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Chapter 860 - Vicious Nest Shocking Change 

Dragon Girl, her body was graceful, curves rising and falling, her water-blue hair hanging down to her waist, flickering with luster. Her sparkling white forehead was covered in dark lines, her eyes resplendent like a starry stream as she stared at Shi Hao. 

He didn't touch the butt of a tiger, but rubbed the bottom of a dragon; even Shi Hao was a bit speechless. Even though it was unintentional, he still gave it a slap in the end.

That abundant bottom trembled slightly, symbols flowing. After this powerful strike, even someone as powerful as Dragon Girl didn't feel too good.

Of course, Shi Hao was still extremely shocked. If it was any other deities that took this slap, their flesh would have definitely exploded. However, Dragon Girl's sparkling body wasn't damaged. 

"Truly sturdy, full and full of flexibility." Shi Hao muttered inwardly.

"What are you saying?!" Dragon Girl had a veil over her face, with only her beautiful eyes and a small portion above the veil exposed. Even more dark lines appeared on her sparkling snow-white and glowing forehead, her eyes surging with anger.

Shi Hao was shocked. He didn't even say it out loud, only muttering it inside, so why did it seem like she heard him? 

"Really round and smooth, full of elasticity, her figure excellent to the extent where there is nothing bad that could be said about it. Even though I can't see her true appearance, she is definitely an exceptional beauty. Only… she seems to have heard what I was thinking?" He muttered inwardly. 

"You still dare speak more?!" Dragon Girl's dark eyebrows stood up vertically, her beautiful eyes that were flickering like stars even more so shot out blinding rays of light that flew over like stellar streams. 

Her body curved wonderfully, her beautiful figure releasing holy light, erupting with shocking divine force fluctuations. She had forced back the few powerful experts at her side and was now walking over towards Shi Hao. 

That type of power left Shi Hao shocked. He sighed inwardly in admiration. Worthy of being Dragon Girl, worthy of being an ancient freak. She was ridiculously powerful!

At the same time, he realized that the other party most likely grasped… Mind Connection. Otherwise, how could she know what he was thinking? This was truly a shocking ability.

"Ancient freaks truly are all astonishing, some opening Heavenly Eyes, some comprehending Mind Connection, one more freakish than the last." 

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. The space between his brows shone, hurriedly protecting his divine senses, isolating all fluctuations and ripples. He did not wish for others to know what he was thinking. 


The two of them exchanged a palm through space. Symbols erupted in a dazzling and beautiful manner.

"My hand made a mistake, I meant, a misunderstanding!" Shi Hao cried out loudly, explaining that what happened just now was done accidentally. 

Those on the side became speechless as well. He still dared to say 'hand mistake', this person truly didn't have a way with words.


Like an arrow that left a bowstring, Shi Hao rushed out, avoiding Dragon Girl. He didn't want to fight her for no good reasons. There were too many enemies in this cave. If he fought against an ancient freak, it would definitely not be good for him. Right now, seizing natural luck was the most important. 

At this moment, the pressure in the Immortal Palace increased. It was difficult for the people here to rush upwards. They would be blasted back down.

The jade table was just too high up. When one fell back to the ground and looked up, the legs of the table simply looked like heavenly pillars, thick and tall as they towered before them. 

There was chaotic energy everywhere around them as well, above them immortal light was swirling. It was as if they arrived at the ends of the world, arriving at the era where heaven and earth were opened.

After some hesitation, Dragon Girl decided not to chase after him. She began to fight against those enemies again. There was an ancient freak among them that wished to kill her together with a few others. 

It was clear that these two sides' inheritances had old scores to settle, not satisfied until the other party was dead. Otherwise, they wouldn't have directly fought bloodily here in this immortal cave instead of striving to seize the immortal dao scriptures first. 

Of course, this was also because of their confidence in themselves. Apart from other ancient freaks, who else dared to injure them?

"Hurry and help me pick that stalk of divine medicine!" A disturbance broke out ahead. A group of individuals were struggling, and some of them had long formed an alliance. 

That was an ancient medicine, on its branches and tendrils a flower that was sparkling and replete with moisture. It erupted with seven colored multicolored light, releasing a rich medicinal fragrance. One felt an illusion of ascension as soon as they drew near. 


Shi Hao approached this place and exchanged a few palms with the others. This place was extremely chaotic, surrounded by all types of symbols. All of them were furious. 

"Spiritual body of an ancient freak!" Shi Hao's pupils contracted.

It was clear that the other party's true body was also in the immortal cave, but they had now separated to seize more natural luck. 

Right now, in this cave, there were at least several kings that were the most powerful of several generations, rising above all others within a great battle of three thousand provinces, becoming unmatched in Immortal Ancient. 

Several of these types of figures appeared at once, and they all released their spiritual bodies, immediately making this place chaotic. 

Shi Hao's eyes became resplendent. He didn't split apart a spiritual body and moved with his true body. He rushed over to seize that divine ancient medicine. 

The great battle was intense. Precious artifacts flew out in reverse, no lack of heavenly deity magical artifacts among them, leaving Shi Hao's mind shaken. These types of weapons, normally speaking, would be hard to bring inside unless they were damaged or had serious flaws.

"They should be magical artifacts that were nurtured in a secret realm, or something quickly repaired." Shi Hao's mind jumped. This place was terrifying after all.

He produced the pill furnace he obtained from Fiend Island's lightning river to protect himself. This magical artifact was quite special, never displaying offensive might, but its defensive ability was immeasurable. 


There were bone needles that flew over, shooting towards the pill furnace's lid.

Shi Hao's fine hairs stood on end. This was a Blood Altering Divine Needle, something that would turn even a true deity into a clump of blood upon being struck. It was extremely difficult to refine, rumored to be something refined from heavenly deity bones.


