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Chapter 423 – Wondrous Medicine

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, they just happened to run into Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder Lin Kun. He looked like he had seen a ghost, because Shi Hao was perfectly fine and not dead.

"You… are still alive?!" His tone was a bit rigid, and he had a bad feeling. He immediately turned around to run.

However, could he outrun the Kun Peng precious technique? A golden rainbow flew through the skies, cutting him off. Then, a golden fist slammed down. With a honglong sound, this area erupted with symbols, and it was as if lightning was hacking down on this place.

Lin Kun flew outwards. His chest shone brilliantly, and a 'defend' character emerged and acted like a shield. It formed a barrier of light that blocked the power of this attack.

Despite this being the case, Lin Kun was still shaken. That kind of offensive power left him frightened. If he didn't have this symbol, he definitely would have died from that fist.

This was still just a youth! How could a peak level king figure like himself endure this! This was simply humiliating!

"Youngster, please calm your anger." Lin Kun was ranting and raving. Originally, he had waited here to see Shi Hao's demise, but he never thought that this little monster would leave the mountain in such an easygoing manner.

What he received in reply was vicious lightning. A purple Suan Ni pounced over. Lightning danced about, completely submerging Lin Kun within, making him tremble.

"Stop! This old one knows that he is at fault and is willing to pay the cost!" He was extremely straightforward and admitted defeat, because he knew that even though he had a 'defend' symbol on him, it would disappear sooner or later.

Since this youth didn't die, with this devilish brat's 'angering gods and humans alike' nature, he definitely wouldn't let him go. As long as Lin Kun wasn't dealt with, the attacks wouldn't end.

Shi Hao stopped and said, "Speak. How will you pay the price?"

He did not put Lin Kun in his eyes, and did not he treat him like a threat. Only, he was currently unbearably angry. He had left Lin Kun go in the past, yet he actually went to the gray-clothed woman to get revenge.

"This old one has several stalks of spiritual medicines, it can be used as compensation…" Lin Kun was hurriedly speaking, but he was cut off.

"I purchased forty-eight stalks of spiritual medicines at once. Would I lack your few stalks?!" Shi Hao was going to take advantage of this situation, because he truly lacked those few stalks.

He still had a few good things on him like the liquid from the Immortal Spring and the cup of archaic wine from the Kun Peng nest, but these couldn't be given out, as they were truly rare items. The other magical artifacts, refinement materials, and other items were all used up. He was practically penniless.

Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder Lin Kun grimaced. The other party was too strange. Who could purchase forty-eight stalks of spiritual medicines in one go? This situation was truly difficult to deal with.

"This old one's stalks of spiritual medicine are quite special and hard to find in the markets. They can even barely be called wondrous medicines," Lin Kun said. He felt like his heart was bleeding, but he knew that he had to pay a great price this time.

He had the urge to deploy the Divine Medicine Gate's power, but after thinking about Shi Hao's nature, he immediately forgot about this idea. The other party had even killed supreme experts before. What kind of sect wouldn't be scared of someone like this?

If it was a normal noble king, he would have long called the Medicine Capital's experts to exterminate Shi Hao.

Towards this youth that was willing to retaliate even against the Immortal Mountain and Heaven Mending Sect, he was rather scared and upset. He didn't want to get too deeply involved with this individual. Otherwise, once he rose to power, who would be able to fight against him?

Many people were aware that as long as Shi Hao could continue living, there would eventually be a day when he would overlook the wasteland region. At that time, it would be difficult to defy his power!

"Wondrous medicine? How rare could it be? Explain." Shi Hao emotionlessly asked.

Behind him, the big red bird laughed with heihei sounds, while the nine-headed lion and the others became speechless. Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi's mouths twitched. They knew that even though this fellow seemed like he didn't care on the outside, he was inwardly bursting with joy. He was only 'loosening the reins a bit to grasp them better', moreover get a lot in one go.

"There is a stalk of Golden Herb." Lin Kun clenched his teeth and almost spat out blood as he spoke. This was not an ordinary spiritual object. Not even one stalk could be found in all of the surrounding famous mountains and great rivers.

