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Chapter 611 - Little Stone Takes Action

These words made several elders feel incomparably overjoyed. They all roared with laughter. For the past year, they've always felt a wave of gloominess in their hearts, and today, everything had been swept away. 

Meanwhile, the imperial guards surrounding them were even more overwhelmed by emotions. They were all fired up, clenching their fists tightly. 

Ever since Shi Hao died, everyone felt like they were suffocating. There was even a haze that was clouding their minds that they couldn't get rid of, making them feel extremely uncomfortable. 

"We should settle things. There has to be an explanation! They need to pay for what they've done!" Peng Nine said, his eyes flickering brightly as if there was electrical radiance there. 

Shi Hao's death had been indirectly caused by them, yet the other party still dared to ask for these vicious artifacts. They truly went too far!

Meanwhile, today, Shi Hao returned. He was still alive and full of boldness and domineeringness. What would someone who dared to fight against deities be scared of? When everyone thought about what was to come, they all felt their blood surging, making them feel extremely stirred up!

A few people brought over a few paper ink sticks and bone pieces. Shi Hao didn't take action, allowing the old kings to take care of everything. They wrote things just like how he said them, returning those words right back, answering a fool according to his foolery. 

That night, the court was brightly lit. Everyone drank until they went drunk, and even the imperial guards that were protecting this place joined in. They also drank their fill and collapsed here. 

These old kings couldn't control themselves anymore after drinking, breaking out into waves of crying and laughter. Stone Emperor had passed away, making them feel extremely gloomy, unable to accept that kind of result. Now, they were finally released from their depression. 

Everyone collapsed from drinking. Only Shi Hao sat there, his eyes burning like a furnace. They seemed extremely brilliant in this dark night. 

"They replied?"

Inside of a mansion in Stone Country imperial city, an individual sat on top of a praying mat. His entire body was surrounded by hazy light like a deity. After carefully reading it, his expression became cold. 

"Stone Country truly is domineering. Do they really think that they can rule the world with just a few supreme experts? It isn't enough even in this era without deities!"

In the afternoon, the imperial guards in the palace delivered a message to the palace hall. The old kings had already woken up a long time ago. They were currently chatting with Shi Hao and Qingfeng in an extremely joyous manner. All of them were smiling. 

"They replied so quickly?" The Ming King accepted the letter, and then his face fell slightly. "They are warning that the ominous will bring about a bloody disaster, the death of a country… is this the final threat?"

"Oh? They are quite bold. They are prophesying that my Stone Country Imperial Palace's gates will suffer heavenly punishment, and that there will be a rain of blood?" After looking at the letter, Shi Hao laughed. However, there was a bit of coldness in his voice as he said, "I want to see just what will happen!"

Later in the afternoon, a bloody cloud appeared in the sunny and cloudless sky that covered the sun. It was incomparably oppressive as it slowly surrounded the imperial palace. 

"It came? They really are absolutely unrestrained, daring to take action like this!" The War King was angry. 

"Something isn't right. This is the killing energy produced by the blood sacrifice, and now it has been pulled over by the blood clouds. Could it be that they want to carry out a blood sacrifice in my Stone Country's Imperial Palace?" Peng Nine's gaze was like electricity.

The sky rumbled with noise. That blood cloud was extremely thick. It was accompanied by lightning sound, releasing streak after streak of black lightning, appearing extremely strange. It startled Stone Capital's ordinary residents. 

"What happened?" Quite a few people were alarmed. Those clouds descended lower and lower until they were about to stick to the ground. They surrounded the Imperial Palace's entrance, as if a disaster was about to descend. 

"Stone Country is tyrannical and defies the heavens. Heavenly punishment will descend!" Following the descent of the blood clouds, a tremendous voice sounded that was incomparably dignified, resounding through the skies. 

On the streets, quite a few people began to panic. Ordinary people feared these unknown phenomenons the most. They all trembled. 

