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Chapter 412 – Need For Spiritual Medicines

It turned out to actually be like this! That was an ancient precious cauldron!

Shi Hao suddenly realized this. He was far too familiar with that black cauldron, because that was the medicinal cauldron that was practically reserved for him. He was soaked within it ever since he was small and obtained great benefits from it.

This was especially true when he was refined within the Suan Ni’s blood and a drop of Hairy Ball’s true blood. The cauldron revived at that time and transmitted all types of sacrificial chants. Traces of the ancient people and various heavens emerged.

The sun, moon, and stars adorned its surface. Archaic vicious beasts and divine birds soared about, and various flowers, birds, fish, and insects could be seen. Great mountains and waterfalls decorated the cauldron. The scene was extremely magnificent, and it could definitely be called marvelous.

“That cauldron truly is formidable. Rumor has it that the medicinal characteristics of even common spiritual medicines would be greatly improved once they were placed within it, making them extraordinary. The ancient cauldron is a rare treasure,” said Fire Nation’s royal elder.

As an ancient country as well, they had a deep impression of Stone Clan’s heaven defying clan guarding supreme treasure. Stone Clan’s ancestors were extremely on guard, and it could also be said that they feared the things that were going to happen to their clan. As a result, after establishing their country, they immediately hid a rare ancient artifact together with one of their primary inheritances.

Shi Hao understood more and more. That cauldron was unordinary. Even though there weren’t any great spiritual medicines used in his refinement process, through the cauldron, even normal medicinal grass became much more effective.

Of course, this cauldron did not provide him with any excessively heaven defying results. After all, what he used back then were all ordinary medicinal grasses. He hadn’t even used a single stalk of spiritual medicine.

In the end, the reason he was able to reach this point was still mainly because of himself. From what the Willow Deity said, even wilted grass can prosper again.

During infancy, he lost his supreme being bone, and on his own, he slowly made it through and gave birth to one that was even more powerful, one with even greater potential!

“Little friend, with your innate talent, if you enter the Stone Country capital, I believe that the human emperor would definitely choose you as his successor. Those four pill recipes will inevitably fall into your hands.” One of the king figures spoke.

The flame crow from the Li Fiery Cave sighed and said, “The affairs of the world are difficult to predict. Little friend, you should spend some time to think it over.”

Shi Hao nodded. He immediately thought of many things. Unlike previously, it wasn’t as simple as just offending the Demonic Spirit Lake. Right now, both the Immortal Mountain and Heaven Mending Sect stood against him, and many things could happen in the future because of this.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to go to Stone Country capital, because the perfect and complete pill recipes were in Stone Village. There was no need for him to beg anyone else.

Afterwards, they sat and discussed various things in a friendly matter. Even though Shi Hao was from the younger generation, no one looked down on him. He would always hit crucial points each time he spoke.

He had astonishing talent on the path of cultivation, making many of the old kings sigh with admiration. They felt more and more like he was going to have unlimited future achievements.

“Little friend, with your talent, you will definitely have astonishing accomplishments in the future. However, human minds are difficult to predict, so on certain matters, you still need to act cautiously,” said the Nine Spirit King. He was an extremely powerful old king level figure. His cultivation was extremely terrifying, and it was likely that he was going to become a true supreme expert.

He was not from the Archaic Divine Mountains and merely had the bloodline of a descendant. However, he still accomplished this much, which was definitely astonishing!

Shi Hao became speechless. He naturally knew that the Nine Spirit King had good intentions. Implied within these words was advice for him to endure this silently and to not clash with the Immortal Mountain or Heaven Mending Sect.

“Little friend will definitely condense the divine core. There is no harm in finding a peaceful place to seclude for dozens of years. There will definitely be a day when you can look down on the rest of the world.” Fire Nation’s royal elder that was nearing 200 years of age said.

“Much thanks for seniors’ good intentions!” Shi Hao earnestly nodded. He understood what they meant.

