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Chapter 572 - Deity

“Your Majesty, your trump cards are truly scary! Everyone is saying how this world is without deities, and there weren’t even many supreme experts to be seen, but Your Majesty actually has a vicious bird with a divine flame lit. Admirable, truly unexpected!” Lord Houtian said. 

Originally, Shi Hao should have undoubtedly died. When the Flying Python appeared, devouring heaven and earth, no matter how stunning the little Stone was, he would still die. 

Shi Hao turned around and began to pay attention to that supreme divine image. He revealed a pondering look. Was this really an existence from the higher realms, a will that descended? There was that Flying Python too. Did it belong to the higher realms?

What was going on here? Weren’t the sky and earth separated? How could someone from the higher realms come down? His expression became serious, and he struggled to calm down his mind. 

“With natural talents like yours, even if you were in the higher realms, you would be a genius that could fight against the other heavenly talents and stand side by side with the other young supreme beings. How unfortunate it is that I have to kill you. You cannot live any longer.” The gilded golden divine image had its hands behind its back. He wasn’t stiff at all and quite lifelike, capable of both speech and movement. 

“What I want to know is, did you truly come from the higher realms? How did you come down?” Shi Hao looked forward. 

The gilded divine image smiled. He was extremely holy, scattering down radiance from his body. Flower petals flew around him, and there was unexpectedly a graceful feeling similar to a buddha grasping flower petals. The aura he gave off was aloof and otherworldly. 

This wasn’t like a wooden statue at all and insteads like a flesh and blood existence that transcended worldliness. “I indeed did come from the higher realms.”

Shi Hao was shocked. This didn’t make sense at all. 

“The ones that want you dead are too powerful. The sect masters are angry. The heavens wish to cry, and the earth rotting. If one wanted to come down in the lower realm, there will always be a way, even though the price that has to be paid is inconceivably great,” said the divine image. 

“Exactly how did you come down?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Underworld Earth’s master, Demonic Sunflower Garden’s giant, and my Heavenly Country’s master, the three sects joined together to open up a crack in the void to send me down.” The divine image spoke things as they were, not covering anything up. 

“So there was this way to come down into the lower realm?” Shi Hao was stupefied. Wouldn’t that be full of dangers?

“The cost is extremely great, far more than you could imagine. The Underworld Lord lost several great spirit bodies and wasted many heavenly treasures. In addition, many people before me were obliterated in the void. I am the only one that succeeded.”

Shi Hao gasped. Such a great price was paid to come down to the lower realm just for him?

“You killed Underworld Lord’s favorite descendant, borrowed that pagoda to overthrow Immortal Mountain, humiliated an expert from Demonic Sunflower Garden that had lit a divine flame, slaughtered many supreme experts from Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect…” The divine image listed examples one after another, telling him that every single one was enough to shake the inheritance of the higher realms. 

The most important thing was that he was related to the undying existence. This was even more severe than everything else!

“The ones that want to get rid of you the most are the Underworld and Demonic Sunflower Races. It was them who asked Heavenly Country to take action,” said the divine image. 

“What kind of grudge does Heavenly Country have against me?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Heavenly Country are willing to lend a hand to those that want to settle worries. They could kill the experts of various races and guide their souls into Heavenly Country.” The divine image spoke in a dignified manner. 

“An assassin organization?!” Shi Hao was stunned. 

“It is fine if you think of it that way. The ones we kill are normally all creatures with their divine flames ignited. Those like you that don’t possess sufficient cultivation levels but are extremely troublesome are quite rarely seen.” 

The so called troublesomeness was naturally due to him being in the lower realm. They couldn’t come down and it seemed almost impossible to accomplish what they wanted. 

And this time, it was due to the joint efforts of three great sect masters that a crack was opened. They paid an enormous price. 

“Have they gone mad?” Shi Hao said to himself. He only killed that underworld youth, but now it seems like that fellow’s background was astonishing. No wonder he had a skeleton with a divine flame as a servant. 

“Demonic Sunflower Garden is too selfish. Didn’t I just eat some of their seeds?” Shi Hao’s lips twitched. He had completely lost his human emperor’s solemn and dignified bearing and was more like a big kid. His pretty face was full of discontent. 

