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Chapter 807 - Sinner's Blood Anger

"You all bully others too far!" A few youngsters from Sin Province couldn't endure this, confronting them here. This was Sin Province's territory. It was one thing if the outside world's cultivators were stealing their entrants, but they were actually targeting them now. 

"It's not us taking unfair advantage of you, but rather heaven that is doing so. Your ancestors made a huge mistake, and even the heavens cursed them, leaving behind the sinner's engraving in your blood to warn those of the world. That is why you really cannot treat them leniently, and instead treat them strictly!"

Another scarlet haired male spoke, fiery flames surging around him. He came from Fire Cloud Cavern, another archaic divine inheritance with a reputation so great it was terrifying. 

It was because back then this was an inheritance who dared to contend against Emperor Clans at their peak. They had never declined, prospering this entire time, overlooking the entire higher realms' vast and boundless region. 

Sin Province's people's hairs were standing up in anger, all of their faces completely red. Some of them couldn't endure it any longer, taking large steps forward to forcibly break through.

"I advise you all to behave yourselves! Don't overestimate your abilities!" Someone said coldly up ahead, not paying this resentment much attention at all. 

"By putting us at the very back, how many of us will even be able to pass the trial?" The people of Sin Province were furious. 

"There will definitely be a chance, because there is a barrier. Entering a bit earlier won't give one that much of an advantage." A youth giggled, not worried at all. 

"Easy for you to say. If everyone's strength is similar and one enters a step late, then that will truly be unlucky." Sin Province's people were resentful. 

"The words have already been spoken. If you all obstinately persist on going about this the wrong way, then feel free to go through with it." Phantom Drake Dao Gate's woman said with a sneer. 

Those youngsters gave each other a look, deciding to forcefully barge in. They weren't ordinary either, the geniuses of a clan, so how could they just give away the chance to enter Immortal Ancient?

"Ants trying to shake a tree, even things like you all dare to act unrestrained here?!"

Someone released a cold sneer. The scarlet clothed male from Fire Cloud Cave took action, opening his mouth and spitting out a streak of scarlet multicolored light that turned into a ruler. It erupted with endless terrifying energy.

In that instant, the void trembled intensely, making all of the supreme experts here tremble with fear. This magical artifact was too terrifying, surrounding this place. 

This was a secret treasure. In this place, the natural laws' limit was power at the Supreme Expert level, yet it actually released a strand of divine dao might. It was clearly extraordinary. 

"Supreme might of supreme experts!" Someone said softly, their face turning pale. With this ruler here, normally speaking, no supreme experts could match its power. It represented the limit of this realm.

No matter how powerful one was, they were still a supreme expert here. Meanwhile, this ruler was refined by an unmatched taboo existence, already reaching the limit of this realm. There was no way to surpass it.

Sure enough, the precious artifacts those youths produced all shattered, destroyed by that scarlet precious ruler and turned into dust. Meanwhile, they themselves were swept through by a wave of pressure. All of them coughed out blood, flying into the distance. 


Fire Cloud Ruler shone, making the void tremble. It turned into a streak of scarlet multicolored light and quickly chased over, about to descend and kill them all.

Shi Hao's eyes flashed with coldness. He released a light snort while standing in the crowd. Around him, golden lotuses blossomed, forming endless golden multicolored light that overflowed into the heavens, facing that precious ruler.


The two parties clashed. Golden lotuses filled the skies, stopping that precious ruler.

"What?!" Many people cried out in alarm. This type of scene was extremely spectacular. There was actually someone who was a match for this extraordinary secret treasure. 

One had to keep in mind that this represented the absolute limit of a realm. It could be said that once this item was brought out, it was unmatched among supreme experts. However, it was actually stopped. 

"Break!" The scarlet clothed male shouted, doing everything he could to stir on the precious object. 

Fire Cloud Ruler's symbols were dense. Lightning rumbled. Unimaginable might was released. Even though it was only supreme expert level power, it was still who knew how many times more powerful than ordinary people on the same level. 

That divine power, even though it was never released, being affected by the restrictions of the natural laws, that strand of aura was still pervading the air, absolutely intimidating.


Fire Cloud Ruler swooped down like a scarlet heavenly dragon, its power shocking. It released draconic cries and tiger roars. It was accompanied by dense red clouds, causing mountains and rivers to rage. It was extremely intimidating. 


Unfortunately, it still suffered a heavy blow, this time even trembling, sent flying back by the golden lotuses. 

"What kind of person?" Fire Cloud Cavern's scarlet clothed young expert's brows stood vertically. He knew that if the other person didn't grasp a similarly shocking secret treasure, then he was a formidable individual.


A streak of golden light flashed past, almost removing his head. A golden lotus flew past, hacking off a lock of his hair. In addition, strong winds brushed past his body. Following a pu sound, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The others were all shaken. They stood together with him, seriously. They also produced a bone mirror shining it here to investigate that person's background.

As for the other supreme experts, they were all horrified. How powerful of a creature was this, unexpectedly able to resist a supreme secret treasure like Fire Cloud Ruler.

However, when everyone looked at that place again, all traces vanished. The golden lotuses scattered, turning into specks of golden light. There was nothing left. 

Shi Hao frowned. Just now, it was precisely him who had just taken action, the magical image he had condensed after passing the tribulation. Golden lotuses were everywhere, and every single stalk was extremely powerful, able to destroy precious artifacts. 

Just now, he tested it out, and it really was unordinary.

He felt quite uncomfortable inwardly. Phantom Drake Dao Gate and Fire Cloud Cavern were too domineering, daring to do this. When he saw the bone mirror in the other party's hand, he knew that it was definitely an object used to investigate those with sinner's blood. 

