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Chapter 856 - Only the Beginning

That body remained motionless, the white clothes stained with blood. Ning Chuan's body lacked vitality, perishing here.

This scene was too shocking. A sword of light impaled through his skull, blood trickling down from it. Six Crown King was killed; this left all of Fallen Immortal Ridge in shock.

No one dared to believe that Ning Chuan died, killed by Stone Clan's three brothers. Was this the end of someone who had been unmatched through six eras?

"Heavens! Ning Chuan has been killed!" 

How shocking of an event was this? Immortal Ancient was going to be shaken up because of this!

Within this mountain range, creatures from all clans were trembling. 

"He's dead. This is truly hard to believe… Six Crown King was known to be someone who had reigned undefeated through six eras, how could he be defeated here, falling here…" 

For a few people, this was like a nightmare. It didn't seem real. The outstanding, heroic, stunning Ning Chuan actually withered away here. 

In the outside world, the various sects were even more shaken up. 

Many people were stupefied, especially Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, Phantom Drake Dao Gate and others. Their faces changed greatly. This deeply affected their futures. It was incredibly bad for them. 

"Ning Chuan has been killed, sinner's blood has won. This is an ominous thing!" 

"Six Crown King was actually defeated?!" 

This triggered a huge commotion. A few individuals' faces became unpleasant. An extremely unfavorable turn of events was awaiting them. 

Stone Clan's three brothers rose up, who could compete against them? How were they even supposed to face them? Immortal Ancient might undergo a great power shift. If they walked together, they would definitely be able to force back all enemies. 

"In the future, the higher realms will likely have another Emperor Clan. No one can stop these three brothers!" 

The inheritances that were against them felt uneasy inside, and those that oppressed Sin Province felt fear. If those three were allowed to grow up, how ridiculous would that be?!

In that instant, many thoughts emerged in everyone's minds. They had to stop this, kill these three before they grew up. They could not be allowed to truly rise up and become powerful.

Unfortunately, there was Immortal Ancient separating them. When the three of them came out, would they even be able to slaughter these three?

At this moment, many people felt anxious, to the extent where they were a bit terrified. 

Immortal Mountain, Qin Yining's eyes carried tears, but she also had a happy smile on her face. Her two children were peaceful, and they even possessed such great strength. It brought her great joy. 

Shi Ziling also revealed a rare smile as he stared at the two figures on the monument. 

Heavenly Country, Beast Sea, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Celestial Clan, Underworld Earth's creatures' expressions all became unkind. They looked towards Fallen Immortal Ridge. All of them shared quite the grudge with Shi Hao. 

"Just a withered body. Who hasn't experienced defeat before." Someone said it like this, deemphasizing the situation. 

"However, it is still a defeat in the end, destroying his undefeated legend. I hope it won't affect him too much." Someone said lightly.

"It is of no matter. He will only become more and more powerful. When he truly comes out, who can compete against him?!" Fire Cloud Cavern's old sect master said. 

Nest Realm, Fallen Immortal Ridge. 

The white clothed Ning Chuan's body broke apart, scattering with the wind, only leaving behind a lump of blood. It was the size of a fist as it gathered there, scarlet and shining, sparkling and replete. 

This was his divine blood. It contained strange power.

"What a pity, dying just like that. We weren't even able to see his most powerful strike, the heavenly diagram on his back." Shi Hao said. 

In the mountain region, the creatures of all sides shivered inwardly. This was a truly frightening enemy, actually feeling regret over this.

"Even though we didn't obtain his body's true blood, this bit should still be enough. It should be able to open up the mysterious path." Shi Yi said.

In the mountain ridge, all cultivators felt endless respect for these two. Their fighting strength was obvious to all, just too tyrannical, allowing them to overlook all sides. 

There were too many people here, enough to number in the thousands to tens of thousands. However, everyone here began to feel that just Stone Clan's brothers alone were enough to wipe out all experts.

"I am still somewhat lacking." Qin Hao said softly. He was reflecting at this moment, as well as comprehending himself. This confrontation affected him quite greatly.

"However, Six Crown King had a bigger reputation than he deserves, not as powerful as I thought, killed just like that." Qin Hao said. 

Shi Hao shook his head and said, "Little brother, you cannot underestimate this person. What he used was just a spiritual body and not his true body. He is quite strong!"

When this sentence was spoken, all sides were greatly shaken. Ning Chuan's true body was still alive?

"That was a spiritual body?" Qin Hao was shocked as well, his face falling slightly. He was actually injured by a spiritual body! It seemed like there was still some distance between himself and Six Crown King. 

"If Ning Chuan was truly this weak, being cut down by us like this like vegetables, then that truly would be embarrassing his six eras fame. How would he have shocked the past and present? It wouldn't have been possible."

When Qin Hao heard this, his face felt a bit heated. The two Stones were indeed domineering, their methods heaven reaching. However, he suffered quite the loss. 

Dominating six eras, rising above all creatures, Ning Chuan was one of the most powerful individuals since the ancient times!

Six Crown King, that was a honorific title, as well as a proof of strength. His true body didn't come out, clearly still in isolation cultivating.

"He is this powerful, and didn't come out of isolation cultivation yet…" Qin Hao frowned.

"You aren't complete yourself either, able to improve a step further. After our trip this time, return and cultivate some more. You don't have to worry about him." Shi Hao said. 

"It seems like I have to enter isolation cultivation as well. I haven't reached perfection yet." Shi Yi calmly said.

When these words sounded, the experts of all sides trembled. Not only was Six Crown King not perfect yet, the Stone Clan's three brothers were also travelling on their own paths, they shouldn't have truly emerged yet.

"I am looking forward to fighting with his true body!" Shi Hao said. After igniting his divine flame and treading on his own path, he was going to find Ning Chuan and settle everything.

