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Chapter 694 - Heaven Change

Demon Province, flame plateau.

An ancient great figure blew out a mouthful of flames, turning everything within more than a hundred thousands li barren, changing this place into a place of death. 

After endless years passed, it was still rare to see creatures here. Plant life was sparse. 

On the lonely and desolate plateau, a single person walked about, one step crossing several thousands of zhang. It was the Shrinking earth into inches withdrawal technique. It was too fast, as if a streak of transient light was moving about. It was precisely Shi Hao. 

He left his grandfather. He was going to enter the world and fight over the great inheritance with other geniuses of this generation. News had already spread a long time ago that hundred rivers were gathering towards the sea. There was going to be a world-shocking great battle. 

He walked while studying the 'Shrinking earth into inches' human race divine ability. This was a precious technique he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm. After pondering and delving into this technique, his comprehension of it became more and more profound. 

Yellow sand filled the skies, great winds stirred about. It was extremely grand.

When one gazed far outwards, it was as if if several dozen yellow dragons were roaring and coiling about above the great earth. Shi Hao sped along, blowing up sand about as he moved. He already traveled more than a hundred thousand li, about to leave this field. 

"I wonder when I can see the divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly again." Shi Hao said to himself.

He had to first leave this desolate region and confirm exactly when the gathering of geniuses was going to officially begin. He had never participated in a selection competition, so would he even be able to participate in the final battle?

Then, he would try to cross over these several dozen provinces to find the divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly.

"That Silver Phoenix should have woken up by now, right?" Shi Hao was a bit excited. That bird should be the silver-haired girl, and she carried a tremendous secret on her. 

Demon Province was truly quite chaotic.

Not long after he left this wasteland, as soon as he entered a mountain region with more creatures, he encountered some slaughter. There were many demonic birds and roaming bandits. 

Several days later, he understood quite a few things. He entered a region with luxuriant plant life, but monsters and bandits continued to appear more and more frequently.

"Aohou… Youngster, if you have any spiritual medicines or treasures, hand them over and I'll let you pass." A roar sounded. A fierce black tiger appeared and stood in his path.

"Ah…" A miserable cry sounded. A tiger's roar shook the heavens. 

An hour later, the smell of meat wafted along the river. Shi Hao had propped this Formation Arrangement Realm Black Tiger on a bonfire and cooked it until its meat was golden and dripping with oil. He began to enjoy this delicious meal. 

"Turns out this gathering of geniuses is even more important than what I had thought, actually related to the Ancient Immortal!" Shi Hao said softly. 

On the ground were many piles of ashes. He ate half the tiger and then stewed a cauldron of tiger bone soup, slowly enjoying himself as he processed the various pieces of information he obtained. 

The so called Ancient Immortal was an era!

This left him shocked. What exactly was going on? Why did it disappear?

Meanwhile, the world he was in right now, this space, even if one day, it headed towards destruction, it was still bound to be called the end of an era. 

Perhaps only then would there be a name, one that contained the meaning of this current era. 

Regardless of whether it was the Ancient Immortal era or this era, it could be divided into prehistoric, archaic, far ancient, near ancient, modern, and other times. How long of a period of time was this?

"Exactly what kind of natural luck was this? For it to make all of the geniuses go crazy and the great sects' eyes red?"

Shi Hao became more shocked the more he understood, because many people should have long ignited their divine flames, yet they forcibly restricted themselves all for the sake of participating in this event and seizing world-changing natural luck. 

Rumors had it that only at the Supreme Expert Realm could one enter that place to receive benefits. 

There were rumors in the outside world that powerful individuals were fighting each other and exceptional talents were competing for supremacy. Whoever could come out the victor will definitely reign glorious for tens of thousands of years to come, revising the history of both past and present!

"Fortunately, they aren't carrying out any of the so-called selection. As long as one is powerful enough, they can still step on that path in the end to obtain the ancient immortal's natural opportunity."

"Yi, what is going on?"

Shi Hao's sharp senses detected some abnormalities, even a bit of danger, which prevented him from drawing closer to those transport formations. 

Demon Province was quite chaotic. Demons had fought chaotically since the ancient times, and slaughter erupted endlessly. 

However, he didn't expect it to be that chaotic. He walked visited two enormous cities, and they both had high level transport formations that could travel across provinces into the distance, but he noticed there were people watching him attentively with faint killing intent. 

"Something's fishy!"

Soon after, he felt that the Demon Province was a bit strange. The atmosphere wasn't really right. 

Those high level transport formations didn't number over four or five, but they all had experts protecting them, secretly watching over them. If he didn't use the dual-pupil earlier to understand everything and recklessly went up, he would have definitely been closely interrogated. 

Shi Hao felt that things were definitely off. Could it be that after he entered Demon Province, there was some information leaked and others learned about his existence, therefore setting up an inescapable net, waiting for him to take the risk?

He noticed that if he didn't travel on these super level transport formations, he shouldn't even think about crossing dozens or over a hundred provinces. He would simply tire himself to death, and even if he flew for a hundred years, he wouldn't reach his destination.

"I should just head for the neighboring Heaven Province for now."

Shi Hao said to himself. He noticed that he wasn't too far from Demon Province's border. After a few hundred thousand li, he would enter Heaven Province, and perhaps he could borrow that province's path. 

Heaven Province was the birthplace of the Celestial Race, one of the higher realms' greatest provinces. There were a few ancient sects there that were extremely wealthy and famous. 

Soon after, he learned a few things. 

"This is fine as well. The Demon Province is too chaotic, and with Demonic Sunflower Garden against me here, it really won't be that safe for me to roam about here."

Shi Hao prepared to cross provinces. Either way, it wasn't that far. He began to suspect whether those transport formations defended by deities really were for him. 

