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Chapter 588 - Most Powerful Deity

Shi Hao was shocked. Could the elder have said all of this to see whether he really was a disciple from Supreme Palace? If that was the case, he naturally wouldn’t join Immortal Palace. 

“I do wish to obtain the Transcendence piece, but that opportunity unfortunately never presented itself.” He shook his head. 

“Opportunities are always stumbled upon by accident. With little friend’s natural talents, I do not wish for there to be a day when you become Supreme Palace’s inheritor and thus stand against my Immortal Palace.” The elder continued to appear rather kind. 

“Elder is joking.” Shi Hao looked at him, feeling a hidden wave of vicious energy that didn’t seem to belong to that of a human. He should be some type of fierce bird or vicious beast. 

His name was Huang Yu, so could he be an archaic vicious bird? Shi Hao thought to himself for a bit. He couldn’t see this old man’s real body, but he could sense a great golden sun shining brilliantly. 

TL: Huang Yu literally means yellow feather

“Your esteemed self came from Immortal Palace, a place with an outstanding history and great influence. Meanwhile, geniuses in the higher realms emerge in large numbers, so how can someone like myself compare?” Shi Hao said. 

“There are only four great individuals in Immortal Palace, so what can I be counted as? I am just an old servant, how can I have the qualifications of becoming one of Immortal Palace’s members?” The elder Huang Yu said. 

“I heard your esteemed self invite me to Immortal Palace just now, so how could you act so modest now?” Shi Hao was more and more confident that the elder was testing him. 

Huang Yu laughed and said, “As an old servant of Immortal Palace, even though my cultivation is lacking and I don’t have great natural talent, I am still capable of seeing potential. If there is an extremely brilliant ‘exceptional talent’ or heavenly genius, then I have the authority to make a report, and perhaps have them add you into Immortal Palace.”

“I am a person lacking discipline. If I enter Immortal Palace, I will most likely violate their regulations time and time again.” Shi Hao shook his head. 

“This is an opportunity. If I make the report, even though it might not necessarily succeed, there is a chance of success. Little friend, are you really going to give up just like that?” Huang Yu asked. 

“I will have to let this chance pass. I only wish to live my life peacefully in the lower realm,” Shi Hao said. 

There was a moment of silence where both sides stopped talking. The elder poured and drank alone, appearing extremely easygoing and composed as he did so. 

Shi Hao sat on the rooftop of the imperial palace. There was over twenty li between them, when conversing with their divine will, there wasn’t much of a difference. No one else was alarmed. 

“What does your esteemed self really want by seeking me out?” Shi Hao asked. He felt like a battle was most likely unavoidable. 

“Naturally just peaceful interaction. I also do not wish to take up arms.” The elder nodded and drank a cup of alcohol. It had been a long time since he last walked in the world of mortals, so he was quite fond of ordinary food and drink. 

“I have three conditions. As long as you agree to them, you will act as the human emperor, and I will search for my natural opportunities. There wouldn’t be any conflicts between us.” Huang Yu said. 

“Please speak!” Shi Hao knew that he couldn’t have come here for no reason. There were definitely some issues. It all depended on what kind of conditions they were. 

“The first is that my original form is a divine bird, so I wish to have a look at your Kun Peng technique to enhance my dao.” Huang Yu’s face carried a smile as he spoke of the first condition. 

“Continue.” Shi Hao remained calm and collected. 

“Second, I wish to see your supreme being bone. Rest assured, I will not break it and will just wish to see it on the physical body.” Huang Yu’s smile was extremely gentle. 

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. He calmly looked at him. 

“The third is that I am going to seal you for a hundred years, keeping your cultivation at the supreme being realm and preventing you from breaking through any further,” said Huang Yu. He restrained his smile and explained further, saying, “Your growth is too fast. Even though my intention is to peacefully associate with you, after a few dozen years later, you will surpass me, making it impossible to live together in harmony.”

