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Chapter 555 - Western Tomb World

The True Primordial Record wa too important for Shi Hao. He first came into contact with it during his youth, and he was able to establish the most stable foundation in Stone Village because of this bone text.

However, based on the Willow Deity's words, the Divine Guidance piece he obtained wasn't complete, and only the bone text and simple diagrams were recorded. There should be another Ten Thousand Spirits Diagram. 

He already received parts of the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and was only missing the final corner. He hadn't collected the whole thing yet. 

Shi Hao brought them out and pieced them together. They were like fine white jade, and right now, they were trembling gently. Gentle and pure white radiance shone from its surface. 

"Could it be that the final corner is here?" Shi Hao's heart was moved. This bone was too important, because the True Primordial Record would provide extraordinary benefits for him. 

When he used this power as his foundation, he was able to clearly sense type of force that changed the decaying to wonderful. However, it was far from the greatness he imagined. The Willow Deity had also said that the main reason was because he was missing the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. 

Was an opportunity before his eyes right now? Shi Hao thought over this matter deeply. There were many bones of archaic vicious beasts and divine birds buried here, and it wasn't too far fetched to say that the True Primordial Record might be here. 

"What is wrong?" Xia Youyu asked. When she saw him looking at the white jade like bone pieces in his hand in a daze, she was a bit confused. 

"Nothing." Shi Hao snapped back to reality. Now was not the time for his mind to wander. 

"You said that this place would form a world. What is going on here?" Shi Hao asked the black tortoise. 

Nearby, a Taotie roared and a Qiong Qi howled through the air. It was extremely terrifying. 

"Based on what you all said, this is the burial ground of archaic vicious beasts and divine birds with no lack of divine kings, heavenly deities and others buried here. This type of lineup is powerful to a ridiculous level…" Third Blackie's expression was extremely unnatural. 

It looked around and was truly scared that those powerful creatures would pounce over. Even though it was a supreme expert, it was still scared and felt fearful inwardly. 

Based on what the black tortoise said, with so many powerful creatures buried in the same place, it would definitely create some huge problem, regardless of whether it was intentionally done or if the ancient people were negligent. 

"The cultivation levels of these creatures all start at deities. Those are all overlords of their areas and elites of their races. Even the worst of them lit their divine flames, so even if they died in battle, their wills would not scatter."

When Zhou Yuhao heard this, he shivered inwardly. He looked at the savage wilderness around him, as well as the enormous bodies of those beasts and felt great fear inside. For creatures like these, any one of them could easily take his life if they came over.

"I heard that there is a Void God Realm in these eight regions. That is a place formed from the spiritual power of deities, a strange world that was created." The black tortoise said. 

"What are you trying to say?"

"This place might be similar to the Void God Realm, forming a realm of its own," said the black tortoise. 

"What? Impossible!" Xiao Tian cried out in shock. 

Void God Realm was something formed from the spirit. It used the natural laws as its framework, and it contained unfathomably deep and complex mysteries. How could a cemetery behave similarly?

"That type of 'world' formed from spirit isn't the only one. The higher realms is even more extraordinary, and one can use it to carefully study the boundless and unknown area," said the big tortoise while curling its lips. 

Based on what it said, there were true Hou, Qiong Qi, White Tiger, Thousand Armed Existence, Taowu, and other creatures buried here. They were all divine kings or heavenly deities from endless races that were incredibly powerful. Their wills were still here, and were turning into spirits. 

"So they've pretty much turned into malicious spirits?"

"Wrong, they are heroic spirits, powerful wills that have been nourished inside places of heavy yin energy, maintaining various qualities of themselves during their life." The black tortoise corrected. 

It was precisely these powerful heroic spirits, these wills similar to the consciousness of deities, that interweaved and formed this bizarre world that was similar to the structure of the Void God Realm. 

"To open a world, how ridiculous of a thing is that?" The war goddess' head began to hurt. She was starting to feel scared. 

They were able to witness this scene for themselves, but these were all powerful archaic existences. Any one of them could easily slap a supreme expert to death. 

