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Chapter 696 - Heavenly Deity

This silver spear was too thick, simply like a perfectly straight mountain peak that pierced high into the clouds. That silver-robed man stood above, overlooking all of the creatures below. 

Heaven and earth were quiet. No one dared to move recklessly. 

Suddenly, he raised his hand and pointed at another mercenary group. With a chi sound, a streak of silver light flew out, and another expert was killed, exploding on the spot.

"Leader!" A group of people cried out loudly. This was just too depressing. The leader of a mercenary group was actually slaughtered by someone just like that. 

"I am going to stake it all against you!" A few people cried out loudly. They were extremely courageous as they rushed up together. 

"Revenge for leader!" Precious artifacts emerged and symbols rushed outwards. These people attacked with the greatest power they could muster.

However, it was just a pity that the difference in cultivation was too great. Now that a Heavenly Deity appeared, how many people could stop him? Unless sect masters came, there was no way. 

That silver spear swayed. It pulled itself from the ground, and then with a honglong sound, it swept out. The mercenary group, as well as the over a thousand people they were protecting all turned into a bloody paste.

This place was covered in blood. It was a horrifying sight.

"If you aren't going to come out, then I'll just massacre everyone." The silver-robed heavenly Deity coldly said. 

There were tens of thousands of people here, and he threatened to kill everyone here. He was cold and merciless, not treating these creatures as anything important at all. It was as if he was looking down on a group of bugs. 

A coldness appeared in Shi Hao's mind. These Blood Plains were full of bloodiness after all. There were just too many miserable scenes. 


In the next moment, the silver spear emerged from the ground. It quickly shrunk, turning into the size of a zhang, but its power didn't decrease. Its pressure still distorted the void, leaving everyone shaken. 

The silver robed person moved his hand. The spear entered his hand, and then he pointed it towards everyone here, about to take action.

At this moment, the tens of thousands of creatures felt suffocated. Their faces were incredibly pale. This type of power was too oppressive. 


Finally, some people couldn't endure this anymore. They rushed into the sky to flee into the distance, scurrying in all directions. 

No one believed that he could kill everyone here just by himself. They all ran for their lives. 

Unfortunately, the Blood Plains were restricted. Forget about moving, through the void, just flying alone was difficult, becoming much slower than before. 


Strong winds brewed about. The silver-robed man brandished the silver spear with a single hand. It was as if heavenly winds were dancing about. Bodies exploded in the void one after another, turning into bloody mists. 

This type of divine might was simply unimaginable!

He casually waved about. Groups of deities exploded one after another, and even those that fled into the distance fell from the air like pot-stickers. Corpses filled the great earth. 

This type of scene was horrifying to the extreme. When the Heavenly Deity took action, over ten thousand people immediately lost their lives. 

Shi Hao didn't escape, instead choosing to stay where he was. He was ready to put on the tattered armor and activate that pill furnace at any time. 

In reality, this type of scene left Shi Hao greatly shaken. Was this the power of a Heavenly Deity?

It wasn't like he hadn't witnessed battles at this level before, but when a Heavenly Deity was taking action against so many people, this scene was still too terrifying. He definitely felt a stifling pressure!

No wonder they were called Heavenly Deities. They were high above all others. For a Divine Flame Realm expert, this was simply an insurmountable difference that could not be overcome!

Yun Xi didn't move, and at the very least, she looked calm on the outside. She was waiting for an opportunity. She knew that if she rushed out now, not only would she not be able to escape, she would only have death awaiting her. 

"You all are still not going to come out? Then die!"

The silver-robed man's ice cold and merciless voice sounded from the skies. He raised the silver spear and slowly brought it down on the great earth. It was because the people who tried to escape just now all died. Apart from him, there was not a single other figure in the skies. 


He gently moved it about. A streak of silver light shot out from the tip of the spear, sweeping across the ground like a great river. It was absolutely terrifying. Deafening rumbling sounds rang through the air. 


In the next moment, the great earth split open. It was as if a piece of paper was being torn apart. The great crack interweaved about, unknown just how many zhang wide. 


Countless miserable cries sounded. The places where the silver light swept through directly exploded. How could any of those creatures survive? Even if they did everything they could to defend themselves, they still immediately exploded.

