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Chapter 414 – Unexpected

Yun Xi’s ear immediately felt pain, and in that instant, she immediately knew what happened. She immediately shifted outwards, and her face became flushed with redness. She couldn’t help but scream out.

The same thing from back then actually happened again, with the only difference being that they didn’t toss and turn on the ground. However, this was still enough to leave her humiliated and angry. Others couldn’t help but cover their ears when they heard her scream.

“Evil thing, you…” Yun Xi was completely furious. She never thought that by borrowing Shi Hao’s power, she would actually suffer this disaster, moreover in front of so many people’s eyes.

This truly felt like she was suffering a double loss.

Yun Xi’s sparkling white face had long become red, and her entire body was pink in color. She couldn’t help but tremble. This kind of feeling left her furious, for what happened made her ashamed.

Why did it end like this? She was so mad that she couldn’t say anything. She wasn’t able to use the other party, yet in the end, she was taken advantage of. She paid a ‘heavy price’.

Everyone was stupefied. They actually saw something like this.

“Alright, let’s go together. You’re being carried back.” The big red bird cried out loudly in a mischievous manner.

The cultivators here all revealed strange expressions. This evil bird was truly bold. There was nothing it didn’t dare to say. Didn’t it see that the golden-winged peng was clenching its teeth?

When they thought about its owner, everyone became at ease again. What could it say? There was no need to say anything more about the little Stone’s power. Even the Immortal Mountains’ people were chopped like vegetables.

With flushed cheeks, Yun Xi stared towards the big red bird. After screaming out, she then looked at Shi Hao and clenched her fists. She didn’t know what was the best thing to do here.

On the other side, the group of youths from the Archaic Divine Mountains were stupefied. This was the goddess they held close to their hearts, yet she was humiliated by the little Stone. They were shocked and furious.

“How could it have ended like this?” A youth muttered to himself. It was hard for him to accept what he was seeing.

In the eyes of the Horned Dragon, Bifang and others, this Celestial Race lady was holy and had no time for others. She was inviolable. Among the Archaic Divine Mountains’ younger generation, she occupied an irreplaceable position, just like a goddess.

“Are you provoking the Archaic Peng Mountain?” The golden-haired youth’s expression became downcast. He loudly berated and then looked at his older brother. He couldn’t stop himself from challenging him.

“Provoking the Archaic Peng Mountain?” Shi Hao turned around and looked at him. The youth was only one or two years older than he was. Golden fighting aura was seething from his body.

“Yun Xi is going to join my race, yet you dare to treat her rudely?!” The blonde youth’s sharp eyebrows jumped. His voice carried a chilliness, and his eyes shot out two beams of faint golden light.

The Peng Race’s aura was released, and powerful fluctuations diffused, making this entire garden shake. This was a genius who had a shocking cultivation level among his peers.

“Then why am I hearing Yun Xi say that there is nothing between you two?” Shi Hao asked.

Yun Xi’s ample chest rose and fell, provoking endless fanciful thoughts. Her physique was tall and thin, and her impressive figure had curves undulating up and down. She now gradually calmed down.

“Jin Yunxiao, there is nothing between me and your Peng Mountain!” She said. At the same time, she stared hatefully at Shi Hao.

“You!” The golden-haired youth Jin Yunxiao’s face became ugly. Being refuted in front of his face like this and having what he just said be completely overthrown left him feeling extremely uncomfortable.

He came from the Peng Mountain, a powerful and honorable race. He was a genius rarely seen in this world. Being shown contempt by the little Stone had already left him discontent, and now, he was even more upset.

“Hey, I said, didn’t she already say several times that she has nothing to do with you? Could it be that you are going to force yourself onto her?” The big red bird looked at him with disdain.

Jin Yunxiao’s face was overcast. He didn’t say anything. His eyes continuously swept between Yun Xi and Shi Hao, because he wasn’t sure what exactly the relationship between the two was.

He wasn’t the only one. The group of youths from the Archaic Divine Mountains were also completely shocked. How could the normally distant and unapproachable goddess Yun Xi be like this? Forget about her previously voluntary movement towards that youth, after being ‘counterattacked’, she still had this kind of attitude, refusing the Peng Mountain.

