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Chapter 640 - Reunion

When he saw the world-shaking Great Demonic God whose power dominated all of Stone Country and now had white hair, an aged face, heaps of wrinkles, and great sorrow, hot tears rolled down Shi Hao's eyes. He tightly clenched his fists. 

He knew that the reason why the elder was like this was because he heard about Shi Hao's death. This left him with huge psychological shock, making his entire person age much more. He was inwardly grieving and mourning. 

Shi Hao's face was covered in tears. He shouted loudly inwardly, grandpa, I am still alive! We are about to reunite soon!

He didn't act rashly, because there was a creature that ignited a divine flame here. He prepared himself. He was going to unleash a strike and cut down the most powerful expert, ending the disaster ahead. 

"You are quite the fella as well, breaking out several times and escaping. Not simple at all." An old woman said. A light green flame burned around her. This was a divine flame that ignited after a life form underwent high levels of rebirth. 

"You can die without any regrets. You have a descendant with two immortal bones. In the future, he will definitely dominate the higher realms and shake the three thousand provinces with his power. Only, for the sake of his growth, it is best if you two do not meet. Just peacefully go on your way." Another elder said. He wore a purple robe, and the flame around him was a hazy purple as well. The divine flame appeared noble and intense.

Two experts that ignited their divine flames. This was enough to control the situation. 

"Ever since I was sent to Fiend Island as a prisoner, I never had the intention of returning to Immortal Mountain. You all are overthinking things." Grandpa Fifteen said. 

"What if the day comes when you start feeling emotional and want to meet your grandson? This is no good. It's still better if you go on your way earlier," said the old woman indifferently. With pity and arrogance, she said, "Even though Qin Clan's young supreme being does not need your fostering, that is still your blood grandson after all. In the future, even underground, you will still feel proud of his great accomplishments."

"Rotten bitch, are those even the words of a human anymore?!" Grandpa Fifteen had always been unyielding. Even if he had sand in his eyes, he wouldn't rub it. He didn't feel apprehensive even with a divine level figure in front of him and instead loudly berated. 

The words 'rotten bitch' immediately made her look like a cat that had its tail stepped on. The old woman immediately revealed great displeasure and bewilderment. Once one ignited their divine flame, their identity and status became extremely high. In all these years, no one had dared to treat her rudely or berated her like this before. 

"The one surnamed Shi, you really don't know how to appreciate others' kindness. We were going to leave you with a whole corpse before and let you end yourself, but now, you can forget about such a thing!" The old woman's face fell. 

"Do not take offense, instead, just eliminate him. It's just a dead person, not worth getting angry over." Beside her, the purple-robed elder said. The divine flame around him jumped, shining brilliantly. He had ignited it for many years now, so he was extremely powerful. 

"You all really are disgraceful." Grandpa Fifteen recovered from his broken-heartedness and spoke like this. Even though he was trapped, he was still unyielding. 

"We really are sick of your Stone Clan, sending people up unnecessarily into the higher realms to disturb Qin Hao's growth. If not for your Shi Ziling's identity being too special, it would be best if both of you were killed," said the purple-robed elder. 

When these words were spoken, Grandpa Fifteen's expression changed. Even Shi Hao felt an anger surging within him, the symbols within his body continuously flaring. 

"You all still wish to harm Ziling?!" Grandpa Fifteen's hair flew about chaotically. His eyes widened in fury. 

"He is Qin Hao's father, so I do not think anyone wants to act rashly, so I do not believe you need to worry about these things. You can go on and be a ghost now," said the purple-robed elder.

He had his hands around his back. There was purple radiance surging around his body. He was about to take action. Heaven and earth foundational energy surged. Electromagnetic mists rushed outwards, terrifying to the extreme. 

"I had been hunted by a Pixiu and trapped in the Black Forest's forbidden land for more than ten years. After finally breaking out to see my grandson, I never expected that not even this wish could be carried out. This is the greatest regret of my life." Grandpa Fifteen calmly said. 

In the distance, Shi Hao's nose felt sour. His grandfather went out to find vicious beast true blood for him, but in the end, he fell to such an extent. What supported his grandfather all this time was the wish to see him too. Even now, while trapped in this predicament, his grandfather still spoke about this regret, feeling grieved that he couldn't satisfy this desire. 