"Misleading the public with lies! Everyone, do not panic. Watch how I cut down this evil!" A voice sounded from within the depths of the Imperial Palace that reverberated through the sky. 

Meanwhile, a bronze furnace flew out from the Imperial Palace. It swirled with fiery light and released blazing divine might before rushing towards that blood cloud. 

However, as soon as that bronze furnace drew closer, that blood cloud began to burn, releasing even more cold and bright scarlet light. It was like blood, dying the entire sky red. 

The Ming King was startled. He continued to operate the bronze furnace, about to refine the blood cloud. What was shocking was that it became more beautiful in color, burning more furiously. Symbols covered the sky densely, surrounding the sky as it descended. 

"This is a large-scale curse magical formation. He came prepared… It contains endless baleful aura that will be hard to dissolve," said Peng Nine. 

"Truly vicious! He actually wants to use the imperial city as a blood sacrifice, do they want to repeat the flood region's tragedy?" The War King was resentful. The people who came were fierce after all. They arranged a great formation to bring about a killing disaster. 

The great supreme experts naturally didn't fear this, but they might not be able to protect everyone in the imperial city. Some people might be submerged in the bloody mist, and if that happens, blood would definitely be spilled.

The supreme experts were going to rush up to break through this blood sacrifice great formation. At the same time, they were going to find the person that was controlling this formation to kill him. 

"No need, let me!" Shi Hao said. 

His palm slapped towards the sky. A Vermilion Bird appeared. Fiery light surged in an incomparably terrifying manner, immediately setting the skies aflame and adding to the Ming King's precious furnace.

Under the chi chi sounds, many curse symbols were wiped out, quickly scattering. Meanwhile, large amounts of blood clouds were sucked into the precious furnace and refined into ashes. 

Outside the city, someone's body trembled, revealing a look of shock. He knew that this curse formation couldn't do anything to those great supreme experts, but it could definitely produce a bloody disaster, turning a few imperial guards and ordinary people into living sacrifices. He never thought that it would be destroyed by someone as soon as it began. 

"What is going on?" He hid within the clouds and gazed into Stone Country Capital City, carefully looking inside. He didn't believe that those great supreme experts could get rid of it so quickly. 

"En?" Suddenly, he revealed a look of shock, realizing that someone had locked onto him. 

"Who is this? Impossible!" He was extremely shocked. The one that was coming was much stronger than Stone Country's supreme experts, and this individual's spiritual senses were terrifyingly sharp, already detecting him. 

"Misleading the public and assaulting my Stone Country Imperial Capital, accept punishment!" A dignified voice resounded through the imperial city. Then, an extremely large hand reached out into the sky. 

This individual cried out in alarm. He knew that was no way he could defend himself. He scattered the clouds and turned around to leave. He felt that this individual was too terrifying. 

However, it was already too late. That palm was earthen yellow in color and incomparably large. Symbols covered it densely. It immediately descended, surrounding the sky like the world palm divine ability. 

"Break for me!"

This individual was also a supreme expert. Even though he didn't break into this realm for a long time, he still possessed great power. He was good at setting up formations and using strange techniques. 

At this moment, he flung out several dozen formation banners. They shot outwards, arranging themselves in the air and supporting the world. They were going to blast away that enemy and allow him to flee. 

What was shocking was that the palm shone. Like a Peng claw, symbols became extremely complicated and complex profound mysteries filled it. It quickly surrounded him, causing all of those banners to explode.

"What? This is…" He was shocked. He wanted to holler the word Kun Peng, but he didn't have the time. With a peng sound, he was caught by the large claw and then dragged into the Imperial Palace, disappearing from the sky. 

Everyone in Stone Capital was astonished. What kind of divine might was this? A single hand reached out from the palace and reached into the clouds. This was just like something out of a legend!

An extremely powerful figure was captured with a single attack, leaving everyone stupefied, feeling as if their mouths and tongues went dry!

"The evil has been eliminated. Everyone does not need to worry." A voice sounded from within the imperial palace, putting an end to the panic. Everyone calmed down, feeling a sense of security. They felt that with such powerful figures protecting Stone Country, they were definitely going to prosper.

