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Chapter 823 - The Point Of Perfection

Shi Hao sat there, his body continuously trembling greatly. It was because he was currently in great pain. His body released strand after strand of symbol fiery light, burning him until his flesh was badly mangled. 

It was precisely like what the outside world said. There were a few areas where there were large holes.

It was just like his tattered armor, looking extremely wretched, its surface covered in large holes. 

However, this was his flesh. These circumstances meant that things were going quite bad, and turning quite dangerous. Generally speaking, igniting a divine flame should make one undergo a perfect transformation, making them become even stronger! 

However, his current situation was clearly harming himself. His blood and energy were becoming exhausted. If this persisted, his flesh might become withered up. 


The flame became even greater. Certain parts of Shi Hao's body became dried up, sparkling white bone exposed by his injuries. 

"It hurts so much!"

Shi Hao's body was shaking lightly, his teeth clenched as he endured this type of torment. 

He finally knew why those from the ancient past who wished to walk on a different path to divinity all died, not having good ends. This was indeed not something normal people could endure. 

This was only the beginning, yet his body was almost unable to take it any longer. Serious injuries appeared. 

He began to doubt himself, whether he would be able to persevere through. It was because the path he was now taking was much more ruthless than those of the ancient past, more thorough. There was nothing he could rely on.

He guided the external great dao, and not a single 'ancient flame'. 

At this moment, different natural dao laws began to burn at his torso one after another, igniting his soul. It was as if immortal swords were hacking over, hacking at his flesh and splitting his soul. The intense pain was difficult to endure. 

With heaven and earth as a furnace, ten thousand dao as a flame to refine oneself, this was not something a normal person could endure. Shi Hao felt like he might be at the end of the road as soon as it began.

Ripples appeared on the bluestone paths one after another, and then they gathered towards Shi Hao like strands of flames, converging there, revolving around him. 

These were just a dozen or so dao, yet it was already like this, so one could imagine how difficult it would become later on. A single mistake would result in the destruction of both body and spirit!

In the past few months, Shi Hao was communicating with the dao stored within the bluestone paths. Now, he was able to successfully guide them over, leading more than ten natural dao laws to his own body. 

"I am not good enough, still deviating from the truth. This is not a refinement, but instead a self destruction." Shi Hao silently thought to himself, coming to this conclusion.

He felt that he had indeed lead over more than ten types of natural dao laws, but he hadn't properly used heaven and earth as a furnace, instead directly burning himself. There was definitely some type of mistake 

The ripples of more than ten bluestone paths became even brighter, swimming over like snakes made of light. They wrapped around Shi Hao, about to rein his body in. It was now even more dangerous. 

The injuries on Shi Hao's body became even more serious, with some places about to break apart. This was the release of more than ten types of natural laws, burning and destroying him.

"This isn't the right way!"

Shi Hao suddenly opened his eyes. He knew that he had to change his ways, or else he would be in great danger. He would fall from his injuries before he reached the end of it.

"World as a furnace!"

In that instant, he struggled free, rising from the ground. He was still seated, now suspending there. 

In his surroundings, the void distorted, becoming indistinct and hazy.


A tremendous sound rang through the air. The heavens seemed to be crushing over. 

Another tremendous sound rang through the air. That bluestone path seemed to rise, becoming closer to him.

This place underwent strange changes. Upon closer inspection, it was the void that was caving in, undergoing changes. The dozen or so streaks of fiery light formed from natural dao laws were pushed aside, leaving this place.

There seemed to be a formless furnace around his body, one refined from the void. It wrapped him within. 

This was especially the case when his body shone, divine radiance seeped through his body, one could clearly see the holy light was being constrained within a furnace. 

In the outside world, everyone's minds were shaken.

Then, outside Shi Hao's body, a furnace became visible. After being suffused with light, it could now be seen, or else it would be hard to make out. 

The void distorted, heaven and earth confined, smelted into a furnace, truly taking form!

If not for the inside being suffused with Shi Hao's divine force radiance, it would be difficult for those of the outside world to see it. They would only be able to vaguely sense it. 

This was a miraculous scene!

At this moment, the dozen or so streaks of light around his body turned into flames, starting to burn, purifying that cauldron furnace, not wrapping directly around his body.

This was quite unimaginable. Many people of the outside world looked at each other in dismay.

"His plans were extremely great, walking this type of path, even more complete than those glorious individuals of the ancient past that ultimately fell or crippled themselves!" A sect master said to himself, his expression grave. 

