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Chapter 695 - Terrifying Path

"Forget it." Shi Hao said softly, shaking his head. His identity was just too sensitive right now. Once he really did expose himself, there would be no place left in the world for him to hide. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao discovered that this young girl had people protecting her side. If not for the dual-pupils, he wouldn't have noticed those seemingly unrelated people.

This made him have even more misgivings. 

"Some of their cultivations really are high…" Shi Hao said softly. He couldn't see through these people even with the dual-pupil, only able to feel that they were deep like stars. 

"Are you courting death? Not going to watch where you are going?" Someone berated. This was an elephant-headed person with a huge human body. The golden nose was extremely long, and its two snow white tusks were like blades. 

"Get lost!" Shi Hao glared outwards. This city of crimes really wasn't all that peaceful. It was clearly this person that took the initiative to bump into him, trying to extort him. 

"You want to leave after bumping into me? If you don't take out twenty stalks of spiritual medicines or a secret treasure, you can forget about leaving." The elephant headed man spoke. Its golden nose swept out to wrap around Shi Hao's arm. 

This was the descendant of a Golden Giant Elephant and human, possessing the advantages of both races. Its divine force was astonishing, far surpassing normal races. When the elephant nose was just about to wrap around Shi Hao, he grabbed it and swung it about, smashing it into the ground with a loud noise. 

Shi Hao's movements were swift. He quickly looted this Supreme expert clean, because this was completely within the laws of the Blood Plains. There were many people with ill will here, and that's what they all did.

Up ahead, that young lady turned over and gave this side a look, revealing a bit of shock. She then walked away. 

Shi Hao strolled about. He both intentionally and inadvertently approached that young lady to understand a bit about this place, to find out what exactly happened. Why did she appear in this place?

The young lady's figure was quite excellent, and her appearance wasn't bad either. However, when compared to her true appearance, the disparity was just too great.

When he thought of the past scene, Shi Hao's mind seemed to have immediately returned to the lower realm, back to several years ago. 

He didn't walk quickly or slowly. When their shoulders brushed past, Shi Hao felt a few auras pass over him. They were at least experts of the true deity level!

It was difficult for ordinary people to detect anything, but Shi Hao's divine senses were sharp. He cultivated three world changing precious techniques, so he was quite sensitive on this aspect. 

"Yun Xi." This name was silently voiced in Shi Hao's mind. 

In the past, he had fought a great battle against the purple clothed young lady, wrestling all over the ground. In the end, he even bit the other party's ear, so the memories between the two were extremely 'deep'. 

For a long, long time, Yun Xi hated him to death. She was beautiful and otherworldly, a goddess among the younger generation of the great Archaic Divine Mountains. Who would treat her rudely? That devilish brat was the only one that would always threaten her, biting her on more than one instance.

"Her identity now is quite unordinary." Shi Hao said to himself, and then went on his way. There were deities protecting her, moreover all experts among experts. It really made one feel as if time was going by too quickly. 

Forget about old friends of the lower realm, even if they were adversaries, it would still make him feel great emotions inside. After all, this was a different world, and it was just too difficult to meet anyone from the lower realm. 

Shi Hao didn't get along well with Yun Xi during their early years at all, treating each other with hostility. However, later on, their relationship changed, gradually becoming better. 

Before Yun Xi left the lower realm, she had stayed with Shi Hao's group and was even brought back to Stone Village. This changed their hostile standpoint, making Stone Village's people even mistaken her for a wife Shi Hao brought back. 

This was especially true when Shi Hao and Second Baldy went to Heavenly Divine Mountain to help them repair the archaic transport formation that could bring them out of the lower realm, as a few more things happened then. 

Second Baldy was the main force behind the suggestion for Shi Hao and the Celestial Race to be related by marriage and exchange keepsakes, but they unexpectedly found that when Shi Hao bit Yun Xi's sparkling white ear, he had long seized that extremely important 'earring'. 

Even though both sides were embarrassed back then, the Celestial Race weren't shameless enough to ask for that 'earring' back. 

"Strictly speaking, she is my wife?" Shi Hao chuckled inwardly, feeling rather strange. They were reunited just like that. 

Only, there was no way for them to meet each other. He could only silently watch her. His identity was too sensitive, and he didn't know if he could rely on the bit of friendship between them in the lower realm. 

In the complicated higher realms, he didn't dare take risks. If there were any Celestial Race members who were heartless, he would be in great trouble. 

"I wonder how Second Baldy is doing…" Shi Hao really wanted to know if Kong Qiuji was well. Back then, it followed the Celestial Race into the higher realm. They had been separated for many years now. 

He didn't turn around, and just like that, he headed into the distance. He came across the silver-clothed girl Yun Xi, but didn't call out to her. It was merely a brief encounter. 

"Everyone, the Blood Plains might become quite chaotic soon. My White Wolf Mercenaries is recruiting. If anyone wishes to join us, we can give generous rewards!"

In this ancient city, there were quite a few people enlisting manpower. 

It was clear that the atmosphere of the entire Blood Plains was tense. The large mercenary groups were all moving about, wishing to improve their own strength. 

Shi Hao only rested for a single night in this city. He was going to head on his way the next day. Even though he knew that there was an old friend here, he didn't wish to meet her. They could only walk past each other. 

There were a few caravans by the city entrance, as well as a few loose cultivators. There were even more mercenary groups that were about to take off and cross the Blood Plains.

"Little brother, do you want the protection of mercenaries? Hiring us will only cost you a few stalks of spiritual medicines." Someone from the city entrance walked up and tried to worm his way into being friends with him. This was an old mercenary.