At this moment, the stream of heat within Shi Hao's body was surging. He almost couldn't stop himself from roaring out. He reached his hand outwards.

However, he knew that he had to endure it. There were divine level experts here, so he had to kill them in one strike. Otherwise, not only would he not be able to save his grandfather, he himself would be in danger too. 

The old woman's eyes flickered with cold light, dealing another mental blow. "That descendant of yours in the lower realm really was formidable, killing seven deities alone, destroying the plans of a few great sects of the higher realms, truly quite formidable. Unfortunately, he still died, and he had been buried for more than a year already. The higher realms is a place where exceptional talents contend for supremacy and heavenly geniuses rise up, but none of this has anything to do with him anymore. In addition, even if he is alive, so what? There are countless geniuses in these three thousand provinces. Immortal Palace's young great one, Heavenly Country's exceptional direct disciple, and your other grandson -- Qin Hao with two bones. There are more than one or two of these individuals. These are the true supreme beings! Even though that grandson of yours was unordinary, even if he entered the higher realms alive, he still wouldn't be able to stir up any waves."

"Since you miss him so much, then go to his side already," said the purple-clothed elder. He raised his hands. Symbols flickered about his palm, and purple energy pervaded the air. 

"This should be the true body, right?" Someone muttered in a soft voice from the side.

"We'll find out after killing it." The others walked up, blocking all sides to prevent Grandpa Fifteen from escaping. 

"My Hao'er, just from how he abandoned his supreme being bone in the end and told his younger brother those words, if he is still alive, he will definitely move unhindered through all three thousand provinces!" Grandpa Fifteen said in a low voice. He felt extremely lonely. Then, he fiercely raised his head and surged with war intent. He was never someone who would yield. Even if he wasn't a match for the enemy, he was still going to fight it out. 

"You can just go die already!" The purple-robed elder's eyes were cold like purple blade radiance. He seemed extremely terrifying in the great mist.

"Now is the time!" Shi Hao's eyes erupted with divine radiance. When the other party revealed killing intent and focused all of his attention on Grandpa Fifteen, he moved!

In that instant, lightning erupted. Shi Hao was powerful like a True Dragon, rushing out from the darkness, every inch of his flesh erupting with spiritual essence. Symbols covered his body, and divine force surged like the sea. 

Moreover, in his right hand was a true deity divine artifact -- demonfall pestle!

It was polished from a piece of primordial precious bone that was pure white like jade. There were endless symbols engraved within. At this moment, it boosted Shi Hao's lightning power to a horrifying level.

Deafening thunder crashed down, shaking up heaven and earth!

Shi Hao was just too fast. He activated the lightning while moving, streaking across the heavens like an undying arc of immortal light!

No one was able to react in time, not even the old woman or purple-robed elder. At this critical moment, no one expected there to be an assassin hiding in the darkness.

Lightning radiance tore through the sky. A youth with dishevelled hair emerged, his pupils releasing shocking radiance that pierced through the mist. In his hands was that precious pestle. When he descended, he was like a heavenly deity!


Lightning hacked down.

His entire body was covered in endless dazzling lightning radiance. It was so blinding that they couldn't open their eyes. 

That demonfall pestle in particular released a thick streak of lightning, distorting even the void. It carried a trace of immortal dao aura that could not be described with words and was difficult to defend against. 


Many people's faces became pale. They couldn't help but cry out.

However, when they cried out, that streak of lightning already descended, hacking down on the purple-robed elder's back. With a hong sound, he was blasted flying, half his body directly exploding. Blood splashed everywhere chaotically. 

Everyone was horrified. The most powerful expert among them, an existence that had ignited a divine flame, had the left side of his body blasted apart. In just a single strike, he was almost dead.

"Ah…" The purple-robed elder cried out miserably. This strike was too heavy. It was a lightning dao natural law that drew support from a true deity magical artifact. It forcibly blasted his body apart.

If not for his strength being great and the divine flame protecting his body, anyone else would have definitely have died, having both their body and soul wiped out. Nothing would have been left behind. 