This type of herb was extremely difficult to grow. Even if it bore seeds, under normal situations, it would still be difficult to actually grow. It needed special spiritual earth in order for it to germinate. As a result, it was extremely rare and precious.

"Just a Golden Herb, yet you want to settle this?" Shi Hao laughed coldly.

"There is also a Fallen Moon Flower." Lin Kun's heart truly felt like it was leaking blood as he spoke.

Behind them, the nine-headed lion and the others were shocked. They had heard about this type of spiritual medicine before, and it truly could be considered a wondrous medicine. It was rarely seen in this world.

The so-called wondrous medicines stood apart from the masses and were extremely uncommon. Even if thousands of mountains or tens of thousands of waters were searched, it would be difficult to find even a few stalks of them.

Fallen Moon Flower was an entirely snow white plant. What was special about it was that its flower was like a silver disk that resembled a divine moon. Deep into the night, it would even release sparkling light and moonlight-like waves of light. The fragrance it produced could clear one's mind and allow one to easily comprehend the dao.

This time, Shi Hao remained silent for a bit. Then, he said, "These two aren't enough. Let's pay your residence a visit and take a look."

Lin Kun knew that he couldn't hold on to the treasures he had protected for all these years anymore. Those were all priceless wondrous medicines! However, they were going to change owners today.

The Divine Medicine Gate occupied the center of the Medicine Capital, because this city was risen up by their ancestral master. This place was constructed around that short mountain, and Lin Kun had a courtyard on the backside of the mountain.

As a respected elder, he held a revered position, so his residence was rather large and full of spiritual essence. There was a medicinal field that was protected by formations, and waves of dense mist curled about.

After the formation was undone, as soon as they entered this small medicinal field, Shi Hao's group immediately widened their eyes.

A stalk of a completely golden herb had six leaves on it. It looked like it was carved out of gold, and dazzling radiance was being released. It was only a foot in height. A golden mist was rippling outwards, carrying a dense fragrance.

"Good stuff!"

Next to it was an entirely snow white plant with flower petals that looked like moon disks. They flowed with holy splendor and a fragrance that calmed one's heart and cleared one's mind wafted out.

"Is it really the wondrous medicine, the Fallen Moon Flower?!" Shi Hao was beaming and began to wipe away his saliva. The big red bird was making a similar motion. They really wanted to immediately devour that flower.

"Yi, is that a Purple Star Orchid?" Yun Xi was astonished. There weren't many stalks of these even within her Heavenly Divine Mountains medicinal field. This kind of plant was extremely rare.

The orchid's fragrance assailed the nostrils. The plant was sparkling purple all over and only a palm size in height. Its leaves were extremely small, but every single one formed a six-pointed star. It was extremely unique.

It was like a palm-sized small tree that was full of small purple stars. A purple mist flowed about it. The fragrance it released was extremely special and far surpassed that of other spiritual orchids.

A single leaf of this stalk of medicine could be exchanged in the markets for several stalks of normal spiritual medicine. This alone proved the astonishing value of the Purple Star Orchid.

This was all because he was a respected elder from the Divine Medicine Gate. Otherwise, who else would be able to hide these types of wondrous medicines for themselves? It would be hard to even find a single stalk like this.

Within the medicinal field, there was another stalk of medicine, and this was the final stalk. It immediately caused Yun Xi to cry out in alarm, "This is actually 'Eternal Flowing Gold'!

It was because even in the Heavenly Divine Mountains, there were only two stalks. When it was needed, they would only pick off a few flower petals and definitely wouldn't damage the roots.

Eternal Flowing Gold could grow up to a foot in height, making it seem like a small tree. The leaves on it were dim, but when the wind blew through it, all of the leaves would turn around, and the other side would release a brilliant splendor.

This unique trait made it seem as if golden fragments were flowing about, as if endless years were passing by. It gave off a feeling that was rather difficult to describe.

"I've heard that the Eternal Flowing Gold is ranked among the best even within wondrous medicines." Huo Ling'er sighed as she spoke. The nine-headed lion and the others all nodded their heads.

It was because when one refined medicines, as long as a little bit of the Eternal Flowing Gold was added, the pill would become much more fragrant. This was a terrifying transformation that greatly increased the medicinal characteristics of the pills.

