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Chapter 556 - Small Luck

The lightning fruits were shaped like plums. However, silvery light flickered about its surface and lightning interweaved about. Powerful energy rippled through its surface. 

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Even though this was good stuff, it was hard to say whether it could be eaten or not. This was Western Tomb, a world formed by heroic spirits. It wasn’t a large world. 

However, if they gave up on such an opportunity, it would be too much of a waste. It was truly too dangerous just now, and the Black Tortoise almost encountered a disaster. 

Lightning Bugs, just their name alone proved how unordinary they were. They possessed lightning speed that wasn’t inferior to the earth withdrawal great divine ability. 

This existence was extremely terrifying. Its maturation process was divided into three stages. The first stage was the stage when it initially lit its divine flame and below that, known as childhood. Of course, the so-called childhood stage might already be several hundred years of cultivation. 

If one continued upwards, they would be able to kill deities. 

One could imagine just how terrifying it was and the astonishing potential it had. Igniting its divine flame was still only considered an immature stage; this type of stage division proved just how powerful this race was. 

Everyone looked at the Emperor Butterfly with strange expressions. What kind of creature was this? It unexpectedly made the powerful lightning bug retreat!

“Let me risk my life then!” The Black Tortoise spoke and picked up a lightning fruit. 

It wasn’t that it was utterly fearless and wanted to place itself in danger. With how greedy for life and afraid of death it was, it would have ran away a long time ago. The main reason was because it felt that there should be nothing wrong with eating this. 

“Aiya, it hurts so much!” The Black Tortoise cried out. 

That silver colored lightning fruit shone in its large claws and erupted with lightning that almost fried it into scorched charcoal. That area was already turning black. 

Everyone’s expression changed. It hadn’t even eaten it, yet it already ended up like this. It the fruit had ended up in its stomach, perhaps its belly and intestines might be directly blasted through. 

At this moment, the Black Tortoise hesitated as well, but in the end, it still clenched its teeth and used its precious technique to tear off a small piece of the fruit, refining it bit by bit in its mouth. 


As soon as that little piece of lightning fruit entered its mouth, it immediately turned into a streak of lightning, blasting the Black Tortoise until it cried out miserably. 

Black smoke began to emit from its mouth. It immediately flew outwards horizontally. 

Everyone was stupefied. They were all horrified. 

When it crawled back up, its face swelled up like a pig’s head and its lips were even split with blood flowing outwards. The scorched black teeth in its mouth almost fell out. 

This suffering really was self inflicted! Everyone couldn’t laugh even if they wanted to. 

“Damn it, it hasn’t matured yet. Otherwise, the lightning wouldn’t be so ruthless. It could directly be turned into symbols and be directly absorbed.” It muttered resentfully. 

This time, it no longer dared to chew on it and tossed it aside. 

“Whoever wants to eat it, take a bit yourselves!” It said while grimacing in pain. It was hurting so much that tears almost came out. 

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Not even a supreme expert could eat it, so who dared to try?

“Let’s leave first. This place is too dangerous.” Shi Hao said. The medicinal efficacy of this lightning fruit was too powerful. They had to find a safe place first.

Everyone nodded. After experiencing that disaster just now, they all understood that this wasn’t a place where they could casually break through. There were many creatures more powerful than the Lightning Bug. After all, that golden fleshed bug hadn’t even matured yet. Meanwhile, the Taotie, Feiyi, and other well known vicious creatures from the archaic times still appeared from time to time. This was a demonic land. 

Soon after, they walked out from the Western Tomb World. 

“Yi, as expected, it’s not a true fruit,” said Xiao Tian. 

When they walked out, even though the lightning fruit continued to glow, it was no longer made of fruity flesh and instead a type of energy. All types of symbols surrounded it. 

“Who wants to give it a try?” The Black Tortoise asked. 

“I’ll give it a go!” Shi Hao sat down and circulated the Suan Ni technique. Lightning interweaved and surged within him, and then they wrapped around the lightning fruit, tearing off a piece and sending it into his mouth. 

This was a fruit that was made up of energy. It flickered with numerous symbols. As soon as it entered his mouth, it turned into blazing electrical radiance that rushed around violently. 

However, the Suan Ni technique had already been activated, guiding this electrical radiance and seizing those symbols into his body. 

Shi Hao suffered from the shockwaves, making his body tremble. However, it was still nowhere near as unbearable as it was for the Black Tortoise. 

“Good stuff! There are natural laws of the lightning dao inside!”

Shi Hao’s pupils shone, and then he sent the entire fruit into his mouth. With a hong sound, he was immediately submerged within endless lightning and symbols. They all engraved themselves on his flesh. 

Shi Hao was in quite a miserable state. His hair stood on end, and his entire body was scorched black. He continuously jerked about as he stood there. 

Everyone was astonished. The situation was extremely bad. 

