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Chapter 641 - Army of Lower Life Forms

Grandpa Fifteen's eyes carried tears. He found it hard to suppress his emotions. Originally, he was feeling incomparable sorrow and loneliness, but he never expected that he would actually meet his grandson alive!

During these past two years, he always carried a type of misery, but today, he reunited with his grandson, alive no less! It immediately swept away the haze covering his heart. This was the best 'present' he received in this life.

"Haha…" He couldn't stop laughing. Tears slid down the side of his face. He felt incomparably carefree. "Who cares if you don't have a supreme being bone anymore? You can still travel unhindered throughout the three thousand provinces and turn the higher realms upside down!"

When he said this, the surrounding people were all shocked. A single person lost his supreme being bone twice, surviving after both times. This was already enough to prove something.

This was definitely horrifying, a young supreme being who will inevitably shake up the higher realms. Whether or not he has an immortal bone might not be that important anymore.

Someone like this, being able to stick it through after losing his supreme being bone and still live in this world, already proved everything. He would not be ordinary and will definitely shine with glory. 

Meanwhile, this person was precisely their enemy. Who among them didn't feel uneasy?

"Impossible!" Someone cried out loudly. They refused to believe this. Many people knew about Shi Hao's rumors. He clearly died in battle, so how could he have revived?

One has to understand that a year ago, they received concrete evidence that Shi Hao died under the curse. All of his bones were infected with the green rust symbols. He was powerless to defy this. 

Moreover, at the crucial point, he even pulled out his own supreme being bone and gave it to Qin Hao, leaving him even more powerless to deal with the curse. There should have been no way for him to survive.

Only Grandpa Fifteen believed that this was his own grandson. The more he looked at Shi Hao, the more convinced he became. He roared with laughter, tears sliding down his face the entire time. It was clear that this elder became happy to the extreme.

"You eyes are just like how they were when you were younger, still so big and bright. Your eyebrows are the same as your grandfather's, and your face is also similar. You are my grandson after all!"

During all these years, he had always been praying to meet his grandson. From the moment he broke out from the Black Forest's restricted land, the first thing he did was bring the divine pill back to Stone Capital.

However, he was disappointed again and again, feeling regret each and every time. In the end, he even heard of his grandson's death. How great of a shock was thick?

They were separated for more than ten years. The last time they met, Shi Hao was still little and inside swaddling clothes. Today, they reunited again, a young supreme being standing in front of him, making the elder feel satisfied down to the bottom of his heart. All of his gloominess disappeared. 

"Grandpa, there are so many wrinkles on your face now, and your hair turned white. I've made you suffer!" Shi Hao choked with emotions. He vowed that he would definitely use spiritual medicines to refine a furnace of precious pills for his grandfather, restoring him to his previous majestic appearance.

He then touched Grandpa Fifteen's arm, and then even more tears fell. "Grandpa, I have holy medicines that can help you recover. Your broken arm will grow again. Everything will be good again."

"Haha…" Grandpa Fifteen roared with laughter. He quickly wiped away his tears and said, "After meeting you again, all of grandpa's injuries and illnesses are no problem. I will become as strong as a young fella again. Who am I? I am the Great Demonic God!"

This type of confidence, this type of attitude was simply the same as Shi Hao's. Even if no one else said too much, these two were definitely grandfather and grandson. They were of the same sort. 

"En!" Shi Hao nodded fiercely. He was going to help his grandfather completely recover.

Suddenly, his mind was shaken, and his face fell, because when he touched his grandfather's back, he detected a terrifying injury. It was extremely large. 

He suddenly arrived at his grandfather's back, and after carefully inspecting that area, he released a cry of alarm, feeling incomparably anxious.

This wound was created by a sharp weapon, extending from the back of his head all the way down to his back, almost hacking Grandpa Fifteen apart. His body was currently held together by his powerful cultivation, and that was why it didn't fall apart. 

However, this type of wound was truly there, serious to a point where it couldn't get any worse. 