"Fortunately, due to the heavy yin energy here, everything that was created is most similar to a ghost world and not a yang world. Under normal circumstances, they shouldn't be able to sense us," said the black tortoise. 

In addition, only the basic instincts of these spirits remained, so they weren't like how they were before. It was impossible for them to carry out normal reasoning like a person. 

"The undying existence actually overlooked this place…" Shi Hao said to himself. 

"There is no way to find this type of place without personally entering it. It is like the Void God Realm, where unless you enter yourself, it is a virtual world of an unknown origin."

In addition, based on the black tortoise's speculation, this world shouldn't have opened for that long, or else some boundaries would have appeared and exposed its existence. 

"This place is extremely dangerous. I'll send you guys out first," said Shi Hao. Just now, a Flame Python had only involuntarily brushed by Xiao Tian, yet he was heavily injured. 

If they headed even deeper and were smashed into by those creatures, then it would truly be hard for them to escape alive. 

"We've all entered already, so let's take a look together. Perhaps there might be some great opportunities," Xia Youyu said. They didn't want to back off now. 

Unlike the Void God Realm, even though this was a place created by heroic spirits, the amount of space it occupied wasn't that great and extremely limited, but it was quite compact. They had all semi-materialized, giving them substance. 

After proceeding another li, they saw a stone tablet that had three words carved on it: Western Tomb World. 

"It really did form a world as expected! It even has its own name!" The black tortoise cried out. It then felt rather uneasy and gave its surroundings a look. 

"Be careful. We don't know if this stone tablet was set up by the creatures of Beast Mountain or if the heroic spirits truly developed intelligence like a person. They might be capable of thought and set up this stone tablet on their own," Shi Hao said. 

"It should be those from Beast Mountain that did this. If it was the latter, then there would be great problems. 

Suddenly, golden multicolored light flashed past. A leopard rushed towards them with speed that was too fast. There was no way for them to evade this creature that had turned into a golden streak of lightning. 


The black tortoise was blasted flying. It cried out miserably again and again. Even someone as powerful as itself with astonishing natural defensive strength from its turtle shell still spat out a mouthful of blood. 

This wasn't a normal leopard. There was a single horn on its head, and there was no hair on its body. Instead, golden scales covered its body. When it roared, divine flames surged about it. It was extremely powerful. 

This was only the result of it unintentionally smashing into the tortoise. If it truly attacked, no matter how hard the black tortoise's shell was, it would still end up being shattered. 

It rushed past them, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye. 

A roar sounded behind them. A monster with a human head but bird body flapped its wings before rushing over with extreme speed and flying past this place. 

Everyone was stupefied. Exactly what kind of place did they enter?

"Unbelievable! The divine existences buried here are just too powerful! Even though the world formed from their spirits isn't large, it is ridiculously terrifying!" The black tortoise chattered endlessly. It crawled up and wiped away the blood from the corners of its lips. It was scared. 

"Do you all still want to keep going?" Shi Hao asked them. 

Now, everyone began to hesitate. It was just too dangerous. Even though those creatures weren't purposely attacking them, the sudden occurrences still placed them in great danger. 

"Yi, what kind of smell is this? There are fragrances wafting through the air." The black tortoise moved its nose about. 

"It's quite fragrant. Could there be holy medicine and divine fruits here?" Everyone was greatly stirred up. 

They were originally going to give up and turn tail, yet they were roused up at this moment. They headed forward together with Shi Hao at the very front. He wore the imperishable golden battle clothes on his body and used his powerful divine senses to lead the way. 


An enormous claw descended, trampling apart an enormous tree by their side. Terrifying winds blew past them as it rushed past. 

It was a Qiong Qi with terrifying eyes that were like lanterns. It was moving about and just happened to pass by. It then rushed into the sky and flew into the clouds. 

Everyone became much more careful. After encountering terrifying existences several times and narrowly avoiding harm, they finally reached their destination. 

There was a tree in front of them with no other vegetation around it. The ground was completely bare. Its leaves were silvery white and flourishing with radiance. There was unexpectedly lightning that crackled about. 