At this moment, the others were shocked as well. He was actually given such a high evaluation. Huang, Sin, Shi Hao, was this person going to defy the heavens? 

Shi Hao's expression calmed down much more. His body was within the cauldron that was being burned by more than ten streaks of fiery light. He was silently comprehending the dao, allowing his heart to become at peace. 

"This is how it should be!"

The world as a furnace, ten thousand dao as flames, this was the initial stage of this method. A furnace was established between Shi Hao and the void. His true self sat within, being burned by more than ten streaks of dao flames.

Then, this place became resplendent. The furnace that was originally invisible, once suffused with blood energy and magical force, wrapped around by dao flames, became visible, looking simple and natural. 

Time flowed on. In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. The dao flame did not go out, instead becoming more and more resplendent. This place became more and more divine. 

Within the cauldron that held Shi Hao's body, it was as if a great furnace of medicine was being refined. It seized the essence of the world, absorbing the best features of the dao flames to strengthen him. 

The wounds on his body, those large holes gradually closed. His skin released light, no longer lacking vitality.

"It still isn't correct, not agreeing with my original intention."

Inside the cauldron, Shi Hao thought to himself. His injuries were now better. Due to the separation of the furnace, the dao flames' gentle portions entered his body, recovering his injured body.

He indeed received benefits, but this was not the path he wanted to walk.

"I wanted to see these dao, these paths, and not imitate them or review all of them." Shi Hao's eyes were resolute. He wanted to transcend, not to just repeat these dao that ancient people had walked. He just wanted to take a look at them. 

"I was just going to use these dao as a flame to burn the body and spirit, forge the true self, not to imitate an ancient technique!" Shi Hao said. 

At this moment, the cauldron continued to remain there, but the dozen or so dao flames became different. They began to burn ferociously, burning into the cauldron, passing his body and making his entire self erupt into flames. 

Even though there was the furnace blocking the way, filtering out the ferocious characteristics, it was still incomparably terrifying. 

Shi Hao observed the dao, but he didn't imitate the ancient methods, not copying them, instead using the fire to burn and forge his self. Soon after, injuries appeared on his body again. 

In the outside world, everyone became shocked, feeling like they couldn't see through him.

"His flesh is extremely powerful, reaching the peak of what a supreme expert can accomplish. It could even be said that he took a step further beyond that. Otherwise, how could he endure this?!" Someone said. 

A few sect masters' eyes became deep, staring in that direction without saying anything. They thought about a few things. Only by undergoing heavenly tribulation could one resist this type of dao flame. 

Otherwise, if a normal supreme expert entered, they would immediately be burned into ashes. How could they stop it?

If one wanted to walk this path, the flesh must be sturdy, the primordial spirit also tough, or else when those dozen or so streaks of dao flames wrapped around the body, they would be turned to ashes sooner or later. 

"He… could it be that he truly wants to comprehend all of the dao recorded on the three thousand bluestone paths, and then use this to become a deity? This… is inconceivable!" A heavenly deity was greatly shaken up.

Even though they knew that no one could do this, that it was impossible to accomplish such a thing, they still felt deeply shocked towards his madness.

When the others heard this, they were shocked as well. This youth's boldness was truly too great. He wanted to grasp the three thousand bluestone ancient paths' dao, and use that to become a deity?

"Did he go crazy? There is no way he will succeed." Someone shook their head, deciding that he was destined for failure.

Even if one studied these three thousand paths' dao for their entire lives, they still wouldn't be able to grasp it. In addition, this was Immortal Ancient, not some pure land, so who would give him the time? Sooner or later, there would be an intense battle.

Once he was discovered by another, he would definitely be killed!

"Wrong, his goal is extremely far, far greater than your imaginations. It isn't to truly imitate the three thousand paths' ancient great dao." At this time, the one inside the purple golden carriage spoke.

Chaotic mists pervaded the air. That emperor carriage seemed to have existed before the opening of heaven and earth, mysterious and unfathomable.

This was the war chariot of a present world Emperor Clan, and within it sat that clan's most powerful individual, and this person realized what this youth was trying to do.

"He is just using the three thousand bluestone path's dao as a flame for a furnace, and not anything else. He only wishes to observe it, and not completely imitate it." These words sounded from within the purple golden carriage.

"This… why is that?" Even a few sect masters frowned, not able to see through this.

