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Chapter 806 - Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm, incredibly ancient, vast and boundless.


Shi Hao appeared, landing on the ground.

 This was a swamp with quite a bit of water and muddy lakes, but there were many trees that grew here, their branches and leaves extended, covering the sun. 

The large tree were not concentrated, each situated quite far from each other. There wasn't much plant life, and this swamp was full of yin energy. There was a lack of sunlight here. 

Spirit Realm, a place that felt extremely real. Upon entering this place, one would not feel anything strange, this place wasn't much different from the outside world. 

"This world the ancient deities constructed from spiritual force, what was the true purpose behind its creation?" Shi Hao frowned. He felt more and more like there was a tremendous secret behind this place. 

The lower realm had the Void God Realm, the higher realms Spirit Realm. They were essentially the same thing, just with different names. 

A true divine realm established by ancient deities? As he understood more, Shi Hao felt like this wasn't that likely. So what was its purpose? It was hard to say. This might be related to something big. 

However, now wasn't the time to be absent-minded. He already entered the battlefield, participated, so he might face enemies at any time. 

Sure enough, in his surroundings, rumbling sounds rang out continuously. The void became blurry, and then figures descended one after another, appearing in the swamp. Their armors were brilliant, killing intent surging.


Some people took action. As soon as they appeared, they launched attacks against those around them.

Precious artifacts collided, symbols rushed into the sky, and great trees were shattered. Mud rushed into the air. 


Following a miserable cry, the first Supreme Expert suffered a disaster, had his neck wrapped wrapped around by chains. Symbols flowed along that divine chain, erupting with brilliance. 


A head fell down. Those sparkling chains forced that individual's neck off, drawing blood. Hualala sounds rang through the air, and then it retreated like a snake. 

This was just the beginning, yet blood already dyed the battlefield red, initiating the prologue of the competition!

In that instant, the surrounding people increased. Even though there was enough space to take action, still some distance between them, when one gazed into the distance, they could still see figures densely packed, shadows everywhere. The calm swamp immediately erupted, killing intent engulfing the world. 


Everyone agreed without consulting each other, whether it be for the sake of self-protection or competition, these supreme experts took action against those around them. There was no friendship to speak of here.

It was a survival of the fittest, the most cruel and bloody law was being played out.


With a raise of Shi Hao's hand, he struck a supreme expert that came at him flying. That person blasted apart in midair, disappearing into a rain of light. This gave the surrounding people a fright.

Every movement he made had thunderous might, easily blasting an expert apart; this made the surrounding people feel restraining fear, no longer daring to rashly make a move against him. 

Even though the swamp was large, there was no way it could hold all of the participants. This was just one region. There were more battlefields in the distance. 

After entering Spirit Realm, there was no way everyone could cram in one place. There were eighty battlefields in total, all adjacent to each other. They were all quite close.

What kind of scope was eight million supreme experts? It was densely packed like True Dragons soaring from the sea, waves striking the skies.

At this moment, Shi Hao sensed that these battlefields were connected. A tremendous will and murderous intent was surging, shaking everyone's hearts. This was the joint force of all of the supreme experts here. 

A pearl flickered, turning into a golden thread, piercing towards the back of Shi Hao's head. Bone texts flickered, making this place brilliant.

Shi Hao turned around, reaching his hand out towards the golden pearl that was the size of a dragon eye fruit. With a dang sound, sparks flew outwards, deafening sounds rang through the air. The surrounding large trees all exploded, and the mud was blasted apart like ocean waves, sweeping towards all directions.

This was an ancestral divine magical artifact!

Otherwise, there was no way it could endure Shi Hao's strike. It was also a rare and precious object.

The golden pearl had a flood dragon inside that bared its fangs and brandished its claws. Following the collision, it left the pearl, forming an enormous flood dragon body before crushing down with a hong sound. 


In the surroundings, several tens of supreme experts had their bones broken and tendons severed by the enormous flood dragon. Blood continuously flowed from their mouths, and a few of them directly lost their lives, turning into a rain of light before disappearing from this place.


There were mountains in this swamp as well, one of them extremely large. After taking on this flood dragon's attack, it immediately collapsed, sending rocks and stones tumbling about. 

"Golden Flood Dragon Pearl, a pearl with a soul sealed within. This is quite an extraordinary magical artifact. Unfortunately, this is the Spirit Realm, or else it could still be refined further into medicinal powder." Shi Hao was shocked.


This was a purple-clothed male with dragon patterns on his body, the symbol of a great sect. His eyes were extremely cold, carrying killing intent. He never expected the Golden Flood Dragon Pearl, such a great killing weapon, to be unable to kill this opponent. 

