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Chapter 411 – Stone Clan Ancestral Land’s Inheritance

“What Stone Clan has is truly formidable. It is even more important for those at the Formation Arrangement Realm or higher,” Fire Nation’s royal elder said.

He wore a set of fiery red clothes. His aged body was seated on top of a praying mat. His face was covered in wrinkles, and his eyes were dim. However, when Stone Country ancestral land’s inheritance was brought up, a type of covetous light could be seen within his eyes.

“I ask senior for his guidance.” Shi Hao earnestly said.

“With your natural talents, no one in this generation of Stone Country could match you. If you head for Stone Country Imperial Palace, you will be treated as a great figure, and the inheritance will naturally be yours as well.” Someone spoke from the side.

Shi Hao frowned. He currently didn’t really want to enter Stone Country capital. If he wanted to be the Stone Emperor’s successor, then a bloody battle would be unavoidable. It was impossible to directly ascend the throne.

“It is a few ancient pill recipes.” The Fire Nation royal elder spoke, for he could tell that Shi Hao truly didn’t know.

Shi Hao was startled. Stone Country’s ancestral inheritance was just a few ancient pill recipes? Wasn’t this too ordinary? The Fire Nation’s ancestral land has a Holy Emperor Palace with endless opportunities within!

“It seems like you truly don’t know.” After seeing his expression, the Nine Spirit King revealed a faint smile. Even though he was well along his years, his blood and qi were still abundant. His head of golden hair was shining.

“Stone Country’s pill recipes are formidable, to the point where even ancient great figures longed after them, yet were ultimately unable to obtain them.” The Flame Crow that came from the fiery cave spoke.

With several individuals here reaffirming this information, it was clear that the pill recipes were extraordinary.

“Look at us. None of us are of the human race, yet we still greatly desire those pill recipes. This alone is enough to clear your doubts.” The Nine Spirit King said.

The Fire Nation royal elder nodded and said, “In reality, the value of those pill recipes is practically priceless. Even those from the Archaic Divine Mountains wanted to get their hands on them, but after spending a large amount of resources, they still weren’t able to obtain anything.”

An ape king from the side added, “Stone Country’s cultivation methods are truly unordinary, but they haven’t yet reached a level that could be called heaven defying. However, those pill recipes are still enough to make many great sects within the wasteland region green with envy.”

Shi Hao was shocked. He finally understood what the most precious inheritance of Stone Country was.

It is rumored that the pill recipes could bring back those at the brink of death and put flesh back on bare bones. If one used them to refine spiritual medicines, they could bring out one’s treasury of potential in the shortest amount of time.

Shi Hao was astonished. He was at the Formation Arrangement Realm, so he understood fully well how difficult it was to break through. Compared to the cultivation realms from before, not even spending several times the amount of time he used before was enough.

Based on his suspicions, if he wanted to break through into a higher cultivation realm to become a supreme expert, it would take many years.

In reality, with his age, this type of accomplishment would still be extremely shocking. However, Shi Hao couldn’t delay his progress at all. He knew that he had to continuously improve to protect himself. Only then could he continue to live based on his own temperament and be free from the restrictions of others.

Otherwise, as a so-called heaven warping genius, there was a large possibility that he would fall. Regardless of whether it was the Immortal Mountain or the Heaven Mending Sect, neither of them would willingly watch him rise to power.

Even the Demonic Spirit Lake shared this opinion. How could they allow him to overlook the wasteland region?

Currently, the great disorder of the wasteland region was like an opportunity for him. He could rise to power within the chaos. Even if the supreme experts sealed within the mountains emerged in the future, he still wouldn’t fear them.

Fire Nation’s royal elder sighed and said, “What a pity. I’ve heard that Stone Country’s pill recipe is no longer complete. Many things happened since the ancient times, and as a result, one of the most important pill recipes was lost.”

The old kings nodded. If it weren’t for this, Stone Country would have flourished even greater, and there would be many more experts within the royal family!

