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Chapter 691 - Place of Inheritance Conclusion

Shi Hao sat down near the praying mat.

Inside the pill furnace, silver electrical arcs, scarlet thunder, golden lightning, black lighting radiance… they interweaved together. It was full of immortal dao energy. 

Meanwhile, the golden paper rose and fell, absorbing the heavenly river's lightning. It became more and more resplendent, ultimately illuminating the little thousand world, making it indistinct. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He felt as if he saw the wrong thing. A ruined figure appeared in the electrical radiance that illuminated these ruins. 

In that place, there were many powerful black mountains, but they were all broken. Large amounts of golden enormous palaces rested here, but most of them were collapsed. There was also a silver river flowing that was almost dried up. 

They were ruins. They looked mysterious and hazy with rubble everywhere. Lightning curled about. Normal people couldn't get close.

"Lightning Emperor's Palace!" 

Shi Hao gasped. He saw an inscribed board at the center of the ruins with these three words. Only, they had long been covered in dust. 

"Is this the depths of the uninhabited region?" He said to himself. It was because according to legend, the Lightning Emperor didn't belong to the three thousand provinces and instead came from the even more vast mysterious region.

Suddenly, the praying mat at Shi Hao's side moved. It also released a hazy radiance. Apart from this, the tattered armor around his body was also like this, resonating with the golden sheet.

"Yi?" He was shocked. He saw that the blurry scene was changing, and a creature appeared. 

In that instant, Shi Hao felt a wave of boundless energy assail his face. It was as if he was facing the cosmos. He had no way to defend himself. The pressure was enough to make one suffocate.

This was just a human shaped creature. He stood above the ruins of the Lightning Emperor's Palace, as if he was the era of nothingness, overlooking all nine heavens and eight earths. His entire being was surrounded by a mist, but the aura it released was too intimidating. 

Even though they were separated by countless years and in a completely different space, Shi Hao's heart similarly trembled. He felt like an ant looking at an Azure Dragon. 

This creature was too powerful!

"Origin Sky Supreme Being?" Shi Hao said softly. It was because at this moment, he recognized the armor on this person's body. It was refined from heavenfault stone and light blue-green in color. This material could mend the heavens and refine the blue sky. It was an unmatched immortal material.

He had seen this armor before in the Mound of Soldiers. It was covered in cracks and buried in the crystal grave, unmovable. It laid in slumber together with the ancient supreme being. 

Soon after, another figure appeared, walking over from the depths of the vast uninhabited region. He walked into the Lightning Emperor Palace ruins and faced Origin Sky Supreme Being.

A conflict erupted between the two individuals, and it quickly became a great battle.

The scene became indistinct. Just the aura from the battle alone was enough to make deities tremble. It was too terrifying. Chaotic killing energy surged, as if it was going to wipe out the world. 

Shi Hao's face became pale. He quickly operated the True Primordial Record to protect his mind!

Was this a projection recorded by the golden sheet?

Then, the praying mat shone. An expanse of bone texts surfaced, displaying an account of secrets. 

Origin Sky Supreme Being suffered heavy injuries, and when he made it out from the uninhabited region, he was already dying. He brought back two golden sheets, the Lightning Emperor's inheritance. He then went into isolation.

"Lightning Emperor is rumored to be immortal. Even Origin Sky Supreme Being wanted to study his method." Shi Hao was shocked. He unexpectedly obtained this piece of information.

Unfortunately, Origin Sky Supreme Being's rebirth failed. His serious injuries did not heal, ultimately resulting in the death of his body and dao. 

He raised a lightning hound, and after obtaining the upper piece of the Lightning Emperor's inheritance, it ultimately evolved into a Dragon Mastiff, so one could see just how shocking this precious technique was. It definitely shook past and present. 

"En, the tattered armor on my body was also brought out from the uninhabited region?" Even though Shi Hao had his suspicions, after receiving proof from the imprint on the praying mat, he was still a bit shocked.

Unfortunately, it was only briefly mentioned and not explained in detail. 

