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Chapter 861 - A Melody To Send Off the Crowd


On the jade table that was even taller than a mountain, that white-haired youth cried out miserably, his body of holy precious blood completely absorbed, scattering down on the bone book and scattering over the jade table. 


The bone book trembled. Immortal light was released streak after streak. The heavenly deity magical artifact cracked, destroyed there. 

"No, I am unwilling to accept this!" He raised his head and cried out loudly, his head of white hair dancing about chaotically, his eyes widening with anger. This was an ancient freak, an extremely powerful individual, yet in the end, he was going to fall just like that.

"Connecting the heavens and moving the earth!" He roared loudly. His entire body ignited, erupting with an aura that made everyone's hearts tremble. 

Even Shi Hao's mind was shaken. He deeply understood how terrifying ancient freaks were. They definitely possessed strength exceeding the limits of their cultivation realm, already evolving beyond. 

This type of figure was definitely terrifying, their powers suppressing all creatures at the same level. Their reputations weren't exaggerated.


However, right at this moment, he began to break apart inch by inch. Not even displaying the most powerful precious techniques could do anything. His entire body exploded with a peng sound, thus losing his life.

Following a weng sound, that bone book shone. Chaotic energy curled about. With a violent tremble, the ancient cavern became even more terrifying. Sword energy swept out in tens of thousands of streaks. 

"Damn it, this is simply a slaughtering field! That bone book is like a formation banner, as long as it's touched, it will activate this place!" The Divine Striking Stone said with a trembling voice. 

This formation was too formidable, leaving even it shaken. 

However, the only fortunate thing was that Shi Hao immediately noticed the abnormality, jumping out with Dragon Girl and leaving the nest.


Behind them, miserable cries sounded again and again. They all came from experts, most of them the young outstanding talents of a province. However, in this place, they were nothing.

That sword energy swept out, carrying hazy chaotic energy, directly blasting apart a group of people, turning them into bloody mist.

"Ah, how could it be like this?!" 

Suddenly, miserable cries sounded in front of Shi Hao's party as well. Those dao platforms changed as well, with some who couldn't jump off in time caught. Their bodies began to frantically bleed, entering the dao platform.

"Hurry and rush outside!" Shi Hao cried out loudly.

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen's expressions changed greatly. After receiving Shi Hao's message, they immediately leapt off the platform. As soon as they jumped off, that type of shocking change happened. 

They stared at the others here, some of them extremely powerful exceptional talents. They struggled on the platform, but their resistance was futile. Their bodies became dried up and withered.

That type of scene was extremely terrifying. The blood didn't receive restrictions, spraying out from their pores and landing on the dao platform. 

Moreover, those alive noticed a terrifying scene. There were symbols stored within the blood. The ones who suffered disaster had all of their bone text within their bodies extracted through their blood. 

"Too terrifying! Hell on earth!" 

Lu Yi's heart trembled. He stood the furthest away, seeing everything clearly. 

Right now, there were practically no living creatures left in the immortal cave. After several streaks of sword radiance swept out, the most powerful group of people were almost completely wiped out, with just three or four individuals making it out. 

As for the dao platform, there were only twenty or so people, with all of them frantically rushing out.

"Let's go!" Shi Hao was extremely fast, surpassing all those who were alive. He quickly reached the outer perimeter, regrouping with Lan Yichen, Luo Dao, and Lu Yi. 

However, the original path couldn't be taken. They had long discovered that following their arrival the way out was sealed. 

"Let's join hands!" Dragon Girl spoke. She flew over, graceful like a fairy, her water-blue hair dancing about. Her clothes fluttered behind her, revealing her extremely moving figure.

"Fine!" Shi Hao nodded.

The two forgot the 'dragon butt' incident, because the current situation was too pressing. This place was too sinister. There was definitely some great problem. 

The vicious ten's precious technique wasn't obtained, and there was a killing formation that was activated. This didn't seem like some natural luck left behind for later generations, but instead a type of eradication. 

Those ancient treasures, such as the Heaven Marked Conch, Yin Yang Pouch, and others were all great killing weapons that could kill sect master level figures, yet in the end, not a single one of them could be obtained. The divine medicine even more so disappeared, not a single opportunity anywhere. 

"Count me in!" Another person arrived from the air, another powerful individual. 

"Let's leave together." Soon after, an individual with a compass in hand rushed over as well, unexpectedly a cultivator who understood divination and practicing the dao through it.

Those who were still alive ran over from the rear. Everyone rushed into a path that hadn't been closed, a path pointed out by the divination master. 

His cultivation wasn't all that powerful, but he could still arrive here and survive through that bloody disaster; this alone was enough to prove quite a few things. He still had some methods. 

