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Chapter 415 – Medicine Capital

After leaving the capital, regardless of whether it was the nine-headed lion, Huo Ling’er, or the others, they were all on guard. They received some news that there were people plotting against Shi Hao.

The imposing city wall was already far away, and they were travelling on the horizon limit where the sun was falling. They had not been attacked yet.

Even at night time within a small town’s tavern, they still didn’t encounter any trouble. It was still extremely peaceful, and the trouble they anticipated never happened.

“Wu, I received a report that a large bounty was placed on your head in the Blood God Building. However, the Assassination Hall did not accept it and rejected those symbol bones.” Huo Ling’er received the news.

Everyone sighed. Even the wasteland region’s famous Assassination Hall feared Shi Hao, not daring to send someone after him. This left them all amazed.

“Brother Shi’s fame is far reaching and truly admirable!” The three-eyed race’s brothers were greatly moved. The Blood God Building was not a normal place. These assassins all came from different clans, and they were shockingly powerful.

It is rumored that for the past many years, few people have survived their attacks. At their peak, they even dared to take the heads of supreme experts!

“It is good that nothing bad happened!” Regardless, these people were extremely happy. No one wanted to live while suffering from constant attacks. The assassins shrinking back was naturally a good thing.

The Formation Arrangement Realm was a threshold that was extremely difficult to break through. Shi Hao wanted to cut down on the time and enter a high level, so he would naturally use his clan’s pill recipes.

What he lacked right now were various types of spiritual medicines. This was what was most pressing, so he naturally had to go and gather what he needed.

“Fire Nation has some famous mountains and rivers. I would like to personally pick some medicines,” Shi Hao said. He consulted Huo Ling’er.

“What famous mountains and rivers? There’s no need to go to those places to collect spiritual medicines. It’s enough just to directly purchase them.” Huo Ling’er informed him. How could true masters of medicine refinement have the time to pick their ingredients themselves? They would always have specific people prepare it for them.

“Let’s go to the Medicine Capital!” The nine-headed lion said. He was a bit more familiar with this place, as his birthplace and home was rather close. The Medicine Capital was an extremely wealthy and well-known place. Their tradition had been passed on for a long time. From the ancient times until now, they had always been well-known.

This wasn’t a sect, but it still similarly had its own established rules and customs. It was an ancient city that was situated right at Fire Nation’s border. Many medicine masters would roam about this place, so there were naturally many spiritual medicines here as well.

Rumor has it that this was the birthplace of the medicine god.

Previously, Shi Hao did not understand too much about this place. After listening to them, he became more and more interested. He could exchange for many spiritual medicines here and increase his power.

“I’m also going!” The big red bird said. It originally came for the sake of finding a master, but this was also along the way. The Fire Nation’s ancestral ground was also in that direction.

They didn’t make any stops along the way. While sitting on the Void Beast Skin that Huo Ling’er brought, they traveled through the void at lightning speed.

Otherwise, moving on their own would definitely take one or two months, because this great earth was too vast. The wilderness stretched boundlessly everywhere.

The void beast was rare even during the ancient era. Regardless of whether it was their bones or their skin, they could all be turned into priceless magical artifacts.

It was already near impossible to see a void beast in this world. As a result, this divine beast skin that could travel through the void was an invaluable treasure.

After a period of time, they emerged from the void. The black crack behind them slowly closed.

“With this kind of treasure, where can’t you go? It truly is enviable.” The flame crow and the other descendants were all drooling inwardly like the big red bird.

They had arrived at a mountain range. Clouds and mist surrounded this place, and the spiritual essence was abundant. They could vaguely hear the cries of apes and roars of tigers. All types of fierce beasts and vicious birds were coming and going.

What kind of place was this? It definitely wasn’t the Medicine Capital. Everyone looked towards Huo Ling’er and expressed their doubts.

“The distance is too far. Even if we have the coordinates, the Void Beast Skin still can’t precisely lock in on the location. However, it shouldn’t be too far. Look, there is a vague medicinal fragrance within these mountains. It means that there are quite a few medicinal fields nearby.

Huo Ling’er made this determination and pointed towards the nearby mountain peaks.