Another ten thousand or so creatures died. Bloody mists sprayed into the air, dyeing the void red. The tattered great earth became even more miserable looking.


Rubble flew into the air. The scene was horrifying. 

The Hurricane Mercenaries were also affected. Fortunately, they were not included in the range of the silver light. However, even though this was the case, there were still a few people who died and even more who were injured!

Shi Hao's blood energy surged. Even someone with a body as powerful as his experienced great pain. Luckily, he was okay and not injured. 

However, what was unfortunate was that an enormous rock smashed into Yun Xi's body, blasting her flying outwards. Blood flew from her mouth.

Even though the rock was enormous and it didn't possess much destructive force on its own, it was contaminated with a trace of silvery white divine light. This was why Yun Xi, who was already quite powerful, ended up suffering so much. 

Shi Hao's eyes flashed. His hands moved through the void, bringing her back. Then, he helped treat her injuries. Blood energy surged, quickly stopping the injuries from worsening. 

The good thing was that this attack wasn't fatal. It was just that the Heavenly Deity's power was too overbearing. 

Shi Hao was fearful. This strand of silvery white divine light alone was enough to make him feel great danger. If it landed on someone head on, who could even resist its power?

Become stronger! This was the only thought in his head. He had to become a Heavenly Deity!

"Thank you!" Light swirled about Yun Xi's entire body. The blood energy was restrained. She stood up from the ground and gave a bow of respect, expressing her gratitude towards Shi Hao. 

She didn't reveal her real body, but Shi Hao had the dual-pupil, able to see through her spotless jade-white body. Her appearance was as beautiful as the goddess from a painting. 

"Just a slight effort, don't mention it." Shi Hao said. He revealed a grave expression and looked into the heavens. He knew that a great disaster was about to descend and was not confident in being able to stop it.

What left him rather shocked was that the figures that protected Yun Xi in the darkness moved. Even though they were restless, they didn't take action. It was clear that they weren't Heavenly Deities. 

Right when the silver-robed man was going to raise the spear again and was preparing to completely wipe out the remaining ten thousand or so creatures, a roar sounded from the distance. Shocking divine symbols surged as well.

At this moment, at the end of the great earth, many mountain peaks within the depths of the mountain range exploded!

"Great battle between Heavenly Deities!"

These words immediately sounded within everyone's minds. This level of great battle had erupted. 

"The cicada sheds its carapace. Actually escaping from this group and fleeing in those mountain ranges. Fortunately, I was able to cut it off."

This was the voice the silver robed man left behind. It was because when these words reached everyone's ears, he already disappeared into the limits of the great earth, slaughtering into the mountain range.

The ground was covered in blood. Pure white bone pieces that were sticky with traces of blood were everywhere. It was a scene too horrible to endure, as if this was the underworld. 

The scene was extremely quiet. Many people were still trembling. This was just too cruel! Even as cultivators, they had never experienced something as tragic as this. It really was terrifying to the extreme. 


"We aren't going to Heaven Province anymore. This is too terrifying, basically a nightmare!"


There were still ten thousand or so creatures alive. They all cried out loudly as they scurried in all directions frantically. For them, this was just too terrifying.

Regardless of whether it was the mercenary groups or the other loose cultivators, they all dispersed, turning into several dozen to hundreds of groups as they rushed in various directions. They all chose different routes. 

When everyone first heard these rumors, they felt that it was safer to just go along with everyone else and support each other, but who would have expected that they would encounter such a ruthless Heavenly Deity who, for the sake of eliminating his target, didn't hesitate to unleash such a great slaughter on the innocent. 

For them, this was a bloody tragedy!

"Thank you for your help." Yun Xi expressed her thanks again.

Just like Shi Hao, she chose to continue towards Heaven Province. In fact, even though many people left, the remaining half still continued forward. There were still several thousand of them. 

Only, they all separated, not wishing to be grouped up together anymore.

"What do you all really think happened for a Heavenly Deity to emerge?"

"You are underestimating things. Did you not see the great battle in the distance? There are at least two more Heavenly Deities. It really is too horrifying!"

Along the way, people continued their discussions.

Shi Hao chose to continue moving. He felt that since that Heavenly Deity left, he most likely shouldn't come back. Comparatively speaking, this route should be a bit safer. 

