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Chapter 484 - Higher Realms' Elites

A golden passageway extended outwards, stretching from the distance into this place! Flower petals flew about, covering this place in brilliance. It was as if a great dao caused flowers to bloom in the void.

A group of people appeared, and they stood guard over there, protecting these incredibly important individuals. It was clear that they intended to ride on that ten thousand zhang long magical boat as well. 

That place was extremely splendid. A powerful magical artifact opened up a path, laying out a golden road. An endless rain of flowers scattered down, releasing its fragrance. 

"What extravagance." This was what everyone was thinking inwardly, but did not dare to say. When they faced these individuals from the higher realms, they felt an innate reverence towards them. 

This matter was quite a big event. Now that people from the higher realms appeared, the various sects were naturally shaken. They had to treat them with proper respect, or else who knows what type of disaster would befall them. 

Only those with connections to the higher realms like the Immortal Mountain seemed to be relatively composed. The other sects' cultivators seemed to have had their pride and arrogance cut down a notch. They all carried cautious and respectful expressions. 

Even Qin Ming and the others backed up. Even though they didn't bend down to curry favor, they still felt restraining fear, not wanting to get too close. They all wanted to stand at the side. 

Shi Hao's eyes flickered about. He never expected to see this scene as soon as he arrived in the mysterious region. He had heard previously that there were noble women and heroic talents coming down, but he didn't think that he would personally meet them today.

The great figures couldn't come down. There were powerful restrictions stopping them, but it was possible for the younger generation to do so. They were able to come down through the great calamity. 

The ten thousand zhang long magical boat would normally be travelling through various parts of the mysterious region. It could travel a million li in a day with its great speed, and would only stop at a few important places. 

The ones from the higher realms directly entered the boat. The ship's captain and the other staff all welcomed them with great respect and courtesy. 

These individuals wanted to tour the mysterious region. Their goal was to clearly understand the important areas of different sects and experience the local conditions and customs of the lower realms, so riding this boat wasn't too bad of a choice. 

"They are also riding this boat?" Shi Hao's eyes flickered with light. 

"They have already been in the lower realms for a few days and have already roamed through many great mountains and rivers. After hearing about this precious boat, they specifically came here to use it as a way to tour the mysterious region." An individual that knew a bit more inside information spoke. 

"There might be a heaven warping figure among them from my Immortal Mountain as well." Qin Ming was moved inwardly. He had received a bit of the clan's inner information as well. 

His heart began to burn with passion, and he truly wanted to get closer to find out more about them. If he could form a relationship with any of those individuals, then his status in the sect would directly shoot up in the future. However, he was also scared of provoking unnecessary trouble and having to take the consequences of biting off more than he could chew. 

Shi Hao was calm and collected. He quietly observed everything, without any intention of getting into needless contact with them. He didn't have any reason to seek out those talented individuals, nor did he feel that they were special. As such, he wouldn't express any unusual expressions. 

At this moment, many cultivators around the boat stepped forward, taking the initiative to greet them in an extremely enthusiastic manner. Precious light continuously soared, and auspicious energy surrounded the large boat. 

This place was not peaceful at all. Only after a long time had passed did everyone back off. Meanwhile, those geniuses from the higher realms had long entered the boat. 

The large boat stopped here for half a day. Those from the sects entered the boat one after another. It didn't take that long for Qin Ming to go up and return. When he came back, his expression was a bit unnatural, and he opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything and just calmly looked at him. 

"The distinguished guest cabins have already been chosen by the higher realms. We can only stay in the lower cabins." He said. 

Shi Hao sneered and said, "The glorious Immortal Mountain, known as an eternal inheritance that claims to assert dominance over all eight regions, turns out to only have this amount of importance!"

"What kind of words are you saying?" There were people at the side who were discontent, showing him quite a bit of hostility. 

Shi Hao swept his eyes over him and said, "Speaking honestly, aren't you all quite strong? If I'm not mistaken, those cabins should be yours as well, right? Yet in the end, they were occupied by others, while you all aren't even willing to go against them."

Qin Ming and a few other individuals' faces became ugly. Nothing came out of their mouths. 

