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Chapter 634 - The Right Way

Rivers flowed calmly in the sky like ambrosia of the immortals, sparkling and brilliant. Only, there were a few divine corpses that rose and fell within it, destroying its aesthetic perception. 

Shi Hao stood there, silently gaining insights. This time, his benefits were extremely great. He broke through the shackles of lightning, transcending the limits of the Suan Ni's precious technique and taking a huge step forward. 

He was still like a boulder. When he moved, lightning curled about his body and every pore of his body released electrical light. There was a mysterious and powerful lightning magical force to his body. 

"So powerful!" Even he was sighing lightly.

Now that he grasped this power, his power undoubtedly increased several times. Lightning was one of this world's greatest powers. When it reached its peak, it could make the world lose color.

One has to understand that even the unmatched demonic sovereign ultimately fell under immortal dao lightning. The heavens rained down a calamity, using forbidden lightning to kill him, destroying his body and scattering his dao. 

In the past, even though Shi Hao cultivated lightning, it had always been within the framework of the Suan Ni technique, unable to break out from it. Only today did he break through, taking a vital step forward. 

"After detaching myself from the limitations, I can step into the domain of supreme lightning and continuously evolve this divine ability."

He had a type of ambition to continuously study and research the lightning method, merging all types of lightning symbols together to produce a forbidden divine ability that wouldn't be weaker than the world's ten great precious techniques and other abilities. 

This was especially true since he couldn't use the lower realm's magics and dao to avoid being discovered, so he needed to break through, evolve, and create other divine abilities. 

A pair of silver eyes opened. They were like sword edges, shining brightly as they stared at Shi Hao from the distance. 

The heavenly river was sparkling and translucent, shining brightly as it flowed through the void, illuminating the nearby scenery brightly. 

However, a bit further out was a dense fog that covered everything in an incomparably dusky and hazy manner just like every other place in Fiend Island, full of mysteries and the unknown. 

This was a vicious beast, one that quietly and soundlessly approached. Then, it suddenly erupted with power, rushing through the air while bringing endless silver electricity with it as it pounced at Shi Hao.

In Fiend Island, all of the vicious beings knew lightning techniques. 

Shi Hao calmly turned around. He had long detected that this vicious beast was closing in on him. With a raise of his hand, energy hacked out from his palm, blasting towards the supreme expert realm beast. 

This was a silvery-white lizard with cold eyes. It had lived in this region for several hundred years already. Even in the supreme expert realm, it rarely encountered opponents. 

Fiend Island had the demonic sovereign's true blood, as well as immortal dao lightning power. As a result, it produced a few mysterious and powerful creatures. It was a place full of unknowns and danger. 

However, the very first collision between these two made this lizard release a miserable scream. This silver creature who had four hundred years of dao cultivation was pierced through by a streak of lightning. All of its scales flew about, and blood gushed outwards. 

It was no match for Shi Hao. It suffered a severe injury from their very first exchange. 

Shi Hao turned his palm into a blade. Together with a streak of lightning, it hacked outwards. The several dozen zhang long silver lizard quickly dodged, and it even spat out protective precious techniques to defend itself. 

However, everything was too late. That lightning hacked down like blade radiance, slicing through its precious artifacts and penetrating its armor, severing its body at the waist. Blood flew everywhere. 

Finally, with a hong sound, the lightning power exploded. This supreme expert realm silver lizard was blasted apart and turned into ashes. 

This test of his new lightning's power produced extraordinary results. Shi Hao was extremely satisfied. He followed the heavenly river deeper inwards. 

This was how he spent his time in the last half month. After cultivating for a period of time, he would travel for some time. He stayed close to the heavenly river where the lightning power was rich. This was an excellent place for cultivating lightning symbols. 

During this cultivation trip, he would alternate between walking and stopping. Each time he sat down, he would take out that strange golden grass to study the symbols inside. His benefits were tremendous.

"When I take this grass after reaching the very depths, there might be some wonderful effects." He said softly. 

The strange grass didn't have its own will, so it couldn't cultivate. However, it possessed some mysterious patterns, which, based on his suspicions, should be the damaged symbols of the immortal dao lightning from back then that scattered itself across Fiend Island. This stalk of grass should have absorbed some of it. 