"You are…" Inside the central heavenly palace, the voice of the one that was captured trembled. His eyes opened wide, finding it hard to believe. 

"Who am I looking at? Impossible!" He shook his head forcefully to try and wake himself up from this dream. He couldn't accept this result. This was just too inconceivable!

How could someone that had died more than a year ago suddenly reappear?

He felt like this was definitely an illusion. Stone Country's supreme experts must have laid down a formation to mess with his divine senses, or else how could something like this have happened?


Shi Hao sat up on the precious throne, overlooking him. With a wave of his sleeve, this individual was struck until he tumbled backwards, colliding into a chair that was covered in symbols and immediately coughing out blood. 

"You… truly are the little Stone?" He immediately went stupid. He could feel the Kun Peng power. When he saw that youth's gaze, he immediately woke up and said with a trembling voice. 

This was simply unbelievable! The effects were too great!

Shi Hao actually appeared again, alive. Who was that person that died back then? This completely toppled common sense. He found this hard to accept. 

"I didn't come to you guys for trouble, so you all should be rejoicing, yet you dare to come to my Stone Country to stir up trouble?!" Shi Hao berated. He was extremely young, but his appearance was extremely dignified. 

This supreme expert's face was deathly pale. He knew he was finished. With the little Stone's fighting strength that had previously slaughtered deities, who could still stop him in this world now? Several great sects worked together to threaten Stone Country to obtain the void furnace; this truly was like kicking a metal plate. There was definitely not going to be a good end for them!

"How did you… survive?!" He felt as if this was too ridiculous. His entire body went cold. This world was not going to be lonely anymore. Now that Shi Hao returned, great storms would definitely stir about. 

"You are just a captive. What qualifications do you have to ask questions?!" The Ming King berated. 

Shi Hao was extremely direct. He reached out that hand to grab him again, and then he searched his sea of consciousness. He wanted to see exactly which sides wanted to take action. 

"You…" He naturally resisted. His forehead cracked apart, about to explode. 

Shi Hao quickly sealed him, stopping him from continuing with the self-destruction. What was rather regretful was that when he reached this individual's race's precious technique, he still couldn't obtain it, because there were mysterious restrictions from their race. 

However, he was still able to find out which great sects joined hands. He said to himself, "There are more than what I thought. However, there is some karma I have to settle too, so I should just deal with it all at once!"


A streak of sword energy swept out. This supreme expert's head tumbled downwards, sliced off. His primordial spirit wanted to escape, but it was shattered by a streak of sword energy, completely dying here. 

Inside the imperial palace, all of the imperial guards' blood was racing. Stone Emperor had just returned, yet a powerful supreme expert was already killed. These types of methods made others feel deep respect. All of them gasped in admiration. 

They knew that what followed would be even more intense. Stone Emperor would definitely personally visit several great undying great sects to demand an explanation, making what he said a reality. 

The old kings tightened their fists as well. With the return of Stone Emperor, in addition to being so powerful, with a world dominating disposition as expected, everything was only beginning. The entire world was going to be engulfed, and his aura would devour mountains and rivers!

Right now, the outside world was noisy. News quickly spread. 

A large hand reached out from the imperial palace. Symbols flickered about, scattering the clouds and capturing a powerful cultivator alive. This created a huge uproar!

A few individuals knew what type of expert it was that was captured. They all trembled in horror, feeling as if something wasn't right. They all began to develop suspicions. That might be...

It was because they sensed a familiar aura. They all began to suspect inwardly, feeling that it was the Kun Peng power. Who in the present world could cultivate this technique to this level?

"Impossible! The little Stone has died. No one in this world could cultivate the Kun Peng's precious technique to perfection!" Some people shook their heads, casting aside this thought. 

A commotion broke out in the outside world. 

Even though this battle was short, it triggered huge waves, because a few people knew that the one that was captured was a supreme expert. He was caught in one go!

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