"Grandpa!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. This was an injury that even cut open his head! Under normal circumstances, he shouldn't be alive! Killing intent long erupted in Shi Hao's mind.

As soon as they met, he saw this scene. It was grievous news, leaving Shi Hao feeling fearful and draining his face of color. He quickly brought out the heaven and earth pouch, bringing out a half foot tall holy medicine that had crescent leaves and sparkling with purple radiance, having Grandpa Fifteen take it. 

"Don't worry, grandpa has been surrounded by them many times already, but haven't I still managed to survive just fine? This is even more not a problem." Grandpa Fifteen looked extremely calm. 

"But…" Shi Hao's heart trembled. This wound was no joke! It was too serious.

"If you didn't come, did you think your grandpa would be killed by them? How could this group of idiots kill me?" Grandpa Fifteen was just as unyielding as before. He looked at the people in front of him with disdain. 

The eight experts were so angry their eyebrows stood vertically. After being pursued like this and long being seriously injured, he was actually still carrying this kind of attitude, daring to speak about them like this. It was impossible for them to endure. 

Shi Hao was speechless. From a certain standpoint, the grandfather and grandson really were alike. Even at such a crucial point, his grandfather still taunted and showed contempt towards this group of experts.

"Something like you who doesn't know the difference between life and death, since you are both here, I'll just get rid of you both in one go!" The purple-robed elder's expression was malicious. He had silently adjusted himself for a bit, but with half his body blasted apart, even with his powerful divine abilities, he could only recover a bit of his foundation energy. 

However, as experts that ignited their divine flames, it was enough to deal with these two supreme experts. Now that they were attacked once, they would definitely not tolerate a second. 

As for that old woman, a light green flame jumped about her body. The part of her right arm that was broken stopped bleeding, and her breastbone even more so already reconnected. Her face was covered in a dark shadow, and killing intent surged.

"I admit your talent which is astonishing, and your survival was truly a miracle. However, you shouldn't have appeared in front of our faces!" She sneered.

So what if he was a young supreme being? He encountered experts like them before he grew up, so he still wasn't their opponent. If he chose to fight them head on, then only death awaited him. 

"I've killed six or seven trash like you two in the lower realm already. Two more isn't that big of a deal." Shi Hao's voice was calm. Towards his grandfather, he would reveal true and sincere feelings, but against these people, he would only treat them coldly. 

"Just the jokes of a youngster. You will pay for your recklessness! Even though you have talent, I am going to kill you first, not allowing you a path of life!" The old woman coldly said and rushed over. 

Since they met again and stood on opposing sides, how could they give him another chance to live? Killing him now was definitely the best choice.

"Demonslaying formation -- suppress and kill!" The old woman shouted. She activated the formation on the ground. It had trapped Grandpa Fifteen here a long time ago, and now, symbols light rushed into the heavens. 

"This rotten plaything can even be called a demonslaying formation?" In Shi Hao's hair, the divine striking stone tumbled out, full of disdain. It turned into a streak of lightning.

Ka cha ka cha!

Noises rang out continuously. It fiercely chewed about, devouring all types of precious materials that were used to set up this formation. For it, this type of formation truly wasn't worth much.

When the old woman saw this, she was so angry she began to shake uncontrollably. Then, killing intent surfaced.

"You are quite ignorant, revealing your true selves in front of us. Even if you flee by a fluke this time, in the future, there will still be no place in the higher realms for you. Those great sects won't let you go!" The purple-robed elder spoke in mockery and with cold intent. 

Suddenly, his face went rigid, because he heard an abnormal sound. He felt as if cold air was rushing through all the fine hairs and pores of his body.

"If I kill you all, who will leak out the secret?" Shi Hao said calmly, but his words carried a type of coldness.

Even the old woman who was about to attack was horrified, standing rigidly there. She quickly looked towards the distance. 

Everyone became on guard. They gazed toward the heavens, and then their scalps all became numb. The night sky was covered in endless Golden Armored Bugs.

There were just too many with no end in sight! Golden light poured down like a great rain, flooding this place.

