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Chapter 571 - Python Deity

"Your Majesty, you are too self-confident. The world below heaven is so large, so how can you suppress it?" Lord Huntian sneered, his voice carrying a hint of ridicule. The coldness on his face became more and more apparent. 

His build was sturdy and well-built. He sat on the high black throne without moving. The radiance in his eyes was cold like the edge of a blade, and an enormous blood energy was surging from his body. It filled this place, making it feel as if this was the dwelling of a vicious beast. 

Shi Hao calmed down. His eyes were deep as he said, "Suppressing all enemies does not mean bullying the world under heaven. You are just a chaotic heavenly lord, yet you dare to stir up chaos. Just a bit fierce in the western border, basically a clay chicken or pottery dog. Killing you is like cutting grass."

"Audacious! Little Stone, you stole the great position and are brutal by nature. The world cannot tolerate you. This is not your Stone Capital and instead Chaotic Heavenly Manor. You dare to run your mouth here?" The old servant coldly berated. 

"A slave like you should stand on the side. There's no place for you to speak." Shi Hao coldly spoke. 

The old servant's face fell. A wave of black energy emerged. His eyes revealed a strange light. He opened his mouth, and then with a spit, a black lightning hacked over. It was accompanied by the sounds of ghosts weeping and gods crying. There were also many soul images around it. 

"Lightning formed from refined souls?" Shi Hao's eyes became cold. With a wave of his sleeve, an explosion sounded. A boundless expanse of golden light gathered like a sea and poured down with tremendous weight. 

The black lightning was scattered, and the elder released a miserable cry. Half of his body was swept by the golden light, leaving him in tatters. He flew outwards and smashed into a thick pillar, causing the main hall to almost collapse. He released a howl of pain and barely managed to struggle to his feet. His face was full of resentment and indignation as he stared at Shi Hao. 

"Your Majesty really is extraordinary. A powerful king level figure is so weak in front of you." Lord Huntian spoke.

Shi Hao looked at Lord Huntian and said, "You all are cultivating using souls?"

"It wasn't us that killed them. Merging the souls into that lightning was just something he did to make it stronger just now. Your Majesty, there is no need to be so angry." Lord Huntian downplayed the situation and said indifferently. 

"Lord Huntian, you've disappointed many people," said Shi Hao. 

"Many people have also left me disappointed," Lord Huntian sighed. He seemed to have thought of something and said, "Some things are already done, so there isn't much to be regretful of."

His pupils flickered with radiance, and inside them was a blood color. It made him seem especially sinister. "Your Majesty, you are a smart person. Since I dared to invite you here, then there's no way I would let you live. If you want to die with dignity, then you should just take your own life here. However, I must ask Your Majesty to leave that bone of yours here." 

"I truly didn't see through you, that your ambitions were so cruel and wild. For the sake of a will, you are willing to bury the lives of millions of creatures." Shi Hao said angrily. 

"Your Majesty, you should relax. Under my control, Stone Country will become a divine country, and all eight regions will respect it. The mountains and rivers under the heavens will be under my grasp!" Lord Huntian coldly said. 

"There is something I wanted to say. Not long ago, the Ming King, War King, Peng Nine and the others all recommended you, saying that you should inherit the position of emperor after I leave. You've disappointed them!" Shi Hao coldly said. 

Lord Huntian was stupefied. He sat on his throne without saying a word, remaining silent for an extremely long time. 


Only later did he suddenly raise his heads, revealing his snow white teeth in a cold smile. "Isn't that perfect? With the death of His Majesty, I will come to inherit the great inheritance, making everything under the heavens more prosperous!"

"You've turned mad. The Lord Huntian I saw the first time wasn't like this." Shi Hao sighed. It was truly hard to imagine that something like this would have happened the next time they met. 

Lord Huntian said, "Perhaps. However, there is a great demon locked away in every person's heart. It is connected to a great treasury, but most people will see it as something from the underworld. I am going to open them all one after another and control all of the world's divine treasuries."

"I will cut you down!" Shi Hao walked forward. Streaks of divine light surged one after another like enormous golden swords around him. Then, they shot straight towards the high throne. 

"Your Majesty, you really are persistent in going about things the wrong way. You are already about to die, yet you still don't want to leave a full corpse. If you aren't going to cut down yourself, then others will have to divide up your corpse." Lord Huntian spoke with cold intent. 


Shi Hao pointed forward. Sword energy shot out like a rainbow, pouring down like a great wave onto the throne. 


The divine figure at the highest point that was consecrated behind the throne suddenly opened its mouth and eyes. It also reached out a large hand and clawed over. 

This hand was dazzling and holy like a buddha's. It immediately filled the main hall, grabbing Shi Hao inside the palm .

Shi Hao quickly backed up, his figure disappearing with a flash. He appeared high up in the sky above the giant city. Meanwhile, that vast and boundless great hand also followed him. 

Shi Hao backed up far into the sky.

Meanwhile, that large hand backed up. The entire main hall rose and appeared in the sky. It was like a fort as it quickly charged over. 

"Creature with a divine flame lit?" Shi Hao's eyes were cold as he looked at the palace hall in front of him. 

A cold aura poured over that carried bloodiness, and even more so an astonishing evil energy. A python flew out from the main hall that was entirely purple and covered in scales. It flickered with brilliant light. 

It was at least ten zhang in length and as thick as a water bucket. When it opened its bloody mouth, it revealed a row of teeth that were like daggers. Its entire body carried electrical radiance, bloody mist, and purple energy that blazed like flames. 

"A flying python!" Shi Hao's eyes narrowed. 

On this python's back was a pair of purple wings, allowing it to take flight and leave the earth. 