“Why don’t you directly eliminate me? After getting rid of me, that will be the end of all your problems. Why go through so much trouble?” Shi Hao said coldly. The conditions were too harsh. 

“Little friend, only like this can we truly peacefully associate with each other and prevent conflicts. I keep my promises.” Huang Yu smiled. The wrinkles on his face seemed to disappear with this smile. 

“If we do this, what type of freedom can there be said for me? Having my true body suppressed by your precious technique and being unable to cultivate, I’ll lose all control over life and death. How can this be considered peaceful coexistence?!” Shi Hao shouted. 

“This is the only way to avoid a fierce battle. Believe me, doing things this way will be beneficial for both me and you,” Huang Yu said. 

“I do not see how it is beneficial for me.” Shi Hao’s face fell. 

“I will help you unify the eight regions and make you the emperor of all of the lower realms. Millions and millions of li full of mountains and rivers will be under your control.” The elder smiled. Golden flames began to jump on his body. 

“Then?” Shi Hao coldly asked. 

“Then, you and me will join hands to search for the great natural opportunities of the lower realm together, for example, the Supreme Hall that you were interested in, we can enter it together,” said the elder. 

“It’s because you want my blood, right?” Shi Hao’s face became more and more downcast. He learned from the three deities’ sea of consciousness that special supreme being blood was needed in order to enter the Supreme Palace. 

All of the wrinkles on Huang Yu’s face disappeared, as if he immediately became more than ten years younger. He had a warm smile on his face as he said, “This is a mutually profitable situation.”

“You are leaving me with no choice but to fight with your conditions.” Shi Hao said with a sigh. He raised his voice and said, “Do you think I’ll just resign myself to my fate and let you manipulate me as you wish?”

“Young one, one should carefully think before acting. There is no medicine for regret in this world. There are some things once done, cannot be undone.” The elder calmly said. 

“You are holding me by the neck and ready to slaughter me, yet you still tell me to reconsider? If our positions were swapped, what kind of choice would you make?!” Shi Hao shouted. 

“This is a world where the strong have the right to speak. There isn’t much use in thinking about what if situations. Let me offer you a piece of advice. Do not try to fight, or else you won’t have the slightest bit of a chance.” Huang Yu’s smile didn’t faltar in the slightest, but his tone of speaking became much heavier. 

“You are that sure of yourself?!” Shi Hao stood up. Even though there was more than twenty li between them, he was still emitting powerful battle intent. 

“I’m old already, so I am no longer as courageous as before. I paid Heaven Mending Pavilion a visit, been to the Northern Sea, and even made a trip around the outside of Western Tomb World, understanding a few things as a result. I should be able to capture you.”

Shi Hao was speechless. This elder truly was careful. For the sake of a little cultivator like himself, he was actually this prudent, carefully investigating everything. 

“You are the strongest of the ones that descended from the higher realms?” Shi Hao asked. 

“There are some more powerful than I, but they have all died while crossing over realms. Even though the sect masters of the higher realms succeeded in defying heaven’s will, the extent of their efforts is still limited,” said the elder. 

However, in the end, he was the most powerful individual of the seven that survived. 

Shi Hao rose into the air, leaving Stone Capital and rushing towards the distant mountain range. He wasn’t willing to accidentally harm this enormous city because of an accident. 

“Little friend, I still advise you to carefully reconsider. Even if you don’t need to reconsider for yourself, you still need to think about the common people of Stone Country.” The elder said calmly, following behind him with a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow. 

“You are threatening me?” Shi Hao’s eyes released divine radiance. He stood above a mountain range. 

“It can’t really be considered a threat. This old one is originally a vicious bird, and in my earlier years, I have unleashed slaughter before to satisfy my desire for good food, devouring quite a few creatures. After all these years, I’ve always restrained myself, becoming even more mindful after becoming an old servant of Immortal Palace. However, now that I crossed realms, I feel like it might be suitable to release some instincts and feast a bit.”