Shi Hao couldn't care less who he was. Back then, when he travelled unhindered through the Void God Realm, even older generation experts were beaten up until they ran frantically for their lives, so there was even less of a need to talk about this type of same level battle.


He turned into a streak of divine light and rushed over. A pair of lightning wings appeared on his back, interweaving into blazing radiance. With a hong sound, he released a thick streak of lightning.


The purple clothed male cried out. Half of his body was charred black as he flew out, his clothes in tatters and mouth coughing out blood.

Shi Hao was shocked. Supreme experts who could take a single hit from him were quite few. This person wasn't simple after all.

With a shua sound, he quickly rushed over, adding another blow. His steps produced ten electrical arcs, every single one enough to kill a supreme expert.


The enormous flood dragon rushed into the air, its mouth holding the golden pearl as it swooped over to protect this purple-clothed individual.


The enormous flood dragon was blasted flying, having its flesh blasted through by Shi Hao's lightning that had undergone the lightning baptism. Many scales came off, and it was dripping with blood. 

Not even a divine level Flood Dragon was enough, unable to block a single strike from Shi Hao in this Spirit Realm. 

"You…" The purple clad male was shocked. He knew that things were going bad, that he had kicked a metal board. He shouted loudly for Shi Hao to stop.

"Dao brother, please stop! I am someone from Phantom Drake Dao Gate! This is a misunderstanding! With how powerful we are, we can join hands and charge through, no one will be our opponent!"

Shi Hao remained cold, not feeling any fear here. This person immediately sneakily attacked him, so he didn't want to leave behind any future disasters.

"Phantom Drake Dao Gate?" The surrounding supreme experts were shocked, quickly backing up, not daring to provoke this person. They all revealed fear.

"Huh?" Shi Hao frowned. He suddenly recalled that Phantom Drake Dao Gate was quite formidable, one of the higher realms' most ancient inheritances, a sect even he had vaguely heard about. This sect had always targeted and monitored Sin Province, not allowing descendents of sinners' blood to rise up. 

There were a few ancient inheritances who normally didn't make great movements, but it was rumored that quite a few of them acted against those with sinner's bloodline, monitoring Sin Province's actions. 

Phantom Drake Dao Gate was one of them!


Shi Hao moved the terrifying lightning wings behind him, sending crazy lightning flying outwards, blasting this purple clad male's body, making him explode on the spot, thus dying.

The surrounding supreme experts were horrified, all of them dispersing in confusion.

The swamp was extremely large with a hundred thousand supreme experts fighting here. Shi Hao walked through this place, no one stopping him. 

Whenever he arrived in a place, after he killed several powerful opponents, the surroundings would immediately become completely empty, because everyone would become terrified. This person was too formidable, easily killing all those in his way!

Shi Hao walked forward with the enormous lightning wings behind him. He walked through the swamp, no one surprisingly taking action against him, all of them retreating. 

This was a might that was gained through slaughter. In four hours of time, he emerged from a hundred thousand supreme experts, behind him a blood covered earth. Many creatures had been killed. 

By now, everyone in this region knew that a devil king existed that couldn't be provoked, or else they would definitely die.

If others didn't provoke him, he wouldn't provoke others. No one was willing to provoke this kind of war god, because in the end, there were ten thousand spots in Sin Province. 

Shi Hao came out from the swamp and found another battlefield that was connected to this place. Great bloody battles were similarly happening, and many supreme experts were taking action, precious artifacts dancing about all over the air. 

Those areas completely erupted into chaos, the great earth splitting apart and tall mountains collapsing, damaged to an unrecognizable degree. Even the great lakes were dried up.

Fortunately, this was the Spirit Realm, or else it would truly be unimaginable what kind of state heaven and earth would be beaten up into.

After four hours of intense battles, too many supreme experts had already died. This entire great earth was not only shattered, but it was also covered in spots of dark redness, dyed this color by blood. 

This was too bitter and desperate!

"All of you are to head for Supreme Being Ancient Altar. Those who cannot cross the trial will be swept out from Spirit Realm, losing their qualifications."

A tremendous voice sounded from the skies above the eighty battlefields. This sound was produced by natural laws, indifferent and merciless, incomparably cold as it rang by everyone's ears. 

The great battles stopped. Many streaks of golden light appeared in the void, the survivors of each battlefield. They all hurried towards Supreme Being Ancient Altar.

This would also be the final trial. Victory and defeat would be decided in one go!

Meanwhile, the outside world, in Sin Province's massive dao rite. 