"No need." Shi Hao shook his head. 

"I say, little brother, you really are brave. Everyone is talking about heaven change, yet you really are confident enough to travel alone?" The old mercenary revealed a look of surprise.

"What is heaven change?" Shi Hao asked. 

"There will be a great battle that will take place on the Blood Plains with heavenly deities emerging. Heaven and earth will be turned upside down." The old mercenary spoke rather mysteriously. However, he didn't know about the concrete details either. 

Shi Hao stood outside the city gates, discovering with shock that it really was as the old mercenary said. The atmosphere was rather strange. The mercenary groups' businesses were great, and few people traveled alone. 

In addition, many mercenary groups joined hands, wishing to stay together and protect a group of people together and watch each other's backs. 

Shi Hao didn't want to stick out, so in the end, he joined the old mercenary's group. This was clearly a small mercenary group, one called Hurricane. There were only a dozen or so members, with the leader being a Divine Flame Realm expert. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. The creatures that were muddling their way through life on the Blood Plains were indeed not simple. Even a small mercenary group had a deity overseeing it. 

Of course, there was no way they were going to only escort Shi Hao. Their goal was to protect over a hundred people.

This was just what a small mercenary group was capable off. One could see how big the business overall was from this example.

Sure enough, several large mercenary groups went on their way. The groups were even larger, forming a long queue. It was a rather magnificent sight. 

Shi Hao was inside of a small mercenary group -- Hurricane. They followed behind the larger groups to borrow the radiance of a few great mercenary groups and make the others feel safe.

He discovered with shock that Yun Xi was also in this Hurricane Mercenary Group, one of the targets of their protection. 

"Why did she choose such a weak group?" Shi Hao was confused. He used the dual-pupil to observe the situation, and then he was shocked. He discovered that the mysterious experts that protected Yun Xi were nearby, as well as hidden in the larger mercenary groups ahead. 

"It really is strange." He mind was shaken. The other party purposely broke up the group to not expose their traces. Could it be that they were hiding from something?

When they went on their way, Shi Hao discovered with shock that mercenary groups left the city one after another. All of the groups, together with the people their were protecting, numbered in the tens of thousands. 

"It really is fucking annoying. I wanted to enter Heaven Province, but in the end, the Blood Plains were sealed up, and the transport means were unusable. Even flight was greatly affected." There were people grumbling on the road. 

"You should talk less. An extremely great matter is about to take place, so it's good enough if you don't throw your life away here. I really shouldn't have decided to make a journey during this time…" Someone said, clearly annoyed. 

Along the way, there were creatures from every race. There were people from the Feather Race, Gray Flood Dragons, Silver Spirit Vines, enormous mammoths, and even more humans. 

"The so-called heaven change, what exactly is going on?"

"Who knows? It's probably best if we remain careful on this road. With Reincarnation Mercenary Group's people moving out, this chaotic land will most likely be dyed in blood with heavenly deities descending."

Along the way, people discussed among themselves, sounding a bit nervous. However, they weren't panicking too much either, because they just had this feeling that the rumors weren't that reliable. 

Suddenly, an incomparably thick silver spear appeared in the sky. It was like a mountain peak, as if it could support heaven and earth. It was incredibly intimidating and carried heaven overflowing might as it suppressed downwards. 

This type of aura was too terrifying, making every inch of the void tremble. Everyone in this world was shaken up, and several tens of thousands of people were about to fall weak onto the ground.


The silver spear was several thousand zhang in length. With a peng sound, it impaled the great earth and erupted with incomparable power. Silver light illuminated the nine heavens. 


There were immediately people who cried out miserably. Waves of cries sounded. The great earth collapsed as if it was just paper, unable to take a single blow. 

A large scale mercenary group that were in charge of protecting two thousand people was unexpectedly wiped out. The spear stabbed into the great earth, sending silver light interweaving about. It blasted everyone there to death.

This was an absolutely tragic sight. Blood splashed outwards, and creatures of every race were blasted apart one after another. The two thousand creatures turned into bloody paste in the blink of an eye.

Shi Hao saw everything clearly from the distance. He was greatly shocked inside. He sucked in a breath of cold air. How powerful of a figure was this, actually able to to kill thousands of people with its weapon without even revealing itself. 

That silver spear rose high into the sky. Clouds curled up about it. The aura it released was too terrifying. Most of the creatures were so terrified they were shaking.

"Heavenly deity!"

"A heavenly deity appeared!"

Someone cried out loudly with great fear. This really was treating lives like nothing!

"Who are you? Why are you killing without reason, blocking our way?" Someone spoke. There was an extremely terrifying expert here, and they had several tens of thousands of people here.

"Heaven change has begun. The ones that are hiding, just come out. I came for you all." A cold voice sounded.

A silver battle robed middle-aged man emerged without a word and stood at the highest point of the enormous spear. He glared downwards in an incomparably cold and merciless manner. 

"This has nothing to do with us. We are not the ones you are looking for." A few mercenary group leaders spoke. 


The heavenly deity in silver battle clothes had an awe-inspiring presence. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens. A finger pointed outwards, and with a pu sound, a powerful mercenary group leader was blasted apart, killed on the spot.

It was too domineering, not giving them any room to even refute.

"I will look myself. There is no need for any of you to explain." He coldly said. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, because he discovered that Yun Xi clenched her fists just now, and her eyes were a bit nervous. Even though it quickly loosened, there was definitely a problem.

He felt like he ended up encountering a huge problem. The so-called heaven change was likely related to her people!                                                                                                                                                              

Meanwhile, right now, he was not far from Yun Xi, so they were likely going to be associated together. 

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