The elder spoke. He opened his mouth, and a golden vortex appeared that devoured the spiritual essence from all directions. Cries of alarm and fear immediately sounded from a small town several dozens of li outwards. One could clearly see figures be swept up into the skies one after another, quickly flying here. 

In the blink of an eye, several hundred figures entered the golden vortex and disappeared into his mouth, disappearing without a trace. 

“You!” Shi Hao was furious. This elder look soft and weak, but he was actually an extremely fierce and resolute character that acted without any restraint. 

“The taste of human flesh really isn’t bad. The taste really is worth pondering over.” He wiped away a bit of blood from the corner of his lips in a rather sinister looking fashion. He was clearly an old man with a daoist robe covering his body, and on his face was a kind and benevolent smile, but he had just eaten over a hundred people. 

“You are a vicious bird, vile and vicious! Even if I don’t get rid of you today, there will be a day when someone will bring judgment upon your existence!” Shi Hao said, his face becoming downcast. 

“What are you saying? Are you insisting on fighting against me?” Huang Yu carried a faint smile. His face was also a bit cold as he said, “Youngster, if you act so impetuously, your life will likely end up being quite short.”

“Come over and fight!” Shi Hao pointed the great halberd at him, and then he flew towards an even farther mountain range, avoiding places with any signs of life to avoid harming the innocent. 

“Since you are so impatient to get on with it, this old once can only accompany you in a battle. However, you should forget about bringing me into Western Tomb World, and don’t try to flee the entire time, or else this old one might directly turn around to Stone Country and eat a thousand or so people first, then go to Immortal Mountain to pay your parents and brother a visit.” The elder’s voice was rather ordinary, as if he was just speaking about some trifling matters. However, there was a bit of bloodiness that could be felt seeping out from him. 

“You are an absolute fiend!” Shi Hao weaved through the skies, quickly speeding through several thousand li and arriving in a large desolate area before stopping. 

This mountain region was extremely vast. Mountain ridges appeared in large amounts and tall peaks rested side by side. Ancient trees towered about. 

Huang Yu arrived in this place with a speed that wasn’t fast or slow. He said, “Since you wish to fight, then I  guess I’ll satisfy the wishes of one of the higher realms’ great individuals and cut you down.” 

“That old thing from Underworld Earth?” Shi Hao laughed coldly. 

Huang Yu shook his head and said, “No, my Immortal Palace have never cared much about other people’s thoughts. It is an extremely young great individual from the palace’s request. He isn’t much older than yourself.” 

“I don’t recall ever offending anyone from Immortal palace.” Shi Hao said with a cold voice. He really was a bit confused. 

“This great figure went on a journey outside to sharpen himself. He had once been invited to Heaven Mending Sect, and under the request of a great figures and others there, he passed on a scroll of ancient text to them. Later on, the scroll of scriptures was secretly passed down into the lower realm and obtained by fairy Yue Chan. She wanted to cultivate a separation of main and second body, and from then on become unkillable. It is unknown whether she succeeded or not. Recently, there was some information transmitted into the higher realms, and it appears that fairy Yue Chan stood against you. These rumors made the young great figure in the palace rather unhappy,” Huang Yu said. 

“That is none of his fucking business!” Shi Hao berated. 

“Heaven Mending Sect offered to develop friendly relations with us, and fairy Yue Chan’s background is extraordinary as well, someone who produced many irregular phenomenons from her birth. There is definitely a great destiny awaiting her, an existence of great natural luck. In the future, she might become the dao companion of my clan's great figure. When he heard these rumors, he naturally became quite unhappy, requesting for me to eliminate you along the way,” Huang Yu said, his smile gradually becoming more chilly. 

“Becoming unhappy, casually eliminating me, that so called young great figure really does seem rather careless! He is arrogant to the extreme. Does he truly think Immortal Palace dominates the world?” Shi Hao roared. 

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