"That rock belongs to me," said the divine striking stone. 

The grass was extremely brilliant. It took root within a head sized strange stone. There were similarly lightning symbols inside. The two were connected together, shining like a blazing sun. 

"Wait until I have finished my studying of it. Even though these symbols aren't complete and are quite damaged, there are still extremely deep mysteries inside," said Shi Hao. His feat of breaking through the limitations of the Suan Ni precious technique had a deep connection to this. 

In addition, he believed that once he ate this grass and experienced the cleansing of the damaged immortal dao patterns inside, his flesh would become more intimate with lightning, and his precious technique would also improve greatly. 

"This curse is truly unbearable!" The divine striking stone was quite angry.

The most terrifying part of moving along the heavenly river weren't attacks from those vicious beasts, but instead the curse power. This type of thing was formless and difficult to defend against. 

This was also the reason why even though everyone knew the immortal tomb laid at the end of the long river, the sect masters still couldn't get closer. 

This type of curse was extremely terrifying. Once one became infected by it, if they couldn't get rid of it, it would quickly make one weak, ultimately eradicating one's dao foundation and causing their flesh to collapse. 

Rumors had it that there was a higher realms giant that died because of this. It immediately left many experts alarmed, no longer daring to investigate this place. 

"The power of this curse is directly proportional to one's cultivation. The more powerful one is, the more they would feel it," Shi Hao said softly. This was something he learned from others after arriving in Fiend Island. 

Perhaps normal people wouldn't feel much, but how could they defend themselves against the vicious beasts along the way? They wouldn't be able to move a single step. 

Shi Hao travelled another eight hundred li, and then he felt that the pressure was too great. This curse was extremely terrifying. It left patterns on the surface of his body that were sinister and strange. 

However, Shi Hao could still defend against it and continuously eradicate it. However, he still felt a type of pressure. 

He previously defeated against Immortal Palace's curse, so he wasn't scared of this type of mysterious power. He had a bit of knowledge from his experience when dealing with it, so he continued to press forward.

Two days later, Shi Hao already followed the heavenly river into the depths of this place. Curse symbols flickered about, covering the sky like stars. They unexpectedly revealed themselves. 

"Yi, someone had isolated themselves in cultivation here before, setting up a few formations." He quickly rushed to the river side. There was a stone mountain here that floated in the sky. It was lofty and unmoving as it floated silently. 

He had travelled for more than twenty days, but he didn't meet a single person. When he saw this place, he couldn't help but be shocked. There was another expert that made it this deep.

He flew up the cliff. On the platform, he saw a line of words. In that instant, his body trembled violently. Then, he quickly rushed upwards, stroking that character. 

Those words were on and off, revealing the engraver's state of mind as he left these words behind. It resonated with the reader, as if they could truly feel his emotions. 

"Hao'er… you… are you still alive?"

It was a simple line of text, but it carried regret, concern, and misery. It immediately made Shi Hao's eyes become blurry. He shouted out loudly, "Grandpa, I am still alive!"

Back then, Grandpa Fifteen broke free from his entrapment and slaughtered his way into Stone Capital. After discovering that his grandson lost his supreme being bone and had gone missing for more than ten years, he felt incredible grief, indignation, and unwillingness. 

However, he didn't believe that his own grandson had died. He headed for Immortal Mountain afterwards to save his son, but then, he suffered a disaster and unexpectedly ended up in the higher realms. 

"Grandfather, I am still alive. Don't feel broken-hearted! We will be reunited!" Shi Hao shouted loudly, his voice shaking the heavenly river. He truly wished to meet his grandfather and tell him that he was still in this world.

When Grandpa Fifteen entered the higher realms, he immediately obtained news that his grandson that had disappeared for more than ten years appeared again, carrying out the battle between the two Stones and sweeping through all enemies. However, his end was likely bleak once again. 

It was because when the seven deities descended into the lower realms, the entire world learned about it. After defeating them, Shi Hao ultimately died.

Shi Hao's chest rose and fell. Only after a long time had passed did he calm down. 

