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Chapter 690 - Second Golden Page

Shi Hao used his entire body's power, yet he unexpectedly couldn't move the praying mat. It was too heavy, like a great star, firm and unmoving. 

"There is something under it?" The little rabbit ran over, raising her snow white ears. Her red eyes rolled about, and like a little miser, it said, "I'll help you out. Split it with me!"


Someone was attacking. A large black imprint descended, smashing towards Shi Hao's back. At this moment, he was covered in sweat and close to exhausting all of his strength, but he still couldn't move the praying mat. 

"You agree?" The little rabbit ignored the large black imprint. 

Shi Hao was annoyed. The money-grubbing rabbit had the leisure of haggling with him, yet didn't help him out, so he had to turn around and smash a fist down on the great imprint, blasting it flying. 

The Great Demonic God rushed over to stop everyone, telling Shi Hao to quickly make his move.

Shi Hao wasn't the only one with sharp spiritual senses. THere were others that noticed the peculiarities under the praying mat. In addition, even if they didn't sense it, they would have guessed that there was something by how much effort he was putting into moving the praying mat. 

"Okay or not?" The Lunar Jade Hair Rabbit asked. Its cornelian-like large eyes were full of life. 

"Okay, as long as you can move it!" Shi Hao said.

"Fatty, come over!" The snow white little rabbit called over Cao Yusheng, and at the same time, the Great Demonic God took action. The four individuals simultaneously moved the praying mat. 

Unfortunately, even though they were sweating profusely with symbols blazing about them, it was still useless.

"Most likely can only rely on the pill furnace." Shi Hao said to himself. 


The Heavenly Scorpion took action. Its scorpion tail was azure-blue. One could tell that it was poisonous with just a glance. It had killed many people already. 

Shi Hao's group of four retreated, avoiding this scorpion tail, allowing everyone else to rush up and try to move the praying mat. Meanwhile, they moved to the side to recover their foundational energy.

The golden dao platform was in chaos. Everyone wanted the cyan bone book, so the muddled warfare continued. Shouts of war shook the skies. A few people set their eyes on the praying mat. 

Of course, the most intense battle should still be from the golden lamp male and Immortal Palace inheritor. They carried out a life and death struggle, and several deities were involved as well, fighting over the cyan bone book. 


The Jade Mantis' long blades were too sharp. They continuously hacked outwards, weakening the great shifting symbol's radiance quite a bit. 

Of course, the exceptional talents here were unordinary as well, because they had secret treasures on them that could protect their bodies. Otherwise, they would have been killed by the deities a long time ago.


The void halberd collided with the golden lamp. Fiery light surged, holy flames raged, and a crack opened in the void, startling Divine Flame Realm experts until they all wanted to back up. 

The void split open, forming an enormous crack. The most terrifying thing was that the even if a deity stepped inside, they would be in danger!

"Fuck that Heavenly Scorpion, not chasing after the cyan bone book and always watching what we are doing here." Shi Hao clenched his teeth. He was waiting this entire time for a chance, but one of the most powerful deities was unexpectedly watching him. 

Suddenly, holy light surged. A scroll covered the sky, exploding in this place and destroying many of the great shifting symbols, making the cyan bone book fall down. 

At the same time, a graceful and confident woman appeared. With a raise of her hand, sword light swept out, forcing back an exceptional talent. She then grabbed towards the cyan bone book. 

Everyone shivered inwardly. To easily destroy the great shifting symbol, that picture scroll was definitely an important treasure personally refined by a higher realms giant. 

Everyone noticed who it was. It was precisely Feng Wu from Godden Academy. She was an exceptional talent from Goddess province!

She had never made an appearance, only when the results were about to be decided did she take action, seizing the final and greatest inheritance. 

This place erupted with commotion. The cyan bone book broke free from the restriction of symbols, truly becoming an ownerless item. Everyone went crazy and threw themselves outwards together. 

Even though Feng Wu was formidable, she was stopped by a scorpion tail, unable to immediately seize the bone book. She failed at the final step, and now she was dragged into this chaotic battle.

At this moment, Shi Hao moved, because the Heavenly Scorpion and other deities were all distracted by the cyan bone book.