Then, several dozen bone needles shot out here, impossible to defend against as they pierced through this space.


There were immediately several individuals who cried out miserably, immediately turning into bloody pus. Even their bones melted, a truly tragic sight. 


Shi Hao's body shone, producing his only heavenly passage. Activating the pill furnace lid, he rushed forward to take action against those individuals. He grabbed towards that divine medicine that had taken root in a corner, swirling with radiance. 

It was clear and dark green, as if it was carved from fine jade. A seven-colored flower bud swayed gently on its branches and tendrils, flowing with brilliant light, as if a rainbow was hanging there.

However, something unexpected happened. This divine medicine could run. It pulled out its roots and retreated backwards, unexpectedly entering the wall and thus disappearing. 

Shi Hao and the others took action at the same time, blasting that stone wall and making this place tremble greatly. However, it was unaffected, not being damaged in the slightest. 

There was something strange about it!

Shi Hao was greatly shaken up. Even someone with flesh as powerful as his own couldn't destroy this stone wall, but that stalk of medicine was able to run inside?

The others also revealed looks of surprise. They withdrew. 


Shi Hao took action again, rushing towards another side to fight over other ancient treasures. 

Since that mountainous jade table temporarily couldn't be climbed, then he might as well fight over a few powerful weapons first to strengthen himself. It would be greatly beneficial for him in the following struggle.

"Heaven Marked Conch!" 

Shi Hao's eyes erupted with divine radiance. No wonder there were so many people gathered here and fighting so intensely. It turned out to be a rare wondrous treasure!

That was a conch, the size of a fist. It looked simple and unadorned, without luster, but the symbols on it were extremely profound and difficult to understand. 

Rumors had it that this was a mark of heaven. 

This type of conch was extremely rare, only a few dozen of them discovered from past to present. It was extremely powerful. If one refined a secret treasure out of them, with just a blow, even heavenly deities would collapse.

Once matured, the powerful Heaven Marked Conch could even kill sect masters and others. 

This type of thing had to be obtained; this was what everyone was thinking. Once one grasped it and blew it here, the other experts might all fall here. 

Shi Hao naturally tried to obtain it as well, quickly taking action, displaying a great divine ability.


A powerful expert was blasted apart, blood flying everywhere. 

One has to understand that there were hundreds of thousands of creatures that died in the vicious nest already. Those that could reach this place were all the most powerful individuals, yet in the end, that person was still killed.

This made the others here vigilant. Shi Hao could clearly sense that other ancient freaks were now taking note of him.

"What is going on?"

This time, there was a blonde individual that rushed up first. It was because he had been fighting this entire time, now seizing a favorable location. His own body was also powerful to an immeasurable level. However, he still failed to obtain anything.

That Heaven Marked Conch entered the stone wall before disappearing. 

When Shi Hao saw this, he backed off, his expression serious. 

He didn't take action again. He looked around them, seeing that the other ancient treasures were also like this, difficult to obtain. 

Sou sou...

Right at this moment, the figures that didn't have the strength to enter and were sitting on the dao platforms felt that the pressure disappeared. They all rushed into the immortal cave to fight over the treasure.

Shi Hao's expression changed. Since it was natural luck left behind for later generations, why could no one obtain them?


Someone borrowed powerful secret treasures to rise up, precious splendor scattering out from them.

"Heavenly deity secret treasure!" 

Everyone cried out with shock. This type of magical artifact was a forbidden object that was difficult to bring in. Right now, there was an ancient freak that used it to rush up the jade table.

"Not good!"

Many people cried outwards, all of them doing everything they could to rush upwards. 

Shi Hao also couldn't control himself. Even if there were ancient freaks, he still had no choice but to compete for it. If he ended up missing this chance, then he would definitely regret it his whole life.

The jade table was even taller than a mountain. There was an enormous bone book on it that flowed with brilliant colors. Immortal mists were released wave after wave, making this place exceptionally divine and peaceful. 

"Haha, I finally obtained it. Everyone, goodbye!" 

On the jade table, that white haired youth laughed. He grabbed that piece of precious bone, obtaining the vicious ten's precious technique, preparing to leave with the heavenly deity magical artifact. 

However, his expression suddenly changed. 

At this moment, Shi Hao also felt his head becoming numb. Without a second thought, he rushed out from the immortal cave at full speed, jumping outwards.

"Hurry and leave!" 

Shi Hao shouted while rushing forward, warning Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, and Lu Yi to hurry and rush outwards.

It was because his mind had never pounded so greatly in the past, feeling as if a great disaster was on the verge of descending. He felt as if there was a great life threatening danger about to arrive, making his fine hairs stand on end.

He wasn't the only one. Dragon Girl also released a cry, reacting at the same time as him, rushing outwards, her beautiful eyes filled with anxiousness and shock. 

The two of them pressed forward side by side, running out together out from the dao platform region.

"No… ah!" 

On the jade table, that white-haired youth roared loudly. He fiercely swung out his arm, but it was useless. All of the blood in his body quickly flowed towards the bone piece that was swirling with immortal light. 

At the same time, within that ancient cave, chaotic energy surged, releasing streak after streak of sword energy that swept out towards the crowd. 

In that instant, many people became bloody pastes, collapsing on the spot. 

That was a world shocking sword energy. Forget about them, even if heavenly deities came, they would similarly be killed, difficult to survive past it. 


Shi Hao suffered a blow to the back as well. If not for him using the pill furnace to block it, he definitely would have been blasted through. That murderous light was too powerful.

"Cough…" Shi Hao coughed out a large mouthful of blood. This power was just too great. Even with the pill furnace as protection, his body was still shaken up until his bones wished to break, his entire body slamming outwards.

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