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Chapter 535 - Land of Idyllic Beauty

“Ancestral Land?” When Shi Ziling and his wife received the news, their emotions fluctuated greatly. They were extremely grateful towards the people of Stone Village. If not for their care, where would their eldest son be?

In the central heavenly palace, Willow Deity’s hazy figure stood at the very center with chaotic energy swirling about it. Three thousand worlds moved about around it, and countless faintly visible deities were paying their respects to it.

Shi Ziling and his wife were greatly moved. What type of scene was this?

Even the disagreeable Qin Hao who wasn’t willing to stay here was stupefied. His mouth was opened wide, but he couldn’t say anything. 

The normally self confident and extraordinary Yue Chan also widened her beautiful pupils as she watched in shock. She opened her bright little mouth and revealed an expression of disbelief. 

“This is that mysterious expert behind him?” Yue Chan said to herself. She was greatly shaken. She finally understood why Shi Hao was so ‘savage’, why he was able to run through all his opponents and challenge immortal inheritances. 

“A character of this level…” Qin Hao muttered, his heart stirring greatly with emotions. 

At this moment, Shi Hao wasn’t feeling that great. The little pagoda and Willow Deity were going to leave. He wasn’t willing to part with them. 

A tender branch that carried dewdrops scattered down green multicolored light containing incomparable vitality. With a chi sound, it pierced through the void and opened up a dazzling passage.

“It’s time to depart.” Shi Hao asked his parents to enter the passage that led to Stone Village. 

As for Yue Chan, even though her relationship with Shi Hao was complex and she even carried some hostility, she was still brought along. She definitely couldn’t be left behind out of fear of something unexpected happening. 

Of course, were it not for Qin Yining’s suggestion, even if she was traveling with them this time, she would still be sealed within the bronze precious case. Towards this, Yue Chan’s resentment towards the evil holy lady decreased a bit, for she was finally able to see the mysterious individual behind the little Stone. 

This was a passageway formed from symbols. After these people stepped onto it, they didn’t travel for a long time before they reached the other end. The world ahead was indistinct, and waves of energy diffused outwards. 

They then crossed over and landed on sturdy ground. 

Shi Hao took a deep breath. The smell of the grass and trees, the faint scent of berries, as well as the aura of the earth assailed his senses. The air was extremely fresh and clean. 

“Yi?” Shi Hao was astonished. When he looked around, he found that the scenery was extremely similar. Didn’t Stone Village’s position change? Why did it seem the same as before?

“This mountain was quite rich with spiritual essence, so the entire place within ten li was moved by me.” The Willow Deity explained. 

After entering this mountain region, spiritual essence surged. This place was clearly more suited to cultivation than before and more rich with vitality. It was because the new location had a few spiritual veins as well. 

The lake was still there. Small five colored luan birds with bright feathers roamed about within the water plants. There were groups of silver white unicorns that flickered with brilliance. They weren’t scared of people at all. 

Nearby, there were other spiritual birds and auspicious beasts. A village was situated here that was just like a land of idyllic beauty that immediately made one’s heart feel peaceful. 

Shi Hao was always struggling outside, but each time he returned, all of his restlessness would immediately be purified. He would feel exceptionally relaxed. This was the place where he truly entrusted his spirit. 

Green light flickered. The willow deity took root at the head of the village, scattering hundreds to over a thousand willow branches. They swayed with green multicolored light and swirled with mists. It looked divine and auspicious. 

“Ah, Willow Deity returned!” A little child cried out. All of stone village was startled. 

All of the houses were built from rocks, which gave off a rather primitive style that was extremely simple, yet peaceful as well. All of the villagers ran over.

The fastest was actually a sorry looking chicken. It rushed over to the great willow tree, and only then did it slow down its movements. After finding a comfortable spot, it took shelter there. 

“Octadic treasure chicken!” Yue Chan’s eyes flickered with radiance. The little village actually had this type of archaic auspicious bird. 

“Ah, it was little uncle Hao who brought it back. Woah…” A group of lively kids appeared. Some were still butt naked. They saw Shi Hao and the others outside the village. 

They cried out with ao ao sounds like a group of wild monkeys. They continuously ran and jumped about. All of their faces were full of excitement and incomparable joy. 