Many supreme experts who were sitting on the ground opened their eyes, all individuals who had been defeated, killed within Spirit Realm. Their spirits now returned, their flesh awakening. 


The great ancient restricted formation operated, and then more than seven million individuals disappeared, leaving behind a vast open space, making this place much more vacant. 

Everyone became shocked. How miserable was this? Only four hours or so had passed, yet the chaotic battle already reached this extent, the amount of supreme experts defeated from the original eight million so great. 

Outside the enormous dao rite, there were many people who were waiting for information. There was no lack of representatives from every sect, and there were even heavenly deities, as well as sect master level figures. 

"All of our monastery's people were wiped out, returning after being killed. As expected, they were no match for the great sects." An elder sighed and said. 

"Yi, isn't that Phantom Drake Dao Gate's disciple? I recognize that person, he's quite powerful but he was killed, losing his qualifications!" One person cried out in shock. 

Seven million supreme expert came out, and many of their heads were lowered, bitter and disappointed. They were eliminated so quickly, losing the qualifications to enter Immortal Ancient. 

They didn't leave, also waiting outside the great formation to see the final result. 

"Master, I lost!" Within the crowd, a purple clad youth's face was ashen. His fingers were all pale from being clenched; this was precisely the expert that was killed by Shi Hao. 

"With your aptitude, it is enough to make it into the top five hundred, but you were actually killed." The one that spoke was a heavenly deity. His face was expressionless, incomparably cold. It was one of the higher level figures of Phantom Drake Dao Gate. 

"Could it be that he is the one we were looking for?" The people on the side said with a soft voice.

"Wu, we'll be able to enter and watch the battle soon, watch outside Supreme Being Ancient Altar." A heavenly deity spoke.

"I don't know if there are any loses from other inheritance, if we will see that person." A true deity said. 

Earlier, not even those as powerful as them dared to rashly enter the chaotic battlefield, because one's cultivation would be suppressed. Not even the most powerful individuals would exceed the supreme expert realm. 

If a heavenly deity entered the eight million supreme expert bloody struggle, if they were killed, then that wouldn't just be a laughing matter. 

In reality, once one's cultivation realm was suppressed, this chaotic bloody battlefield would be extremely dangerous. The chances of dying were high, and one couldn't rashly set foot inside. 

Spirit Realm was much larger than Void God Realm, as it was more real as well, the natural laws much more powerful. Even the great figures of the higher realms had to obey the restrictions upon entering. 

"We can finally enter to watch the battle, view the battle from the Supreme Being Ancient Altar to see this struggle between dragons and tigers. We will see who will rise up to the top, becoming the most powerful of Sin Province." Many people were excited, impatient to see it. 

After the great battle, the number of supreme experts that were participating steeply declined. These observers stood outside the ancient altar, so they wouldn't be affected. 

There were several paths that led inside. That was an ancient altar that was like an enormous mountain, towering into the clouds. It was entirely black in color, heavy and oppressive. 

"Yi, at the top of the altar, multicolored clouds are surging and supreme liquid is about to be  full. Who can rise up to the top?"

The supreme experts were all shocked, simply unable to believe what they were seeing. There was actually a bowl at the top of the altar, and sparkling liquid was flowing out. 

Soon after, all of the supreme experts closed their mouths. The road ahead was blocked. A few people were standing there, currently examining something.

"It's Phantom Drake Dao Gate and Fire Cloud Cavern's people, all ancient inheritances from the higher sects, incredibly powerful. They… what are they doing?"

Those people blocked the road. If anyone wanted to pass through, they had to first go through their inspection. 

"Descendents of sinner's blood, stay off to the side!"

The one that spoke was a woman from Phantom Drake Dao Gate, her lips rather thin. She could still be considered beautiful and alluring, but she gave off a harsh feeling. Several cultivators were chased away, not allowed to go through that path. 


"The descendents of great vicious existences, all of you crawl to the back. It's already good for us to even give you a chance!" The other male said coldly. 

"You…" Those people were startled and furious. This was a type of humiliation. This was originally Sin Province to begin with, yet the outsiders were now acting like the owners of this place, acting so domineering. 

Everyone knew that those who entered first had the advantage in seizing the first ten thousand places.

"You? What you? If you don't want to die, then get lost. Carrying sinner's blood, all of you ought to beg for forgiveness for many generations!" Those people berated.

In the distance, Shi Hao's eyes were cold. He knew that he couldn't act kindly anymore if he wanted to enter. Most of them came for him, but he didn't feel any fear. Sooner or later, his identity would be revealed.

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