However, when they stepped on the path that he chose, when they only ran out several dozen zhang of distance, there were symbol lights that flickered. This path lit up, killing twenty three individuals. 


Shi Hao released a light shout, using the cauldron that he used to cook with to collect Luo Dao, Lan Yichen, and Lu Yi. Those individuals didn't resist, because the outside world was too dangerous. Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao was injured, being struck by a streak of blade radiance. 

"What a bloody aura, terrifying demonic earth. All of you look, all of these individuals' blood is flowing towards a certain direction." The divination master was trembling with fear.

Shi Hao and the others turned around. This wasn't only true for the twenty or so individuals that had just died, even the ones that died in the cave were like this. Their blood all gathered, flowing towards a direction. 

"This is a killing disaster." Dragon Girl's eyes were cold, continuously flickering with radiance like a stellar stream. 

Right now, there wasn't much to be said. They had to first escape from this place.


Resplendent symbol light erupted. Even that divination master died, turning into a lump of bloody light.

There were only four people left, all of them the most powerful creatures.

Shi Hao didn't say a single word. He quickly ran forward. 

"Watch out. Walk to the left into that forest, and then enter the marsh!" The Divine Striking Stone hurriedly shouted.

After rushing out from that path, he saw a complicated terrain. This was clearly the underground, yet there were forests, lakes, and woodlands. 

"En?" Suddenly, Shi Hao sensed something, producing a type of reaction. 

"Little brother!" That was the imprint that he left on Qin Hao's body. It was incredibly powerful, meaning that he should be nearby. After moving through the marsh, he saw a few paths.

"This doesn't seem too right. It's not a path of life!" The Divine Striking Stone cried out.

However, Shi Hao didn't hesitate, still continuing. In the end, symbols flickered, cutting off the path ahead. A wall stood in his way. 

However, he could clearly sense that Qin Hao was close by.

Shi Hao produced the pill furnace, sending out the lightning to bombard the wall.

The scenery became vague. The walls shattered, the lightning unexpectedly effective. There were powerful formation symbols here, but they were disturbed by the overflowing lightning, revealing the scenery up ahead. 

"Good, rush out from here!" The Divine Striking Stone was surprised. There was a path of life behind the end of this road.

In the rear, Dragon Girl and the others originally stopped. However, there was unexpectedly a way out, so they followed over. 

Behind the wall was unexpectedly a battlefield. There was ashy brown land and white bones everywhere. 

"What kind of blasted place is this? Isn't it a nest?" Shi Hao cursed.

"Older brother!" An individual covered in blood cried out from within the battlefield. It was precisely Qin Hao.

"What happened?"

"I entered an ancient place with a jade staircase. It led to a island in the void full of holy medicines and even divine medicines."

When Qin Hao entered that place, he discovered that there were over a thousand people who found that place. All of them wished to ascend the jade staircase and enter the flower garden.

In the end, regardless of whether it was the ones who ascended the staircase or those who flew upwards, they were all killed by a mysterious formation, dying this place with blood. 

Qin Hao's face was extremely pale. "Over a thousand experts, all of them extremely powerful, yet they all died!"

"Who cares about a thousand? More than a hundred thousand have already died in this vicious nest." Someone behind Dragon Girl spoke.

"It's good that you survived." Shi Hao consoled. 

"If not for the long life battle clothes, I would have already died…" QIn Hao's voice was extremely soft. This left quite the mental blow on him. Aside from the battle clothes, there was another secret treasure that shattered, dying in his place. 

"This is the edge of the battlefield. We cannot enter further and should hurry and leave. This vicious nest doesn't seem right, entering would only result in death." The Divine Striking Stone said. 

They quickly moved, the Divine Striking Stone continuously analyzing this place, pointing out directions based on various clues. 

They left the ancient battlefield and entered a hilly region. Then, they passed through another region, as a result encountering another shining path.

"We can only take this path. Even though it is dangerous, there is a chance of leaving the vicious nest." 


Two miserable cries sounded. Two people who followed Shi Hao on this path didn't stop, and as a result were erased by the symbols on this path. 

The blood was incomparably glaring, flowing towards a certain direction.

Eventually, even the Divine Striking Stone was at its wits end. They smashed about randomly within the underground ancient path, and from time to time, dangers would erupt and symbols would crush down. 

This path alone took a day and night, along the way running into more than ten groups of individuals. As a result, they traveled together, but in the end, they all died. Only Shi Hao, Dragon Girl, and Qin Hao were left. 

"En? A familiar aura, it's… Shi Yi!" Shi Hao's mind was shaken. He saw two beams of heaven shocking lights that tore through the void, accompanied by chaotic energy. That was a person's gaze. 