"This thing is… Lightning Tree?" The black tortoise was astonished. 

When the war goddess and Xia Youyu heard this, they were shocked as well. They recalled that this was a rare wondrous medicine recorded in bone texts. It would produce lightning fruit, and if those were devoured, one would be able to release lightning. 

If one was extremely lucky, one might even be able to grasp the natural laws of lightning. 

"There are fruits on the tree!"

The tree wasn't short, reaching several zhang in height. Its branches and leaves were lush and flourishing, and one could vaguely see a few fruits that shone like little suns. Lightning was taken in and sent out from them. 

However, after everyone revealed pleasant surprised, they all hesitated again. This wasn't a real world, but instead the Western Tomb World. Could these things be eaten?

"It has party materialized, so there is some substance, as well as the energy of the natural laws. It should be edible!" Shi Hao said. He did not expect to find such rare precious medicine here. 

"Let me try." The black tortoise licked its lips. It was extremely excited, because if it could eat this stuff, then it might comprehend some more divine might. 

It impatiently rushed forward, but it was still quite careful. It spat out a streak of light that immediately pulled down four fragrant fruits that curled with lightning radiance. 

"Not good, hurry and retreat!" Shi Hao reminded. 

The black tortoise could sense danger even if he hadn't shouted out. It immediately put away the four lightning fruits before quickly backing off. 

However, it was still too late. Several finger sized golden bugs flew outwards. They released qiang qiang sounds as they descended with a speed similar to lightning. 


A loud sound rang through the air. The black tortoise's body was struck by a three inch long golden bug. It unexpectedly directly flew out and spat out blood from its mouth. 

Everyone's expression changed. What kind of bug was this? Not even a supreme expert could stop it! This was just too terrifying. 

Was this a creature from the archaic era? Even the creatures on the tree were ridiculously powerful! If their group had been born in that era, how were they even supposed to survive?

With a shua sound, Shi Hao gathered everyone, and then he rescued the black tortoise before fleeing as fast as he could. 


Another bug rushed over, one that was even more powerful than the previous one. It unexpectedly penetrated a bit through the black tortoise's shell, causing blood to flow out. At the same time, that bug erupted with lightning radiance. 

The mysterious tortoise cried out miserably before flying outwards. 

Shi Hao caught one and then leapt into the air, using the Kun Peng technique to quickly escape. 

However, the third bug was even more astonishing. It unexpectedly caught up, truly moving like a streak of lightning. It was also a bit larger than the others, being roughly the size of a palm. 

Without a doubt, if this bug's attack landed, the turtle shell would definitely be penetrated. No one would be able to stop it. 


This golden fleshed bug still rushed over. The black tortoise wasn't able to move out of the way, and a portion of its shoulder was pierced through. The tortoise shell couldn't stop this attack. 

A pu sounded. It released a miserable cry. 


A light sound rang through the air. Inside Shi Hao's hair, the Emperor Butterfly awoke. It suspended itself in midair and released a light cry. 

It really was quite strange. That savage golden fleshed bug immediately trembled before turning around and leaving, deciding not to chase after them anymore. 

Everyone was shocked. They quickly headed for the distance to find a quiet place to rest. 

"There were actually Lightning Bugs. Too dangerous." The war goddess sighed and said. 

"Those were… lightning bugs?!" The black tortoise's face immediately fell when it heard what she said. Its body trembled, and then it released a breath of relief. It felt as if its life had just been renewed after a great calamity. 

It thought of something that it had heard. There was an instance when many powerful deities went to pluck a rare precious medicine, yet in the end, they were chewed to death by a type of bug called Lightning Bug. 

"Damn it, isn't this the Western Tomb? Isn't it a space between void and reality? How could there be this type of bug here?" It was furious, but at the same time, it rejoiced. Those bugs were definitely still young and not fully matured. Otherwise, a strike from them would have completely penetrated through its body, and it would have been blasted apart by lightning. 

"Can this stuff be eaten?" Everyone looked at the lightning fruits. 

If they were edible, it would definitely be an unimaginable natural luck!

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