However, he knew deep inside that silently training in isolation did not match his innate nature. No matter how mature a youth was, he still couldn’t get rid of his inner flame.

Moreover, he wasn’t someone who liked to separate himself from mortal affairs. Restricting himself and going against his nature would not produce much results.

From the moment he stepped out from Stone Village, he had always created waves with his steps. He had the courage to face the storm head on and go against all predicaments to polish himself.

Shi Hao knew his own path and understood how he should advance. He wouldn’t place himself in danger, but also wouldn’t hide himself in a corner to preserve his life. His dao path was something he had to create alone.

This time, Shi Hao obtained a lot just from the discussions on the dao alone by these old kings. After all, these were old cultivators that had been at the Formation Arrangement Realm for a long time, so they possessed ample experience.

The most important thing was that these elders knew a lot of inside information. They spoke of many past stories that helped Shi Hao quite a bit. For example, the old flame crow told him that there was a fiery mountain range in the wasteland region’s far west. There is a unique medicine there that is extremely rare and precious. It could be used within the pill recipe as a main ingredient and assist one in becoming a supreme expert. Unfortunately, it was too dangerous to enter those mountains, and it was practically impossible to make it out alive. From the ancient times until now, there were few individuals who dared to pick this unique medicine.

There were a few other pieces of secret information. For example, the Nine Spirit King told Shi Hao that there was a golden land within the wasteland region where even the rocks were gold. They possessed immortal divinity and could be used to refine one’s body. It was also a forbidden area. It was possible that one would immediately be crushed to pieces by the terrifying golden laws as soon as they entered.

Shi Hao got up. He knew that he was still a younger generation individual, so he didn’t have too much to bring to the conversation with these elders. After learning quite a bit, he retreated and left this small courtyard.

“Brother Shi, it seems like you’ve benefited quite a bit,” said the rainbow luan.

At this moment, they were excitedly chatting. The big red bird was about to be knocked out from drinking, and right now, it was shooting its mouth in front of these people. He claimed to have seen a deity, a willow tree that was full of grace and surrounded by chaotic energy.

Shi Hao gave it a huge slap and woke it up. In a berating voice, he said, “Stop blabbing nonsense here.”

Everyone laughed loudly. Naturally, no one believed its words.

The big red bird was embarrassed and realized that it was acting foolishly. It quickly changed the topic and said, “Do you all know where the Fire Nation’s guardian spirit resides?” It was because it wanted the guardian spirit to be its master and become the disciple of a vermilion bird.

“Princess Huo Ling’er will come in a bit. You can just directly ask her.” The nine-headed lion spoke. Its expression froze as it gazed into the distance, and it became serious.

Shi Hao felt that something was off. When he turned around, he only saw a white tiger hurriedly pass through this courtyard’s gate.

“Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s white tiger king!” The nine-headed lion said.

Western Tomb Beast Mountain was definitely a frightening place. The corpses of archaic vicious beasts were buried underneath, making it an ancient gravesite.

The descendants that were originally guarding the tomb slowly developed. After many years had passed, they became an extremely great power. They were extremely well known in the wasteland region.

There were many people who went there to dig for treasures, and there was once someone who obtained a divine object by doing so.

Unfortunately, there were very few people who were able to obtain anything. One region in particular had extremely ominous energy that would wreak havoc from time to time, creating a disaster. Over time, that incredibly strange region became devoid of inhabitants.

However, this ancient tomb had spiritual energy that was much richer than that of other places, allowing the Western Tomb Beast Mountain’s strength to become much stronger.

“That old white tiger seems to know something. Could it be that it knows we killed its grandson in the Hundred Shattering Mountains?” The nine-headed lion asked.

Divine radiance flashed past Shi Hao’s eyes. The enmity between himself and the Western Tomb Beast Mountain was not just that little bit. Back then, when the Heaven Mending Pavilion was destroyed, Western Tomb Beast Mountain and ancient families like the Tuoba Clan all invaded the place.