“If he can stick it out, he might be able to obtain quite a bit of natural luck! Those are lightning symbols, a type of great divine ability!” The Black Tortoise said in envy. 

In addition, it couldn’t stay calm any more and felt that it should try a bit harder. It tore off an even smaller piece of the ‘fruit flesh’ and sent it into its mouth. 


The Black Tortoise cried out miserably. Its shell’s defensive strength was astonishing, but that didn’t mean its flesh was tough and undying. Even though it was a supreme expert, it was still completely scorched black by the lightning. Its body trembled violently. 

“Wait, there are problems!” Suddenly, Shi Hao shouted. 

Apart from being surrounded by electrical radiance, there was a faint layer of black light that surged. It was full of a deathly aura. 

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” The Black Tortoise’s expression changed. It clearly sensed its body corroding. There was a strong aura of death that had pervaded its flesh. 

Everyone became terrified. This lightning fruit had been plucked from the Western Tomb, and sure enough, there were major problems with it. There was a thick deathly energy accompanying it. 

Shi Hao and the Black Tortoise both stopped moving. They sat there while trying their best to fight and neutralize the deathly energy inside their bodies. 

That layer of black light was extremely strange. They were like maggots that crawled between the bones of toes, and no matter what they did, they couldn’t get rid of them. It was as if they grew on their bodies and were continuously extending. 

Even individuals as powerful as Shi Hao and the Black Tortoise were unable to move a single step. Their entire bodies turned black, as if they had entered the underworld. Their bodies lacked life force, as if their entire being became ghost-like existences. 

The situation became more and more severe. Towards the very end, Xiao Tian, Xia Youyu and the others were forced backwards. That black light was too terrifying, corroding everything around it. 

At the entrance to the Western Tomb World, a pair of deep eyes opened. An enormous snow white tiger emerged. It was cold and expressionless as it stared at Shi Hao. 

“White Tiger King?!” Xiao Tian cried out in alarm. How could he not know who this was? This was one of Beast Mountain’s leaders.

“It should be the White Tiger supreme expert!” Xia Youyu was startled. Worry emerged on her beautiful face. She glanced over at Shi Hao and the Black Tortoise who were currently trying to fight off the deathly aura. 

It was clear that this White Tiger had endured silently, and only when the great calamity had passed and this world became safer did it break through. Otherwise, its strength would have entered this cultivation realm a while ago. 

“Bringing about your own destruction!” The White Tiger released a thunderous roar. Killing intent surged into the heavens. 

The White Tiger attacked. It was one of the world’s most powerful bloodlines and regarded as a vicious beast and also a divine beast. Even though this one’s bloodline wasn’t pure, after reaching this cultivation realm, it was still far more powerful than normal creatures. 

It opened its enormous mouth, and then an expanse of geng golden sword energy that could control the world’s golden spiritual essence swept out. This was an innate divine ability. Rumbling sounds rang out as it hacked over chaotically. 

Forget about everything else, just this type of power alone could heavily injure a normal supreme expert. 

Everyone was shocked. During the destruction of the Heaven Mending Sect, Western Tomb Beast Mountain was part of the main force, and this White Tiger was even more so one of the leaders. Everyone came back to carry out revenge, yet were they going to be killed instead now?

Everyone worked together to stop it, but it was completely useless. The geng golden sword energy descended onto Shi Hao like thunder. 


Shi Hao opened his eyes and pointed outwards. A Suan Ni roared outwards that carried hints of purple within its golden body. It was incomparably large and collided with the sword energy, causing it to scatter apart. 

“Already about to die, yet you still possess such fighting strength. Admirable!” said the White Tiger. Its eyes became more and more cold. It backed up a few steps and observed Shi Hao. When it confirmed that the death energy had invaded his body and the black light was shining with more and more vigor, it said, “You really are daring, even daring to touch the things of the Western Tomb World. Once the light of death enters your body, it would be hard for even an individual who lit their divine flame to survive.”

It wasn’t speaking empty words. There were many divine kings, heavenly deities, and others buried in the Western Tomb World, and the black light they produced upon death wasn’t something that could be removed. It could even curse a creature that had lit its divine flame. 

If a supreme expert was infected, they would undoubtedly die!

“Surviving members of Heaven Mending Pavilion, I originally already backed out, but you all don’t know the difference between life and death, truly wanting heaven to forget about you.” The White Tiger spoke coldly. Its pupils shone with blade like coldness. It stared at Shi Hao and said, “You have been so astonishing recently, but aren’t you just looking for death?!”

It opened its mouth again, spitting out divine radiance to attack Shi Hao. Even though it believed that he couldn’t neutralize the black light, it still felt that it was better to make sure and prevent him from even trying to dissolve the death energy. 

“Many of those old things from Heaven Mending Pavilion were personally killed by yours truly. I turned their skulls into wine cups and kept them by my side all the way until now. It seems like the head of an emperor is about to become a wine cup today as well.” The White Tiger spoke arrogantly to intentionally anger him. 