"Let's just wait then and not ride the boat! Otherwise, if news of you all being chased down were to be spread into the outside world, it really would sound bad and damage the Immortal Mountain's dignity!" Shi Hao mocked. 

"Among those who came from the higher realms, there is also a heaven warping figure from my Immortal Mountain, so this isn't something to be embarrassed about," Qin Ming said, his face not pleased. 

He tried to mediate the situation and get Shi Hao to ascend the boat, but in the end, he was rejected. 

"I am the human emperor of a country, and I haven't fallen to the point where I need to be told where to sit yet. I can choose for myself, and I've decided this boat isn't good enough. As such, we are going to wait." Shi Hao said. 

Qin Ming was about to argue back, but then he hesitated. He knew how decisive and powerful the little Stone was, so he didn't want some changes to happen when they were so close to the end of this event. He said, "Wait for a bit."

The Immortal Mountain was known as a peak power in the mysterious region, so it naturally had its own connections. The background of this precious boat was quite deep, but they were also involved. They directly found the ship master and asked him to find some way to accommodate the situation. 

"Is that the situation? There is a distinguished guest cabin used for emergencies, so it'll be for you all."

The process could still be considered to have gone smoothly. Qin Ming hurried back to ask Shi Hao to enter the boat. If they waited any longer, they might draw too much attention and easily cause trouble. 

Shi Hao was astonished. The highest distinguished cabin was abundant with foundational energy and rich to the point where it was about to turn into liquid. There were powerful spirit gathering formations in place. 

In addition, the tables and chairs were made of a special stone -- foundational gathering stone. This type of material could easily carry the spiritual essence of heaven and earth and gather essence from all directions. It was incredibly beneficial towards cultivation. 

Apart from this, there were transparent colored glass windows. Refined within them were extremely powerful formations that would allow one to gaze far into the distance and see all types of scenery exceptionally clearly. 

"These are spiritual eye formations that can allow one to see through the endless mountains and rivers. You can easily appreciate the magnificence of the mysterious region here." Qin Ming introduced with a rather prideful attitude. 

Shi hao sneered and said, "This is just another cage. Don't make it sound like this is some immortal family's dwelling. You haven't seen all of the wasteland region clearly, yet you are still trying to invite me?"

Qin Ming's face immediately fell. Even though he became more and more confident after returning to the mysterious region, he still didn't dare to act out. He could only turn his back and endure it. 

There were more than ten experts in the surroundings that had followed along and stood guard on the side. Their expressions had always been bad, secretly releasing a type of killing intent. 

These people revealed undisguised hostility towards Shi Hao, because he had killed two of the Immortal Mountain's supreme experts and slaughtered their people. This matter had been etched into their memory. 

Shi Hao gave them a glance and said, "All those that showed killing intent towards me, you all better leave quickly, or else, you can't blame me for being ruthless when I suppress and kill all of you. I do not wish to keep enemies at my side."

He was extremely direct. There was no room for discussion. 

"This isn't the wasteland region, nor is it your imperial palace. Please comply with my Immortal Mountain's rules!" Someone spoke in a manner that was quite impolite. 

He was an extremely young individual who was arrogant and unyielding. He was one of the clan's direct line of descent, so when he saw how easy going and indifferent Shi Hao was, he felt extremely irritated. Even though he had heard of his fighting prowess, they were about to reach the Immortal Mountain, so he wasn't scared of him acting out. 

"Whose family's child is this? Hurry up and drag him away." Shi Hao gave Qin Ming a glance. 

"You…" The young expert was furious, and his hairs all stood on end. 

Qin Ming pulled him aside and sent him a message inwardly, saying, "Someone who killed two supreme experts wouldn't waste words on you."

This youth's body immediately went cold, standing rigid there. Only after a long time did he calm himself down. He no longer said anything else and walked out from this cabin. 

Just like that, the others also turned around. They were truly a bit scared of the little Stone's might. However, they truly did show hostility, and it was difficult to stop themselves. As such, they could only leave. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao lit up, and the sound of scriptures sounded from within his body. Ten great heavenly passages opened, surrounding everyone, including Qin Ming. They immediately lost consciousness. 

