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Chapter 693 - Demon Province

At the entrance of the secret realm, the group of people were furious. That young devil king was too hateful, doing things in an unbridled manner. His bearing was unrestrained, completely not treating them with importance. 

Forget about others, just the sect masters' faces fell. They truly wished they could slap him to death with a single palm. It was absolutely preposterous. 

"He dares to stay inside? What a bunch of nonsense! If he wants to lead us inside to chase after him, it is just too childish." The old woman in golden feather clothes spoke. She was the Golden Luan's sect master. 

The sect masters' eyes had grave expressions. They were mocked and ridiculed by the young devil king -- Huang, making their faces devoid of light. Their bodies were shrouded in mist, and killing intent pervaded the air. 

The crowd were all discussing passionately. Everything that happened today happened suddenly. It was just a youth, yet he challenged all of the sects without the slightest sense of respect for authority. He was just too reckless!

This was, without a doubt, going to stir up a huge storm. In the following days, the young devil king Huang was going to become the focal point of every sect's discussion. He would become an extremely well known figure in the higher realms. 

Every single gap in space signified an expanse of chaotic void, so it was extremely dangerous. If one entered rashly, there was a high chance of their body and spirit being wiped out!

Fortunately, the Devil Blood Ghost Tree accompanied them the entire way. Its dao skills were profound. It was a tree, but at this moment, it turned into a black clothed old man. It supported a sphere of dark light that resisted the chaotic streams in space. 

The passageway in space was extremely unstable. 


Space was distorted here. There were large cracks. A single mishap would result in the destruction of one's body. 


Shi Hao gasped. They were moving through an unstable passageway. They saw a Green Flood Dragon that was over a thousand zhang in length. It definitely exceeded the Divine Flame Realm, but its corpse was ice cold. The upper half of its body had long been severed to who knows where by the great cracks of the void.

They moved quickly. Hazy mists fluttered about around them, as if they had entered primal chaos.


Numerous blades of light appeared before them, formed from natural laws. They could cut down deities. There was a pile of ruined bones nearby, and all of them were experts that had encountered accidents while crossing the void. 

Fifteen minutes later, Shi Hao was shocked to find an ancient black boat in the void's large cracks. It was dyed in blood, drifting about through the boundless void. 

For some reason, the instant they saw it, they felt flustered. It was as if they were suffocating.

It was just too much pressure. Even individuals as powerful as them were surrounded by the shadow of death, as if they would immediately die.

"What is that?" Grandpa Fifteen frowned. 

"Quiet!" The Devil Blood Ghost Tree was extremely nervous. All of its fine hairs stood on end. It carefully moved through the cracks of the void without a word, quickly bringing these two into the distance. 

Only after an unknown amount of time had passed did he release a breath of air. There was unexpectedly sweat on his body.

"I had heard from Origin Sky Supreme Being that while traveling through the void, upon losing one's way in the great cracks, the most terrifying thing is encountering the blood dyed ancient black boats, as well as the mist shrouded chaotic palaces and terrifying flying immortal marvels." The Devil Blood Ghost Tree explained. 

Those three things and scenes had existed since the ancient times. They were the most strange, and even if old sect masters entered, they would undoubtedly die. 

Meanwhile, today, they unexpectedly encountered the blood dyed ancient black boat. This was truly quite the 'luck'. Fortunately, they were still far away and didn't get too close, or else they would have undoubtedly been in great danger!

"Millions of millions of creatures had traveled through the void, yet no one had seen it. We managed to experience quite an uncommon journey."

There wasn't really anything unexpected afterwards. The void was unstable, but they were more scared than hurt. They quickly made their way to the other end of the spatial gap's 'road'. 

Soon after, white light flashed. They broke free through another unstable 'gap' and arrived in the outside great world. 

Scarlet red magma illuminated their view. The scorching temperature was so great it could turn people into ashes. This was a group of volcanoes. Waves of heat roiled, and a heavy sulfuric smell assailed the nostrils. 

This was clearly a dangerous place. There was no plant life, a place that was lacking life force overall. There were many volcanoes that released black smoke and enormous mountains that had magma flowing out from within.

"Let's part ways here. This place is not suitable for me to stay extensively in," said the Devil Blood Ghost Tree. It was, after all, a plant type of creature. This place made it feel rather uncomfortable. 

"Senior, goodbye!" Shi Hao cupped his fist as he watched it leave through the air. 

"How did we end up here…" The Great Demonic God said to himself. This seemed a bit unreal. They were just in the little thousand world within Five Elements Province, but now, they were likely already several tens of millions of li away.

What kind of place was this? Was it even the same province? The grandfather and grandson pair were at a loss. They had no concept of location right now, not knowing where they were at all. 

Shi Hao was shocked. His grandfather really was doughty, directly throwing himself into the volcanic crater. That place was crimson red with roiling heat. Red magma surged!

"Grandfather, are you okay?"

With a hua la sound, the magma was separated. The Great Demonic God emerged from the volcanic crater as if he was just taking a bath. His face was red, and heat surged from his hair. 

"I am fine!" Grandpa Fifteen spoke. He devoured the Demonic Sovereign's true blood and always had yin energy within his body that could only be suppressed and alleviated a bit by strong alcohol. 

"Grandfather, I will definitely find divine level little devil wine for you!" Shi Hao said. Perhaps only that level of precious wine could expel the yin energy. 

"No harm. I feel like after cultivating the Lightning Emperor's method, my body will become better and better. Things will improve sooner or later." The Great Demonic God said.

Shi Hao nodded and said, "That makes sense too. I'll look around to see what kind of place this is first, and then let's go into isolation to cultivate the second page of the golden sheet."

Then, he and the Great Demonic God took action. They searched through this place to get to the bottom of what kind of place this was. 