He no longer held back. He opened the pill furnace, sending the heavenly river towards the praying mat. This place erupted with lightning, and immortal dao aura pervaded the air. Curse power extended far outwards. 

Forget about the enemies, even the Great Demonic God, Lunar Jade Rabbit, and the others were all forced back, not willing to rashly close in.

The golden sheet shone, absorbing the immortal dao aura. It became more and more sparkling and translucent. All types of symbols swirled about its surface. It rumbled with heavenly thunder sounds, and with a hong sound, it blasted the praying mat away. 

Then, it turned into a streak of golden light, struggling free and rushing into the heavens. It was like a sun as it shone.

"Not good!" Shi Hao was shocked. He wasn't able to grab it in the end, because it was too fast. Shi Hao did everything he could to jump into the air and grab towards that golden sheet.

Everyone was shocked. This praying mat was strange after all. It was knocked over by the young devil king. Many people's eyes went red, and they rushed over. 

"Those that stand in my way will die!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. This sheet of precious book couldn't disappear. He did everything he could to take action and seize it.


A divine arrow shot over. It was blasted apart by him. The feathered arrow split apart inch by inch in midair. 


Vicious beasts roared. They were all creatures of secret realms, unexpectedly also hiding this entire time. Only now did they appear and throw themselves into the air. 

"Get lost!"

Only after Shi Hao exhausted everything he had did he obtain the golden sheet. How could he allow these people to seize it?

At this moment, he didn't hold anything back. The Kun Peng technique appeared. He erupted into explosive strikes, continuously killing four experts, blasting them into bloody mists in midair. 


An exceptionally sharp streak of sword energy pierced at the back of Shi Hao's head, aiming to pierce straight through him!

Shi Hao suddenly turned around, seeing with a glance that it was fairy Yue Chan. Above her head suspended a golden cauldron that protected her body. In her hands was an immortal sword, and it was pointed right at his vital area. 

Shi Hao released a long roar. He attacked with full power. 

"You really are quite persistent, unexpectedly surviving and entering the higher realms." Fairy Yue Chan secretly transmitted. Her exceptional appearance carried a look of shock. 

"What are you talking about?" Shi Hao feigned ignorance. 

"Shi Hao, even if you were turned into dust, I would still recognize you. Stop trying to hide things!" Fairy Yue Chan laughed coldly. Resplendent light blossomed from her beautiful eyes, but she still spoke through her divine senses. 

"Heh, we are husband and wife after all, so you really are sharp, able to immediately recognize me." Shi Hao put on a front. 

"Nonsense!" Fairy Yue Chan's white clothes fluttered about her beautiful and intelligent figure. She had an immortal body and jade bones. Right now, her eyes widened. She attacked with full force, and killing energy pervaded the air. 

"Your second body even went to the bridal chamber with me and now already gave birth to a child named Shi Xiaochan. If you two met, you would be called mother." Shi Hao said. 

"Talking drivel!" Fairy Yue Chan's eyes widened. It seemed like she received a psychological blow. Her body swayed, and she was almost struck by Shi Hao's fist. 

"If you don't believe me, then there's nothing I can do to change your mind. Me and the second body will raise her without your care." Shi Hao said calmly. 

"Ah…" Yue Chan's main body cried out loudly. She lost control of her otherworldly temperament. Even though she didn't really believe it, she still felt a bit fearful of the possibility. It truly was a nightmare. 

"That is your child as well. Come with me and visit her. Immortal Palace's inheritor doesn't amount to much at all, just another person defeated under my hands. You don't have to marry him…"

Shi Hao chirped nonstop, continuously mouthing off cockily. 

"I'm going to kill you!" Yue Chan's eyes were cold. Even though she was scared and furious, she still recovered her cool-headedness.

Shi Hao also attacked with full force. The reason he died before and revived in the altar was because he took on a blow from fairy Yue Chan's sword. 

"You don't need to raise the baby. I'll raise her myself." Shi Hao's skin was thicker than a castle wall. 

However, he didn't show any mercy. Since the other party knew who he was, there was no need to hide anything. Reincarnation symbols emerged in his palm, and it struck forward.

"Heaven Mending Technique!" Yue Chan's expression changed. She directly used the most powerful forbidden secret method, and then she decisively withdrew. 


