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Chapter 635 - Exceptional Harvest

Shi Hao sat by the river, the stalk of golden grass in front of him that had five leaves slowly dissolved. The golden liquid contained endless lightning power.

At this moment, sounds continuously rang through the air, releasing deafening pi pa sounds. His expression was serious. He used all of his energy and treated this process seriously.

This was even more troublesome than what he had thought, and more dangerous as well. Even though there were only a few symbols inside the strange grass, it was incomparably domineering, making his body shake. 

The entire stalk of grass dissolved, turning into a puddle of golden liquid. It was even more resplendent than the sun as it flowed in the void and released endless lightning radiance. 

"Careful!" The divine striking stone said, assisting him from the side.

Shi Hao operated the lightning dao precious technique and silently comprehended and experienced it. In addition, he carefully guided a strand of golden precious liquid into his mouth. Even though it was just a small mouthful, it produced catastrophic effects. 

Heavenly lightning descended. If not for him spitting out the golden liquid at the crucial moment, his mouth would have been blasted off. 

Lighting covered everything. Mysterious symbols flickered about, illuminating the sky. It was incomparably terrifying!

"How formidable, worthy of containing a trace of the immortal dao lightning. This is simply… impossible to defend against!" The divine striking stone cried out in shock. 

Shi Hao's expression became more and more grave. He used his body's magical power to suppress this golden liquid, making it unable to seep out. It all froze in the void. 

"How domineering!" He was inwardly shocked. Even that bit of immortal dao lightning aura was already enough to shake him to the core. 

No wonder the demonic sovereign fell back then. If the endless immortal dao lightning descended from the heavens, just how great of a power would that be?

Meanwhile, in this golden liquid, there was only a bit of ruined symbols that were like this. This was already enough to prove everything. 

"Immortal dao aura is not seen in this mortal world. Even though it is damaged patterns, its value is still immeasurable. I definitely have to grasp this, completely comprehend it and guide it into my body."

In that instant, lightning overflowed. Shi Hao's entire body was shining, and his hair stood on end, strand after strand. All of his pores were releasing electrical radiance. 

The divine striking stone was stupefied. He could feel how ferocious this lightning power was. He began to doubt whether it could eat that head-sized rock now. 

Shi Hao began to circulate Thundersky Sparrow's technique and dao, comprehending it. He used the immortal dao lightning aura to immerse himself and study it. This was a wonderful process that was hard to express with words. 

A vicious bird appeared behind him. Its purple feathers were like swords as they spread out in an incomparably vicious and domineering manner. Its eyes were silver colored, and its aura was terrifying!

This was the Thundersky Sparrow that appeared with Shi Hao's control. It was accompanied with lightning and thunder. The noise that was produced shook heaven and earth. 

Shi Hao was comprehending the dao. He used the golden liquid to cultivate the Thundersky Sparrow's technique. In the past, he studied the lightning dao's Suan Ni precious technique, which was why his cultivation of this technique took half the time and produced twice the results. 

With the assistance of the divine golden liquid, everything proceeded smoothly. 

Soon after, an hour passed. Shi Hao opened his eyes. He used up that trace of golden liquid. This time, he opened his mouth, and another strand entered his mouth.

Lightning immediately erupted. This place was exceptionally terrifying. 

Symbols spread out in large amounts. The Thundersky Sparrow, Suan Ni, and patterns in the grass merged together. They released a dao cry that was grand and divine. 

Time flowed on. Several days passed. Half of the golden liquid disappeared. Shi Hao was immersed within a state of dao comprehension. All types of patterns interweaved around the surface of his body.

This was a rare experience. For normal people, a moment of enlightenment wouldn't last long, but this time, because of the immortal dao's aura, it allowed him to continuously comprehend the dao. It wasn't easy to free himself from this state. 

Several days later, all of the golden liquid disappeared, completely refined by Shi Hao. He opened his eyes, and at the same time, a Thundersky Sparrow took to the heavens, bringing endless lightning clouds with it and drowning out the heavens.