Forget about the others, just that Flying Python that was full of resentment was even stupefied. It muttered, “You killed an underworld child and ate the Demonic Sunflower Garden’s seeds?” It broke out in a cold shiver. It didn’t even want to imagine those heaven defying things. 

Shi Hao didn’t regret his actions at all. Regardless of whether it was the Underworld Race youth or the Demonic Sunflower Garden’s girl, they all wanted to kill him that day, so he was forced to retaliate. In life, there were times, especially for cultivators, where disputes were unavoidable. One couldn’t transcend worldliness and could only go the wrong way and forge ahead. 

“The price to come down is too great, and not even the sect master could support it. Only by successfully killing you and then completely arranging everything in the lower realms can it be considered a success.” The divine image sighed and said. 

This time, Underworld Race, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Heavenly Country worked together to send someone down into the lower realm. The gains didn’t really seem to make up for the losses, as they had to pay too much.

If they only killed Shi Hao, then not even his supreme being bone’s symbols would be enough, because they had exhausted too many heavenly treasures. Several of Underworld Lord’s spirit bodies were even destroyed. 

The only way to make up for the losses was by finding several great natural opportunities in the lower realm!

“Are you going to wait for me to make my move, or are you going to do it yourself?” The divine image spoke. 

Shi Hao gave him a look, and then he looked at Lord Huntian. This was quite the difficult deathtrap to get out of. He felt that the divine image was extremely powerful and not easy to deal with. 

“Little Red, do you guys have any certainty?” He secretly transmitted sound. 

“No problem!” The little red bird was brimming with confidence. Fiery light surged around him, covering the heavens in overflowing flames. 

“With the weapon you gave me, it should be enough,” said Hairy Ball. 

“There should be a conclusion to all of this. I always knew that those from the higher realms were unwilling to give up. Today, I will get rid of the all the resentment in one go!” Shi Hao said. 

The divine image pointed forward with its thick arm. A beam of golden light flew over, rumbling through the air. It was formed from the symbols of a deity, so it could hack through flesh without any trouble. 

Shi Hao dodged backwards and shifted a thousand zhang outwards. 

On his shoulder, a small red bird rushed upwards. It was entirely scarlet red and erupted with endless divine flames that burned the sky until it distorted. It rushed towards that divine image. 


“Now that the master has appeared, which one of you ants are even a match?” The Flying Python on his shoulder cried out. 

Little Red flew around, its fiery blaze going out of control and falling down on the great earth. The mountains below were immediately melted down into magma. They then collapsed, leaving behind a sea of scarlet redness. 

This was divine might!

However, this powerful attack was unexpectedly blocked by a single finger from the divine image. 

The situation was not looking good. Things were definitely not optimistic. 

Shi Hao frowned. Could it be that today was going to be their downfall?

Little Red cried out angrily. All of its red feathers stood up, and every single one was like an immortal. They released sonorous sounds and erupted with precious splendor. Then, endless scarlet symbols appeared high in the sky. 

Zheng zheng...

The sound of swords crying continuously rose and fell. Countless scarlet divine swords appeared and hacked forward. 

Little Red attacked with full power. Sword energy weaved in and out while accompanied by flames, sweeping through heaven and earth. 

That divine image was moved. All types of patterns appeared on its body, interweaving about densely. Then, his hand quickly enlarged, turning into a world. It was going to surround Little Red and those scarlet swords. 

This hand was golden and enormous. There were stars flickering about between its palm and fingers, as if a new world had been opened when it surrounded this place. 

This was a shocking sight!

Shi Hao was astonished. “You are someone from Western Sect!”

“I used to be a Western Sect disciple, but later betrayed them and joined Heavenly Country,” the divine image replied. 

The world containing palm divine ability had a great reputation. When normal archaic vicious beasts entered it, they could only be captured. It was too hard to defend against. 


Suddenly, a pitch-black rod smashed down from the void. It was incredibly large, and when it hacked down, it directly destroyed the world containing palm, allowing Little Red to break free. 

Hairy Ball appeared. It towered in this world like a golden giant, and with a large black metal rod in its hand, it rushed over murderously. 

Lord Huntian’s expression changed. The situation was far from reassuring. Who would have expected Shi Hao to have two creatures that ignited their divine flames at his side? In this era where there were no deities in the lower realm, this was simply inconceivable. 


