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Chapter 855 - Perish

Bright red blood floated in the sky, not falling downwards, instead floating in the air in a glaring manner. They were like pieces of blood diamonds. These were Ning Chuan's divine blood!

One arm was scorched black, covered in blood, and a shoulder was pierced through, a dark red color flowing from that as well. It was extremely shocking. 

The scene calmed down. All of the spectators shivered inwardly, all of them feeling suffocated, intimidated by the powerful wave of fluctuations. 

Six Crown King was injured. This was a shocking great event! 

In the past, who could injure him? Even exceptional talents, the most powerful young supreme beings of a clan, could only crawl before him, their corpses laying at his feet. They weren't his opponent at all. 

"All of you will be punished with death." Ning Chuan's voice was calm, but a terrifying pressure was released. 

A weng sounded. The beads of blood in the void scattered, forming a scarlet mist that surrounded this place, immediately making everything blurry.


Following a light shout from Six Crown King, this heaven and earth began to rumble and blood-colored symbols flickered about. This world seemed to have turned into a furnace. 

This left everyone feeling shocked! 

Scarlet-colored symbols flourished, covering the sky in dark redness. Bone texts interweaved, shining with incomparable brilliance. 

"What's happening?" In the mountain forest, many creatures cried out strangely. The entire world unexpectedly turned a blood-color. Killing energy shocked the world. 


Immediately afterwards, the world erupted with endless murderous lights that swept towards Stone Clan's three brothers. 

Those beads of blood were unexpectedly like this, filling the sky and dyeing heaven and earth red. They interwove into the most resplendent bone texts, producing the greatest murderous art! 

In the distance, the most powerful geniuses from different clans were trembling. This type of fluctuation was too shocking, impossible to defend against. 

"Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!"

In the curtain of bloody light, Six Crown King Ning Chuan spoke these five words in succession. The wave of killing intent drowned out heaven and earth, shaking Nest Realm and leaving everyone shocked. 

Symbols shone resplendently, precious technique splitting apart the sky! 

Forget about the battlefield itself, there were creatures watching from the distance who mysteriously died one after another, falling from the void. 

What was going on? Many people were horrified. They were already far enough, yet there were still people who encountered disaster. 

"This is the most powerful killing intent. They couldn't hold on any longer, already having their primordial spirits wiped out." Someone said with a trembling voice. 

The crowd was shaken, retreating backwards like a great tide. 

At this moment, it was hard to imagine what kind of murderous disaster the sinner's blood descendants were facing in the battlefield. It was definitely even more terrifying.


Three streaks of light rushed into the heavens, erupting in that place.

Shi Yi seemed to have opened up heaven and earth. His dual-pupils shone, forming a screen of radiance. He stood there alone, blocking this attack.

Shi Hao opened up his heavenly passage, not allowing the blood-colored symbols to pass. 

They rushed at Six Crown King together to kill him.

"My blood was not spilt for no reason. Six dao, rise and fall!" Ning Chuan shouted. 

The bloody mist covering the skies immediately turned into a liquid form. The world became even more terrifying. This was a sea of blood that drowned out the three brothers. 

"Accept death!" Qin Hao roared.

Five element divine light swirled around his body. His chest shone, and a mysterious precious technique was displayed, blasting towards Ning Chuan. 

"Six dao rise and fall!" Ning Chuan released a short shout on the battlefield. A sea of blood surged, the great waves boundless. They all turned into symbols, drowning out this place.


A great intense collision erupted. This place became incomparably brilliant. 

Everyone was shaken up. Worthy of being Six Crown King, the blood droplets that came out from his body unexpectedly forming a sea of blood. It was too terrifying. 

When the world calmed down again, the sea of blood disappeared, and Six Crown King's sleeves were tattered, his white clothes damaged. His expression was grave. There was a divine ring around him as he treated this battle seriously. 

On the other side, the two Stones pressed forward, their expressions without any fluctuations, only carrying the most powerful killing intent.

Qin Hao wiped off the mouthful of blood at the corner of his lips and said with a soft voice, "Truly underestimated him. He's even more powerful than the legends." 


This time, the dual-pupils opened heaven and earth. Shi Yi used his eye techniques. At the same time, Shi Hao also moved the Kun Peng wings, covering the sky as it moved, severing heaven and earth.

Meanwhile, Qin Hao also rushed over, symbols completely erupting.


Ning Chuan flew outwards, blood flowing out from the corner of his  mouth.

He took on a serious blow, his body suffering damage.

"Six Crown King has suffered serious damage!" Everyone said with trembling voices. 

Everyone understood that a confrontation of the peak was being carried out. The battle that was originally going to continue was now concentrated on this moment. Precious technique surged, deciding victory and defeat in the shortest amount of time possible.

Everyone's hearts went cold. The unmatched Six Crown King was going to suffer danger. He might truly fall here. 


Ning Chuan rose up. His white clothes were dyed with blood, but it appeared even more sacred. His entire body released brilliance. In his hand was a bracelet, on it six types of true bones. All of them shone with radiance.

"Don't tell me that this is the Six Dao Supreme Being Bracelet?" Someone said softly. 

It was rumored that each time Six Crown King emerged, he would kill a group of exceptional heavenly talents, and after six eras had passed, he only chose six true bones, refining them into the Six Dao Supreme Being Bracelet. 

Apart from this, there was a secondary bracelet that was also ridiculously powerful.

Right now, the one in his hands was one of them! 

The bracelet shone, on it a scarlet sparkling bird beak, a purple scale, a golden beast tooth… six types in total. They looked incomparably divine. 

"Six World Reincarnation!"

Ning Chuan shouted loudly. At this moment, heaven and earth became different. Light shone resplendently, as if six great worlds appeared. Millions and millions of creatures were shouting. 

