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Chapter 822 - Becoming Deities One After Another

Immortal Ancient, bluestone path. 

This place was quiet and without any sound. The three thousand ancient paths were blurry. Shi Hao was the only one sitting here, silently studying the dao. 

After cultivating in silence in one place, he would then walk to another place, continuing just like that for four months. He was moving in circles, comprehending the ancient great dao.

In the blink of an eye, another half month passed. He was already no longer just sitting there, instead silently walking, comprehending the dao on the stone steps alone, his entire being immersed in this process.

The stairs shone, and many bluestones flickered with hazy radiance. He forgot everything else, and just like a moving corpse, each day, he would continuously walk.

In the outside world, when others saw this scene, they all revealed strange looks.

What was he trying to do? Comprehend the three thousand bluestone paths? It was clearly impossible. The amount of time was too short, too rushed. Forget about now, even if he spent his entire life here, it still wouldn't be enough!

"I think he has become crazy and stupid. Look, even his eyes are without luster, aimless as he walks about. His life force is about to wither up." 

A True Self Realm expert from Phantom Drake Dao Gate spoke, carrying a cold expression, as well as mockery. It as because he was full of hatred inside. Shi Hao had killed too many of their people, and even a heavenly deity had been lost. 

"Even now, we haven't seen him display any unique flames, so how is he going to ignite himself and establish a foundation of divinity? In my opinion, he hasn't set a clear path for himself yet, only walking like a living corpse, clearly going mad. If he falls because of this, then that will really become a joke!"

Fire Cloud Cavern also had people who sneered. They only saw Shi Hao walk continuously along these bluestone paths, not making any progress at all. Forget about 'immortal seed' or 'ancient flames' that shook all three thousand provinces, not even an ordinary spirit flame was brought out, so they couldn't help but take joy in his misfortune. 

"Everyone else is breaking through, displaying shocking progress, about to display the complete advancement, yet he is acting like an idiot, not knowing where to proceed. Is he just waiting for someone to kill him?"

There were too many people in the outside world, and there were naturally quite a few of them who carried hostility against Shi Hao. Celestial Clan and the ancient inheritances that oppressed Sin Province truly hated him.

Apart from this, forget about everything else, just him killing seven deities in the lower realm, destroying those great sects' plans already established a huge grudge!

Heavenly Country, Underworld Earth, Beast Sea, which one of them weren't terrifying? Their strength was great, enough to make others' hearts tremble. 

The fifth month passed. Shi Hao had traveled through every route. The bluestone paths behind him were still hazy and indistinct. A bit of slight radiance would occasionally blossom.

Meanwhile, within those 'bubbles', endless mottled worlds, streak after streak of fiery light shot into the heavens, scattering the clouds!

That was the sign of people becoming deities. By now, sixty to seventy percent of people had already succeeded, which meant that there were three million or more supreme experts that were now deities!

This was extremely terrifying. They were all geniuses, so once they displayed their might, it would be shocking to the extreme! 

Even a few of the powerful exceptional talents, ancient freaks, made shocking progress, from time to time displaying irregular scenes rarely seen since the ancient times, triggering commotions. 

"There was one who merged with a lump of immortal blood, another planted a small tree, they are all shocking, but we can't see them right now. Their auras were isolated."

Those individuals were all special, possessing excessively powerful enlightenment. They had completely unique divine matter, and when fused with the true body, it would produce miraculous transformations. 

At this time, the three thousand flower petals continuously shone on them. There were some who speculated that this might be a type of unique of protection. 

"Hurry and come take a look, what is that? What did he merge with?"

Someone cried out with alarm at a true deity. He seemed to have disregarded his status, and like an unsteady youth, his face turned pale with fright.

The others all turned around, looking towards that monument. They couldn't help but reveal shock. 

It was an ancient freak. What he produced wasn't a precious flame, but a black liquid. When he merged with it, it extinguished the flames within him.

"What is he doing? Is he going to wipe out his divine flame?" No one understood what was going on, revealing looks of shock. 

