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Chapter 536 - Divine Village

A golden giant that towered into the clouds was covered in shining fur, making it look like it was cast from gold. Its divine might was matchless. In its hand was a large black rod that swept towards the heavens. 

With a hua la sound, the large rod swept past. The mountain peak before it was like paper as it flew outwards. It then began to burn furiously before turning into ashes. 

This was a golden divine ape, only, there was a pair of horns on its head and the soles of its feet were scarlet colored. It possessed an indomitable spirit, as if it didn’t fear anything in this world. It was astonishingly powerful. 

A fiery red vermilion bird was standing opposite of it. It wasn’t large, but it possessed heaven overflowing scarlet flames that seemed to be able to burn down the ninth heaven. The sky was covered in crimson radiance. 

Below, a few mountain ranges melted. Magma surged, gathering into rivers that converged into a boiling scarlet lake of magma. 

An ape and a bird were fighting a great battle that was incomparably intense. 

Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. He naturally knew who these creatures were, and this wasn’t the first time he saw this scene. He had seen it before during the battle over the mountain treasure. 

They were separately Hairy Ball and Little Red. After being separated for so long, they began to fight again. 

The battle between these two had clearly been restricted by a great formation, or else the shockwaves would have extended far into the distance. In addition, the battlefield was a bit strange, because the mountain peaks that were destroyed were slowly recovering, and the magma was slowly disappearing. 

“God and Devil Battlefield!” Yue Chan cried out. She recognized this precious treasure. 

The battlefield of the two individuals took place on a magical artifact that was rarely seen. The witch had one, and she previously used this rarely seen spatial treasure to trap Shi Hao and Yue Chan. 

The Zhuyan and little red bird didn’t use it to fight, but instead used it to produce mountains and rivers to fight on. Otherwise, their destructive power would have been too astonishing and end up putting the great wasteland into danger. 


Suddenly, Hairy Ball transformed into a great golden-winged Peng and swooped down towards the little red bird. Its claws were incomparably large as it tried to slice Little Red apart. 

Little Red’s feathers all stood on end. With a weng sound, it turned into a heavenly sun and smashed into the golden Peng. Even though its body wasn’t large, its power was extremely tyrannical!


An intense collision took place. Feathers flew everywhere as both sides backed up in retreat. 

Immediately after, Little Red turned into human form. However, pure golden armor was covering her entire body, and only her eyes were exposed. Behind her were dozens to over a hundred scarlet multicolored divine swords. There were also several thousand swords around her that arranged themselves in the sky. They all flickered with multicolored radiance. 

The sound of swords clashing rang through the sky. When she drew a sword, all of the scarlet swords vibrated. They produced endless scarlet light and hacked outwards together. 

Every sword was made up of a single symbol. They formed an extremely powerful sword formation, sealing Hairy Ball within. Killing intent rushed into the heavens. 

Hairy Ball released a strange cry and produced the three heads six arms transformation. It rushed forward valiantly, erupting with enough power to engage the endless fiery sword formation. Its size then shrunk, turning into a golden war god. With a flash, its body divided into thousands and tens of thousands of figures that rushed fiercely into the formation. 

“Amazing!” Shi Hao sighed in admiration. Both individuals possessed incredible divine abilities as well as brilliant and varied precious techniques. Their attacks were full of different changes. This was definitely a battle worth watching. 

There was no need to doubt their power, because they both swirled with faint divine flames. The battle was about to reach the crucial point, and the surging divine flames were an omen. 

“Little big bro, why did you leave for so long? You finally came back.” Qingfeng was extremely close to Shi Hao. He began to explain what happened while Shi Hao was gone. With the help of Willow Deity, Hairy Ball was able to fully recover, and when Stone Village moved, the big red bird brought Little Red back. 

Hairy Ball and the the fiery red bird started fighting as soon as they met, turning this area upside down. Even though it wasn’t a life and death struggle, they still fought almost every day. 