"What? The Lightning Emperor is one of the vicious ten?" When he saw this piece of the bone text records, Shi Hao was completely blown away. This was simply outrageous. His heart was greatly shaken.

The so called archaic vicious ten was just something the later descendants said. 

In reality, the archaic was the last phase of an era. The ten vicious were extremely ancient, and it was difficult to say what era they originated from. 

Of course, there were those that said that there were still some alive among the ten vicious in this world, never passing away, that they were the true -- immortals.

"Divine dao, immortal dao, why do I feel like there is a tremendous secret within these?" Shi Hao said to himself. In the present age, everyone spoke about the divine dao, and even the cultivation realms were like this.

Unfortunately, when the past was mentioned, the word immortal would always emerge. 

Regardless, He now knew of the golden sheet's origins, and he also understood its unsurpassed value. Even Origin Sky Supreme Being wanted to cultivate this technique after his rebirth!

Shi Hao didn't waste any time. He observed the bone texts on the golden sheet, because it would only appear after absorbing the immortal dao aura. 

On the golden dao platform, all sides attacked each other viciously, fighting over the cyan bone piece. A portion of people paid close attention to him as well, not willing to leave, patiently waiting for the lightning power to dissipate. 

This was an absolute bloodbath. The dao platform was was dyed in blood. All sides contended for supremacy, and all of them were fighting over the secret realm's greatest inheritance. 

"Not good!" Shi Hao was shocked, because the two golden sheets finally slowly calmed down. The Heavenly Scorpion, Jade Mantis, and the exceptional talents glared over like tigers watching their prey. They threw themselves over.

"This old one didn't display his power, yet you all are treating me like some sick cat?!" Shi Hao roared and stood up. 

"Hao'er, don't be too rash. This way!" The Great Demonic God transmitted. Their rewards weren't few. Obtaining that golden sheet was more important than anything.

Apart from this, they even comprehended a few divine abilities from the cyan bone piece. 

This was especially true for the Lunar Jade Rabbit and little fatty. Just now, even though they had been beaten by the group until they had to cover their heads and sneak away, they each held the cyan bone piece for long enough, which provided them with tremendous benefits. 

"You still want to leave" The male that held the golden lamp finally took action against Shi Hao. His expression was cold. This was one of the most powerful exceptional talents. 

His boldness was shocking. Soul force swept over like a sea. He pressed over with the gait of a dragon or tiger. 

Above his head, the golden precious lamp shone. A rain of light flew out from the center of the lamp, turning into fiery red stars. They suppressed and slaughtered towards Shi Hao. Every single star had a deity sitting on it, divine and terrifying!


At the same time, Zhen Gu took action. He held the congealed spear, turning it into a blood battle spear. It unexpectedly pierced through the air, releasing wuwu sounds as it did so. The tip of the spear had demonic void figures on it as it slaughtered forward. 

Apart from this, the Jade Mantis and other deities also took action. Killing energy surged.

This was a great battle. Shi Hao weaved left and right, but blood quickly appeared on his body. With so many powerful enemies surrounding him, with deities included among them, the fact that he didn't immediately fall was shocking enough on its own. 

The azure scorpion tail appeared without a single noise. It pierced through the protective symbols around Shi Hao's body. If not for the single heavenly passage blocking it, he would have definitely been impaled to death.

This Heavenly Scorpion was too formidable. Not long ago, it directly penetrated an exceptional talent's body in a bloody and ruthless manner. This was simply the sharpest and most poisonous spear. 

Shi Hao almost encountered a disaster. The heavenly passage weakened the symbols, slowing down this scorpion tail. However, his shoulder was still pierced through, causing black colored blood to immediately flow outwards. 


He quickly operated bone texts. Blood splashed more than ten meters into the air, immediately expelling all of the poisonous blood. Meanwhile, a piece of flesh even more so directly exploded, leaving his body.

One has to understand that Shi Hao had an unbreakable body, but despite this being the case, he still had a small hole opened up by the scorpion tail. 

"This rotten armor!" He said to himself. This armor's shoulder portion had a huge cavity that was perfectly pierced through. 