"Grandfather, are you waiting for me up ahead?" He muttered to himself, hoping to reunite with him. He wanted to meet the old man immediately and tell him that he was not only still alive, he was going to step on the unrivaled path. 

Shi Hao was overwhelmed with emotions. He wanted to become stronger even more. He cultivated while continuing along into the immortal tomb. 

"What a long road!"

He cultivated while heading along, taking up almost a month altogether now, but he still didn't see the end. Moreover, the curse now shone, becoming stronger. 

Suddenly, the lightning ahead rushed into the heavens. Multicolored light shone like clouds. A human shaped figure was controlling lightning that was incomparably powerful. It was shocking to the extreme.

"There is someone else that reached this place…"

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock, because apart from himself, those that entered Fiend Island had all stopped. He never expected to meet someone else here. 

"This person is… formidable!" Shi Hao was shocked as he gazed into the distance. This individual's blood energy was heaven overflowing like that of an ancient vicious beast. It was incomparably terrifying. 

He felt like this person shouldn't be any weaker than those exceptional talents he saw after entering the higher realms. He was truly too powerful.

Suddenly, the sky full of lightning was recollected, turning into a vicious beast before entering that individual's body, revealing his true body. This left Shi Hao speechless. He had met this individual before. 

This individual had a pale white face that was quite gloomy looking. His eyes were dim, lacking much color.

"It's him!" Shi Hao suddenly recognized him. They had stepped onto Fiend Island together. He knew that this individual was exceptionally powerful the moment he saw him. He might be an exceptional talent.

Now it looked like this was most likely the case!

That person naturally saw Shi Hao as well. He looked over, the two people's eyes meeting in confrontation. 

Finally, Shi Hao walked forward and said, "Brother is formidable, cultivating the lightning dao precious technique to a state of such perfection."

"Daoist brother is too generous with your praise." This youth shook his head. 

He wasn't as enthusiastic or outgoing as other young heavenly talents who always made others feel rather oppressed. He lacked that type of exuberant vitality, or it could be said that he was extremely earnest. 

After a few simple exchanges of greetings, Shi Hao unexpectedly learned that this person was named Li Yuncong. He came from Heavenfall Province. 

Shi Hao trembled a bit, remembering that rumor. "I heard that a dual-pupil user appeared in Heavenfall Province, creating a legend. Is this true?"

News of this had already spreads everywhere. The dual-pupiled individual appeared, defeating Heavenfall Province's exceptional talents and drawing attention from all sides.

Li Yuncong sank into a moment of silence. In the end, he nodded and said, "I am the one that dual-pupil person fought and defeated."

Shi Hao was stunned. He never expected one of the people involved would appear in front of him just like this. This person was an exceptional talent, but he was defeated in that battle!

"I apologize, I wasn't aware." Shi Hao apologized.

"It's no matter." Li Yuncong shook his head. He already did everything he could during that battle and was still defeated. He was truly not the other party's opponent. 

"How powerful is that dual-pupil individual?" Shi Hao's mind could not be called calm right now. The first major confrontation he had after revealing himself was against Shi Yi. It was an incomparably difficult one that almost ended in his own ruin. 

"Even though I exchanged over five hundred moves with him in the great battle, all of them were suppressed by him. When the dual-pupil's precious technique emerged, it suppressed everything. As expected, he really was an undefeated legend." Li Yuncong sighed and said. 

Ever since his birth, he had never been defeated before. His might shook several provinces. He was the absolute unrivaled being in Heavenfall Province, the most powerful individual.

However, when the dual-pupiled individual appeared, it shattered all of his brilliance and thoroughly suppressed him. Even after displaying the supreme precious technique an exceptional talent had, he was still not the dual-pupil user's match. 

Shi Hao's mind shivered. Li Yuncong was extremely formidable. He could feel the terrifying divine might within his body, but he was still defeated. 

This Li Yuncong being an exceptional talent was definitely not an exaggeration. It was to the extent where he should be a well-known figure among exceptional talents. This proved just how heaven defying the dual-pupils were. 

"What does he look like?" Shi Hao asked, because he began to grow suspicious. 