Normally speaking, they shouldn't have to go that far!

It was because news shouldn't have leaked. His existence shouldn't have been exposed here. 

Blood Plains was where Demon Province and Heaven Province shared borders. It covered an area of several hundred thousand li and looked vast, but compared to the two provinces, it wasn't that great. 

In the ancient times, this used to be a battlefield where hundred races fought and groups of demons contended for supremacy. It was unknown just how many deities had died. Demons and ghosts went on a rampage. It was a place of complete bloodbath. 

"How many years had already passed now? Why hasn't there been any improvement? There are still monsters roaming about everywhere…" Shi Hao was about to become speechless. 

Ever since he entered the Blood Plains, he encountered many instances of slaughter. There were many vile and vicious people here, with quite a few mercenaries as well. It was like a heaven for crime.

In this area of several hundred thousand li, it was entire red, rumored to be dyed this color by the blood of experts from every race during the battle back then, eternally unfading. 

Among them, there was the Taotie, and the True Hou old ancestors. The former devoured sect masters, while the latter felled moons and stars with its roar. They displayed their might here.

However, during the battle back then, even though they were powerful, they still weren't the most powerful monsters. There were even more terrifying legends. 

Shi Hao had just walked ten thousand li before he encountered an attack. One could well imagine how dangerous this place was.

His harvest was considerable too, however, When faced with powerful individuals who were killing for money, he directly slaughtered them back, fighting evil with evil. He collected quite a bit of spoils of war. 

Of course, there were a few times where he used the Kun Peng technique together with the earth withdrawal technique, raising his speed beyond the extreme to flee.

It was because he encountered an extremely terrifying deity, some with unfathomable cultivation realms!

If not for his extreme speed, he would have undoubtedly died. A single palm from those existences could wipe out his life. 

"Really is too strange. It is just Blood Plains, so why are there so many powerful individuals and demons appearing? It is too chaotic." Shi Hao was confused.

Even if there were a few undying inheritances that ruled this place, it might not even reach this extent. There were just too many powerful individuals, to the extent where it was a bit shocking. 

Two days later, weng weng sounds rang through the air. The heart of the Blood Plains and the sky above flickered with symbols. It was incomparably mysterious, and there was a vague chaotic energy surfacing. 

"Heavens, what is going on? What happened?" A few people were shocked. 

At the center of this region was an enormous city. All types of monsters, vicious beasts, ferocious birds, and other creatures roamed about. There were many races here. This was an extremely well known city of crime. 

"The void imprisonment great formation is opened. No one can travel through space!"

On the Blood Plains, there was an ancient great formation, and now, it had been activated by someone, signifying the sealing of this region. It meant that something major had happened. 

Shi Hao became increasingly shocked. Could it be that he really was exposed?

"How many years has it been since something like this happened? It is just too difficult for Blood Plains' twelve Devil Kings to all agree and take action together to open this great void imprison formation, yet it has been done! Who exactly has the honor of forcing them to do this, and what exactly did they do?"

Blood Plains was currently controlled by twelve Devil Kings!

"You all should act a bit more carefully and think about killing and stealing all the time. This might not be some heaven for crime but instead a blood soaked battlefield!"

"Leopard Old Six, did you hear something? Hurry and tell everyone."

The Blood Plains had twelve enormous cities of crime, and this was one of them. Right now, there were all types of creatures within one of the restaurants, and they were all discussing this matter.

"One of my sworn brothers leaked this piece of information to me. His grandfather's younger brother is a member of Reincarnation Mercenaries' main force. He had been told not to go wonder randomly, because there is going to be 'heaven change'!"

"What heaven change?"

"Don't ask too much, I don't know either. As long as you all know that quite a few organizations like Reincarnation Mercenaires are even involved, you should understand how terrifying things are!"

Everyone sucked in cold breaths of air. The Reincarnation Mercenaries were too famous. They weren't only well known in the Blood Plains; they even occupied the top positions in all of Demon Province. 

It was because the head of this mercenary group was close to Heavenly Deity Realm!

Meanwhile, there were more than a single group like this, and all of them were men hired to take action in the Blood Plains. This was definitely a major event that would leave long lasting effects. It was extremely terrifying!

"When the time comes, it will likely be a battle between heavenly deities with sect masters fighting to the death. Everyone has to be careful!"

This news shocked even Shi Hao. He could feel a storm coming. The Blood Plains were going to be soaked in blood. 

He knew that this was likely unrelated to him, and that he had most likely overthought things.

"En?" Shi Hao's mind suddenly trembled. He saw a figure on the street. He revealed a look of shock, feeling that it was a bit familiar.

It was female, one with a graceful and beautiful outline. Her hair was sparkling and supple. This was clearly a beauty from a single look, one that gave him quite the sense of deja vu. 

Who was this? Shi Hao was puzzled. He believed his own intuition. He brought out the dual-pupil and carefully observed her.

This city of crime was rather large and the streets wide. There were creatures of all sorts bustling about, but it wasn't all that peaceful or safe. Bloody battles happened frequently. 

Shi Hao kept a low-profile, carefully observing the situation. The dual-pupil shone, reflecting that young lady's true body. 

"It's her!"

He was immediately shocked. He never expected to have this type of surprise encounter here. After being separated for so many years, they could actually meet again.

One has to understand that the three thousand provinces were just too vast. It was difficult for one to travel to the end of a single province. Inheritances stood tall and endless races existed. It was too difficult to find a specific person.

"Heaven change, could it be related to her race?" Shi Hao's mind trembled greatly.

This beautiful girl had once left him with too deep of a memory. Should he go and pay her a visit?" Shi Hao's eyes became deep. 

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