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Chapter 444 – Great Calamity

The object was spotlessly white, as if it was carved out from fine jade. It released chaotic energy, and precious light curled up around it. There was a desolate feeling to it, and even more of a simple and unadorned dao aura surrounding it.

This naturally made Shi Hao stupefied, because he knew it quite well. He could recognize it anywhere. His mouth opened wide as he looked at it with disbelief.

"Little pagoda, I've found your brother." Shi Hao cried out.

It was because that object resembled the little pagoda perfectly. They were definitely of the same origin. The sparkling, snow-white brilliance, it was clear with just a look that this was a divine object. Chaotic energy diffused outward strand after strand, and they were even wrapped within the most complex dao symbols.

"Stop shouting!" The little pagoda shouted in a low voice. This was all transmitted in secret and not leaked outwards.

It was because they all knew that the importance of this matter was too great. Even the little pagoda's body was trembling as if it was in a state of convulsion. It was just too stirred up, and there was even more fear.

Shi Hao couldn't laugh even if he wanted to, because the little pagoda was extremely serious. It was pretending to be dead, restraining all of its aura in fear of exposing its existence in this world. It was extremely nervous.

"That is part of my pagoda body that was cast away." There was only this desolate voice. The little pagoda went dim and turned into a piece of rock as it concealed itself from the world.

The little pagoda had four floors right now. All of its luster vanished, as if it had been eliminated from this world's list of living creatures and became an ordinary rock.

Meanwhile, the pagoda in the sky had two layers. It was dazzling and snow white in color. Divine multicolored light suffused its surroundings, making it look like a holy divine sun as it suspended itself in midair. Divine chains and symbols curled up around it streak after streak.

Right now, Shi Hao couldn't even smile anymore. His urge to make fun of the little pagoda's mood vanished, and he immediately became serious.

What kind of divine might was this? The little pagoda had been broken before. Now that two layers of the pagoda body appeared, what did that imply? The little pagoda didn't dare to meet it and recombine into one.

Of course, those two layers of the pagoda were not inches in size. RIght now, they could suppress the circulating aura of heaven and earth. It was as tall as a mountain, and white light flickered about, linking up the heaven and earth.

Weng. It trembled lightly, scattering down countless symbols that spread in all directions. It disturbed the stability of this world's space, and the wasteland region seemed to be on the verge of collapsing.

However, it did not cause any damage and merely swept through all areas. It was as if it was searching for something.

"When it trembled lightly just now… Why do I feel as if the heavens are being opened?" Shi Hao was horrified. Was this the power of the little pagoda? It normally didn't reveal it, yet these two layers of the pagoda actually revealed a portion of its might.

Why did no one descend into the lower realm? Instead, two magical artifacts, one complete and one damaged, appeared. What was the purpose of their emergence? Shi Hao couldn't figure it out.

At this time, forget about him, every cultivator under the heavens became incomparably nervous. They all stared up at the sky, for they didn't know what kind of changes were about to take place.

Of course, there were many people who were silently analyzing the situation. After the two magical artifacts appeared, the world's dao aura became more and more rich, and various profound mysteries could be felt.


An enormous noise sounded. Heaven and earth swayed, as if everything was going to be overturned. Something else descended from the inverted volcano. Primal chaos diffused everywhere, leaving everyone in complete fear.

This was a magical artifact, but its damage was severe. Two thirds of it were lost, and right now, only a small portion remained. A hazy chaotic energy rose about it, giving it an extremely enigmatic appearance.

A strange symbol emerged at its side and began to linger in its surroundings. Its revolutions could make the world spin in reverse, making the sun, moon, stars, and all living creatures enter a state of reincarnation.

"It's that thing!" Shi Hao's eyelids jumped, once again feeling as if he recognized something. He had seen it before in the Void God Realm, and he had even confronted it in battle in the past.

Bathed in flames, the extremely mysterious male wanted to make fairy Yue Chan his. He had even fought a great battle against Shi Hao, and during that battle, he used this type of chaotic divine disk.

The reappearance of this magical artifact naturally wasn't the piece the mysterious male possessed, and was instead another portion. It actually came from the higher realms.

With the appearance of this chaotic disk, the entire world became different. Everyone became incredibly agitated. They were about to enter reincarnation.

What was this? Everyone understood clearly what was about to happen, and they were all overwhelmed with horror.

With the heaven and earth moving back and forth, their bodies entered a world of darkness. Time was greatly affected, in just that split second, many creatures had already experienced several generations of time.

How terrifying! Shi Hao's expression became bleak. Even his own mind had been affected just now, and a type of fear crept into his heart. However, he could still defend himself unlike most others whose gazes became lost and their senses muddled.

There have been only three magical artifacts, but they shook the entire world!!

The heavens were ruptured. The three objects began to shake, releasing ripples that intertwined within each other. They spread outwards and seemed to be imprisoning the entire wasteland region.

Heaven transformation!

This is definitely a tremendous and unfortunate event. Ordinary people didn't even know what they were fighting against. However, Shi Hao had a feeling that this power was not used to deal with them, and instead for detecting divine existences!

The little pagoda stayed dormant without saying anything. This was extremely good evidence that these three magical artifacts in the air were scanning for this region's existences.

This type of feeling was extremely uncomfortable. Shi Hao's mind was trembling in fear. He felt as if a divine sword was suspended above his head, and if that sword descended, then he would immediately die with no chance of retaliation!