Even a few Sect Masters were inwardly moved when they looked at that lump of liquid. Many great figures couldn't recognize what that was, only feeling that it was unordinary, containing many natural laws within. 

"That might be something produced when the heavens were opened, when heaven and earth were opened and the sun and moon partitioned. Could this be the source liquid formed from the most primitive yin energy?" Heaven Mending Sect Master spoke. 

When everyone heard this, their hearts beat frantically, the great sect masters of various sects no exception. Their eyes shone resplendently as they stared over there.

This kind of thing was hard to find throughout the world, something one can only stumble upon and not seek. He unexpectedly found it, using this to become a deity. 

However, if this was the most primitive source liquid of yin energy, then was it truly suitable for igniting the self? This would most likely wipe out one's divine flame, extremely difficult to make it transform!

In reality, many of them could already see that the flame within his body was growing dimmer, as if it was going to be wiped out.

This person is formidable, using a unique path to become deity. The path he walks is not directly igniting the self. This is a type of dao seed. If he succeeds, then it will definitely shock past and present." A female voice sounded from within a silver colored war chariot, someone from the present world Emperor Clans. 

Soon after, everyone saw that this person was surrounded by dark light, hiding his entire body from sight. As such, no one could observe him anymore.

"Should we go and take a look at Six Crown King Ning Chuan?" Someone said. 

A figure appeared on a monument, his body covered in white clothes, and even his shoes and socks were white, untainted by a speck of dust. He was like a true immortal that emerged in this world. 

He had a head of long silver hair that scattered down his shoulders and back, incomparably resplendent. His face was handsome to an unrealistic level, being more beautiful than many girls.

He hadn't moved yet. There was a precious case at his side that was sealed, but from time to time released mysterious fluctuations. It was as if something was seeping over even when they were separated by Immortal Ancient. 

This made everyone's minds shaken. What was that?

What was Ning Chuan merging with to allow himself to undergo the most powerful transformation, reaching the greatest heights?

"It's been several months already, so why hasn't Ning Chuang done anything? What is he waiting for?" Everyone was doubtful, and at the same time, they felt especially curious about what was sealed within the case. 

"That thing is definitely not inferior to Ten Crown King's little tree. It is definitely heaven defying." A sect master spoke. 

"This is still not the proper way. Even though we all know that once he becomes a deity, he will be able to overlook the masses, doing it like this is quite dangerous. If he ends up lagging behind, once others emerge, they might go after him to hunt him down." Someone said. 

This was definitely not a baseless comment. It was realistic and cruel. The most powerful people of this world and the ancient freaks will definitely fight life and death struggles. How could those that come out earlier pass up this opportunity?

Suddenly, on another monument, resplendent light overflowed into the heavens, drawing everyone's attention, and it also made a few great sects' faces fall, their eyes cold.

"Someone took action, starting a massacre!"

A few powerful experts became deities, and after consolidating their cultivation realm, began to move about the bubble ancient worlds, pursuing and attacking opponents. 

At the same time, there were a few with especially great ambitions, directly rushing towards the young supreme beings who had great reputations in the outside world who hadn't come out of isolation yet to kill them. 

The creatures that became deities didn't easily get into fights between themselves, or else there would inevitably be great chaos. 

Despite this being the case, things were still looking rough. A seed of disaster had been planted, and great waves would be stirred up!


In front of a monument, an elder roared angrily. Then, many people from this inheritance roared loudly, feeling incomparably grieved. A middle aged woman even released a heart tearing lung splitting wail. 

"What happened?"

"An exceptional talent has fallen. Before he ignited his divine flame, his place of isolation was discovered by a supreme expert that became a deity, and as a result he was directly killed."

This was clearly a tragedy. He was originally an extremely dazzling exceptional talent who would definitely obtain great natural luck in Immortal Ancient, yet he was cut down just like that. It really left one shocked and upset.

"Whose inheritance is he from? I am going to wipe them out!" Someone roared angrily.

