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Chapter 445 – The Divine Become Withered Grass

The great stars were like raindrops, falling down with pi la pi la sounds. Enormous celestial bodies smashed down from outer space and brought with them heaven overflowing flames. They possessed immeasurable power.

The divine became withered grass, no longer having any value. Even the supreme experts were tied up and captured by the divine chains of order.

Everyone's courage fell apart upon seeing this. This truly was the great calamity. Was this region going to be annihilated? It was simply impossible to escape. Regardless of whether you took to the skies or burrowed underground, there was only death.

A haze covered Shi Hao's mind. What was he even supposed to do? Watching the celestial bodies close in and several supreme experts suffer tribulation, his body went cold. There truly was no way out.


He saw a young golden crow that possessed extreme speed. It carried with it the fiery light of Li flames as it tore through the clouds towards the ninth heaven. It was extremely beautiful.

This was a young Formation Arrangement expert and not a supreme expert. Its speed wasn't much lower than Shi Hao's, and in the blink of an eye, it fled towards the heavens.

This world truly did have heaven warping geniuses hiding in seclusion, unseen by the rest of the world. At the very least, this golden crow was formidable!

"Yi, it wasn't captured!" Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He originally stopped because he didn't want to be captured by the divine chains, and now, he revealed a startled look.

Could this be the thread of life that the great dao left behind, allowing a few cultivators to escape the final days of this world and leave this region? Then, Shi Hao had a small epiphany, as if he grasped something.

The sound of space shattering continuously rang out. A few other heavenly ranked vicious beasts and divine bird descendants soared up, fleeing beyond this region. They were like transient lights as they moved with pinnacle speed.

After noticing this anomaly, Shi Hao calmed down and cleared his head. He carefully observed as the fluctuations the bell released swept over those individuals.


The divine chains of order appeared, once again capturing a supreme expert. The younger experts were allowed through, and it only captured the greatest cultivators of the wasteland region.

Shi Hao didn't move too slowly or too quickly. He did not make any excessive movements, but he also soared up. However, he didn't stay in the front and instead followed the crowd. His eyes flickered with radiance as he calmly observed everything.

The three great magical artifacts didn't disappear and only became a bit indistinct. They continued to suspend themselves in the heavens and release waves of fluctuations that were difficult to describe, suppressing all living creatures!

"Not a single one of the supreme experts that travelled further have been able to flee!" Shi Hao was shocked. The natural laws were like a heavenly net that although loose, did not allow any escape. It was horrifying.

This was only happening in this area of the sky, yet there were already several supreme experts that were caught. The other areas of the wasteland and the divine mountains should also be like this.


Right at this moment, an expanse of scarlet multicolored light rose and released endless light. It was like a flood as it poured over. The binding chains were broken, and it shot towards the outside of this region.


Unfortunately, the great calamity was endless. A divine blade hacked down. The sparkling and translucent blade directly hacked down on that dazzling light and ended its path of life.

Within the resounding noise, endless symbols surged. An enormous magical image appeared. It was absolutely massive and released a wave of divine aura.

"Heavens, that's a supreme deity!"

Even though this was doomsday, there were still many creatures that were greatly surprised. They cried out loudly, because this was just too terrifying. Not even deities could escape during the great calamity?

Scarlet light spun about in that area, taking on forms that resembled flood dragons raising their heads towards the sky. They turned into numerous symbols and rushed towards the divine blade to oppose the natural laws.

An angry roar sounded, and sutras shook the heavens. The magical image became even more enormous, making its glaring eyes clearly visible. All of the creatures below were aghast, faintly recalling that this was the divine image of a certain ancient temple in the southern area of the wasteland region.


Bloody light flickered, and the massive head was sliced off. The magical image fell like a mountain. Blood dyed the skies and the symbols scattered.

What kind of scene was this? Shi Hao was truly shaken up.

Everyone there trembled, and many people fell onto their knees out of powerlessness. Not even deities could protect themselves from the great calamity? They fell just like this, leaving them feeling depressed.

"Just a brat that had lit its divine flame, yet it dares to call itself a deity." Far above, it seemed like a voice sounded. It transmitted down from the ninth heaven, and the mountains and rivers shook in response.

The cultivators were all terrified. It really was how the rumors were like; the divine would become like withered grass. With the descent of the great calamity, even existences at that level fell.

Shi Hao remained silent. He was extremely worried. What kind of fate was this?

He watched as streaks of light flew across the world streak after streak. The cultivators that had any power were using precious artifacts to flee this region to save their own lives.

Everything sounded complex, but in reality, this was only the start. Only a bit of time had passed thus far.

People could be seen everywhere, all of them scared. There was shouting everywhere as they frantically tried to escape. The powerful cultivators were all frightened as well. As the great heavenly bodies crashed down, the divine were all executed, leaving everyone utterly terrified.

Cultivators were crying and howling, and terror was present everywhere. Now that doomsday arrived, all living creatures were frantically running about, and every expert went mad.

Shi Hao situated himself within the crowd, but he was also trying to flee outside this region. As he watched the masses, he went from fear to numbness, and then from silence and calmness to later developing a feeling that something was wrong!

The three large artifacts occupied their respective area in the sky. Outside this region, the might of the great stars oppressed the people. More and more descended with flames burning around them. They filled the skies, as if they could burn through the space. They became more powerful and terrifying, but in the end, they never descended.