In Fallen Immortal Ridge, the cultivators didn't dare believe what they were hearing. This person was powerful and tyrannical, daring to look for Six Crown King, who dared to provoke him?


The void trembled. Shi Yi reached out a hand, grabbing towards the bracelet on the ground.

It was quite extraordinary with six true bones on it, including a scarlet bird beak, golden beast tooth… they were all sparkling and translucent, shining brilliantly, extremely beautiful and mysterious.

Another great hand reached out, intercepting that one. 


A battle erupted. Shi Yi and Shi Hao both released a palm, distorting the void. Multicolored light drowned out this place.

Everyone became greatly shocked. This battle happened just too suddenly! The two of them directly took action, fighting against each other.

Even Qin Hao was shocked, actually fighting so quickly. 

Peng peng sounds rang out incessantly, auspicious light erupting and chaotic mists swirling. The dual-pupils' power was world shocking, lightning methods moving the skies; both of them erupted with brilliant holy splendor. 

"En? There really are some who aren't scared of death." Shi Yi sneered. With a glance, two streaks of light shot out from his pupils. Then, a miserable cry sounded from the depths of the earth. Blood splashed outwards.

At the same time, Shi Hao produced a streak of lightning, overturning the earth, blasting that place into a scorched blackness. A silver earthworm flew out, releasing a burnt smell. 

The bracelet on the ground traveled several hundred zhang into the distance.

It was clear that this divine level earthworm used its innate divine method to move into the earth, waiting to secretly bring away the precious bracelet when the two of them fought. It never expected that it would directly die.

"Cough, it is better if the two of you stop fighting. This thing has already recognized its owner and belongs to me." 

Suddenly, a stone spoke. Just now, it was together with the bracelet, and it had been blasted flying together with it.

It was precisely the Divine Striking Stone. It had long set its eyes on this bracelet, waiting for an opportunity to give Shi Yi a 'surprise'. In the end, its rhythm was messed up.

Moreover, it had a feeling that Shi Yi's divine senses were sharp, possibly detecting him. If he released a counterattack, then that would be troublesome. 

"Just a bracelet. I'll gift it to younger cousin then." Shi Yi didn't make things too difficult either. When he saw that the Divine Striking Stone already stole the precious bracelet, he instead stopped. 

With a sou sound, the Divine Striking Stone flew back, opening its mouth and spat out the bracelet. 

Shi Hao held it in his hand. It was gentle and crystalline, releasing a wave of warmth. There was even more an exuberant life force, not a 'dead bone', but instead possessing vitality. 

This left him shaken. This thing was formidable after all.

He carefully sensed it, and then he understood. The six true bones could independently absorb the world's essence, and it even craved blood, as if it could still grow. 

Shi Hao had a feeling before, that this treasure could evolve, and now, it seemed like it was true. 

This thing's value was priceless. It was the same as having six great divine abilities in the future!

Only, upon closer inspection, he discovered that the symbols were hidden and not visible. He could only use it like a precious artifact.

Shi Yi and Shi Hao gave each other a look, on guard against each other. However, in the end, they didn't fight. Even though they stood against each other, after using their identities of belonging to the same clan to kill Six Crown King Ning Chuan, if they immediately quarreled with each other, it was still a bit over the top. 

"Go, let's open up the vicious nest." Shi Hao said. 

"Fine!" Shi Yi nodded.

Qin Hao also followed along. They kept a bit of distance between each other, but they could still be considered to be walking together. 

This made everyone suck in a cold breath of air. Stone Clan's brothers really were going to join hands, entering the vicious nest together. How were others supposed to even live?!

What they were most worried about happened. These three were walking together, so who could face them? Even the ancient freak Ning Chuan was killed!

"Haha… truly too great, an unmatched combination." In the distance, Lu Yi laughed loudly, jolting his buttcheeks as he ran over. 

Luo Dao and Lan Yichen looked at each other in dismay. Just now, they were incomparably shaken up. The scene of Ning Chuan's death left them greatly shocked. Such a dazzling ancient figure was actually killed.

"There might be a great harvest this time in the vicious nest." Lan Yichen said.

Luo Dao nodded. They also moved, heading forward. 

"Hateful, those three people are walking together. There's no way to stop them…"

People in the outside world were also speaking softly, feeling extremely uneasy. 

"Are the heavens going to be changed? If other experts appear nearby the vicious nest, they will undoubtedly be in danger…"

"Unless ancient freaks also team up, if they continue to fight everyone alone, then these three brothers might very well kill them!" 

There wasn't a single individual who wasn't shocked. They were all paying close attention to this.

If nothing unexpected happened, other freaks would definitely appear. If a battle broke out here, it would most likely be dangerous for them. 

"In Immortal Ancient, if they joined hands, then they could break through the sky!" 

As everyone discussed this among themselves, feeling uncomfortable, within a small world, in an chaotic ancient cave, a seated white clothed male opened his eyes.

Ning Chuan rose, his eyes clear. His entire body released sparkling light, his appearance fine like jade, his figure exceptional. 

He reached out a hand, accepting the specks of light in the void. Those were the remains of the spiritual body after it was killed. It swirled about his finger tip.

"It died. This is the first time someone someone has harmed my body like this." 

He spoke calmly without anger, or even any emotions, calm and unhurried. This defeat didn't cause great waves in his heart. 

"Bring me out. I am going to deal with all of them." These calm and confident words displayed his self-confidence. Then, chaotic energy surrounded that place.

Nest Realm, Stone Clan's three brothers arrived in front of that strange and shocking nest, about to enter!

Many people followed behind them, their figures everywhere, filling up the mountain region. They all wanted to benefit from association, following and entering behind them.

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