"A loose cultivator, we cannot recognize who he is. Also, he has rather strange methods, hiding his true appearance. With Immortal Ancient separating us, not even sect masters can see through him."

Scenes of deaths began to play out again and again. It was becoming more and more cruel. 

With everyone moving around and looking for opportunities, death was unavoidable. Immortal Ancient had natural luck, but it was also a place full of danger. 

"What kind of creature is that? There are powerful races inside Immortal Ancient?" Someone cried out loudly in shock. 

Within a little thousand world was an enormous black city. Several immortal soldier like creatures rushed out, their armors terrifying. They charged out murderously, killing quite a number of outsiders, bloody mists drifting about.

Within another hazy ancient world, there were many bugs. They formed streams of flowing light, devouring several tens of experts that had already become deities until only white skeletons with bloody wisps remained. 

However, generally speaking, most people were unaffected. They were also able to obtain great harvests.

Life and death was a flip of a coin. If it was nine chances of death and one chance at life, who would be willing to come in and throw themselves into disaster like moths to a flame?

"Hehe, haha…" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were laughing loudly. Many people released a breath of relief, revealing happy expressions. 

"After five months, our exceptional talent has succeeded, igniting his self and becoming a deity!" A heavenly deity said happily.

One has to understand that this exceptional talent wasn't ordinary. He was exceptionally powerful, traveling unhindered through many provinces, never encountering his match before. In addition, the 'ancient flame' he obtained was extraordinary as well. 

It was clear to see that now that Phantom Drake Dao Gate's exceptional talent rose up, no accidents would happen any longer. Not only did he have the qualifications to seize the greatest natural luck, he could slaughter other experts as well. 

Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley and the other sects had friendly relations. They were all rich and powerful inheritances of the higher realms, in charge of oppressing descendants with sinner's blood. 

They were all at a golden age with unordinary disciples. They were also in expectation, hoping for them to quickly rise up.

"Wu, my clan's exceptional talent is not that far from the three thousand bluestone path. If he can discover that sinner's blood descendent, then that would be good. He could go over and get rid of him."

"There will definitely be a chance. After becoming a deity, his divine senses will be sharp. There is also a group of people gathered around him who will listen to his commands. Once they carefully look around, they will definitely discover him."

The smiles on Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people's faces became greater and greater. They were full of hatred towards Shi Hao, wishing to see him die.

At the same time, Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, Beast Sea, and other inheritances also had people who laughed loudly, because a few of their powerful descendents became deities as well, becoming more powerful. 

Soon after, a few people concentrated their attention on Shi Hao again, seeing how he was doing.

When they saw Shi Hao's current situation, Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people smiled even more greatly. Their moods were quite excellent, because he still hadn't ignited his divine flame. 

"Truly quite interesting. There's not even a bit of activity. It seems like it won't even take my clan's exceptional talents to kill him. Just a few deities will be enough to crush him." Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people smiled. 

"Good, my clan's number one supreme being youth is coming out as well!" Luofu True Valley's people exulted, feeling joyous. 

"This is even better. I believe they will look for that sinner's blood descendant as well. There is no way he will be able to stay alive." Someone said. 

Suddenly, there was activity from a monument. Everyone discovered that Shi Hao made some progress, finally doing something. 

He sat there, his body shining. That wasn't an ordinary flame, but great dao symbols. String after string of them revolved around his flesh, flourishing magnificently.

Everyone became shocked. They carefully observed him.

Soon after, someone laughed. It was because they discovered that he unexpectedly set himself aflame!

"Haha…" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were the most delighted, their laughter ear-piercing. They ridiculed, "He actually burned his own body until there were holes one after another! How amazing, after months of silence and bitter comprehension, he did something as stupid as this."

"I believe that there is no use to send anyone over to kill him. He is pretty much burning himself to death." These people roared with laughter.

However, Phantom Drake Dao Gate's old dao master, and Fire Cloud Cavern's master didn't say anything, their pupils contracting, staring at that youth. Their faces revealed serious expressions. 

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