At the same time, the old woman also cried out, because Shi Hao brought out a pill furnace that also displayed might. While carrying lightning, it turned into a fist-sized little sun that was dazzling. It pierced through the right side of her chest. With a peng sound, her right arm was blasted to pieces. Blood continuously dripped out.

Unfortunately, her life wasn't taken. She rejoiced, because most of Shi Hao's attention had been placed on the purple-robed elder's body. 

The purple-robed elder's strength was greater than hers, making him Shi Hao's first target to eliminate. 

However, it was also because of this scattered attention that neither of these two great deity experts died from this hidden attack, escaping disaster.

This change of circumstances was too sudden. Regardless of whether it was Grandpa Fifteen or the others, none of them expected this.

"Who are you?" The purple-robed expert roared. Purple flames burned around him, surrounding his entire body. His injury was extremely serious. Half of his body was blasted apart. 

On the other side, the old woman's injuries were relatively better. Her chest was ruptured, and her left arm was missing. 

Shi Hao didn't speak a single word. While holding the demonfall pestle, he directly blasted apart some symbols on the ground. With a flash, he entered the great formation, arriving by Grandpa Fifteen's side to protect him.

Only at this moment did the lightning symbols disappear and restore peace to this place. However, the atmosphere was so tense that it made everyone feel suffocated.

This happened too suddenly!

All of these transformations were too fast. The two great deity level experts were seriously injured, almost killed, making those six supreme experts break out in cold sweat. All of their fine hairs stood on end. If it was them that was attacked, there was no way they would be alive right now. 

"Child… who are you?" Grandpa Fifteen looked at him. He could feel this child's good will, and even more so from the tears that were flowing from his face… the most sincere type of emotion. 

"Grandpa… I am your Hao'er!" Shi Hao cried out loudly. Tears rolled down his face. After being separated for more than ten years, his grandfather already grew old. His hair was white, and his face was covered in wrinkles. He had experienced the great changes of time. 

It was different from that grand and heroic, tall and big grandfather whose black hair scattered about behind him. The difference was just too great.

He knew that during these two years, his grandfather had heard the news of his death, leaving him broken-hearted again and again, and that was what triggered these effects. His appearance was now old, and his body and mind were both beaten. 

"Qin Hao… don't look like that." Grandpa Fifteen was bewildered. He had met his grandson in the lower realm before, and this was not the person in front of him.

Suddenly, Grandpa Fifteen thought of something. His eyes immediately widened, and old tears poured out from his tiger-like eyes. He asked with a trembling voice, "You are my… Hao'er?"

Shi Hao immediately restored his true appearance, revealing his original face. He grabbed his grandfather's arm and said, "Grandfather, I didn't die! I am still alive! I also came to the higher realms, and I've been looking for you this entire time!"

Shi Hao shouted loudly, pouring out his heart that was full of longing and emotions.

Grandpa Fifteen was an unyielding man of steel, one called the Great Demonic God, but right now, his body shook, and he almost fell. He was incomparably shaken as he stared at Shi Hao.

Back then, Shi Hao was still extremely small, so now that he grew up, he looked different. However, there were distinctive traits that he shared with Grandpa Fifteen. The two were quite alike!

At the same time, with their bloodlines linked, when Shi Hao revealed his true appearance, it immediately convinced him that this was his grandfather. He appeared, alive, here, reuniting together!

"Haha…" Grandpa Fifteen roared with laughter, his eyes carrying tears. His entire body radiated brilliant splendor. This was a type of joy brought forth from a type of excitement, a happiness of having his cherished desire satisfied!

In the distance, those individuals all became incomparably shocked. From their discussion, they learned that this youth… might very well be that Shi Hao from the lower realm!

"My Hao'er is still alive! After losing his supreme being bone twice, he can still make it through. What else is there that can stop him?!" Grandpa Fifteen's tears flew everywhere as he laughed loudly. He trembled as he rubbed Shi Hao's hair and face. His entire body released astonishing radiance, carrying great joy within his sorrow.

When the people around them heard this, they all felt horrified. The heavens wasn't able to take this young supreme being's life. In the future, there will definitely be a great storm sweeping through all three  thousand provinces!

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