This was an extremely barren plateau. It covered an extensive area of hundreds of thousands of li. There weren't many traces of inhabitation. They only found a few mortals after searching several tens of thousands of li. 

The living conditions here were extremely harsh, so they didn't see many powerful creatures. It was because this wasn't some great cultivation place, lacking spiritual medicines, lakes, and green hills. 

It was just too desolate. The land was barren. There weren't really any cultivation inheritances across the boundless plateau. 

"Demon Province!"

Turns out they were in Demon Province. They truly didn't know how far it was from Five Elements Province. After asking around, they found that those mortals didn't know any other provinces. 

In the eyes of mortals, a province alone was already limitless. Not even a hundred lifetimes of walking would bring them to the limit. 

In the end, they finally met a few cultivators, but their cultivation levels weren't high. They learned a few things from them. 

There were demons from the ancient generation that stirred up chaos here. They fought unendingly, their vicious energy overflowed into the heavens, and that was why Demon Province got this name. 

Meanwhile, everything within a hundred thousand li was barren earth without much vegetation, formed precisely because of the ancient generation's great battle. An ancient great figure had once spat out a streak of flames that burned through everything. 

When the grandfather and grandson heard this, they were both shocked. What kind of cultivation was that? A mouthful of flames burned everything within a hundred thousand li!

Apart from this, the reason why it was called Demon Province was because this province had produced demons in the ancient era that continuously fought. There was another important reason, and that was that Demonic Sunflower Garden was located in this province.

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately revealed a look of shock.

The hatred between this race and himself was quite great. They had fought a great battle even in the lower realm. Only death could get rid of this grudge. The descent of the seven deities into the lower realm was even more so because of this race's involvement. 

Apart from this, he had also killed a young outstanding talent from Demonic Sunflower Garden in Origin Sky Secret Realm!

This region was barren and devoid of life, but that didn't mean that the entire Demon Province lacked spiritual essence. On the contrary, there were many great sects and countless magnificent mountains and rivers, especially where Demonic Sunflower Garden was located. Heavenly essence and auspicious energy flowed through that place year round. 

This area of more than a hundred thousand li when compared to the entirety of Demon Province was just a corner. There weren't really any powerful creatures that set foot here. 

The grandfather and grandson were quite satisfied, because this desolate plateau was just too suited to their isolation cultivation. No matter how great of a disturbance they raised, they didn't have to worry about it.

"What a pity, it is just too far from Five Elements Province with several dozen provinces in between. It will be too difficult to return!" Shi Hao sighed and said. They only learned of this after asking around for a long time.

The area of a single province was greater than that of all eight regions of the lower realm, its area was at least several tens of millions of li, difficult for one to imagine. 

The most recent few days, within the volcanos, lightning radiance flashed and electrical radiance interweaved. The scene was shocking. 

The grandfather and grandson were both in isolation, not worried of anyone bothering them at all. There was only surging smoke, crimson magma, as well as pungent sulfuric smell. 

The two already closed their eyes. They both sat in a volcano with red magma around them. Lightning curled above their heads. They were comprehending the second part of the golden sheet.

In front of the Great Demonic God's body was a stalk of purple grass. There was dense spiritual essence and boundless lightning. It surrounded him and crackled about. 

In front of Shi Hao was a green jade bamboo. It was only the width of a chopstick and two feet tall. It was entirely green and carried green radiance. It also had lightning curling about it.

These two plants could be considered priceless. They were picked from the immortal tomb, and when ingested, could help one cultivate a type of lightning dao divine ability in the shortest time possible. 

This was not the first time Shi Hao benefited from this. Now that they were  studying the second page of the golden sheet, they immediately used two stalks. Meanwhile, he only had one last stalk on him. 

The Lightning Emperor was mysterious and powerful. Some people said that he was an immortal. Everything he learned was boundless and unfathomable!

Meanwhile, the two pages of golden sheets were world shocking. If they got out, it would be enough to make every sect go mad. The highest magic of the lightning dao was recorded!

For the next few days, the purple grass and green jade bamboo quickly decreased in size. Electrical radiance surged around the grandfather and grandson pair's bodies. In the end, they were wrapped within symbols as if they underwent rebirth. 

They turned into two cocoons formed from condensed lightning!

Another two days passed. Lightning rushed into the heavens. The electrical radiance was shocking, collapsing large amounts of volcanoes. The magma surged, and scarlet redness covered the ground. The scene was horrifying.

"Success!" Shi Hao opened his eyes. His eyes flashed with essence radiance, and lightning symbols shot out from his pupils, sharp and intimidating. 

Below his feet, an earthen aura condensed. It was as if an expanse of great earth was forming, but it was actually lightning. In the end, light and dark appeared behind his body, turning into light and dark wings. They were also formed from lightning!

He reached a terrifying degree of knowledge of the Lightning Dao! The Lightning Emperor's precious technique was fully engraved in his mind. It was one of countless changes, and all types of profound mysteries were now within his grasp. 

Shi Hao felt that if he entered Origin Sky Secret Realm again, he didn't even have to use the Kun Peng technique anymore. Just the lightning attacks alone could wipe out any opponents in his way. 

This type of method was comparable to the Kun Peng technique, one of the world shaking and most profound divine abilities!

Soon after, the Great Demonic God also emerged from isolation. His benefits were similarly profound. 

"Grandfather, I want to enter the great genius battle of three thousand provinces. Rumor has it that there is an unmatched great opportunity there, and that talents from everywhere will converge into one place. The elites of every race, including all exceptional talents will participate." Shi Hao said, wishing to seize the natural luck. 

"Child, I will just live here in seclusion. In the future, if you want to look for me, just come to these volcanoes!" The Great Demonic God said. He wanted to continue his cultivation here. 

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