Even though it was as mysterious treasure, sometimes, it really was a bit too unreasonable. 

The others' expressions changed. Even Immortal Palace's inheritor, golden lamp male and the others were shocked. This Heavenly Scorpion really was one of the secret realm's most powerful Divine Flame Realm experts. 

"If we were at the same cultivation realm, its stinger wouldn't even be able to pierce through me. However, it is a deity right now, so it is difficult for my flesh to stop its stinger." Shi Hao's eyes became cold. After suffering this blow, he began to retaliate. 

The scorpion's tail flew through the air, piercing out again without any hesitation. It was because the Heavenly Scorpion observed Shi Hao and Immortal Palace inheritor's great battle, feeling that it could suppress and kill him. After all, it was still a deity itself. 


In the next moment, its tail landed, reaching Shi Hao's chest and drawing blood. Some people were shocked; everyone's expressions were different. 

"The young devil king… was eliminated just like that?"

"It unexpectedly succeeded!"

However, a miserable cry immediately made everyone's expressions freeze. The scream came from the Heavenly Scorpion.

Shi Hao's chest had a piece of mud that was earthen in color. It was pierced through by the Heavenly Scorpion's tail, and in the end, that azure and extremely poisonous scorpion tail quickly dissolved into a bloody paste.

Moreover, this effect was quickly spreading, crawling up the scorpion's tail. Its entire blue tail turned yellow, dissolving into a pool of paste. Blood splashed high into the air.


The Heavenly Scorpion released a miserable cry. Its divine abilities were all gathered on this tail. Now that it was destroyed, it was the same as a human having their supreme being bone gouged out. It wasn't completely crippled, but it was close.

This was a shocking change in situation.

Many people's expressions changed. This was the sinister yellow earth brought in by the Sun God Vine. It came from the vast uninhabited region and was immediately collected by Shi Hao into the pill furnace. Right now, it was unexpectedly revealed. 


Shi Hao didn't show the slightest bit of mercy. He rushed over. A pair of fists shone. Reincarnation and Kun Peng powers were contained within, and then they blasted towards the Heavenly Scorpion.

At the same time, the others also revealed looks of shock. They feared the Heavenly Scorpion, so they all took action as well, wishing to eliminate this terrifying deity.

Sadly, the Heavenly Scorpion with its imposing divine might was blasted into a bloody mist under the attacks of everyone, having its body and spirit destroyed.

"What a pity, this scorpion's flesh inside of its shell is white and tender, looking like crab meat, but it was ruined just like that," Shi Hao said regretfully.

When everyone heard this, they all stared blankly. 

When Shi Hao used the pill furnace to carry the earthen mud, everyone shivered inwardly. No one dared to act rashly. This was a great threat. 


The Lunar Jade Rabbit was chased until it was in a sorry state. It tossed the cyan bone piece to Shi Hao, and then with a weng sound, the cyan bone piece shone. A symbol entered his consciousness.

"Golden Snake leg."

Shi Hao was immediately dumbstruck. Did snakes have legs? Soon after, he understood this type of precious technique. This was a human race enlightenment. It was a precious technique created after observing dragons and snakes. 

However, in the end, it did not acquire the dragon name, instead directly being named as the Golden Snake leg. This name really wasn't all that shocking and domineering, but after just skimming its contents, he realized that this divine ability wasn't simple. It could even maybe be said to be extremely terrifying!

Otherwise, it definitely wouldn't have been saved in the supreme being's precious book, moreover being considered as a secret method!

At this moment, everyone on the golden dao platform took action. They all surrounded Shi Hao, because he provoked the fury of everyone. Not only did he obtain the golden sheet, he even seized the cyan bone book. This was intolerable. 

Shi Hao fled. He wanted to keep comprehending, but this bone book was quite strange. Whenever the same person obtained a precious technique, it would become quiet for a while, preventing others from immediately comprehending other divine abilities. 