Stone Village’s people had already gotten used to it. Qinfeng, Aunt Green Scaled Eagle, as well as the others like Dazhuang and Huzi even came over to learn and gain experience. 

Shi Hao released a light sigh when he thought about how the Willow Deity was going to leave. It helped Hairy Ball revive, and it also baptised Green Scaled Eagle’s family, all for the sake of giving Stone Village enough strength to protect itself. 

“Aowu…” A long cry sounded that was similar to a wolf and bird. Fiery flames poured outwards. A vicious bird swooped over domineeringly towards Shi Hao and cried out, “Do you dare fight against me?”

It was over a hundred zhang in length. Dazzling scarlet multicolored light shone and li flames burned the skies. When it dove down like this, its power was truly great. 

Shi Hao laughed. He reached out a hand that continuously enlarged, and this hand eventually surrounded this vicious bird, forcing it to quickly shrink until it was only a foot or so in size. It fluttered about continuously inside of that hand, but it couldn’t escape. 

It revealed its true appearance; this was precisely the big red bird. It was incredibly discouraged as it said, “I made the vermilion bird my master, yet I still can’t beat you…”

Everyone roared with laughter. It was acting all aggressive before as if no one could defeat it, yet now, its head was hanging dejectedly with a rather unresigned expression. 

“You’ve made progress, quite a bit stronger than before,” Shi Hao said with a smile. Back then, he had thrown Big Red in Fire Nation’s ancestral land for it to become the vermilion bird’s disciple. It became much stronger as expected.

“Second Baldy didn’t come back?” Shi Hao asked. 

Qingfeng shook his head. After their separation back then, it had never reappeared. 

“Truly doesn’t value loyalty, abandoning this older brother and running off alone.” The big red bird seemed to be a bit discontent. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. Second Baldy Kong Qiuji was actually an extremely powerful supreme expert. His days of being bullied by the big red bird in Stone Village could only be considered his misfortune. 

He knew that Second Baldy and his significant other used the Celestial Race’s formation to enter the higher realms. 

Shi Hao sighed. Fire Nation, Celestial Race, and his other old friends had all left. This world now seemed a bit more lonely. 


Golden light rushed over. A fist sized little golden monkey dropped onto a cliff. It shot Shi Hao a look of disdain with its piercing eyes. Its expression seemed to contain rather ill will. 

Then, a palm sized little red bird also flew over. It descended onto a mountain summit, bringing fiery light with it.

With the conclusion of the battle, the God and Devil Battlefield was put away. 

“Hairy Ball, what kind of gaze is that? You don’t recognize me?” Shi Hao cried out as if he was hurt. 

“What type of stuff did you do to me when I lost my memories?” The golden little monkey asked. The pair of little sparkling horns on its head had already grown out, and they were currently releasing a gentle halo of light. 

“I took care of you with my utmost care during those years! For example, after you found the little rainbow luan egg, I helped you cook it and we ate it together. Later, you stole a peacock egg and forced us to run for our lives, and we only escaped after plunging into the great yin river…”

“Please don’t say anymore!” Hairy Ball cried out loudly. These experiences made its face completely red. Its cultivation realm was already so high, so how could it go and steal eggs...

“Absolutely hilarious. The descendent of a divine ape was actually just a little thief!” The fiery red vermilion bird flapped its wings in a mocking manner. It continuously cried ‘egg thief’ while laughing incessantly. 

“Little Red, Hairy Ball, you guys…”

“Shut up!” Both of them cried out at the same time, and Hairy Ball in particular clenched his teeth in anger. How did it end up obtaining this kind of atrocious name during its years of amnesia?

Their backgrounds were astonishing, and even though they hadn’t cultivated for that long, they were actually about to light their divine flame. If people from their race still existed, they would definitely be terrifyingly astonishing. 

This was especially true for Hairy Ball. Yue Chan was greatly astonished, because no matter how she looked at it, this creature looked extremely similar to the one that fought a great battle against the zhang six golden body. They were both special Zhuyans with dragon horns. Could it be that this was its descendent?