“Yun Xi, what is going on? Are you being forced to do this? It doesn’t seem like it though…” Someone said softly. He couldn’t accept this reality.

In a way, they were more willing for Yun Xi to be married to the Peng Mountain’s most powerful genius than for her to have any kind of relationship with Shi Hao. They all felt that the former was more suitable.

The Archaic Peng Mountain’s heroic genius Jin Yunteng had visited every great divine mountain before, so they were all familiar with him. In addition, ever since he was born, he had never been defeated.

Afterwards, he left the wasteland region on his own and cultivated bitterly outside this region. Everything was for the sake of sharpening and improving his strength. Even though he left for many years, he still possessed great prestige in these youths’ eyes.

After all, they were comparatively closer to him. If Yun Xi absolutely had to choose a husband, then they hoped that she would enter the Peng Mountain.

“Yun Xi, don’t be so impulsive. Look how awesome brother Yunteng is!” A young lady said. She had long green hair, and her appearance was rather graceful. She was truly trying to placate Yun Xi’s anger.

Even though the little Stone was stunning, in the end, he was still someone on a different path from them all. This was especially true after they learned how strong Shi Hao was. He has killed a supreme expert from the divine mountains and even eaten a green luan.

“Yun Xi, what is going on? Even if you don’t want to get married, you still don’t need to refuse like this. How talented is brother Yunteng? You should understand that this is a bit hurtful.” Another young lady spoke.

Within the youngsters that came from the divine mountains, there were many males that had favorable impressions of Yun Xi, viewing her as their goddess. However, seeing her like this made their hearts drop.

Meanwhile, the girls that came from the archaic restricted lands were inclined to Jin Yunteng and would speak on his behalf. This was their most powerful genius, and he possessed a brilliant reputation. Many females had feelings for him.

Even though Yun Xi was gradually calming down, when she thought back to what happened, her face flushed red again. She inwardly grinded her teeth and sighed. Turns out that one truly had to pay the price when using another.

“I know how I should choose, and right now, I do not want to think about personal matters.” She did not say too much, only this sentence.

As of this moment, everyone could naturally see that she truly was against it. Moreover, she probably wanted to use Shi Hao as a shield, yet in the end, Shi Hao didn’t act as she suspected he would and instead performed an extremely improper act.

When the males from the Archaic Divine Mountains cleared up some of their confusion, they all couldn’t help but sigh. Fairy Yun Xi’s choice was the best option for them.

When they looked at Shi Hao, their eyes were no longer as fierce anymore. After all, he was used like a shield and didn’t pose any true threat.

The blond youth Jin Yunxiao’s face became overcast. He shot a cold look towards Shi Hao and inwardly snorted. He felt extremely discontent, because today’s matters damaged the Peng Race’s reputation.

“Little Stone, even though you are amazing, you still shouldn’t go too far!” He spoke coldly.

“Is little Stone something you can casually call out?!” The big red bird berated. Right now, the two Stones had a nice-sounding ring to it, but it was usually used by the older generation in their discussions. Those of a similar age usually wouldn’t directly call him the little Stone.

Jin Yunxiao was proud and unyielding. When he looked forward, a terrifying fluctuation was released from his body that pressured the big red bird. It was clear that he was not willing to give in to Shi Hao, as his expression carried killing intent.

Everyone felt a wave of indescribable palpitation. It was almost suffocation, making them all tremble. This youth from the Peng Race was terrifyingly powerful after all.

Forget about those his age, even the older generation figures were moved. Once this outstanding talent grew up, he would definitely become a formidable supreme expert. There was no doubt about it.

The big red bird found it difficult to breath. With its current strength, it was truly hard for it to match a well-known pure-blooded creature. Even the nine-headed lion beside it was shocked and felt the pressure.

Shi Hao snorted coldly. This person dared to take action in front of him and indiscriminately harm those around him. This was a provocation, and he would never ignore something like this.

His body did not move, and instead, he simply released a cold snort. However, this alone possessed profound mysteries of divine sound, and it smashed forward like an enormous hammer. With a honglong sound, the space around them shook.

Jin Yunxiao released a muffled groan, and his face became a bit pale. He looked at the ‘little Stone’ with disbelief. The difference between the two was obvious; even as a heaven warping genius, he wasn’t his match.

