, completely entering hibernation, not displaying any more brilliance. 

Shi Hao coughed out blood, feeling as if his entire body was going to split apart. He was in incomparable pain.

It was because while on that ancient boat, before that abyss, the ominous and inauspicious natural laws had invaded his body, even though the ancient king's resplendent light entered at the same time to help him neutralize it.

After all, this was the interaction of two types of unmatched dao. 

Even with the king's symbols protecting him, he was still shaken up under this type of collision.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have long turned into a bloody paste, no longer existing. Shi Hao cultivated a strand of immortal energy, and he had experienced lightning tribulation. His flesh was far from ordinary, and that was why he didn't die. 

He hurriedly ate a half-divine fruit, quickly treating his injuries. 

However, the remaining trace of fluctuations surged, still causing him to cough out large amounts of blood. His flesh was also covered in cracks, about to break apart.

"This powerful?" His expression changed.

Fortunately, the strange power disappeared, the king's power able to protect him. Otherwise, the results would have been too horrifying. 

"Not good!" 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao's arm still split apart, falling off. He hurriedly connected it, pressing it in place, quickly operating bone texts to reconnect it. 


Bloody streaks appeared on his body, especially by his chest. There were many wounds that were torn open, almost splitting him to pieces. 

Shi Hao suppressed these injuries, his expression becoming grave.

Finally, after some time had passed, his injuries stabilized. At this time, he discovered that he could already freely operate that strand of immortal energy. 

The immortal energy entered his body, harmonizing with his flesh, lightening his suffering. He could also feel a wave of extremely powerful fighting strength!

Only now did he release a breath of relief. He had to take some time to recover.

He lowered his head, looking at the sword core in his hands. It wasn't that long, nor was it sharp. It was extremely simple and unadorned, dull and lightless, unremarkable in any way. 

After carefully inspecting it, there were unexpectedly patterns and scenes of ascension on  the sword core, leaving him shocked. What kind of material was this?

The sword core shouldn't have been fully refined, just a rough material. Its blade wasn't even polished, never turned into a perfect precious artifact. However, it already had these types of patterns!


Everything before him became completely dark, because the great void crack closed.

Shi Hao held the sword in his hand, hacking forward. With a chi sound, when he poured in divine force, the sword released the most resplendent light, immediately becoming extraordinary.

This simple and ancient sword core, was accompanied by a rain of light, unexpectedly shining a hundred times more resplendent than a sun. There was no way to look directly at it. 

The void was hacked apart, and Shi Hao rushed out, falling on the ground. 

"Aiya, he appeared, returned!" The little rabbit cried out in pleasant surprise, jumping up and down. 

"It is good that he came back!" Qing Yi revealed a smile. 


Shi Hao fell onto the ground, his entire body dripping with blood. All of those injuries split apart again, and his left arm almost fell out again.

The sword core in his hands became dim again, becoming simple looking once more. 


Cao Yusheng cried out loudly. Qing Yi and the others' expressions changed as well.

The Divine Striking Stone even more so turned into a streak of light, shouting loudly, "Get lost!" 

It was because a few figures appeared, taking action at the same time to attack Shi Hao. These were the experts who rushed out from the small worlds. 

Someone's eyes shone with incomparable greed, staring at the sword core in his hand. With a trembling voice, he said, "That sword of legends!" 

There were others who were cold and ruthless, carrying killing intent. They wanted Shi Hao's life to begin with. Now that they saw that he was covered in injuries and collapsed in front of them, they directly rushed forward murderously. 

There were Heavenly Country's assassins among them who came originally to kill Shi Hao, always looking for his whereabouts. They guessed that he failed while taking that step, and as such, decisively took action. 

"Kill him. This person wanted to cultivate immortal energy and to take that step, but unfortunately met disaster. Do not give him the chance to recover!" 

A few others rushed over, decisively joining in to take action against Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's entire body shone, activating that sword core. A few pu pu sounds could be heard. Dazzling brilliance erupted, directly killing three experts. Heads tumbled, and blood flowed. 

With a peng sound, his body began to split apart as well. Blood flowed, and an arm fell off.

"He's finished! Attack!" 

The others moved, with Heavenly Country in the lead. 

"I'm finished? Hah!" Even though Shi Hao was seriously injured from the black-colored ancient boat, he was still looking down on them.

He activated the sword core, making it turn into a streak of rainbow light. His precious technique's symbols merged together, directly killing three more!

Only one person avoided this, his face revealing hatred, eyes cold, fiercely releasing a slap, blasting towards the arm that fell from Shi Hao's body, wishing to shatter it. 

However, what left himi horrified was that the arm produced a strand of immortal energy. It moved through the air, and then unexpectedly slapped down on him!

"Heavens, he took that step!" He cried out in horror.


Even though it was a broken arm that had left Shi Hao's body, it still blasted through this person's arm, and then even more so directly slapped his body rotten, killing him on the spot!

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