“Let’s go, back to the village!” Shi Hao shouted. Everyone was extremely happy and excited. They began to head back. 

Yue Chan and Qin Hao were deeply shocked. Was this even a village anymore? Regardless of whether it was the formations, holy medicine, or the experts, they were all enough to make even the great sects stupefied. 

“This is simply a divine village…” Yue Chan said. With that willow tree here, this title could definitely be given to this place. 

“Hairy Ball, Little Red, help me catch a bird thief.”

When they returned, they came from the back. Shi Hao looked towards the ancient date tree that was winding about like a dragon. There was a bird’s nest here that he had never forgotten about. He had chased after that five-colored sparrow since he was a kid, but he had never caught it. 

“It really is rather tricky. It already ran away a long time ago and hadn’t reappeared since,” Qinfeng said. 

Shi Hao grumbled, feeling regretful. 

When Yue Chan learned from Pihou and Ermeng’s mouths that there was a lowly five-colored little bird that had provoked the little Shi Hao until he cried loudly, she really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

“Stop!” Shi Hao’s face was completely red and stopped them. He didn’t want these memories that had happened all those years ago to be brought up again. 

Qin Hao’s eyes were rather strange as he looked at this older brother of his. 

Yue Chan’s lips were pursed as she laughed inwardly, and her face was full of joy. She felt that this savage fellow was quite interesting during his childhood, quite different from what she previously thought of this enemy of hers. 

“What other embarrassing stories does he have? Can you tell me some more of them?” At this moment, Qin Hao was more like a child. 

“You can ask me then. I know everything!” Pihou giggled continuously. 

“You’re not allowed to talk about them!” Dark lines appeared on his forehead, and he began to stop them.

“Just talk about them a bit.” Yue Chan also spoke up. She had a brilliant smile on her face that was devastatingly beautiful, but right now, she was no longer the otherworldly, pure and holy woman as she asked the village’s youth. 

“Little Hao is quite interesting, even when he was three years old, he was still drinking milk…”

“No, eight years old. We saw him secretly drinking that one time, remember?”


Qin Hao was stunned. Yue Chan no longer cared about her image as her beautiful figure continuously trembled, rocking back and forth from laughter. Her beautiful face was filled with joy as she took joy in Shi Hao’s disaster. This was the other side of the little Stone?

Shi Hao was furious, and his face was completely red with embarrassment. He wasn’t able to stop his childhood companions, so he could only bury his head within his arms to prevent himself from listening to all of this. 

“Little Hao, it’s not even that big of a deal. Isn’t she here to raise your child? It’s good to laugh a bit more,” Huzi said. 

“You all should pick some plums for her to eat. Recently, she’s been rather fond of sour things.” Shi Hao walked away in a rather sorry state and said this while waving his hand. 

This time, it was Yue Chan’s turn to stop laughing and inwardly grind her teeth. 

“Little Red, Hairy Ball, what exactly was the mountain treasure you guys fought over?” Shi Hao asked. This question had left him stumped for many years, and he had always wanted to know about it. 

“Why should I tell you?” Little Red shot him a glare. It expressed great discontent towards the nickname Little Red. 

“Hairy Ball, did you forget? Who was the one that brought you to the Heaven Mending Sect so that you could eat spiritual medicines? Who was the one that brought you into the Kun Peng nest to visit the sea…” Shi Hao’s skin was extremely thick as he asked. 

Hairy Ball was extremely embarrassed. Even though it felt somewhat resentful towards this name, it had experienced so much with this youth, and those emotions were still deep and sincere. 

“It’s a case made from a piece of heavenly bone. There was a supreme treasure inside, as well as a technique with boundless power. It truly is matchless.” Hairy Ball said. 

“Could it be that it’s even greater than the seventy-two transformations or vermilion bird precious technique?” Shi Hao was amazed. 

“It’s not the same. It’s a type of divine ability made especially for strengthening divine abilities. Once learned, it can assist all types of divine abilities, making all types of precious techniques become one. That… is something inconceivable!” Hairy Ball said. 