Golden Armored Bug, a creature known to devour stone and metal. It could swallow any type of tough material and break it down, let alone the flesh of humans. 

This was a type of irregular ancient bug that liked to move in groups. Once they became deities, that would be a heart-shaking thing. They would engulf the skies, easily capable of bringing about the demise of a great sect.

Fortunately, there were no deities among the Golden Armored Bugs in the sky. However, there were so many, making them feel cold from head to toe. With so many here, it was enough to even slaughter a deity!

When Shi Hao was enduring silently and waiting for an opportunity, he already had the Emperor Butterfly call the bug hordes here. At the crucial moment, they could surround this place. 

He purposely dragged things out, waiting for this terrifying army to assist him. This was checkmate!

At this moment, everyone's reactions were different. The purple-robed elder's reactions were quite decisive, directly rushing towards Shi Hao to defeat the enemy by capturing their leader. He wanted to eliminate the primary target first.

Meanwhile, the old woman quickly backed up to flee into the distance. The other six supreme experts were even more panicking and fleeing. 


As Shi Hao brought Grandpa Fifteen in retreat, the ground broke apart. An endless, innumerable number of strange bugs -- Earth Silkworms, poured out like a sea.

They all spewed out sparkling silk to form an enormous web. It was accompanied by blazing lighting as well, blocking the purple-robed elder. 

"These are…!"

There were these types of creatures too. The earth attribute silkworms became one with the great earth, able to move mountains and shift seas. Their divine might was world shaking. This type of creature definitely lived together in the hundreds of thousands, the most terrifying type.

The purple-robed elder turned around to leave. He didn't want to fight to the death. He still wanted to continue living.


The old woman cried out miserably from the distance. Her body was tattered, forcibly dragged back. She was covered in blood, her body in tatters.

"Heavens, those are Silver Butterflies?!" Those supreme experts all ran back as well.

In the distance, there were several tens of thousands of butterflies moving their wings and sparkling with silver radiance. They glistened with brilliance like stars in the sky. They were all of a uniform appearance, their symbols combining together. That one strike alone almost killed the old woman. 

Fiend Island's creatures were all ridiculously powerful. They all grasped lightning. Meanwhile, this type of race population was even more terrifying. Even though no deities were born among these creatures, they could still sweep through an area. 

Their symbols could overlay on top of each other, mixing together. This was an unimaginably great divine might!

Grandpa Fifteen roared with laughter. The situation changed so quickly, leaving him completely surprised. Being reunited with his grandson brought him so much joy, and now, there was even this surprise.

As for the purple-robed expert, old woman, and six supreme experts, their faces were all pale. They were aware that they had fallen into quite the predicament today. Things were looking very, very bad!

In the sky, the Emperor Butterfly floated down, landing in Shi Hao's hair. It was the true bug emperor!


The purple-robed elder shouted, activating precious artifacts to break out from this enclosure.

However, endless Golden Armored Bugs flapped their wings in the skies, releasing ka ka sounds like that of metal plates grinding against each other. It was extremely ear-piercing. Endless golden light and lightning descended.

The Golden Armored Bugs that hid the sky and covered the earth formed a great sea of symbols. They all swept over, suppressing the seriously injured purple-robed elder, immediately blasting his body apart until only a head remained. 

"Ah…" The old woman cried out miserably. On the other side, Silver Butterflies shook their wings. Dazzling and beautiful symbols scattered down, causing the lower part of her body to break apart inch by inch.

The bug race army was vast and unbordered. This was a huge disaster. Even if a great sect encountered this, they would still feel restraining fear, unable to keep their cool.

So how could these people resist? Even with two powerful experts that ignited their divine flames, it wasn't enough at all. They immediately had their bodies shattered. 

These peoples' faces were as white as snow. Their current situation was not good at all.

"My true battle in the higher realms will definitely not begin on your bodies!" Shi Hao calmly said, leaving these people shocked and furious. This was clearly humiliation, looking down on them.

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