At this time, his brother Jin Yunteng finally made his move. His entire body was surrounded by a layer of golden light. He was like a shining sun, and even his hair was covered in a layer of holy radiance.

His body was well proportioned and tall. His heroic appearance was outstanding. As he walked forward, the golden radiance pervaded the air. He protected his own brother, allowing color to return to his pale face. The younger brother’s heart was no longer palpitating heavily.

Jin Yunteng did not get angry, and his voice was gentle as he said, “Yunxiao, you cannot act rudely. Brother Shi is a heavenly genius in our generation, so how could you challenge him? In the future, not many people can contend against him in this world.”

This surpassed everyone’s expectations. A great battle was about to break out, yet they never expected that the Peng Race’s most powerful genius didn’t get angry. Instead, he controlled his own younger brother.

“Older brother!” Jin Yunxiao was still unwilling to let it go and wanted to say something.

However, Jin Yunteng only gave him a glance, and he closed his mouth. He was extremely respectful towards this older brother of his and did not dare rebel.

“Regardless, Yun Xi can make her own decision. No one else has the right to interfere,” Jin Yunteng said. He then left without taking action.

Everyone was truly surprised. From their intuition, they could all tell that this Peng Race genius was extremely powerful and might even possess a ridiculous level of strength. However, in the end, he remained so calm and collected and left just like that.

This left the big red bird that was watching speechless. It felt that things had already reached the climax, and a battle between geniuses was going to break out, yet in the end, it was dissolved just like that.

“How is he?” The nine-headed lion asked.

“Very strong. He has long reached the Formation Arrangement Realm. He is a very young king level figure.” Shi Hao replied. This was an extremely young king-level figure, and was the most powerful individual around his age from the Archaic Divine Mountains.

Jin Yunteng was only eighteen or nineteen years old. Possessing this kind of cultivation was definitely astonishing!

After all, not everyone could be like Shi Hao and become a king level figure at fifteen years of age. It was truly rarely seen since the ancient era.

“You should be careful. If it was any other king , then it’s fine, but he is from the Peng Race, the most powerful pure-blooded creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains. This is already terrifying.” The flame crow reminded.

Shi Hao nodded and didn’t say anything.

A crisis was neutralized just like that. Yun Xi did not leave and offered a few conditions, yet in the end, they were all refused.

Shi Hao carefully selected spiritual grasses and exchanged with their owners. He obtained quite a few things here, obtaining more than ten types of spiritual medicines he needed.

Soon after, Huo Ling’er hurried over. As the host, she enthusiastically invited Shi Hao, nine-headed lion, and the others to dinner. However, when a certain dish appeared, everyone became stupefied.

“What is this? Pig ears?!” The rainbow luan was stupefied.

The cold dish was sitting on the jade table. Compared to the other meat dishes, it was clearly quite different.

“Isn’t there someone that particularly likes to eat ears? It was prepared specially for him.” Huo Ling’er said.

“Haha…” Everyone erupted into laughter.

Shi Hao felt extremely embarrassed. When this subject was brought up again, he didn’t know what was the right thing to say.

Yun Xi didn’t leave either and was similarly invited to this table. Seeing this scene, her jade-like face became even more rosy. This was just just too embarrassing.

She hatefully looked at Shi Hao and then looked at Huo Ling’er without the slightest hesitation. She gradually calmed down and no longer looked so awkward.

Finally, Shi Hao said his goodbyes. This atmosphere left him feeling extremely embarrassed.

“Where is brother Shi going?” The flame crow asked.

“I am preparing to roam the wasteland region. I want to see this region’s beautiful mountains and rivers.” Shi Hao replied.

“Good, we aren’t occupied with anything at the moment. We’ll go with you,” said the nine-headed lion. They wanted to go on a trip as well.

“All of you need to be careful. Once you leave the capital, there will probably be people who will take action,” Huo Ling’er reminded, because she received some information.

“No matter!” Shi Hao was not scared.

In the end, Huo Ling’er followed them while hugging the little wolf. Apart from this, Yun Xi actually followed as well, leaving together with them out of Fire Nation capital.

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