Everyone nodded. They stepped onto their precious treasures and flew out of the mountain range. They arrived at a field, and after moving for several hundred li, they could see an ancient city. This was precisely the Medicine Capital.

Outside this city, there were all types of medicinal fields. Not only did the fragrant odor fill the air, all types of spiritual essence were curling about. It made this place seem extremely outstanding.

Apart from this, there were also extremely rare spiritual insects and other creatures moving about within the old medicines.

“Yi, that’s a golden medicine butterfly!” The rainbow luan cried out in shock.

Inside that medicinal field, there was a golden butterfly fluttering about. Its wings were golden, and they were at least a meter in length, and brilliant splendor was being scattered down from them.

It moved through this place. The medicinal herbs were full of vitality, and many flowers were budding, releasing their fragrance.

Within the butterfly species, there were two that were especially famous. One was the Crack Demonic Butterfly with shockingly terrifying fighting strength, and the other was the Golden Medicine Butterfly, which could allow spiritual medicines to grow even better. They could also help medicine masters refine medicine.

“This most likely isn’t a pure-blooded Golden Medicine Butterfly. However, it is still a rare sight!” Huo Ling’er commented.

Even the city was full of medicinal fields, and there were formations laid down around them. These formations gathered spiritual energy from all sides into the medicinal earth to nourish these medicinal herbs.

“Apart from the restricted lands in the great wasteland, this is probably the place most suitable for growing plants,” said the nine-headed lion. It was clear that he had heard some rumors.

The medicine god was born here, and in the end, he also died here. His body of spiritual essence contained medicinal attributes, and in the end, it turned into a spiritual rain that scattered down onto this land.

“Yi, during the ancient era, heavenly talents rose to power and many saints struggled for supremacy. Even the medicinal god fell. That era was truly a glorious and terrifying time.”

They approached the ancient city. The city walls weren’t that tall, and some parts had even collapsed into a ruined state. The pair of city gates had long vanished as well, and it was opened wide just like that.

However, the city was extremely lively. It was not desolate at all.

Since the ancient times, the Medicine Capital had already become a holy land. Even though this city wall had collapsed, it did not affect what happened inside the city.

In reality, it wasn’t that the people here couldn’t reconstruct it, only they felt that there was no need. The Medicine Capital didn’t need city walls to protect it. The ancient walls were merely a remnant of the past.

As soon as they arrived at the ancient city, a wave of thick medicinal fragrance assailed their nostrils. The aura of spiritual medicines was included within this fragrance, making them feel rather comfortable.

“Ah, is this a spiritual medicine tree?” The flame crow was stupefied.

There was an ancient tree at the side of the city’s main road. The trunk was so thick that one couldn’t even wrap their arms around it. It possessed an ancient aura, and the entire tree’s green leaves were releasing green light. In addition, there were several massive flower buds that flowed with sparkling multicolored light and released fragrance.

The flame crow had heard the rumor that there were a few ancient medicines in the Medicine Capital that underwent transformation. Some spiritual herbs grew into trees, and they’ve existed for an extremely long time.

“This spiritual herb has lived for five thousand years already. In the end it didn’t turn into a divine medicine, but instead gradually grew spirituality and became a medicinal tree.”

There were quite a few old medicines that have lived for seemingly endless years. However, those that could become trees and break free from its past form were rare.

According to its understanding, this spiritual herb was struck by lightning, and in addition, it obtained a baptism of heavenly tribulation liquid. This allowed it to mutate and change into its current form.

Shi Hao naturally knew how precious lightning tribulation fluid was. Back then, within the Heaven Mending Pavilion, old ancestor Mu Yan taught him the lightning technique. Moreover, for Shi Hao’s sake, the elder brought him into the rainy skies to refine this lightning tribulation liquid. It was extremely dangerous and difficult to obtain.

Previously, even old ancestor Mu Yan only managed to refine a single drop.

For this spiritual herb to obtain a baptism of lightning tribulation liquid, that was truly an absolutely shocking opportunity!

“It isn’t a divine medicine, but its effectiveness is not inferior to a divine medicine. What’s more important is that it possesses powerful fighting strength,” Huo Ling’er said.

Everyone became shocked. After understanding this tree’s background, they all surrounded it to take a look.