Shi Hao's hand moved, tossing the cyan bone book outwards. He had to make a choice, or else everyone was going to attack him. Even though he still had heavenly river inside the pill furnace he could use, it wouldn't be able to continuously hold everyone off. 

"Grandpa, we're leaving!" Shi Hao secretly transmitted. He used this opportunity to run in the opposite direction and break out. 

The grandfather and grandson pair jumped off the golden dao platform, crazily attacking to leave this place. However, close to half of the remaining people chased after him. The other half stayed behind to fight over the cyan bone book.

"How do we leave this ancient palace filled with chaotic energy?" Shi Hao said to himself. He was transported in, but now that he wanted to leave, it was hard to find a path. 

The grandfather and grandson duo were running quickly. They were covered in sweat, and eventually, they felt a bit anxious. 

"Senior, how do we leave?" Shi Hao roared, screaming towards the natural laws, or artifact spirit in the darkness that managed this place of inheritance. 

"Are you sure you want to leave, that you aren't going to compete over the supreme being inheritance any longer?" That grand voice sounded.

When he received this reply, Shi Hao was overjoyed. "I'm sure!"

Everyone had to make choices and be content with what they had. After obtaining the golden sheet, what else was there to be reluctant about? Excessive greed would only cause them to die here.


Symboled light appeared, surrounding Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God. They were immediately brought out from this place. 

"Me too, me too!" The snow white little rabbit yelled, continuously kicking off the ground with dissatisfaction. 

The others hesitated. If they continued to chase like this, then they would be forever giving up on the cyan bone book opportunity. This made them feel rather conflicted.


All types of multicolored radiance flickered about. In the end, a group of people chased after them. There were even some that returned to fight over the cyan bone book. 

This time, Shi Hao and the others directly crossed over the nine sacred mountains and appeared outside the place of inheritance, making their way through the immortal pond's dao gate entrance. 


As soon as they emerged, they encountered an ambush. A golden toad reached out its tongue, sweeping towards them like a waterfall. 


Shi Hao revealed the yellow earth and some heavenly river to protect himself. The golden toad's spiritual senses were sharp. It quickly shifted out of the way, revealing a look of shock. 


Immediately afterwards, a miserable cry sounded. The golden toad's tongue swept out, devouring a Divine Flame Realm centipede that chased Shi Hao out of the gate of light.


Meanwhile, the Jade Flood Dragon took action as well. It tore apart the Jade Mantis at the waist and then devoured it.

Shi Hao was shocked. The Golden Toad, Jade Flood Dragon and others were all the most powerful creatures of the secret realm. He had encountered them before, and he suspected that their cultivation realms exceeded the Divine Flame Realm. They were incomparably terrifying. He never expected that them to be standing guard here. 

The place of inheritance had restrictions. These creatures had entered as well, but they backed out after reaching the nine sacred mountains, because their cultivation realms were restricted, only able to reach the Divine Flame realm. They were worried of suffering a disaster inside, as that would just be too unfortunate. 

"Little Friend, do not be in such a hurry. We can sit down and have a discussion." Right at that moment, a creature spoke. 

Shi Hao felt like he was surrounded at all sides, but when he turned around and saw this creature, he felt a bit uncertain. Even if he had the pill furnace, heavenly river, and yellow earth, he still felt a bit nervous.

It was an ancient tree that was entirely charred black, as if it had a serious illness. Its roots were like feet as it walked over. It was precisely the Devil Blood Ghost Tree. 

"Senior, what do you want to discuss?" Shi Hao calmed himself down and asked. 

"The two of us are connected by karma, I do not mean any harm, so you can relax." The Devil Blood Ghost Tree spoke with a calm voice. 

Shi Hao wasn't all that convinced. Back then, the curse power of the heavenly river made it cough continuously and flee in disarray. Would it really just forgive him like this?

"The world outside the three thousand provinces is my home, while the battle clothes you carry also came from that place. This is fate, we are not enemies." The old tree said. 

Shi Hao was shaken. He wanted to learn about the world outside the three thousand province, what the vast uninhabited region was like. He immediately became stirred up, wishing to understand it. 

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