"There are only these four stalks?" Shi Hao seemed unsatisfied.

Lin Kun's cheeks were streaming with tears. These four wondrous medicines were still not enough? If it was anyone else, forget about bringing them out, he wouldn't even let them see it. An ordinary medicine refinement master might not even possess a single one.

"I am the Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder, yet I've only managed to exchange for these four stalks of wondrous medicine with everything I had," he spoke while spitting out blood.

In order to obtain these four stalks of medicine, he had depleted his savings.

In reality, Shi Hao was rather satisfied. He wanted to quickly become a supreme expert, and in order to do so, he absolutely had to obtain these wondrous medicines.

These were primary ingredients that couldn't be substituted!

Yet today, they immediately found four stalks. This could be considered an extraordinary gain!

"You wanted to take my life before. If you want to get away with just four stalks, then it definitely wouldn't be enough!" Shi Hao tried to scare him.

"I really don't have any more! This is all I have." Lin Kun became dejected. If he knew that this was how it would turn out, he definitely wouldn't have looked for trouble. This was the same as picking up a rock and smashing his own feet.

In the end, Lin Kun became anxious from the pressure and had no other choice. It was as if he thought of something as he said, "I know where the Golden Medicine Butterfly passed away."

"What's the point of telling me that?" Shi Hao seemed as if he wasn't particularly interested.

Everyone other than him were so startled they almost spat out blood, because that was the divine bug of the medicinal world! It was holy and divine, far more precious than any treasure on this world.

"Golden Medicine Butterfly can find spiritual roots in all kinds of different places. As long as it is a spiritual medicine, it would be hard for it to escape detection. All of them would be found."

Just from this fact alone, it became comparable to the Sky Splitting Demonic Butterfly.

There had always been a rumor circulating about; that if a true pure-blooded Golden Medicine Butterfly could still be found, it would definitely be hibernating within the medicinal capital and waiting for the day when it would appear again.

"You really know where it passed away?" Yun Xi asked. She came from the Archaic Divine Mountains, so she understood how precious these bugs were.

Lin Kun's body felt sore. He nodded while clenching his teeth.

"Isn't it just some medicine butterfly? Something delicate like that might just die under my care." Shi Hao said.

"The true Golden Medicine Butterfly possesses powerful fighting strength and can be considered an archaic divine bug." Lin Kun corrected. He pointed out, "The one that I am talking about is even more unique."

Shi Hao became interested. Forget about everything else, just the divine bug title alone explained its value. At the very least, it could still be used as medicine, and it would be much more precious than the golden spider from the Demonic Spider Lake.

"How is it different?" The big red bird asked curiously.

"This was a larva that was brought back by the ancient medicine god. Rumor has it that it might be a Golden Ancestral Butterfly. It could be considered superior to a golden butterfly, so some called it an Emperor Butterfly," Lin Kun replied.

"The Emperor Butterfly is known as the only Golden Divine Butterfly. All other Golden Medicine Butterflies are servants that accompany its growth for protection," Lin Kun said.

"What?" The flame crow was astonished and didn't dare to believe what it was hearing. Just now, this respected elder was still talking about how rare this Golden Medicine Butterfly was and how it was practically extinct, yet now he called them butterfly servants? Another type of value had just been added!

"The Emperor Butterfly is so rare that only a single one was seen during the archaic years. Apart from being able to find all spiritual roots, its fighting prowess was world-changing as well," said Lin Kun.

Yun Xi said, "I've heard that when the Golden Emperor Butterfly made an appearance during the archaic years, a gentle flap of its wings crushed three Deity Realm Demonic Crack Butterflies into pieces."

"How could that be?" Everyone was astonished. How vicious of a creature was the Demonic Crack Butterfly? It was practically invincible, let alone those at the Deity Realm. They had the power to look down on the world.

"This really is true. My Divine Medicine Gate has recordings of that event," said Lin Kun. Moreover, he explained that when the ancient medicine god went to look for a Golden Medicine Butterfly, in the end, he obtained a Emperor Butterfly larva.

In the end, the medicine god fell, and the larva was sealed within a divine ice jar. It had never made an appearance since.

"Do you really know where it is?" Shi Hao's eyes finally began to burn with passion.

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