When the supreme experts from Sin Province who were injured mixed back into the crowd, thus disappearing, Shi Hao didn't take action again. Instead, he walked towards a different direction to take a look.

It was because there were eight roads here, divided into eight directions that led into Supreme Being Ancient Altar. He wanted to see what each path was like.

"You all, move to the back!"

Sure enough, there were a few people blocking the path from the other routes as well. They all wore silver precious clothes, all of them exuding intimidating cold energy. 

They were targeting all those from Sin Province, not allowing them to be at the front, demanding that they enter last. 

"What right do you have to do this? You all seized our number of places, and are still bullying us here. This is going too far!" There was a girl here who was so angry she was about to cry.

"Our right comes from our sects, carrying out the law in heavens place. We have the right to rule you all, and we demand that all of you sinner's blood descendents move to the back!" Someone coldly said. 

Shi Hao watched from afar. This was another ancient inheritance -- Luofu True Valley, another great sect whose name shook the higher realms, one that had dominated many provinces. 

Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh. The ones that targeted, monitored, and suppressed Sin Province's inheritances all had shocking backgrounds after all, each more formidable than the last, more ancient than the last.

He was inwardly shaken. Perhaps only the great sects with deep and long histories had the power to do this. It was unknown if there were others behind them. 

"Carrying out the law of the heavens with the authority to pass adjudication." Shi Hao laughed coldly. Even if these great sects truly had tacit understanding and could work together to hide the sky with their hands, this type of tone was still too egotistical.

He visited the other paths, and they were all like this, with several large sects blocking the way.

In fact, he already discovered that these individuals' main target was to find the one whose forehead shone with holy radiance, sinner's blood scattering the clouds. Shi Hao had already predicted this. They all came for him. 

Especially the last path where there was even a group of people who were related to Six Crown King Ning Chuan, standing guard here from his order.

Of course, Ning Chuan had never appeared himself, because he didn't have to participate in the Spirit Realm. He ordered this purely for the sake of finding out who the one with dense sinner's blood was. 

"Dao brothers, we should work together to find that person." This group of people were still considering as they spoke to the surrounding people. 

"Six Crown King has ordered that to protect the peace of the world, the 'demonic evil' whose sin scattered the clouds must be eliminated."

When this sentence was spoken, Shi Hao's eyes became even colder, killing intent pervading the air. 

Eight directions, eight paths, but all of them had people guarding them, targeting here to find him. 

Shi Hao looked at them. These people all held secret mirrors, able to illuminate the sinner's blood symbol in his forehead, make the patterns rush into the heavens. This was difficult to avoid.

"Then I'll just unleash a slaughter!" Shi Hao coldly said.

Since such a great disturbance was stirred up and things were going to happen like this, there was no way he was going to stop here. 

He didn't fear those people in this Spirit Realm. Even if a heavenly deity came, they still had to prostrate before him. The only thing he was worried about was his physical body in the outside realm.

However, from what he had gathered, there was a taboo great formation protecting him, and from the ancient times until now, there had never been problems with it. It was a ruthless natural law that experts of the outside world couldn't interfere with.

Once the events here concluded, ten thousand supreme experts would automatically be sent through the transport formation and enter the vast uninhabited region. At that time, he didn't have to worry any longer. 

"Even if something truly unexpected happens, the Divine Striking Stone is also protecting me. It has the Realm Shattering Symbol with it, so leaving shouldn't be a problem." Shi Hao came to a firm resolution that he was going to fiercely take action here!

At this moment, those of the outside world came in as well, only, they couldn't get close. They all watched from the distance, staring at the altar that was as large as a mountain. 

"Supreme Being Liquid became full again?!" Someone cried out in alarm. 

This was definitely a rare precious liquid, its effects astonishing, able to 'nurture the spirit' and strengthen the 'dao core'. It left one envious, only, they couldn't obtain it.

It was because that altar was too mysterious, difficult to reach the highest point. It was nearly impossible to obtain the precious liquid in that stone bowl.

Quite a few people, for their descendents, forgot themselves. They all came here to try, but in the end, they all failed, unable to obtain it.

"Yi, what happened?"

The various sects that came to watch were all shocked. There was one route that became resplendent with symbols, the energy fluctuations terrifying. A great decisive battle was being carried out.

"The one whose sinner's blood scatters the clouds has appeared!" Everyone became stupefied. 

Those at the other paths might not be aware, but they were directly facing this path, so they clearly saw a beam of light surge into the sky, forming the 'Sin' character. It was incomparably resplendent. 

Meanwhile, in that direction, there was even more so a riot. Many people were shouting, currently fighting intensely. 

"Luofu True Valley's people encountered him, carrying out a great battle as a result!"

Soon after, bloody figures rushed out to flee towards other directions, leaving everyone shaken.

"Luofu True Valley's people were defeated, fleeing individually. Quite a few of them were killed!"

"What a powerful youth, unexpectedly truly daring to take action, immediately killing a large amount of people. Heads tumbled, their corpses piling up into a small mountain!"

Everyone was greatly shaken up.

As for the areas near that path, many supreme experts were even more dumbstruck, feeling deeply shocked. 

A youth, like a devil king, unleashed a slaughter, sweeping through all enemies. 

"Go ahead, no one will dare stop you." Shi Hao rushed to the girl that was so angry she was going to cry and gave her a warm smile, letting her and the others continue on.

Then, he hurried to another place, as well as the place he started at. There was Phantom Drake Divine Gate's people, as well as Fire Cloud Cavern's expert who held the supreme secret treasure. Their attitudes were overbearing to the extreme.

Sinner's blood shocked the skies. Spirit Realm was destined for chaos!

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