"You successfully cultivated this precious technique?" The divine striking stone was astonished. 

Shi Hao was also shocked. This strange grass was a priceless treasure after all, helping him comprehend the Thundersky Sparrow's technique so quickly, reaching a state of perfection with it. 

Then, he closed his eyes again and carefully experienced it. He merged the Thundersky Sparrow's technique with the lightning dao precious technique he grasped previously together.

In addition, he also merged the symbols from the golden liquid. This immediately made his lightning dao aura much more powerful. His own lightning power immediately increased dramatically.

It was clear that combining the latter magic was more powerful than the Suan Ni or Thundersky Sparrow's techniques. In his journey to the domain of supreme lightning, this was a crucial step!

Three days later, Shi Hao opened his eyes. His gaze turned into lightning, and his breath contained electrical clouds. 

"You already finished, so help me refine this rock," said the divine striking stone. It looked at that head sized stone and felt a bit apprehensive.

There was lightning inside of this strange rock as well, as well as damaged symbols. They weren't fewer than than stalk of grass. 

"Fine, let's refine it together!" Shi Hao nodded.

In the following days, the divine striking stone wailed in anguish, feeling both pain and joy. It chewed on that strange rock, but each time it devoured a small piece, its body would tumble outwards. Lightning would shoot into the skies. 

During this process, Shi Hao helped it refine the lightning. He also used the dual-pupil to observe and carve down all of the damaged lightning symbols, guiding the immortal dao lightning aura into his body to baptise his flesh. 

The two of them collaboratively absorbed this lightning power.

Finally, after using up six days of time, the strange rock disappeared, completely broken down by them. The lightning symbols were grasped by Shi Hao, while the rock was eaten by the divine striking stone. 

This was a great harvest, not any less than eating that stalk of grass. Shi Hao gained another flash of insight, using these immortal dao damaged patterns to evolve his own precious technique!

He could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds along this path.

The lightning precious technique he currently grasped was much more powerful than the Suan Ni technique of the past!

The divine striking stone's benefits were also tremendous. When it entered the higher realms, due to the passage's collapse, its entire body was covered in cracks, but now it recovered completely. In addition, it possessed lightning. It was now incomparably terrifying. 

"From today on, just call me thunderstone." It said cockily. 

"We stayed here for too long. We should go on our way." Shi Hao said. He followed the heavenly river, wishing to see what kind of strange things there were in that immortal tomb. 

Along the way, he would look towards the river, looking at the corpses that drifted about from time to time. He couldn't help but scout around. 

Li Yuncong actually fished up a piece a piece of divine thunder wood, so it was clear that this heavenly river contained great natural luck as well. Only, it was too dangerous, so normal people didn't dare to try and touch it. Apart from lightning radiance, there was also a curse. Once one was infected, it would be hard to survive.

"Good stuff. That is the corpse of a true deity. That sword on her back is definitely terrifying. However, the distance is too far and I can't scoop it out."

An ancient corpse drifted past in the center of the river. The bone sword on her body was extremely brilliant. The symbols were powerful, and even from far away, he could feel a mysterious power. 

Unfortunately, as long as one made contact with it, this great river would turn into a sea of thunder, blasting the offender into ashes. 

Too many magical artifacts could be seen along the way, making one stirred up, but unable to obtain it.

Soon after, Shi Hao's eyes became red. He saw the corpse of a heavenly deity. Even though he was already dead, there was a bone blade in his hands, a heavenly deity magical artifact. 

"There's nothing I can do…" He could only shake his head.

"Yi, we are almost at the end. Look, the auspicious light over there seems to overflow into the heavens. It looks quite special," the divine striking stone said. 

The curse power became more powerful, but surprisingly, not only was Shi Hao okay, the divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly endured it as well. They could even persevere for a bit longer. 

"Are we almost at the immortal tomb?" Shi Hao said to himself. He felt like with their current speed, it should still take two days. It was because their speed was becoming slower and slower. 