"Self confident, calm, long and thin stature, his two eyebrows…" As Li Yuncong described this individual, Shi Hao's mind shook greatly. Why did this person resemble Shi Yi so much?!

Li Yuncong was quite direct, telling Shi Hao everything. After he was badly defeated, he left Heavenfall Province to enter all types of restricted lands to search for a way to improve himself. 

"Rumor has it that there is immortal dao lightning left behind in Fiend Island, and I just happened to walk down this path, cultivating lightning methods, so I ended up coming here."

When Shi Hao heard this, he said, "What a coincidence, I also want to research the natural laws of the lightning dao, so I entered this restricted land."

Even though both parties took precautions against each other, they found each other rather agreeable. Eventually, they began to exchange pointers, only using lightning symbols and not other precious techniques. 

Behind Li Yuncong appeared a vicious bird that spread its wings to the sky. It carried endless lightning clouds with it, surrounding the tall skies. It was extremely shocking, making even the heavenly river surge with waves. 

"I obtained a secret text that has the archaic vicious bird Thundersky Sparrow's magic and dao," he said. 

Shi Hao was shocked. That was definitely one of the most terrifying great divine abilities in the lightning dao. He didn't hide anything and told him that he himself studied the archaic Suan Ni's precious technique.

"Good, they are evenly matched, perfect for exchanging pointers." Li Yuncong was astonished, his pale face revealing a bit of color. 

This was a great battle. It looked incomparably intense, but it was quite controlled. The two didn't deliver any fatal blows and only fought to comprehend the technique and dao. 

Even though they were both on guard, it didn't hinder this type of exchange and interaction. 

Eventually, Shi Hao said, "These two precious techniques are equally matched, how about we exchange them?"

Li Yuncong was amazed. He quickly nodded and said, "Alright, we can exchange!"

If it were normal people, they definitely wouldn't dare to act so carelessly. They would inevitably be on guard and act prudently. However, these two weren't normal people, and both of them were confident. 

Li Yuncong took out a bone piece and recorded the Thundersky Sparrow's technique and dao. This was what he obtained from an ancient cave in the past. 

When Shi Hao saw him act so straightforward, he didn't hide anything either and brought out a piece of bone, carefully carving down the complete Suan Ni precious technique. They were both extremely pleased.

The two were quite agreeable, discussing quite a few of their understandings on cultivation.

In the end, Shi Hao brought out the strange stalk of golden grass and asked him to look at it, inquiring what kind of plant this was and how great its value was exactly. 

"What great natural luck!" Li Yuncong was shocked. He had heard before that Field Island had a few strange plants that contained a bit of the immortal dao lightning symbols. It can be rated as a priceless treasure.

"This type of thing needs to be slowly refined into a liquid. Then, one needs to take it and then carefully meditate. It can allow one's lightning dao to quickly flourish." Li Yuncong said. 

He spoke forthrightly, saying that if Shi Hao cultivated the Thundersky Sparrow's method and dao together with this type of strange grass, he could cultivate it in an extremely short amount of time. There would be shocking divine effects. 

Shi Hao exulted. He wanted to combine all types of lightning symbols to begin with to reach the supreme lightning domain, evolving it into a forbidden precious technique. Now, it seemed like he was smoothly proceeding.

"I thought that I obtained quite the natural luck, but I never thought brother Huang also has this type of fate." Li Yuncong brought out a piece of purple divine wood. 

"What is this?" Shi Hao asked, not understanding. 

"This is lightning wood that has bathed in the heavenly river for endless years. It contains boundless lightning power and can aid my cultivation," said Li Yuncong.

Shi Hao gasped. The other party was not simple after all, actually fishing up this type of object from the heavenly stream. If an ordinary person tried to do this, they would definitely be turned into ashes. 

"Just a bit of luck, brother does not need to take risks. I almost died in that river." Li Yuncong said with some lingering fears. 

Then, both sides separated, going into isolation to cultivate the lightning domain's magic and dao.

Several days later, the strange grass in front of the seated Shi Hao began to melt, becoming a golden liquid that was sparkling and brilliant. There were many symbols flickering about within that reflected the heavens. It was incredibly mysterious!

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