Every time Shi Hao came back, he would always bring a lot of delicious things, like the golden Peng, flame python, white tiger, and other creatures. He would even bring back spiritual berries. He was the one the village’s children were most excited to see again. 

“Little Hao, you finally came back!”

Soon after, the Village Chief, Shi Linhu and others appeared. Dazhuang, Ermeng, and his other childhood companions were smiling as well. 

When Shi Hao walked closer, kids were hanging from every part of his body. Some sat on his shoulders, others on his back, and there were even some latched onto his legs and neck. 

When some slightly larger kids rushed up, they almost buried him underneath. They were all laughing and giggling. 

When Shi Ziling and his wife saw this, they felt a wave of warmth. What else was there to worry about when their eldest son grew up in this kind of simple and honest village? It was truly a wonderful place.

“Little Hao, you have to stay a bit longer this time after coming back. Don’t leave in such a hurry!” Shi Feijiao said. 

“Uncle, this time, I’ll stay for a period of time.” Shi Hao laughed and said. 

“Little Hao, you brought back new friends again…” Pihou, Huzi, and the others came. They playfully punched him. These were his childhood companions, so they naturally overjoyed to meet again. They wouldn’t treat him as an outsider at all. 

As Qin Hao watched from behind, he felt that Stone Village was quite extraordinary. There was actually a divine aura surrounding this place. It was just a little village, yet there was such a great aura. 

He believed that there were unimaginable formations protecting this place that wouldn’t be outdone by the mountainous great formations of the foreign great sects. It was truly astonishing. 

“They are… those two from back then?!” Village Chief Shi Yunfeng was incredibly shocked when he saw the couple in front of him. Meanwhile, the villagers that were older were also stupefied. They all felt that they looked familiar. 

“Uncle, thank you so much!” Shi Ziling and his wife hurriedly rushed up to pay their respects to the village chief and the others. Their gratitude originated from deep within their hearts. Were it not for these people, where would their first son be?

“It really is them!” The villagers were shocked, and they all surrounded them. They felt that it was quite strange. After being separated by so many years, they were unexpectedly able to meet these two again. 

“These are… little Hao’s mother and father!”

“His family… has reunited?!”

After a round of introductions, the villagers felt happy for Shi Hao. Their joy was the simplest type of emotion. 

Shi Ziling and his wife discussed the events of recent years with a group of elders. They felt a wave of happiness, sadness, laughter, and then they shed tears again. Their emotions were complicated. 

These emotions were things everyone could understand. They all surrounded this place, and there were endless things to talk about. 

“Is this older sister a fairy? She is so pretty!” A little girl raised her head and looked at Yue Chan. Her rosy little face was full of smiles. 

A group of youth that included Dazhuang, Ermeng, and the others had long seen Yue Chan, and they were all extremely shocked. This woman was just too stunning. They were almost petrified. 

“This girl really is outstanding. She is beautiful to an almost unrealistic level.” Village Chief Shi Yunfeng said. He smiled while nodding. At this moment, the villagers all looked over as well. 

Yue Chan acted naturally and unrestrained. As the holy lady of a generation and having been born within an immortal great sect, what type of scenes hadn’t she seen before? After coming here, she didn’t act loftily and unapproachable, but instead showed an amiable and brilliant smile. It was quite different from her usual aloof and immortal aura. 

“Little Hao, did you finally marry for real this time?” Dazhuang asked. 

“You are always tricking us, saying how you brought back some fatties all the way until now. Our children are all running around already, but we haven’t seen you honor your promise yet.” Ermeng said. 

While surrounded by his childhood companions, Shi Hao was extremely heroic. With his chin raised, he moved his hand about and said, “It’s about time. She came back to the village to raise a child.”



When the group of people heard this, they all roared with laughter, especially the group of older youth. 

A red blush emerged on Yue Chan’s face. Even though she clenched her teeth inwardly, she could only smile intelligently here without saying too much. 

The people here didn’t give Qin Hao the cold shoulder. The little children in particular surrounded him while chattering endlessly. 

Their group walked towards the village. Shi Ziling and his wife sighed in admiration. This small village unexpectedly didn’t lack spiritual medicines. They were all planted in the bluestone roadside, providing this place with rich spiritual essence.

In particular, there was even a silver sparkling peach tree. It was about halfway up to the waist in height and releasing great fragrance. Regardless of whether it was the leaves or branches, they all swirled with silver splendor. It quickly drew their attention. 

