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Chapter 610 - Little Stone's Reappearance

Stone Village, a land of bliss. 

Shi Hao was selecting his own things. He brought along the interspatial precious case and some other things, leaving everything else behind in the village. He sighed inwardly. The losses of the final battle had been too great. 

He chose self-destruction. Both of Stone Village's ancestral artifacts were damaged. There were two large holes on that beast skin, and that beast bone had cracks in it as well. 

One has to understand that these were two divine magical artifacts, yet they were still ruined to this extent during that battle. 

Apart from these two, the country protecting divine halberd, magical sword, and the other items were damaged as well. It truly made one sigh with regret. Unexpectedly, the broken sword left behind by Ghost Grandpa was still unharmed. 

Meanwhile, what made Shi Hao feel the most regretful was that the imperishable golden body battle clothes was broken as well. It had been worn on his body, so at the final moment, it broke into dozens of pieces. 

One has to understand that this was a damaged archaic treasure that could make the eyes of deities go red. There were many secrets regarding these rare battle clothes. 

Fortunately, after the battle clothes broke apart, the core piece was left behind completely unharmed. It shone like black jade with symbols flickering about it. 

One could imagine just how tough it was. All of the magical artifacts broke apart, but this core piece was still intact. 

"I don't know if it can still be restored." Shi Hao carefully collected it. 

"Child, you have to be careful." The old chief warned again and again. 

The villagers all came to see him off, watching as he ascended the village's altar with Qingfeng. Many people's eyes carried tears as they silently waved their hands. 

"Grandpa Chief, Uncles, all of you have to take care of yourselves!" Shi Hao said. His eyes were already a bit blurry. After separating here, it might be decades or more than a century before they will meet again, maybe even never meeting again.

It was because after leaving now and completing what he had to do, he might not return to Stone Village and head straight for the higher realms. 

On the altar, light flashed. He stepped onto the passageway with Qingfeng, thus disappearing from this place. 

Stone Country, inside the imperial palace. 

"Heh, these people truly are inciting my anger. They used living people as sacrifices, triggering a great massacre that lead to my Stone Country Emperor's death, yet they still dare to ask for the void furnace!" The War King was surging with killing intent. 

That day, they received another letter that included the same message. However, the tone seemed a bit more threatening. 

It was written extremely clearly that the objects left behind by the seven deities were all ominous. If they continued to hold onto them like this, there would inevitably be a terrible tragedy that would occur, one that might lead to the death of a country. 

"What a pity it is that communications are cut off with Stone Village. Otherwise, if we asked those two to come out, they would all definitely be killed!" The Ming King said. He was naturally talking about Hairy Ball and Little Red. 

More than a year ago, those two creatures that lit their divine flames came here before to pay the dying Shi Hao a visit. However, this was treated as a top secret, so news of this did not leak out. 

At that time, the two deities suffered severe injuries and lost a portion of their bodies. They reckoned that their injuries should be about recovered by now. 

"They are truly going too far. After harming Stone Emperor, they still demand for those murderous weapons. Do they think there is no one inside my Stone Country?!" The Peng King shouted coldly. 

These letters came one after another during these past few days, filling them with irritation and anger. 

They had made preparations during these past few days, and if needed, they would take action. However, they also acted carefully. Since they already speculated that several great sects were pressuring them, they definitely couldn't be relaxed. 

One has to understand that those great sects' supreme experts added up. If they brought a few powerful divine magical artifacts with them, it would be an extremely terrifying scene. 

"A flame is burning within me. I truly want to directly slaughter towards those great sects, overthrow their gates and wipe them out!" The War King said. 

"His Majesty's death was truly unfortunate… He had such astonishing innate talent. His death was too early." When Shi Hao was mentioned, the individuals all went silent, feeling uncomfortable. 

Shi Hao was astonishing, making his name known while so young and sweeping through all of his enemies, but he met such a tragic end. His fate was truly full of trouble and misfortune. Every time others recalled him, they would always sigh. 

"Qin Hao now has two supreme being bones, so he is definitely shining brilliantly now in the higher realms. News even came a few months ago that he defeated five great heavenly geniuses in a row."

"Stone Emperor was going to go up, also going to shake a region with his name…" They couldn't continue talking about this topic. 

Things already reached this state, so what else was there to say? The little Stone had already died, passing away more than a year ago. Everything had already become history. 

Meanwhile, the other youth could obtain Shi Hao's bone and rise up in the higher realms. That was his natural opportunity, and now, no one could stop him. 

"How unfortunate… our strength is still a bit lacking, or else we would have vented out some resentment for His Majesty, wiping out those great sects' foundations and inheritances."

"The chance will come. Only, that Immortal Palace doesn't have any inheritance in the lower realm, so we can't deal with them. It is a pity."

Several old kings discussed this among themselves. When Shi Hao was brought up, they couldn't help but feel a bit emotional. 

Right at that moment, the ancestral altar in the imperial palace shone. It was extremely brilliant, forming a passageway. Someone was going to come out! It immediately startled the imperial guards that were protecting this place. 

"Reporting, someone has appeared on the ancestral altar." An imperial guard reported. 

"What?!" Several old kings stood up. They then quickly rushed over to the altar. They had a feeling that people from Stone Village came. 

Sure enough, they saw Qingfeng walk down from the altar. 

"Your Majesty, what happened? Why did you leave for more than two months so suddenly and cut off Stone Village from the outside world?" The Ming King asked. He was obviously referring to Qingfeng when he said 'Your Majesty', because he had already succeeded the position.

Qingfeng had a smile on his face without the slightest bit of arrogance and instead greeted these old kings respectfully, treating them like ancestral grandfathers. "Some unusual things happened in Stone Village."