“You deserve to die!” Xiao Tian and the others brought out their magical artifacts and attacked. 

“Those that aren’t supreme experts are all just trash that can’t take a hit.” Right at this moment, an old lion appeared at the entrance of Western Tomb World, as well as an enormous elephant. 

The old lion was entirely white. It opened its mouth and roared, displaying the shocking lion roar divine ability. All of those magical artifacts scattered, and some even directly exploded to pieces. 

Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s three leaders had all arrived. Among them, the old lion had also just stepped into the supreme expert realm. It had cultivated for several hundred years and achieved profound results. 


Suddenly, Shi Hao stood up to face them. His entire body shone, and indescribable symbol fluctuations diffused from his body. The dark light in his body had all been forced out. 

“What?!” The White Tiger, lion, and enormous elephant all cried out in alarm. Even existences with their divine flames lit would die off, so how did he do this?

Shi Hao’s chest bone shone. The reincarnation force was strange and unmeasurable, completely reversing the deathly light. In addition, he grabbed the Black Tortoise and used this chance to cleanse its body. 

“You saved me the time of seeking you all out. Just a lump of death energy, what a trifling thing. Just now, I was just immersed in a state of cultivation, trying to comprehend the lightning symbols.”

“You…” The White Tiger was frightened and furious. It turned into a sphere of white light and immediately tried to flee into the Western Tomb World. It shivered all over, feeling that the little Stone was too strange. He was completely unaffected even after eating the lightning fruit of the Western Tomb. 

“Still want to leave?” Shi Hao’s entire body surged with electricity. The lightning symbols merged with the Suan Ni precious technique, and with a hong sound, an enormous streak of lightning hacked out. 

The White Tiger’s courage faltered. No matter how fast it was, it couldn’t outspeed this streak of lightning. 

Electric radiance continuously rushed outwards, making its hair stand on end. It seemed like they had to settle it all with a battle.


Electrical radiance poured out like a sea. Five streaks hacked down continuously, making the white tiger cry out miserably. Five streaks of lightning radiance lined up together, and all of them struck down on its head. 

At this moment, its eye sockets began to split, and its head exploded. Its brains scattered everywhere, and then everything was scorched black. 

Its body quickly turned into charred coal, completely dying on the spot. 

The old lion and enormous elephant wanted to escape, yet in the end, they were hacked by a streak of blade radiance formed from electricity. These two leaders were hacked into halves, both of them dying violent deaths. 

“So powerful! You really did obtain some natural luck after all. The lightning fruit’s symbols were refined by you after all?” The Black Tortoise was shocked and jealous. It had just escaped a tragedy and no longer dared to touch those fruits. 

“This really is good stuff…” Shi Hao said. 

Meanwhile, the others were all speechless. Even those with their divine flames lit would die by the death light, so how could ordinary people endure it? In addition, even the power of that lightning was not something that normal people could endure. 

Shi Hao carefully inspected the lightning fruits and noticed that the symbols inside of them were all the same. Eating one and eating two didn’t make much of a difference.

“It hasn’t ripened yet, and there is death light inside of it too, yet it allowed my lightning precious technique to improve so greatly. If it was a true lightning fruit, what would the results be like?” Shi Hao said softly. 

He felt that if it was a true lightning fruit, it might be able to make the Suan Ni’s precious technique break through its limit and upgrade it to an even higher level. By then, it would truly be unrivaled!

“Then just head for the higher realms! That place is boundless and infinite. Things like the lightning fruit and other divine wondrous medicines definitely aren’t few and can be picked easily. As long as you are powerful enough and encounter natural opportunities, you can obtain them.” The Black Tortoise tempted. It wanted to return. 

“There are still some fish that escaped the net. I will deal with them. You guys wait here.” Shi Hao said. 

Xiao Tian, Xia Youyu and the others nodded. They really couldn’t do much to help here, so staying outside was the best choice. 

Shi Hao brought the Black Tortoise with him into the Western Tomb World and carefully searched about. They finally found the other experts of Beast Mountain and killed them all without mercy. 

In the skies, all types of divine birds flew about. When they spreads their wings, the heavens would be split apart. On the great earth, vicious beasts roamed about, smashing apart great mountains and shattering the divine moon with their roars. This scene was too terrifying. 

“What is that?” The Black Tortoise shrunk its heads into its shell. It was scared for its life and didn’t want to die. 

There was unexpectedly an altar in front of them. There were many bones displayed around it that made it seem like a place to offer sacrifices. 

Shi Hao’s eyebrows jumped. The True Primordial Record in the palm of his hands shone, producing a reaction. He saw that there were a few bones on the altar that were quite special. One of them was quite small, only a corner. It was sparkling white like jade. This was precisely what he needed!

1. Seventh of the Ten Heavenly Stems

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