Grasping the method of the bluestone paths was difficult and impossible. However, if one had this type of target, their boldness would be extremely great, their prospects magnificent. If one staked their life on the line, they might truly succeed. 

He… actually didn't care about this?

"He also has great ambitions, not wishing to be confined by this heaven and earth, wishing to jump out. The so-called three thousand great dao fiery light, for him, truly is just a 'flame' and nothing else. He wishes to transcend these dao." The Emperor Clan's expert within the purple golden carriage spoke these worlds.

The others were all stupefied, inwardly shocked. This youth was actually walking this type of path? He dared to do such a thing?!

If Shi Hao could hear them, he would definitely be shocked. Someone saw through his intentions, understanding a portion of the path he wanted to take.

Only, so what if they knew? How many people dared to walk this path?

In reality, in the outside world, many people were cursing how much of a lunatic he was, courting death in that place. Using the flame of ten thousand dao to burn himself, he was destined to end up in ashes. 

"This is a path the entire world knows about, but who dares to walk it? It is even difficult for someone like him to succeed." A sect master said.

"Could it be that he has already passed the most terrifying heavenly tribulation? Look, he is adding flame again to burn that furnace, refining himself." Someone said with shock. 

Within Immortal Ancient, on the bluestone path. 

More dao flames were guided over, streak after streak releasing ripples and turning into beams of light. They formed flames, burning the world furnace!

During this process, Shi Hao's flesh was damaged again, because this fire was too powerful. There was not just one, but another few tens. 

Everything was playing out like how he had envisioned it, allowing him to forge his own path step by step. 

"A hundred and eight streaks of flames, yet he could still endure them?!" In the outside world, everyone was shocked. 

"It is because he understand clearly that he cannot get there in one step. Even though he connected more than a hundred bluestone paths' natural dao laws, he still cannot make them flare up and go crazy, instead just guiding over some 'small fire', slowly adapt and refine himself." Someone spoke the truth.

Then, Shi Hao no longer increased the flames. He sat within the furnace, his body sparkling and translucent, shining and burning. 

A part of himself had been ignited. His flesh was dried up, his entire body becoming a bit skinnier. That was his vital energy being refined, continuously pressed and condensed .

Apart from this, even more injuries appeared on his body. There were holes and cracks. The dao flames were endless. No matter how he tried to control them, they would still bring damage to his body.

Only after another month had passed did he gradually adapt to it, his injuries no longer continuing to worsen. 

However, right now, his entire body was scorched black, looking like charcoal. Holes and injuries of various sizes numbered over a hundred!

"Heaven and earth as a furnace, skin and flesh as a furnace, primordial spirit as a furnace…" Shi Hao said. He made a brazen move. 

He made the walls of the void furnace thin, allowing the fiery light within to enter, directly burning himself!

This was extremely terrifying. Another month of burning the self smelting the spirit passed. Shi Hao was dry and parched, his flesh withered, injuries even gone. It was because his flesh became skin, sticking to his bones.

Apart from this, his primordial spirit was refined until it shrunk, turning into a dazzling sphere of light!

Eventually, the fiery light inside and outside the furnace became identical. If he removed the heaven and earth furnace to directly burn himself, the difference wouldn't be too great. 

In the blink of an eye, it reached the ninth month since Shi Hao entered Immortal Ancient. Time passed by in a hurry!

And now, after experiencing such a long time, the flame inside the furnace became a green color, a hundred and eight types of dao laws fire becoming the same, merging together to burn his body and spirit.

"The stove fire has turned bright green, brought to the point of perfection, transforming, reaching the end of the first step. It should be time to initiate another phase." Shi Hao was aware of his current state. 

A hundred and eight ancient great dao, even though it ignited a portion of radiance, it didn't truly flare up, recreating the great dao. However, it was still shocking enough. With so many merged together, it would burn one to ashes at any turn.

"It will be precisely at this intensity, all the way until all three thousand great dao fiery light appears simultaneously." Shi Hao set his target.

If he truly succeeded in doing this, he could then consider increasing the intensity of all of these flames, connecting a step further to display the great dao's divine might. 

"My eyes are not failing me right? A hundred and eight types of great dao flames, they haven't burned him to death after all these months?!"

"This isn't all. Do you all see? The stove fire has turned bright green, refining him until he reached a certain peak!"

In the outside world, there were people who were shaken. 