"What kind of things?" These individuals hearts jumped. 

Meanwhile, they noticed that the passageway hadn't closed. There was another figure inside that slowly walked out and stepped onto the ancestral altar. 

"Ah!!" The nearby imperial guards were immediately astonished. They were completely speechless. 

When the War King, Ming King, Peng King and others saw this figure, an explosion happened in their minds. They felt a hot stream attack their eyes, and all of the blood in their bodies immediately surged. 

"Your… Majesty!"

Their voices were trembling, not daring to believe what they were seeing. They stared at the youngster on the altar with wide opened eyes, feeling as if their entire bodies were burning up. They all trembled. 

After being separated for more than a year, that familiar figure appeared again. It was just like a dream. Everyone was shaking greatly, feeling like their mouth and tongue were dried. They didn't dare believe what they were seeing. 

"Your Majesty, is it truly you?!" Forget about those imperial guards, even these old kings felt like they were in a dream. They were all incomparably shocked. 

During this past year, apart from Qingfeng, Qin Yining and a few other individuals, only Yue Chan appeared. Now, they unexpectedly met Shi Hao!

"I'm not dreaming, am I? Stone Emperor… you are still alive! You've reappeared!" An imperial guard couldn't help but cry out. 

"Your Majesty!" Several old kings rushed forward. They now confirmed that this wasn't an illusion. That aura was too familiar, there was no way they would mistake it! Shi Hao had returned!

"It's me, I've made you all worry." Shi Hao walked down. When he saw these old kings, he felt emotional as well. These were people that he was truly close to. When he was severely injured and about to die, these people did everything they could, using all of Stone Country's resources, even asking the entire world for a way to save him. 

For his sake, these old kings had paid a great price. The bags of pill medicines could be piled up as if they were food. They definitely didn't obtain them without a price. They were clearly exchanged for. 

Apart from this, there was even a holy medicine that was even more so not casually obtained. They definitely exchanged for it with some great treasures from within the country's treasury. 

"Your Majesty… is truly still alive!" Everyone cried out loudly. A few younger imperial guards even jumped up. They were just too excited and moved. 

"Haha…" The War King laughed loudly, his tears about to flow out. This was truly unexpected. His thoughts were rising and falling greatly. 

He truly loathed the seven deities and felt furious towards the higher realms' great inheritances. He really wanted to get revenge for Shi Hao, but the true deities were in the higher realms, so he was helpless to do anything. 

During this past year, he had always felt a wave of fire burn within him. He felt that Shi Hao's death was too regretful and sorrowful. He often used alcohol to drown out his resentment. 

However, today, he could actually see Shi Hao again, seeing him walk out from the altar in a near perfect state. How could this not make him tremble with excitement?

"This… is a miracle!" The Ming King also began to tremble. He rushed over, examining Shi Hao carefully, fearing that this might be an illusion. 

"His Majesty is extraordinary after all, haha… This time, the heavens finally opened their eyes. This world will no longer be lonesome!" Peng Nine roared with laughter. His eyes were brimming with tears of excitement. He was incomparably moved. 


Carefree laughter resounded through the air, shaking the palace halls. The old kings didn't know how long it had been since they felt so joyous. 

They returned to the central heavenly palace and listened to Shi Hao recount his journey back from death. The great supreme experts all sighed with sorrow. They then arranged for people to prepare a feast. They had to drink until they were dead drunk and properly celebrate. They were just too happy. 

Inside the imperial palace, sounds of laughter continuously sounded. The old kings had been depressed for too long. This type of unbelievable result almost caused them to roar into the heavens. Right now, only good wine could close their mouths.

"Truly too happy! I never thought that there would be a day like today! It is just too great… His Majesty has risen from the dead, I wonder what kind of expressions those great sects would show after learning this, haha…" 

"If news gets out, I think the entire world would be shocked and feel like this is just too unimaginable!"

"I fear that no one will believe us. They will all think that this is fake information, hahaha…" 

They pushed cups and exchanged glasses, all of them drinking nonstop. 

"What is this?" Shi Hao saw a letter on the table and revealed a look of suspicion. After reading it, a grim smile quickly appeared on his face. 

He naturally could guess that it was the great sects that were making these demands, asking for the seven deities' broken weapons. He never expected the void furnace to be so important. 

"Void gold is an extremely rare material, with even a small piece difficult to find even after hundreds of thousands of years. There is a bit inside this furnace, which has drawn their jealousy," explained the Ming King. 

"Good, good, good!" Shi Hao continuously said good three times. He didn't make trouble for these great sects, but the other party was actually going to knock on their doors first. It immediately lit a flame within his heart. 

"They colluded with the higher realms, harmed His Majesty, and even dare to do this. This time, we will definitely make them pay the price!" said the War King. 

Shi Hao had returned, raising their spirits greatly. What were they scared of now?

"Give them a reply. Tell those great sects that all of their sect protecting treasures, all of those divine magical artifacts are ominous objects, that they will bring about a bloody disaster if they keep them in their sects for a long time, so they should hurry and bring them all to Stone Country!" Shi Hao said. 

The old kings stared blankly for a moment, and then they all roared with laughter. This was fighting back with equal harshness! If they returned this message, all of those words would be returned!

"Add another point, limiting the time limit to two days. Otherwise, I will personally pay them a visit to accept them!" Shi Hao said overbearingly. His gaze was incredibly intimidating. 

"Alright!" The old kings weren't the only ones that were excited; this was true for the young imperial guards as well. They were all extremely moved. Stone Emperor had returned, and as expected, he was powerful and without equal!

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