The great calamity was here, and as expected, it was terrifying and full of danger. It made his body go cold. If the little pagoda was detected, then it would definitely be a disaster, and he would get caught up in it as well.


The large bell continuously rang in a long and drawn out manner. The ripples dispersed outwards and the great dao of heaven and earth resonated as if a passage of sacrificial text was being read aloud. It was incredibly solemn and dignified.

Shi Hao knew that it was trying to intimidate the deities!

The two-layered snow white pagoda and the damaged chaotic disk dispersed their divine might, covering the world. This was a type of preliminary scan, as well as a rough elimination.

After an extremely long period of time had passed, the symbols they released were finally restrained. Everything became calm, but they continue to suspend themselves in the air.

Only now did the little pagoda release a strange cry in Shi Hao's hair, saying, "What kind of tribulation is this?"

WIthout a sound, the interspatial precious case Shi Hao obtained previously opened. A bronze light illuminated and then opened. The little pagoda rushed into the little world and sealed itself within.

"No creatures descended, and only three magical artifacts appeared, which makes this even more worrying. I am going to avoid it all by going into hibernation and eliminating all aura. Do not disturb me." This was what the little pagoda warned again and again.

"Hold on, explain some of these things a bit clearer to me. Tell me a bit more about all of this." Shi Hao was puzzled.

"No creatures came down, yet there is still a great calamity, which is extremely unusual. The main event will happen soon!" Apart from this strange cry from the little pagoda, it no longer made a sound.


Suddenly, the sky and earth shook. The entire wasteland region was trembling.

"The great calamity begins!" At that moment, a voice sounded. It seemed to have originated from the three magical artifacts in the air, but it also seemed to have originated from that volcano.

Shi Hao nervously stared at them. At this moment, all of his hair stood on end, and he felt that he might have been a bit too hasty. Was leaving Stone Village on his own the right choice? The events have deviated from what they had expected, and this great calamity was different from the ones in the past!

He could faintly make out that the three magical artifacts have separated into their respective areas. They stood in opposition, representing a confrontation of three different dao creeds. Was it time for them to descend?

A wenglong noise sounded. Immediately after, the three magical artifacts became indistinct. This clear day that was lit up by bright sunlight suddenly became covered in stars. They were extremely distinct, and these stars swirled one after another as if they were almost within reach.

The bright sky was full of brilliant stars, creating a strange and sinister looking world.

"Could it be that the great calamity isn't caused by an intervention this time and is instead naturally caused?" Shi Hao became uncertain.

Immediately after, he was shocked. His face was full of disbelief, and his eyes opened wide. He wasn't the only one. The cultivators around him were all in fear!

This world immediately became a gloomy one. Bloody light rushed into the heavens, and the stars that filled the sky all fell down, smashing towards the great earth and creating tremendous rumbling sounds.

Was the world going to be destroyed?

Everyone fell into despair. Even if everyone in this world tried to resist and the deities revived to join them, they still couldn't completely stop this attack, right?

As these stars fell, it sounded as if the Archaic Vicious Ten were roaring. Everyone was horrified, and all courage they had left broke apart. The enormous shadow blazed with endless fiery light that cascaded from beyond the heavens.

One could already vaguely feel the heat as well as the tremendous pressure. This kind of power was going to completely smash apart and obliterate this world!

During the ancient times, there had been forbidden great powers that had hacked down stars from the sky to refine weapons, but it was completely different from what was happening right now. This was doomsday.

Shi Hao's scalp felt numb. He never would have thought that there would be a day where this type of scene would appear. How could this type of disaster happen? No one could defy this type of power.

His heart was pounding furiously, and he was quaking in fear. He was incredibly angry. This was going to wipe out the entire world! There was simply no way to resist.

At the same time, he was a bit bewildered. What kind of creature was releasing this attack? To actually summon the stars of the sky to fall down, this individual definitely had to be ridiculously powerful. There had never been a creature like this in the ancient legends.

"The single path of life is to either rush towards the heavens or escape outside this region!" Shi Hao clenched his teeth. In the worst situation, he was going to rush into the sky and face the great star head on.

His speed reached the peak, reaching an inconceivable level and quickly separating him from the great earth. He hoped he could reach beyond the region. Even though something like this was pretty much impossible, he still didn't want to give up.

Then, when he reached the sky, he was astonished. There were many that had the same idea as him, and they were all unordinary figures.

He saw a supreme expert, a bright and dazzling scarlet red Horned Dragon. It roared towards the heavens and was full of grief and indignation as it tried to flee beyond this region.

It seemed to be indignant. It wasn't going to die at the hand of another, but rather in this terrible disaster. It was truly unwilling.


Shi Hao was astonished. He saw an astonishing scene.

The Horned Dragon fled extremely quickly and dodged the falling stars. As it tried to flee outside the region, a thick divine chain emerged from the void and suddenly locked it in place.


On the other side, an unresigned angry roar sounded. A Bi'an that looked like a ferocious tiger, had a dragon horn on its head, and was releasing golden light from its entire body used its most powerful precious technique to attack the void.

However, it was still useless. Another thick divine chain of order descended, locking it firmly in place and capturing it.

Shi Hao's body went ice cold when he saw this. Not even this route allowed anyone out from this region. This type of natural law chain would descend as soon as one ascended, capturing that individual.

Was this region going to be annihilated? He was full of unwillingness.

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