Even Yun Xi, who originated from the Archaic Divine Mountains and had seen many bizarre medicines revealed a startled expression. She walked up and observed the tree.

Its branches were complex and its leaves were luxurious. The entire tree was verdant and lush, and it towered over a hundred meters. The old bark on the trunk was cracking apart, making it look like dragon scales. Its leaves were scattering down strand after strand of green light.

Everyone heard a unique sound, and it seemed to make them become absent-minded. They stood there in a stupefied manner.

In addition to this spiritual medicine, the tree also scattered down several sparkling branches. It touched their bodies and released multicolored light.

Shi Hao was startled. He had already snapped back to reality. However, he didn’t feel any killing intent, so he didn’t resist.

Soon after, the nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others all woke up. They all exclaimed in astonishment. This ancient tree’s fighting prowess was definitely unmatched!

Huo Ling’er explained, “Anyone entering the Medicine Capital would be examined by the spiritual medicine tree. It can see through any concealed malice.”

The nine-headed lion nodded and said, “I’ve also heard this. In addition, I’ve heard that the flower buds on this spiritual medicine tree are second only to holy medicines.”

“You all seem to know quite a bit.” Someone from the side chuckled and spoke. They were already inside the city, and there were many people on the streets.

“Unfortunately, each year, the old medicine tree only produces a few flowers. Each time, they would be auctioned off for extraordinary prices. Normal people would never be able to purchase them…” Another person sighed.

Sure enough, there were only a few flower buds on the tree. Their colors were all different, and they sparkled brilliantly as they released their radiance.

Upon entering the city, Shi Hao felt as if there were just too many interesting things to look at. There were all types of medicinal herbs, and the various smells of medicinal herbs were mixed together. It was as if one’s illnesses could be cleansed a bit just by being here.

“The Medicine Capital really is a good place!” They were deeply moved.

“Selling divine herb. A holy magical artifact is enough for an exchange.” Not far off, someone had set up a vendor’s stall on the street.

This made the big red bird and the others dumbstruck. Was there really a divine herb?

“Wu, in this place, you have to be good at discerning what is real and fake. One must carefully differentiate between the two.” Someone reminded.

Several individuals immediately understood that even if it was the Medicine Capital, there would be many counterfeit herbs being brought out. Of course, true unique and unmatched medicines would still show up.

“Golden Medicine Butterfly, unique and unequaled. There is only this pair, so if you want to purchase, hurry and bid a price.” On the other side, an elder hugged a jade container while hawking out what he had.

Shi Hao and the others moved over to take a look. They only saw two caterpillars inside of a jade container, leaving them a bit stumped for words.

“Youngster, haven’t you heard about breaking through a cocoon and turning into a butterfly? This Golden Medicine Butterfly is still in its childhood stage, not having undergone any transformation yet.” The elder was all smiles.

“Who are you fooling? You even dare to fool others with two bugs?!” The big red bird was unconvinced.

The elder’s face was calm without any sign of embarrassment. “I am merely stating the facts. If a real Golden Medicine Butterfly could be found in this world, then it would definitely be in the Medicine Capital. It might just be a caterpillar that had been hibernating for endless years!”

They didn’t stay here and continued on their way. Soon after, they stopped again and looked towards a bizarre medicinal vine.

There was a small medicinal field here. Many people were lined up in an orderly fashion, waiting to refine medicine. However, what was shocking was that the one refining the medicine was an ancient vine.

“What is going on?” Shi Hao and the others were shocked.

On top of this ancient vine, there was a flower in the shape of a medicinal cauldron. It was a shining bronze, and in addition, it could light up and release flames. Once those in line placed their medicinal herbs inside, the bronze flower cauldron would start refining the medicine. It was extremely astonishing.

An older woman explained, “This is the Medicine Capital’s holy medicine vine. The flower it produced is like copper cauldrons, and it has even absorbed a lump of divine flame that descended from the heavens, allowing it to transform and ultimately develop spirituality. It can help one refine medicine.”

“There is something like that?” Shi Hao and the others were astonished. They felt more and more like it was extremely mysterious. They wanted to stay here for a while and carefully explore this place.

“You’ve all come at the perfect time! Soon, there might be a divine supreme ancient treasure that will make an appearance. This is a grand occasion that is worth a look!”

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