This secret treasure was definitely terrifying!

Six true bones, each representing six exceptional talents' most powerful divine abilities, now appearing in this world, rushing out murderously together.

Forget about the people inside Immortal Ancient, even the expressions of the older generation figures in the outside world changed. Six types of great world shocking divine abilities were being used together to display an unmatched might!


This place erupted with noise.

Divine light shone everywhere, covering heaven and earth!

Six types of precious techniques were layered on top of each other, intertwining and revolving as they pressed forward, erasing everything in their way. 

"Quite the treasure!" Shi Hao's eyes shone resplendently as he stared at that bracelet. This secret treasure was definitely extraordinary. He had seen it before in Spirit Realm, but it was far from being as powerful back then as it was now. He could also feel that it had a growth characteristic. Those six bones seemed to still be alive, containing life! 

"Six World Reincarnations is it? I feel like it suits me quite well." Shi Hao said softly. Then, he directly used the reincarnation precious technique, using it to attack.


Heaven and earth rumbled. Symbols shone resplendently.

"En?" Qin Hao was shocked. The bone in his chest automatically activated without his control. His mind was moved, coordinating with his older brother's attack, also displaying this precious technique. 

It was also the reincarnation precious technique!

However, what Qin Hao comprehended wasn't quite the same, because that bone wasn't too complete. Right now, it actually supplemented Shi Hao's great divine ability,

"Interesting. This bracelet isn't bad." Shi Yi said, his eyes shining. He also displayed a terrifying divine ability. His eyes produced a scenery of all things withering away. Endless killing intent pervaded the air.


He released a great divine ability that destroyed all things!

Moreover, he rushed over like Shi Hao to seize that precious bracelet.

The ones watching this were all stupefied. These three were like absolute lunatics! When faced with such terrifying attacks, they actually felt no fear, instead going to seize this treasure.


Heaven and earth shone resplendently. Symbol radiance shone endlessly, drowning all scenery.

There was only a shout, and then a collision. A great clash of power erupted.

Human figures moved, light shining brilliantly. 

Only later on when the bone texts scattered did everyone discover with shock that great cracks appeared one after another in the void, extending outwards even now without closing.

One could imagine just how terrifying the collision was just now.

The most shocking thing was that the dual-pupil user and Shi Hao seemed to have made contact as well, all for the sake of obtaining that bracelet. 

In the end, that bracelet fell into the mountain region, still glowing with radiance. No one went after it temporarily.

"Six Crown King was injured again!

Everyone looked towards the white clothed Ning Chuan. New injuries appeared on his body. After the Reincarnation precious technique smashed over, Shi Yi's obliteration light also surrounded that area, inflicting damage on Ning Chuan. 

However, this also proved how powerful Six Crown King was!

"Ning Chuan even lost the bracelet, it's clear just how dangerous it is. It truly is quite the critical situation!"

"We said we were going to slaughter him, so we can't continue like this. As for who the precious bracelet belongs to, we'll decide after he is eliminated." Shi Yi said.

"Fine!" Shi Hao nodded. 

"Since I, Ning Chuan, emerged in the world, no one has dared to look down on me like this." Six Crown King released a cold snort. Suddenly, the space between his brows released streak after streak of dragon patterns, erupting with resplendent divine radiance.

"Heavens, this is Six Crown King's innate divine method!" 

In the distance, countless creatures were in fear. 

There had always been a rumor in the outside world that when he was born, dragon patterns appeared on his forehead, a heavenly diagram emerging on his back. He had at least two types of unmatched secret methods, yet only rarely did others see him display them.

A few saw it before, but in the end, they all died. 

The ones that forced him to display these methods were, without a doubt, the most powerful exceptional talents, all heaven warping creatures, well known in the past. 


Shi Yi moved. His eyes shone resplendently. Symbols swirled about, interweaving into two dreadful beams of light that fired out from his eyes. 

That radiance was unexpectedly accompanied with chaotic energy. It was terrifying beyond compare. 

At the same time, a sword appeared with a qiang sound, condensed from reincarnation symbols. It was extremely sharp, its brilliance dazzling the world. 

In the distance, Qin Hao's mind pounded. The reincarnation his brother grasped was different from his own after all. He felt like that symbol seemed to have transformed, becoming even more profound than his own.

"After his death, has the reincarnation evolved a step further?" He speculated.


Immediately afterwards, Qin Hao used his immortal bone. He wasn't willing to admit defeat, hoping to display his most powerful side.

Four great experts displayed their secret methods together. This place completely erupted with chaos!

Everyone knew that the results were going to be decided here, with life and death divided. 

Only, what was rather regretful was that they couldn't see what was going on. That place was drowned under divine radiance, covered by wisps of chaotic energy. There was no way of seeing through it. 

Waves of angry roars sounded from within this confrontation of world-shaking precious techniques.


Bloody light flashed. Qin Hao flew outwards, coughing out a large mouthful of blood in the void. 

"Qin Hao was injured. Has Ning Chuan won?"

"Six Crown King possesses exceptional style. He is going to win after all!" 

Everyone trembed inwardly. Was Ning Chuan actually going to mount a comeback and kill his enemies?

Unfortunately, a roar of of anger and unwillingness sounded. When the mists scattered, everyone saw a shocking scene. 

In Shi Hao's hand was a light sword condensed from reincarnation symbols, and right now, it pierced through Ning Chuan's head. The pair of Kun Peng wings on his back severed Ning Chuan's body at the waist, hacking him into two pieces.

In addition, there were two bloody holes on Ning Chuan's body that were releasing chaotic energy. Those were brought about by the dual-pupil user's beams of light.

This body had already perished!

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