“Don’t worry. If it really wants to take action, it has to first go through me,” Shi Hao said. Right now, his name was extremely outstanding. If anyone wanted to cause trouble, they wouldn’t dare take action against others recklessly without dealing with Shi Hao first.

Soon after, Shi Hao asked them where all types of spiritual grasses were.

It was because he knew the contents of the five pill recipes. After growing up at the old village chief’s side and constantly being immersed within the medicinal fluid, how could he not be familiar with its contents?

If he wanted to break through in the shortest amount of time possible, now was the time to start collecting all types of spiritual medicines.

It was because the requirements were too shocking. Any recipe required dozens to over a hundred medicinal grasses, and none of them were ordinary. He even needed vicious beast blood and strange bugs like the silver sky centipede and golden scorpion.

“Yellow spring bamboo, I’ve heard that this kind of strange spiritual wood has appeared in the Western Tomb Beast Mountain before,” the sable said.

“Right, I’ve heard that before as well.” The flame crow nodded.

Among the main ingredients Shi Hao was looking for, the yellow spring bamboo was absolutely indispensable. It was to a point where there weren’t any substitutes for it. As a result, when he asked seriously, he didn’t expect there to immediately be a clue.

“Sigh, it seems like I have to pay the Western Tomb Beast Mountain a visit…” Shi Hao said softly.

“Brother Shi, there might be the grave of a great archaic figure there, and even the grave of the archaic vicious ten. If you are lucky, you might be able to dig out some primordial precious bones. Why don’t we go with you when the time comes?” The rainbow luan’s eyes were shining.

“Let’s discuss this later.” Shi Hao did not immediately agree, because it was quite dangerous there. Then, he stood up and said, “Let’s go and walk around. Let’s see what kind of precious medicines I can exchange for in this garden.”

Before, he didn’t know about it, but now that he did, Shi Hao would naturally act meticulously. During this gathering, apart from interacting socially, he could also exchange for all types of items.

Not long ago, he received a piece of sun stone. He didn’t particularly care much about those spiritual grasses.

He now returned to the garden and began to look through and select what was available. Sure enough, there were quite a few precious medicines, some of which were truly useful for him.

They split up to help Shi Hao collect the medicinal grass.

“Yi, the pure-blooded creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains also came!” Soon after, someone started a discussion. Many powerful auras appeared within the courtyard.

Even though these creatures arrived comparatively later, there were many medicinal herbs within the Divine Mountains. There were some who brought several stalks of spiritual medicines that were rarely seen in the outside words, and these were all naturally extremely expensive.

“This time, I will make an exception and reveal our precious medicines to the outside world. I only want the most precious artifact refinement material. If you don’t have it, then don’t even come close.” A young pure-blooded creature spoke.

Shi Hao was shocked. He saw someone he recognized: the purple-clothed Yun Xi was there. The other party also saw him, and she naturally became extremely stirred up. She immediately rushed over with a fiery gaze.

In the past, Shi Hao had wrestled with her and even bit on her sparkling ear. Yun Xi hated him to death, and even though she no longer wanted to get revenge after what happened later on, she still wouldn’t let it end just like this.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m warning you, don’t come too close. If you try to attack me, be careful or I’ll forcefully carry you back!” Shi Hao said.

What was shocking was that the gorgeous and outstanding Yun Xi grabbed onto his arm and did not let go.

In the distance, the expressions of many pure-blooded creatures immediately changed. There was no need to say anything more about Yun Xi’s appearance. She was extremely famous within the younger generation of the various mountains and was the one many held in their hearts as their goddess.

However, right now, she actually voluntarily grabbed that youth’s arm. This left them completely shocked. They immediately felt their chests become empty.

“Yi, have you already thought it through and want to be carried back? Are you going to guard my village?” Shi Hao asked.

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