"The so-called heaven change, exactly what is it for? What kind of news are there recently? Who exactly is that Heavenly Deity looking for?"

This was the question many people had. They couldn't understand what would make a Heavenly Deity go to such extents to wipe out a target. 

"Could it be that the Five Elements Province's disturbance has reached all the way here?"

"You are talking about the Origin Sky Secret Realm matters, the chaos the young devil king Huang stirred up?"

When Shi Hao heard this, he was immediately shocked. Even these people knew about his matters.

"Who is the young devil king Huang? What happened?" Some of the people weren't aware of what happened yet.

"It stretches over ten provinces, the effects are too big. News haven't completely traveled here yet…" Someone said. 

"Hurry up and talk. What exactly happened? Could it be that the so-called young devil king is going to affect Demon Province?"

"You all are too ignorant and narrow-minded. There are quite a few well-informed people who know already. It is a youth named Huang. He left his name on the Demonic Sovereign's monument, oppressing Qin Changsheng in power. In addition, in the Little thousand world, he swept through his enemies with no one being his opponent. He has shaken up the sect masters of every sect."

"What? What are the details?"

Everyone discussed this matter, and even Yun Xi was shocked, carefully listening to this. It was because her group had just emerged from a restricted place. They weren't that aware of the news of the outside world yet. 

"The young devil king Huang, inside that Little thousand world, killed and defeated many exceptional talents, among them including the Underworld Child, Sun God Vine, Child of Lightning, Purple True Hou, and others. He has shaken up many sects."

"Just one person, yet he killed so many exceptional talents? This is a bit too absurd! Who is he? Could he be the true supreme being of a generation? Could it be that he is on par with Immortal Palace's inheritor?"

"You are right. This person is formidable. Rumor has it that he already defeated Immortal Palace's young great one. He was unstoppable in that little world, creating an undefeated legend!"

"This… is it all true?"

It was clear that this news stirred everyone up.

Demon Province was a rather chaotic place. Great demons had emerged in this place since the ancient times, and the creatures here often fought. When they heard these news, even though everyone had just experienced a great disaster, they still felt their blood surging. 

Yun Xi was shocked too. There was someone like this? It was just a youth, yet he rose so abruptly, unexpectedly forcing his way through young outstanding talents. Even Immortal Palace's inheritor was defeated!

This left her greatly shaken. One has to understand that their Celestial Race carried out this great plan precisely to create this type of unmatched genius, yet someone… produced this type of accomplishment on his own!

"Celestial being, from man to heaven, it is too difficult."

This time, she was only one of the seeds. She could be considered to be successful, so she needed to immediately hurry back to the clan. 

Yun Xi's mind drifted. She thought back to the lower realm. Back then, there was a youth that could sweep through all of his peers, reigning undefeated and rarely meeting worthy opponents.

It could be said that that person constructed an illustrious reputation in the lower realm. His battle accomplishments were truly world shaking and brilliant.

Unfortunately, even if that youth arrived in the higher realms, he would likely lose his past glory and brilliance, right? After all, the higher realms were just too large. There was an exceptional talent in almost every province, and they were known as heaven warping geniuses!

In addition, she had heard that this youth died in battle in the lower realm. 

"That young devil king Huang obtained the Little thousand world's most important inheritance. The old sect masters guarding the entrance wanted to capture him, but in the end, they failed. They are now absolutely furious."

"Rumors has it that many great sects are moving out, wishing to find him. Some want to kill him to eliminate a future worry, and there are others that want to seize his precious book. In short, a great storm is stirring in Five Elements Province, and it has shaken up all directions!"

"Could it be that the Heavenly Deity emerged truly for that young devil king Huang? Looking for traces of him in Demon Province?"


Everyone continued to talk among themselves, discussing the reasoning for heaven change. 

Yun Xi thought back. She knew that the youth that was known to be undefeated back then should be forever buried in the lower realm. It was impossible for him to appear again.

Her eyes flashed. She looked at Shi Hao in front of her. Just now, it was precisely this youth that helped her, dissolving the terrifying Heavenly Deity light. It was only because of this that she was able to quickly recover.

"I must ask you for your name. I am truly thankful for what you did just now!" Yun Xi looked towards Shi Hao, feeling quite curious towards this youth. His age wasn't great, but his strength was quite unordinary. 

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