What left others feeling the most uneasy was that there was a violet light curling around it. It was a divine flame that had started to burn, and right now, it was jumping about. 

"It wasn't the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow after all." Shi Hao sighed. He then stared at it and said, "You aren't the one that took action just now. Have him crawl out too."

"You dare blaspheme deities?!" The Flying Python's laugh was cold and wretched. When it opened its bloody mouth, evil energy overflowed into the heavens. It was unknown just how many people it killed. 

"Even things like you deserve to be called deities? Not even enough to be called fake deities. The countless lives taken in the western border were the work of you guys?" Shi Hao asked with a downcast voice. 

"Correct, so much flesh and blood to eat, so much spiritual essence that it truly makes us happy. Humans all have spiritual natures within them, and twenty million humans was enough to help me light my divine flame. It truly is much more comfortable here than the higher realms. I can act absolutely unrestrained without anyone restricting me. I will be able to advance by leaps and bounds here," said the Flying Python. 

"You're seeking death!" Shi Hao shouted. This Flying Python had massacred endless people all for the sake of cultivation, turning the Western Border into a living hell. This several tens of thousands of li didn't have a single creature alive. 

"Even an ant like you dares to speak to me like this? Your title of emperor is just some mortal power's inheritor. What does that count for in front of my face?!" The Flying Python said maliciously. A divine layer of light appeared on the surface of its body, surrounding its ten zhang long snake body. Within the viciousness was a wave of divine energy. 

"Crawl over here and accept death!" Shi Hao berated. 

The Flying Python's face immediately became downcast. After igniting its divine flame, its confidence surged. It was actually berated like this by a human and treated like a beast! It was driven mad. 

"Accept death! I will only leave your supreme being bone to the master. Your body and everything else will become flesh and blood for me to devour!" It hissed, releasing its two meter long snake tongue. With a whoosh sound, it rushed over. 

This was a creature that had its divine flame lit. It carried a fishy smell and a purple flame that fluctuated violently. It immediately rushed over, opening its bloody mouth to devour the living creatures of this world .

Shi Hao shifted outwards, leaving behind an afterimage in his previous location. He stood on a distant mountain peak. 


The Flying Python's body increased dramatically in size, immediately filling up heaven and earth. Its body hadn't moved, yet the head of the snake already reached this mountain peak. Its large mouth opened, and with a honglong sound, the entire mountain peak was chewed apart and devoured. 

If an ordinary person saw this scene, they would definitely have been frightened unconscious. 

This Flying Python was just too tyrannical and incomparably savage. Its enormous body was like a mountain ridge as it curled up in this world. It was many times larger than even the mountains. Purple scales flickered about, carrying bloody mist around them. 

Shi Hao was not devoured, reappearing in the distant sky. 

"Youngster, who do you think you are? You dare to shout at me! Forget about the twenty million lives that were devoured, even if I wiped out Stone Country, what can you do?!" The Flying Python's roar shook heaven and earth. "That undying existence already entered the higher realms. For someone as trifling as you, I could just swallow you in one gulp!"

"An insect will always be an insect. Even if you lit your divine flame, you still carry your insect like nature. Nothing's changed at all," Shi Hao ridiculed and said, "Little Red, your desert is here."

"Seeking death! I want to see your corpse torn apart and swallowed!" The Flying Python roared. The enormous snake head swayed back and forth with its bloody mouth open. It was simply going to devour all of heaven and earth. 


At Shi Hao's side, a sphere of crimson light erupted. A fist sized little bird that was entirely red and sparkling with radiance took to the air. It sped towards the Flying Python. 

"A snake that has lit its divine flame should be enough to help me consolidate my dao core!"

The scarlet little bird spoke noisily. It was like a streak of bloody lightning, quickly rushing towards the Flying Python's enormous head. With a pu sound, a bloody hole was immediately cut apart, causing blood to surge outwards. 

The Flying Python screamed. Purple light overflowed into the heavens. Its body quickly shrunk, and then it turned its body to fight against the Vermilion Bird. The sky erupted with terrifying energy and boundless energy surged. 


After several dozen exchanges, the Flying Python's enormous body was flowing with blood. Little Red's might was heaven overflowing. Its body erupted with power, its claws scattering the opponents' divine flame and it smashed apart the symbols protecting its body. Then, it tore apart the snake's body from the center. 


The Flying Python screamed loudly. Its body quickly shrunk and fled into the main hall. 


Inside the palace, a divine image resurrected and walked outwards. This was a golden body sculpted by mortals, but now, there was an intelligent aura to it. It had been granted life. Divine light fluctuated outwards like a sea. 

He walked out from the palace hall, his entire body golden and surging with life force. His eyes opened and stared at Shi Hao with its pitch black eyeballs in a dignified manner. It then looked at Little Red. 

The Flying Python only had half its body remaining. It shrunk down to an inch long body and landed on his shoulder. It was now like a pet, extremely tame. Its snake tongue continuously lashed outwards. 

Lord Huntian also walked out, following behind him. There were also two old servants. 

The Flying Python hissed, its snake tongue moving in and out as it stared resentfully at Shi Hao and Little Red. "Master has descended into the lower realm. None of you will live!"

"So you are Shi Hao. Truly formidable." The golden body spoke. There wasn't killing intent, and many flower petals fluttered about him. They released a peaceful and holy aura. 

Shi Hao didn't look at him and instead stared at Lord Huntian. "This is that deity from the higher realms you relied on? So even something slapped together with clay can be considered a deity."

"Impudent!" The Flying Python yelled. 

"Insect, please behave yourself. I'll eat you later." Little Red berated. 

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