"Go!" He took the lead in rushing over. 

The two sides reunited, and sure enough, it was Shi Yi. He was traveling with five or six individuals, all of them extremely powerful, but they were all covered in blood, injured. 

Shi Hao and Dragon Girl weren't much better off, blood already dying their battle clothes.

"Truly have some methods, scheming against us. If I can escape, I will definitely get my revenge!" Shi Yi said softly. 

The others trembled. One of them cried out with shock, "Was this arranged by someone? Isn't it a trial from the vicious nest?" 

"Trial my ass!" Shi Hao also spoke, his eyes cold.

Dragon Girl's eyes were deep. Behind her, stars appeared, a True Dragon figure surging into the sky. Her head of water-blue hair drifted about. She was using a secret method to sense everything in her surroundings. 

In the end, she spoke up. "It seems like the line of ancient characters I found accidentally in the vicious nest was true. That person truly has quite the methods, appearing in six or seven worlds, absorbing all types of divine blood and symbols." 

When this sentence was spoken, everyone's fine hairs stood on end. 

It was clear that there was a great conspiracy going on. 

"Go, let's join forces in breaking out." Dragon Girl spoke. She produced two broken horns that were originally dull. When they were pieced together, they unexpectedly released shocking might, shaking up the ancient nest.

"Over there!" Shi Yi's eyes shone, pointing towards a direction. There was an ancient gate there that shone with chaotic light, hacking down anyone who drew near. 

From Shi Yi's observations after staying here for quite a few hours, he felt that this might be a path of life. However, it was difficult to pass. 

"Let's join hands. We should be able to break through." Shi Hao said.

In front of this door, they prepared for a bit. In the end, another dozen or so people came, the one in the lead someone Shi Hao recognized. It was actually the ancient freak -- Chang Gongyan, someone that appeared before in Sin Province.

"Everyone, we have to risk it all. If we make it through this place, we might see the light of day again. If we fail, we might die here." 

Immediately afterwards, everyone used their most powerful methods.

Dragon Girl held the combined ancient horn in her hands, displaying waves of draconic might, making everyone tremble.

Shi Yi produced a damaged stone imprint that released wisps of chaotic energy. 

Chang Gongyan produced a great bow that was pitch-black like ink. He put a strange black arrow on it that released terrifying fluctuations.

Shi Hao produced the pill furnace. After thinking about it for a bit, he then produced the True Primordial Record -- Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, holding it in his hands.

The others also respectively prepared their secret treasures.


Following a light shout, everyone rushed out together. 

Ah… It was quite miserable. More than ten people immediately turned into a bloody paste.

Shi Hao protect Qin Hao here, moving forward together. The pill furnace shone, scattering out mysterious radiance as Shi Hao joined hands in breaking through this gate. 


At the crucial moment, there was still divine radiance shooting over. He used the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram to defend himself, covering this place with hazy radiance.

In the end, only a few people emerged from that gate alive, scattering the chaotic energy that curled around this place.

Dragon Girl, Shi Yi, Chang Gongyan, Shi Hao, and Qin Hao were still alive. Everyone else had died, unable to stop the killing disaster. 

Sure enough, when they rushed out, they arrived on the surface. They quickly departed from that terrifying vicious nest.

The smell of blood was strong. There were several tens of thousands of corpses around the vicious nest that had died not too long ago.

"They all died today!" Chang Gongyan said. 

Meanwhile, in the distance, human figures were everywhere. Many people were fleeing, about to leave this place. 

A terrible tragedy had clearly happened on the surface as well, killing too many people.

"There are still many, many people fleeing!" Shi Yi said. His eyes shone, gazing past hundreds, thousands of li, staring at the ancient land. 

Suddenly, a melody sounded, faint and indistinct. 

Shi Hao and the others turned around. Between that vicious nest, above what seemed to be a volcanic crater, a figure appeared, at its lips a jade flute.

Under the blood moons, he looked extraordinary, just like an immortal that appeared in this world. His clothes fluttered about, making him look indescribably otherworldly. 

This individual was extremely pretty, face perfect, skin sparkling and releasing holy splendor. He released a smile, nodding towards these people. 

"A tune to send off the crowd." 

This was his gentle voice. He began to play the flute. It was as if heavenly music descended from the nine heavens. 

In the distance, many people cried out, because the sparkling flower petals all descended, piercing through those people, turning them into blood.

This was originally a wonderful scene. Sparkling and translucent flower petals descended, dancing about under the night moon, accompanied by the music of a flute.

In the end, experts withered away one after another, blood dying this ancient place. 

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