There were a few streaks of divine light that rushed over, surrounding the golden lamp male and Immortal Palace inheritor. The Heavenly Scorpion, purple Heavenly Centipede and others all grabbed towards the golden sheet. 

Shi Hao's eyes became serious. He activated the pill furnace, sending out the heavenly river and even scattering out the earth from the immortal tomb to stop these people. In addition, he looked for a way to put away that golden sheet.

"Aiya, not good!"

On the other side, someone cried out loudly, because the cyan bone piece was almost grabbed by someone. Cao Yusheng was extremely heaven defying, tossing it into his bosom and then running away.


Everyone took action at the same time to cut him off. Even Immortal Palace's inheritor turned back, brandishing the great halberd to suppress the little fatty.

"Motherfucker!" he cursed. He could only grab the precious text and carefully comprehend it. In the end, he couldn't deal with the pressure any longer and tossed it to the Lunar Jade Rabbit. "Everyone should take turns comprehending this bone book!"

While in midair, Shi Hao was shocked. He took the golden sheet and tossed it into the pill furnace. Then, he activated the furnace, allowing this golden sheet to absorb the lightning and resonate with the golden light in the air. 


Golden light flashed. This test unexpectedly succeeded! That golden sheet entered the pill furnace.

It was immediately as if a volcano erupted, shaking this entire place! Everyone longed after it too. They all noticed that the golden sheet was comparable to the cyan bone piece, only being more powerful and not weaker. It was an unmatched inheritance. 


Everyone shouted loudly. They threw themselves forward, including the deities. They truly wished to immediately kill Shi Hao. 


In the pill furnace, when the two golden sheets met, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. The heavenly river was moved, and the immortal earth was shaken. Incomparable lightning power erupted. 

At this moment, it attacked indiscriminately, sweeping through all directions. The lightning that carried immortal dao energy filled the void. 

Forget about others, even Shi Hao who had both the pill furnace and golden sheet suffered a disaster. He was blasted by the electricity until his hair stood on end and his entire body was scorched black. 

Fortunately, the lightning released from the golden sheet came from the pill furnace in all directions, and it knew that Shi Hao was the one that offered the immortal dao lightning aura, so it didn't mainly target him. He had just been caught in some of the shockwaves. 

A miserable cry sounded from the distance. A few people's bodies were pierced through, and there were others that released clear smoke and fell. 

Everyone quickly dodged out of the way, not daring to get closer. 

Shi Hao descended. The pill furnace shone, continuously erupting with lightning, drowning out this place, but he could only sit down, not daring to act recklessly. 

The two golden sheets frantically absorbed the heavenly river and immortal tomb's lightning and divine force to replenish themselves. They became more and more sparkling and resplendent. 

"Lightning Emperor!" 

Shi Hao saw these two ancient words, and then he understood the origins of this unmatched precious technique.

His mind was shaken. Great waves stirred chaotically within his mind!

He cultivated the lightning method in Fiend Island, and after coming out, he learned of various inheritances of the lightning dao natural laws in detail, as well as all types of legends. 

"Lightning Emperor, the one that was rumored to have reached the greatest achievements in the dao of lightning." 

It was precisely a person as powerful as this, yet there was actually only this simple phrase in the legend. There was nothing else.

When Shi Hao heard about him before, he felt that it was quite strange. Only after making a few detailed inquiries did he find out a few uncertain bits of information. 

There was a legend that the Lightning Emperor was immortal, that he came from the vast and boundless uninhabited region, not someone from the higher realms' three thousand provinces at all. The ancients avoided his origins as a taboo, and as a result, the legends became fewer and fewer in existence. 

"Origin Sky Supreme Expert explored the uninhabited region and came back seriously injured, which ultimately resulted in his downfall. Could it be that this sheet was something he brought out from the uninhabited region?" Shi Hao muttered inwardly. 


Right at this moment, the tattered armor on Shi Hao's body shone as well. It swirled with a strange aura, making him feel a wave of shock.

"Could it be that this also came from the boundless uninhabited region?" Shi Hao stroked the rust covered armor. When he was at the entrance of the secret realm, he had vaguely heard a bit of the few old sect masters' conversation, that they had this suspicion. 

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