"En?" A flash of light passed through Shi Hao's eyes. After releasing his worries out of despair and calming down, he caught wind of this slight abnormality.

Even though not much time had passed, some of the great stars should have fallen. However, they still hadn't destroyed this world.

He didn't pay it any attention and continued to rise into the air, ascending with the numerous cultivators. In the end, he still encountered a few falling great stars. The power they contained was incomparable.

Shi Hao trembled. These stars were too enormous and impossible to escape from! Even though he had arrived in the clouds, it was still difficult for him to escape this disaster.

"Something isn't right!"

Finally, he knew why things were strange. The great star passed through them like an illusion. It didn't injure them and continued to smash towards the great earth.

With a hong sound, endless multicolored light erupted beneath them. The great earth seemed to have caved in from the collision. It was as if there were terrifying shockwaves dispersing, engulfing the boundless world.

However, Shi Hao shivered inwardly, not believing his own eyes. A thought that was incredibly hard for him to believe suddenly appeared in his mind.

Fake, this doomsday was fake. It could be said that the scene of falling stars wasn't real.

Then, great stars rushed down one after another, bringing with them great flames that almost seemed boil the sky They seemed like the flames of doomsday as they sprinkled down on the people.

At this moment, Shi Hao saw supreme experts again and also an enormous magical image that belonged to a deity. They were fleeing outside this region.

While in the middle of the calamity, who could stay calm and collected? Moreover, the great stars were so realistic, so how were they supposed to distinguish whether they were real or fake? The hiding experts were all startled. The divine chains of order swept through and tightly bound them.

Shi Hao's mind became cold. What kind of intention was this? To play with these individuals in the palm of their hands by making them think it was a real doomsday, forcing the supreme experts to rush to to the skies just so that they could be captured.

This kind of method made everyone feel a chill from head to toe!

How was anyone supposed to resist?

After an unknown amount of time passed, the great stars finally disappeared. The endless stars turned into images, and terrifying fluctuations spread outwards. Below were still the same mountains and rivers, with nothing destroyed.

Raising his head and looking around, the first creatures that had tried to flee in the higher realms were trapped by that large bell. With a shake, their bodies all began to shine, and nothing they had could be concealed.

"Is it probing around?" A chill crept down Shi Hao's back.

This group of individuals weren't supreme experts, but they were the first people to have rushed out. They were the most outstanding individuals that tried to leave this region, and right now, they were being examined by the large bell. Everything both inside and out was completely exposed.

Shi Hao sighed. If he hadn't been on guard and decided to go along with the crowd, he would also have been completely seen through.

He would be under another's complete control with no chance of escape!

"Fake! Those were all illusory scenes! The disaster had not yet occured, this is not the doomsday calamity!"

"The supreme experts have been captured and cannot escape. They weren't aiming for us. The sky is still bright!"

At this moment, cheers sounded throughout the world. The clothes of every cultivator were drenched in sweat. After experiencing this kind of false alarm, they were all stirred up and celebrating that they were still alive.

All of the falling stars were fake, created by a type of natural dao. Now, the fog had cleared, and celebrations broke out everywhere.

Only a small group of people became silent, feeling a chill that seeped straight into their bones. What was there that was more terrifying than this? The will and power just now had deceived the entire wasteland region. This entire region was cheated!

The cultivators headed downwards, and Shi Hao followed the crowd. He silently descended on a mountain peak. Everyone else was celebrating their renewed lease on life after the calamity, while he felt waves of chilliness.

The cultivators that headed for the sky all returned, but once they returned to the ground, they all scattered. Only one or two of them could be seen every several hundred to a thousand li.

"Finally escaped the disaster, my life should be unharmed now." On the mountaintop where Shi Hao was, there was another elder. He was using a green bamboo cane to support himself. His hair was gray, and his eyes were deep.

Shi Hao became astonished. This was a supreme expert, moreover one that was so close to him. The situation was not good.

Beside the elder was a young lady. Even though she couldn't be considered pretty, she was extremely quiet. She wore snow white clothes, and her eyes carried unease. She held the elder and seemed to be glad that the calamity was over.

Suddenly, an ill wind rose. A streak of light rushed over from the sky. It was a black spear that wasn't that large in size but incredibly sharp!

"What is going on?" The elder's expression changed. He immediately turned around to flee, using a great ability to move out of the way.

However, it was still too late. Pu. The black spear was just too fast, directly piercing through the elder and nailing him in place. A frantic wind blew into the distance.


The one that released the cry wasn't the supreme expert, but rather the snow clothed young girl. She was only holding the elder, yet she couldn't endure the shockwaves the black spear emitted. Upon being brushed by the strong winds, her body exploded.

Shi Hao shivered from head to toe. Then, a slight wave of anger rose within him.

Everything was under their control. They couldn't escape this disaster.

Wind whistled through the air. Streak after streak of light flew through this world, engulfing the wastelands. They passed through the mountains and valleys, and everything was observed.

As Shi Hao watched, his expression became cold. This wasn't a hallucination. The great calamity had begun to sweep through the world, and it had not yet ended.

He reached out his hand and noticed that there was a bloodstain on his arm. When the young girl exploded, her blood splashed everywhere and landed on his body. It was truly a horrible sight to see.

"This disaster… shows contempt for all living things, cold and ruthless." Shi Hao said furiously.

He he he

He could vaguely hear a cold laughter above the whistling winds. It was a heartless and apathetic voice from one who indifferently observed everything.

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