“Do you know what taboo scriptures are? This is one of them!” The fiery red bird also spoke up. 

“When the giants from the higher realms descended to scheme after the lower realm’s treasures, this was definitely one of them!” Hairy Ball seriously added. 

Shi Hao was astonished. However… the supreme treasure made from heavenly bone was lost, and it was unknown where it was right now. 

“I was able to obtain it before, but my injuries were too great, causing me to become muddle-headed…” When the conversation reached this point, Hairy Ball became extremely angry. 

This was a night filled with talking and laughing. By the little sapphire lake, a bonfire throbbed about. Men and women of all ages crowded around the flame, their laughter sounding continuously. 

Golden roasted meat and fragrant wine were being enjoyed. Children were running around, and little creatures like lightning hounds and purple-golden divine mice followed them, forming an extremely comforting scene. 

Shi Hao brought back many gifts. There were all types of precious artifacts, tons of wine, and there were even Blue Dragon, Nine-Headed Snake, Purple Golden Ant, as well as other pure-blooded creatures. The meats were absolutely delicious and swirling with spiritual essence. 

However, as for those supreme expert level vicious beasts, they could only eat a bit. They needed to refine it as precious medicine. For them, it contained too much divine force. 

Fortunately, there were also many descendants as well as other delicious dishes. Everyone gathered together and exchanged drinks. They had endless things to talk about. 

Even the naked babies secretly raised cups to drink a bit. The adults immediately stopped them, but they began to sway back and forth in a charmingly naive manner. 

During this entire process, Shi Hao gave out many gifts. Regardless of whether it was the children or those uncles, everyone was extremely happy. They were not able to conceal their great joy. 

The sea of fiery liquid he brought back not only shocked all of the villagers, it even left Yue Chan and Qin Hao stupefied. This was just too much!

During the latter half of the night, everyone began to disperse. Most of them returned to the village, and there was also a group that was knocked out from alcohol on the lakeside grass. 

Stellar light covered the sky, and hazy moonlight scattered downwards. 

Under the willow tree at the front of the village, Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed and talked with the little pagoda and Willow Deity. He was full of reluctance. Were they really going to just leave just like that?

This was especially true for the Willow Deity, who he considered to be a teacher, as well as a friend. Ever since he was a child, he grew under its shade. He felt deep emotions surging within him. Was he never going to see it again?

Shi Hao spoke with them softly while feeling depressed.

“The eight regions will have a final God Sealing Battle. I will leave soon.” Willow Deity calmly said. 

Meanwhile, the little pagoda was just as resolute in its decision. 

They also instructed Shi Hao to head for the higher realms, because the natural laws weren’t complete and the great dao was deficient here. This place wasn’t suitable for his growth. 

“Is there anything special about the higher realms?”

“The great earth of the higher realms is quite stable. Is that considered special?” The little pagoda laughed and said this teasingly. 

“How big are the high realms? How powerful are the creatures there?” Shi Hao drank a bit of little devil wine, which made his face a bit flushed. Right now, he was like a simple and honest youth who was filled with expectations and dreams of exploration. 

“The truth is that the higher realms are boundless without end.” The Willow Deity seriously answered his question. 

“Do you think that the Western Sect Master, Heaven Mending Sect master, Immortal Heavenly Deity, these existences that stirred up great disasters are strong?” The little pagoda asked. 

“Extremely strong!” Shi Hao nodded.

“What they can explore is less than a tenth of the higher realms. They are unable to even step into the other ninety percent,” said the little pagoda.

“What?!” Shi Hao was astonished. The tipsy feeling immediately vanished. 

“Perhaps once we head through the primordial gate, the final destination would still probably only be the depths of the mysterious areas…” The Willow Deity said softly. It wasn’t sure of this either and could only make this type of speculation. 

Once they took that step, who knew what was going to happen?

There were multiple paths in life, and this was just one of them. 

In the past, the giants on the verge of death and the sect masters declining in age would head towards these endless and mysterious areas. 

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