When the void distorted and the void furnace dissipated and the hundred and eight dao flames retreated, Shi Hao fell down, his body slamming into the bluestone stairs. 

"Caused by his own rashness, he was burned to ruin!" Someone came to this conclusion.

Even a few sect masters frowned, feeling that he indeed burned himself away. 

The current Shi Hao was simply like a skeleton. He was entirely black, his skin wrapped around his bones, lacking life spiritual essence. 

He collapsed there, not budging an inch.

"Child, please tell me that nothing bad has happened to you… hurry and wake up…" From Immortal Mountain's side, someone was saying softly with tears and grief. 

Just like that, three days passed. Shi Hao didn't move, his flesh dried up, his life force becoming weaker and weaker. 

"Did he die? He should have burned away his true body." Underworld Earth's people spoke. They understood life and death quite deeply. 

Only on the fifth day did Shi Hao revive, slowly climbing up. He frowned, walking step by step out from the bluestone path, approaching those small worlds. 

"I have to replenish my spiritual energy and divine force, or else it will be extremely bad." He said softly. 

"Even like this, he still wants to enter the mottled worlds? Just any random supreme expert will cut him down right? His injuries are too severe."

In the outside world, a group of people stared at the monument, watching him. They couldn't help but shake their heads. 

As for Fire Cloud Cavern, Underworld Earth, and Heavenly Country's people, they even revealed faint cold intent. If Shi Hao entered those ancient worlds in this type of state, he would likely die miserably.

"Yi, he entered the world my clan's exceptional talent is in. Is he seeking his own destruction?" Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people laughed loudly. They never expected Shi Hao to enter that place.

The others revealed looks of shock. One had to understand that Phantom Drake Dao Gate's exceptional talent was inside, already ignited his divine flame three or four months ago, undergoing a complete transformation, successfully becoming a deity!

"What rich heaven and earth spiritual essence." Shi Hao took a deep breath. He gazed into the distance, discovering that there was auspicious multicolored light surging in the distance. The spiritual essence became even richer.

He walked forward, and in the end, he saw a stone cliff that was luminous like jade, sparkling with brilliance. Meanwhile, below the mountain was a spring that surged with auspicious radiance, continuously releasing divine multicolored light and mists.

"A divine spring!" Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. 

"Who is this? Get lost? My clan's great one is in isolation and cannot be disturbed."

"Disgraceful clown, leave!"

In the mountain region, more than ten figures appeared in succession. They were all experts that advanced from supreme experts to the Divine Flame Realm. They were guarding this place, not allowing others to get closer. 

Shi Hao didn't pay them any attention, instead staring at that divine spring. He saw a Flood Dragon that rose and fell there, its entire body resplendent as if it was carved from jade.

In the outside world, everyone saw this scene as well. 

Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people revealed looks of surprise. He actually walked over here himself, closing in on their exceptional expert's place of isolation. 

"Hehe, haha…" They couldn't help but roar with laughter. This was simply following the path to his own doom.

With his current situation, about to be burned to ashes, his body dried up and withered, lacking vital energy, how was he going to contend against their Phantom Drake Clan's exceptional talent who had already become a deity?

As such, the entire clan was roaring with laughter, feeling incomparably joyous. 

"This truly is a compensation, letting my clan's exceptional talent personally kill this sinner's blood descendant, seizing an explanation for the humiliation we experienced in Spirit Realm!" Someone said through clenched teeth.

There were quite a few people from other great sects who sighed inwardly. How unlucky was Huang? His body was seriously injured, about to be burned to death, yet he encountered such a terrifying stubble as soon as he entered a small world. 

On the mountain region, Shi Hao opened his cracked lips, doing everything he could to swallow. Unfortunately, his mouth was too dry, with no saliva to swallow. 

Otherwise, right now, his saliva would have long flowed outwards.

He stared at that divine spring's flood dragon, his eyes becoming resplendent. 

In the outside world, a group of people were stunned, feeling speechless.

One has to understand that within the divine spring was an exceptional talent that was too well known, his name shaking many provinces. This individual had now already become a deity. 

Phantom Drake Dao Gate's people were beyond mad. Shi Hao's appearance was truly like a reincarnated starving ghost that suddenly saw a sumptuous feast. 

They were indignant. This fella was injured to the point of falling already, yet he looked like he wanted to eat their clan's exceptional talent! This made them furious, feeling that this was shameful and hateful, not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth!

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