“A holy medicine?” Qin Hao’s expression was incomparably bewildered. It was just a village, yet it unexpectedly had a holy medicine. 

Yue Chan was shaken. After carefully looking it over, she confirmed that it was going to become a holy medicine, but was still a bit off. Its medicinal strength was astonishing. 

As soon as they entered the village, lightning hounds, purple divine mice, scarlet feathered cranes, and other creatures rushed over. They jumped onto the shoulders of a few children. 

“Truly amazing…” Shi Ziling sighed in admiration. Everything he saw today was completely different from the past. 

“This was where he grew up?” Yue Chan looked at this village that was detached from worldly things, and then she looked at the great willow tree that was being worshipped. She was a bit entranced by everything. 

The little Stone was so ‘savage’ outside, but when he returned to the village, he was so dazzling. Yue Chan almost didn’t believe what she was seeing. She felt that it was kind of strange. The people here were simple and honest, and this place looked like a wonderland. 

She understood a different part of Shi Hao and saw a different side of him. In the outside world, he was unwavering and brilliant, as well as incomparably hateful in her eyes. However, here, he actually looked rather pure and kind.

Suddenly, an intense ripple of energy fluctuated from the distant mountain range. Beams of light rushed into the heavens, shaking the great earth. 

“So powerful!” Shi Hao was shocked. Someone was fighting a great battle, and the divine might was more powerful than that of a normal supreme expert. It truly left one feeling rather terrified. 

His expression immediately changed. Experts of this level in confrontation being so close to the village was not some good thing. 

“Don’t worry, they’re from our village.” Village Chief Shi Yunfeng smiled and said. 

Not only was Shi Hao shocked, even Shi Ziling and his wife, as well as Qin Hao and Yue Chan were shaken. There were experts of this level in the village?!

“Little Hao!”

Three auspicious birds descended from the sky. They could all open their mouths and speak. It was precisely Big Peng, Little Green, and Purple Cloud. They descended and were extremely intimate with Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao cried out loudly and hugged them. He then asked them where Aunt Green Scaled Eagle was. 

“Mother is watching a great battle and trying to gain insights. Come we will bring you to watch too.” Purple Cloud affectionately used its head to rub against his body. 

Shi Hao felt a wave of warmth, as if he returned to his childhood when he played with them and studied the precious bones in their bodies to cultivate. 

“When we return, I’ll teach you guys all types of divine bird precious techniques!” Shi Hao happily said. Right now, he was extremely simple-minded and pure as he embraced their necks. 

A silvery white unicorn appeared. It was incredibly divine and spiritual. Holy splendor swirled around the surface of its body, and wings extended out from the sides of its body. It was the king of the unicorns -- Little White. It had once carried Shi Hao through the great wilderness. 

“You… Could it be that you really have a chance of becoming the legendary number one archaic mount -- heavenly horse?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

This fellow was quite proud. It raised its head, and its entire body shone. The snow white fur around its temple region was like satin as it walked over. 

“This is due to the Willow Deity’s help.” Snot baby said.

In fact, the strength of Purple Cloud, Little Green, and Big Peng’s bloodlines were also terrifyingly astonishing, and it was all due to the Willow Deity’s baptism opening up the inheritance and potential left behind by their demonic bird ancestor. As time went on, their bloodlines would become purer and more powerful. 

“Let’s go, bring me to see the great battle. Normal supreme experts are far from being their opponents!” Shi Hao said and leapt onto Little White’s back. 

Meanwhile, the others rushed onto Purple Cloud, Da Peng, and the others’ backs and rushed out together towards the depths of the mountain range. 

“Qingfeng!” Even from far away, Shi Hao saw the delicate and pretty youth. He was sitting on a cliff while watching the battle seriously. 

“Litte big bro!” Qingfeng turned around and revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. 

Shi Hao was also overjoyed. This time, he was going to bring Qingfeng with him. He saw that his cultivation had greatly increased and wasn’t left behind. This made him even happier. 

“Yi, it’s actually them?!” When Shi Hao witnessed the great battle within the depths of the mountain range, he felt a wave of joy and shock.

Yue Chan and Qin Hao also followed them over. When they saw the two figures, they were both shaken inwardly. There were bits of burning divine flames that were ridiculously powerful. 

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