Shi Hao stood up and searched through their minds one after another. He didn't dare touch on their innermost areas, because there were restrictions set up there, and forcefully opening them to acquire their clan's divine techniques and other things might cause their skulls to directly explode. 

He simply wished to know about the Immortal Mountain's current situation, as well as news regarding his parents and grandfather. 

However, he was disappointed. It was just like those captives back in the imperial palace. They didn't know much, and the information he found out he already knew for a while. 

A moment later, these people recovered. They were perplexed and overwhelmed with shock. They quickly left, not daring to even turn back their heads. 

"Interesting. There seems to be a powerful individual next door. I could vaguely sense the fluctuation of ten heavenly passages." Within another distinguished guest cabin, a woman smiled and said. 

Her body was hazy, enveloped in hazy radiance. Her true body couldn't be seen, and there was a type of immortal spiritual essence around her. 

"Fairy Lan's spiritual senses are truly sharp. I also felt this." A young male spoke, his temperament outstanding. 

"Hehe, there are characters like this in the lower realms. The ancient cages deserve their reputation! The descendants of those giants that greatly shook the ancient times have a few outstanding figures among them." A young lady giggled as she spoke. 

There were more than ten people inside this cabin, and all of them were unordinary. Faint divine light radiated from their bodies, as if they were protecting these individuals who were incompatible with this world from this world's impure mortal energy. 

"Interesting. Why don't we invite that person over to take a look?" Another male spoke. The area between his brows lit up, the vertical eye seemingly able to penetrate into the world's netherworld. 

"Let's do that! He might be some extremely heroic and unrivalled pretty boy. If he can make an older sister stay in this lower realm, it might create a great love story."

"Right, wasn't there some fairy that came down into the lower realms to tie the knot with some mortal? The older sisters here need to work hard!"

There were two young ladies that were especially lively. They rocked back and forth from laughter. Brilliant light covered their bodies that were holy and without faults. 

They weren't of the same race and came from different inheritances, so there was competition between them. There were some friendly relations, but most of them were rivals. 

"Better to personally pay a visit to avoid being too disrespectful." The woman in blue clothes said. Her brilliant figure stood up, the blue light burning around her like a flame, surrounding her long and slender body. 

When the ten or so individuals that stood outside Shi Hao's distinguished guest cabin saw the elite disciples from the higher realms, they were all shaken. They couldn't help but back up, all of them feeling terrified. 

When a knocking sound could be heard, Qin Ming personally opened the door. When he saw these people, he was greatly shaken and hurriedly welcomed them. 

"Please excuse me for this sudden appearance." The blue-clothed woman was quite polite. Even though her true appearance couldn't be seen under the surrounding radiance, her voice was sweet and pleasant to listen to. It also gave others a gentle feeling as well, one that was not lacking in manners. 

Shi Hao got up and responded in a calm manner. With a smile, he said, "The journey ahead is long. To have guests is a fortunate thing."

Six or seven elites from the higher realms entered this room, with most of them being young ladies. This made Qin Ming feel great fear, as if there was impending disaster. It was because he clearly understood the little Stone's 'boldness'. He feared that he would forcefully snatch these women and wrong the fairies of the higher realms. It was because he had a past offense of doing so! The Heaven Mending Sect's fairy disappeared, and it was rumored to be related to him. 

The blue-clothed woman looked at Shi Hao and revealed a look of shock. Her eyes swirled with radiance. She was truly astonished. This youth's age didn't seem to be that great, but his strength was extremely shocking, to the point where there was still limitless potential waiting to be unlocked. 

"If I may ask, how old is brother Shi?" The blue-clothed woman had just learned his name. 

"Fifteen." When these words sounded, these young ladies couldn't help but feel astonished. Their eyes swirled with light, and they continuously stared at him. 

Inside the other distinguished guest cabin, several men and the two young ladies that hadn't come over sensed the abnormality on this side. One of them laughed lightly and said, "Did they really end up meeting a genius?"

Another young lady and teased, "Is there a fairy that is going to fall into the world of mortals and stay here?"

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