At this moment, the divine image released a grunt. Its entire body erupted with radiance, as if it had formed flesh and blood. Its body became sparkling, and a thousand arms immediately sprouted from his body!

This was one of the Western Sect’s sect protecting precious techniques. With the golden body and the thousand hand divine abilities, it made him terrifying to the extreme. 

Keng qiang sounds continuously rang out. Both Hairy Ball and Little Red shone. They wore armor on their bodies, one scarlet like blood, one brilliant with golden light. An undying life force was released. 

Even Little Red turned into human form, holding a magical sword in its hands and pointing it forward. Meanwhile, the metal rod in Hairy Ball’s hands turned into Stone Country’s country protecting divine halberd. A tyrannical aura immediately spread outwards. 

These were the armors and magical artifacts Shi Hao brought out from Stone Country’s treasury. They were all divine objects!

“True deity weapons!” The divine image sucked in a breath of cold air. This made him feel a great restraining fear!

His power was great, but he was just a will in the lower realm that entered this gilded divine image. No matter how powerful it was, there was still a limit to what this body could produce.

Little Red and Hairy Ball slaughtered forward. Their bodies erupted with immortal energy, the embodiment of these true deity weapons’ might, a power that exceeded their limits. In the hands of experts that had ignited their divine flames, heavenly winds blew about. It was as if the void was going to be shattered. 

The divine image’s thousand hands moved about. However, after his two enemies used true deity magical artifacts, their strength also increased by a large amount. 


Little Red hacked down, slicing off several dozen of its arms. 


Hairy Ball released a barrage of attacks, using the great halberd like a club. It hacked towards the golden body and created an enormous wound. 

The divine image trembled. Its body shone, recovering its lost arms and closing its injuries. However, it was still at a disadvantage and might be suppressed. They fought into the distance. 



The Flying Python cried out miserably. It already had half its body cut off by Little Red before, and after suffering the shockwaves of this battle, it fell off the divine image’s shoulder. Then, Hairy Ball wielded the great halberd, hacking apart its skull and trampling it to death!

At this moment, Shi Hao began to move towards the main hall in the void. He targeted Lord Huntian. 

“Anything else you want to say?” Shi Hao asked. 

“There is nothing to be said!” Lord Huntian replied. With a qiang sound, he pulled out a blood ruler that flowed with sinister radiance. 

At this moment, his entire body’s aura changed, and his eyes even more so turned a scarlet color. Even his head of hair was about to seep out blood, looking red and abnormal. 

“So that is how it is. What a pity it is that you’ve fallen because of this demonic ruler.” Shi Hao sighed. This was an ancient magical artifact, the blood devil ruler. Back then, it was only a damaged good when Lord Huntian purchased it, but now it was complete. It had clearly been restored. 

The blood devil ruler shone like a red sun. It made Lord Huntian who held it appear even more demonic. His aura surged, and then he swung the ruler over. A loud explosion sounded, making heaven and earth shake!

Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed. He avoided this scarlet radiance and put on the imperishable golden body battle clothes. He felt that this blood ruler was no small thing.


Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng, exceeding extreme speed and slaughtered over. 

Ao hou...

Outside Lord Huntian’s body appeared a demonic image that wrapped itself around him. It roared and rushed towards Shi Hao. An intense confrontation began!


A fierce sound could be heard from the distance. Mountains were destroyed and smoke surged upwards. The divine image was blasted by Little Red and Hairy Ball until he began to break apart. He collapsed into several mountains. 


The sword in Little Red’s hand descended, removing his head, leaving him feeling unwilling and regretful as he disappeared into a rain of light. 

“I never expected to be defeated in the lower realm…” A human figure was formed from the rain of light. After being freed of the gilded divine image, it produced its real form. 

In front of the palace hall, a pu sounded. Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng and brandished his golden divine wings. The entire palace hall exploded, and those old servants naturally died. 

Lord Huntian’s pupils were completely red and surrounded by an enormous demonic image. He held the demonic ruler to fend off this attack from Shi Hao. 

“It’s unexpectedly the Blood Devil Ruler! Seal it with a great formation. You absolutely must not let this ruler escape. It is a demonic god!” Little Red cried out. 

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