"Natural luck! There is a cauldron over there!" The divine striking stone cried out.

Shi Hao also saw it. They had been watching the heavenly river this entire time, hoping to discover something. This time, they finally found a chance. 

There was a corpse that was extremely close to the river side, his right hand grabbing a small cauldron. Perhaps it could be called a pill furnace. It was only the size of a fist and earthen yellow in color. It was grinded from precious bones. 

Cauldrons and furnaces were often combined together and called a cauldron furnace. This one was precisely like this. It could be called a cauldron, but it could also be called a pill furnace. 

Shi Hao was stirred up. Even though this pill furnace was small, it contained a strange aura. It was definitely quite a formidable ancient magical artifact that had existed for endless years. It remained undamaged even in this heavenly river. 

If he had a pill furnace before, refining that strange stalk of grass would have taken much less time. It wouldn't have been so difficult. 

This corpse rushed to the lake side. Shi Hao used a precious technique and obtained this pill furnace.


What was unexpected was that even though it was like this, the heavenly river still erupted with tens of thousands of lightning streaks. They all blasted towards Shi Hao. 

He was extremely unwilling to give it up. He did everything he could to defend himself, but he was then suppressed by a terrifying divine force. Endless curse power surged, almost blasting him apart. 


In that instant, he was blasted until his entire body was covered in blood. Endless lightning entered his body to destroy his vitality. There was curse power surrounding him as well.

This was still because the corpse drifted rather close, so the heavenly river's power wasn't at its highest.

Shi Hao put the divine striking stone and emperor butterfly into his heavenly passages and endured this alone, using his symbols to quickly raise that pill furnace over. 

Lightning radiance surged. Shi Hao was seriously wounded, almost hacked to pieces. He did everything he could to defend himself. 

In the end, the lightning radiance and curse power finally retreated. His body was covered in blood, but he still managed to persist through. He revealed a satisfied smile. 

The divine striking stone came out from his body. When it saw the furnace, it immediately became shocked and said, "I can't see through this pill furnace! It is a bit strange."

This item could be called a cauldron, but it could also be called a furnace. 

Its three curled feet had a True Dragon curling about it, and at the lid was an Immortal Phoenix. It was an earthen yellow in color, and it was unknown what type of precious bone it was carved out from. It was sparkling and translucent, gentle and crystalline. 

Shi Hao stroked its surface, and then he opened the lid. His eyes immediately widened, revealing a look of disbelief. 

The divine striking stone also released a strange cry, as if it saw a ghost.

Inside of the fist sized pill furnace, auspicious multicolored light surged and fragrance assailed the nostrils. There was a majestic wave of life force that immediately rushed out.

The pill furnace looked small, but there were unexpectedly several dozen stalks of precious medicines inside. The precious medicines here varied from emerald green, entirely yellow, blood red, and some that even had purple energy.

The most important thing was that these medicines still possessed vitality, carrying dewdrops. They were all alive, as if they were just uprooted from a medicinal field. 

"What kind of pill furnace is this? After so many endless years, these medicines look like they have just been plucked. This is too ridiculous!" The divine striking stone didn't understand.

Shi Hao was also shocked, because he had personally saw that corpse before. It had on clothes from an ancient era, so it had definitely drifted through this river for endless years. 

If they wanted to search for that corpse again, it was already too late. It was swept away by the waves.

"This is a true treasure! Could it be that the pill furnace is carved from the bones of an Immortal Phoenix and True Dragon?" The divine striking stone muttered. It had heard before that a few forbidden existences' bones could produce amazing magical artifacts. 

Shi Hao shook his head. Forget about True Dragon bones, just a drop of its blood or a scale was impossible to find throughout the world. 

Soon after, his expression froze again. He was incomparably shocked. With a trembling voice, he said, "These medicines are…"

He casually took out a stalk of ancient medicine that had sparkling dewdrops on its leaves and purple energy rising from its petals, discovering that this was actually… holy medicine!

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