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Chapter 608 - Happiness

“Child!” Shi Yunfeng walked over while trembling. He stroked Shi Hao’s face. This was simply like a dream! Fortunately, this time, when he snapped back to reality, everything was still there. 

For him, he just needed Shi Hao to live. That was better than everything else. Nothing else was important. 

“Grandpa Chief!” Shi Hao called out softly, feeling rather moved. Tears rolled down his face as he smiled. This elder had clearly aged quite a bit during his period of ‘death’. 

“It’s good as long as you are alive. Don’t leave us ever again…” Shi Yunfeng’s voice was trembling as he spoke. He carefully looked over Shi Hao, transitioning from great sadness to great joy. His heart was rising and falling. It was hard for him to control himself. 

Shi Hao supported the elder, helping him wipe away his tears. “Grandpa Chief, don’t feel bad. How could I have been willing to leave? I was here all along!”

This was, without a doubt, a day full of joy for Stone Village. Everyone’s spirits were raised, and the entire village was in festive spirits. It was full of a joyous atmosphere. 

“Being alive truly is good! I missed every one of you!” When he returned to the village, Shi Hao was also extremely moved as he spoke. 

He was smothered by everyone. Arms reached out one after another, continuously touching him. After being separated for more than a year, still being able to remain alive was just a miracle. 

“The heavens have opened their eyes! Little Hao has revived, finally becoming conscious!”

“Haha… My Stone Village’s child’s fate is great. Heaven couldn’t take him away!”

Everyone cried out loudly, so moved they didn’t know what to say. Stone Village was incomparably bustling. Everyone hurried over. The children ran over like it was new years day, bringing the lightning hounds, scarlet feathered cranes and other ancient descendants with them noisily. 

Qinfeng walked up. Tears couldn’t help but fall everywhere as he cried. 

“Go, let’s drink! We cannot end until we’ve been drunk for three days and three nights!” Dazhuang, Huzi and the others said with red eyes. After wiping away their tears, everyone crowded around Shi Hao and brought him away. 

While the villagers were bustling with commotion, smoke rose from every household. All types of delicious food were being made. Water boiled inside of large cauldrons. Tasty meat released their fragrance, wafting far into the distance. 

Meanwhile, all types of golden and glossy meat was being roasted on top of the bonfire. Honey was smeared over their surface, making them shine brightly. Together with other seasoning, they already made others drool with desire. 

There were all types of berries as well that were brought over in an unending stream. Some were sparkling red, others brilliant yellow. The berries’ fragrance was rich and incredibly tempting. 

The children were running and jumping about, every single one of them extremely naughty. They were all extremely happy. They were now completely relaxed. 

Ever since Shi Hao’s death, a long time had passed since they had this type of cheerful celebration. The adults were all grinning from ear to ear, letting them crazily run about. 

“Come! Let’s drink all night in celebration to Little Hao’s survival!” Shi Linhu roared with laughter as he spoke. 

They sat on the grassy lakeshore. All types of meat, wild berries, and other delicacies were arranged everywhere. Everyone was here, from elders to middle-aged men to youngsters like Dazhuang, Qingfeng, Pihou and their generation. 

A sou sounded. Golden light shone brilliantly. The lightning hound that had been raised since it was little ran over. Bringing a pi pa lightning radiance as it ran over, chasing after Ermeng and the children. 

“Excellent, these golden vicious hounds are becoming more and more formidable!” The adults exclaimed with admiration. 

Hu! In midair, a purple-gold bird flew over, bringing several children with it. Winds whistled through the air. This creature was also quite astonishing. 

Everyone laughed feeling gratified. Back then, Shi Hao brought these children into the great wastelands and returned with these descendent’s children. They all grew up now. 

Stone Village would become more and more powerful. This all made the villagers happy. The children in particular had spiritual medicines, and ancient pill recipes. After being ‘cooked’ in the cauldrons, their cultivations all improved significantly. 

“Being able to sit together and drink again is just too great!” Ermeng said while stuttering. Not a long time had passed, but he had already downed two large jugs of alcohol. 

“Haha… After a painful year, today, all of the gloominess is gone! It truly is a joyous thing. We have to drink enough!” Snot baby shouted loudly, beginning to pour wine for everyone again. 

Everyone sat together around the bonfire, cooking all types of meat on top. When drops of oil landed on the flames, chi chi sounds would sound. Everyone was extremely happy, continuously raising their cups and drinking until their faces were completely red. 

“Child, do you still want to drink beast milk? How about you let uncles cook a bowl for you?” Pihou’s father was half drunk already and began to make fun of him. 

“Haha…” The group of people roared with laughter. 

“Don’t be embarrassed! If you really do want to drink, then someone will cook up a bowl right now.” Shi Linhu and the others were roaring with laughter as well, not acting like elders at all. 

No matter how thick Shi Hao’s skin was, he still became embarrassed. He revealed an embarrassed look, because quite a few little ones were watching from the side while giggling. 

“Little Uncle Hao, is beast milk really that good? Why do we think it tastes normal?” 

“Little Uncle Hao, will we become strong if we drink beast milk every day? I am drinking it every day too! I don’t think it’s working though…” 

The group of children were all smiling strangely, resisting their urge to break out into laughter. They were all joking around. 

A group of elders helped Shi Hao out of this situation, playfully scolding the kids. “You group of little rabbits, go stay off to the side obediently!”

“Let me tell you guys a secret. If you cultivate while drinking milk, it will be twice the result with half the effort. If you don’t believe me, go try it out.” Shi Hao mysteriously said. 

“Really?” There were a few little children who thought this was true. They quickly ran away to try it out. Soon after, they ran back. 


“Little Uncle, you are lying! I almost choked on beast milk!”

A group of children that had just learned to walk complained, looking unhappy. 

“Haha…” Everyone roared with laughter. 

This was definitely a cheerful and lively night. Everyone was relaxed and happy. Even those aunts and grandmas drank a bit, almost going drunk. 

Shi Hao sat there with seemingly endless things to talk about. He talked about how he felt in the grave, as well as all types of experiences from when he left home to venture into the outside world. 

Of course, what everyone discussed the most was still what happened during this year, talking about the various things that happened in the outside world. 

Shi Hao heard how his parents have left, learned about how the Five-Colored Sparrow saved him, as well as the various changes that took place in Stone Country, he felt deeply moved inside. Joy and sadness coexisted. 

“Hairy Ball, Little Red, thank you!” Shi Hao said while proposing a toast. 

The two creatures immediately widened their eyes. The names this fellow gave them were truly a bit unpleasant. However, with today being such a happy occasion, they didn’t bicker too much. 


Crazy winds blew about. Aunt Grene Scaled Eagle brought her three children downwards, raising a great gale. They descended by the lakeside. These were Stone Village’s most powerful vicious birds. In the future, they would become guardian spirits. 

“Shi Hao, you’re still alive! This is too awesome!” They cried out loudly and rushed over, rubbing their wings against him in an incomparably excited and endearing manner. 

Shi Hao was extremely happy as well. Being able to see them after so long was truly great. Living was better than everything else. He then asked them, “Where’s the big red bird?” 

“In the great wastelands looking for the supreme being divine treasury.”

During this year, Aunt Green Scaled Eagle and the big red bird were the main force behind the divine treasury’s search. The divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly joined in as well. 

The main reason they were doing this was to search for some heaven defying natural opportunity, seeing if there was any revival grass to save Shi Hao. 

When he heard everyone’s explanation, Shi Hao felt incomparably moved, and then he became happy. He fetched a large jar of wine and ‘touched jars’ with them. 

“I’m here, I’m here too! I am also looking for the supreme being divine treasury!” The unicorn Little White said while drinking from a jar of alcohol. Then, it began to foam from the mouth and lay knocked out on the ground. 

This vicious beast wasn’t ordinary at all. It grew a pair of pure white wings. It had the potential to evolve into an archaic heavenly horse. It was normally heroic and extraordinary, but its tolerance towards alcohol really wasn’t all that great. 

Everyone roared with laughter, watching as the children dragged it away. 

Everyone was feeling a bit drunk, but they continued to exchange drinks. There was just too much to talk about. Shi Hao held a jade container, gently swaying it about. There was a bit of leftover blood that was wrapped around a green complex symbol. He carefully observed it. 

“Don’t study it anymore. You can take your time later! Let’s keep drinking!” Dazhuang said. 

“Right, child, are your injuries okay now?” Shi Linhu asked. 

“The curse has been eliminated, so it can’t do anything to me anymore. There are still some scars from broken bones and flesh injuries, but all of that will quickly heal too.” Shi Hao replied. 

He was a bit hesitant. Should he properly heal up or connect his broken bones after entering the higher realms? The laws of this world weren’t complete, and the heavenly dao was deficient. When he entered the higher realms, he needed to break apart his bones and refine himself with that realm’s natural laws. 

“It’s better if you properly recover first.” Hairy Ball advised. 

“That’s good too!” Shi Hao nodded. 

“Child, are you still going to leave in the end?” The group of people widened their eyes, revealing reluctance. They all felt extremely worried. 

Being separated by life and death was the most painful thing. Shi Hao finally managed to survive, but they were going to be separated yet again?

“Grandpa Chief, Uncles, I will come back. We will definitely see each other again. We will be together again!” Shi Hao comforted. 

“It will be difficult to come down again after going up. Will we be able to wait until then?” Chief Shi Yunfeng felt sentimental. They had just met again, so how could he be willing to see him leave again?”

“We will definitely meet again. As long as there is time, after a few decades, I will find a way to come down. Grandpa Chief, before leaving, I will refine a golden pill for all of you. Our Stone Village’s pill recipes are extremely precious. If you take it, you will break through and be able to live at least another one or two hundred years.” Shi Hao said seriously. 

Even though this was the case, everyone still felt emotional, not willing to see him leave again. 

“Refining those golden pills requires over a hundred spiritual medicines. Many are rare wondrous medicines that are practically extinct. It will be too hard to collect them all.” A clan elder said. 

Everyone in the clan knew about the pill recipes’ value, but it was just that their ingredients were too shocking. It was hard to find the medicines needed to make the precious pills. 

You have to understand that last time, Shi Hao used up everything Stone Country had, yet he only refined six little rebirth pills. 

Even though the villagers didn’t need these high level pill medicines, the medicinal herbs they needed were definitely astonishing as well. They also needed large amounts.

“No harm, I will definitely gather everything. Those undying great sects’ medicinal fields definitely won’t lack spiritual herbs.” Shi Hao’s eyes shone brilliantly, but they also carried a hint of coldness. 

“You are going to bother them?” The clansmen were all shocked. 

“There are some people who have done wrongs, so they need to pay the price! The reason the seven deities were able to smoothly descend into the lower realm is precisely because of the undying great sects’ supreme experts’ blood sacrifice. Do they really think I don’t know what they did? Throwing the lower realm into chaos and bringing down this slaughter, I need them to give me an explanation for all of this!” Shi Hao said. 

The blood sacrifice that was carried out was absolutely tragic. Tens of millions to over a hundred million creatures died. Blood flowed like rivers and bones piled up like mountains. It was too horrifying of an event. 

These were all disasters that were brought about on purpose, just so that the experts of the higher realms could smoothly descend. 

“At the very least, those supreme experts need to be punished, or else my heart won’t be at peace. I will pay their holy lands a visit!” Shi Hao added. 

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