Currently, all of Stone Country’s heavenly treasures and spiritual objects were being used up by one or two individuals within the imperial place.

This was all due to the recipes’ shortcomings. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have had to do this at all.

“It’s just some pill recipes. Could they really be that formidable?” When Shi Hao heard this, he felt that it was a bit unbelievable.

“Of course they’re extraordinary. People have speculated that the origin of those recipes isn’t small and is in fact extremely mysterious. The amount of help it can provide to one’s cultivation is tremendous, allowing one’s innate potential to be unveiled.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was stupefied. Was this really reasonable? He felt some hesitation.

“The pill recipes are all in the hands of the human emperor. Unfortunately, one of them was lost, and the one that was lost was originally meant to be used together with the others, making it the most precious one. If it hadn’t been lost, it truly would have been heaven defying.”

According to what the old kings said, those pill recipes were extremely astonishing. One of them was especially effective for the current Shi Hao, as it could allow him to surpass the Formation Arrangement Realm and become a supreme expert.

“It’s just a pill medicine, so in the end, it should still be some kind of external object. Could it really have such a great effect? Even if I did use this to break through, there should be some consequences, right?” Shi Hao said.

Fire Nation’s royal elder shook his head and said, “We call it a pill, but its use is quite different…”

Pill recipes could be used to refine pills, which would then be consumed. Breaking through like this was a bit of a shortcut, so it could easily make one’s dao foundation unstable and cause other detrimental effects.

However, Stone Country’s pill recipes were different. They could be used to refine pills, but their greatest use was not to turn the medicinal fluid into a pill, but rather to refine the individual and medicine simultaneously. It stimulated one’s potential and opened the treasury hidden within their flesh.

What was refined was not only the medicine, but one’s own body as well. By cultivating within fire and flames, yin and yang, both the flesh and spirit were refined. It would allow one to undergo nirvana, completely transforming them. There wouldn’t be any repercussions, and it would only make one stronger.

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he was stupefied again and again. As he listened to these elders explain it in such detail, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

Not only did the pill recipe open up the potential of one’s flesh, it could increase their spiritual power as well. How astonishing was this? It wasn’t refining medicine anymore, but instead refining one’s own body. This couldn’t even be called pill refinement anymore!

“What a pity it is that the Stone Country imperial family lost the pill recipe, and their ancestral ground can no longer be found either.” The flame crow from the Li Fiery Cave shook his head. “Stone Country was extremely cautious and prudent. They made sure to establish the ancient country in a boundless territory outside, but didn’t bring all of their people with them. After sealing up the ancestral land, all relationships were cut off. This was done out of fear that clansmen from the outside world might destroy it. They wished to leave behind part of their bloodline within the ancestral ground to prevent it from disappearing.”

When these events were mentioned, the old kings felt both admiration and a bit of regret towards the decision that the Stone Country’s ancestors made.

If they wanted to find the complete pill recipes, it definitely wouldn’t be possible in the outside world. Even the Stone Emperor was missing the most important one.

“As long as the ancestral land is found, I estimate that even the Heaven Mending Sect and Immortal Mountain would be moved. Rumor has it that the pill recipe is incredible and has an extraordinary background. Stone Country’s ancestors were quite fortunate to have received it,” said the Nine Spirit King.

When past events were brought up, they all sighed.

Unfortunately, after so much time passed, not even Stone Clan could find their own way back. Rumor has it that an extraordinary item was buried under the ancestral land.

Shi Hao was startled. He was reminded of what the Willow Deity said: because it was taking advantage of Stone Clan, it decided to protect the villagers. It was going to recover within the village, drawing energy from the item underground, and as a result, the formation was broken by it.

Moreover, in the end, the entire Stone Village was moved, so it should be easier to find than before.

“Seniors, may I ask how many ancient recipes Stone Clan has in total?” When Shi Hao asked these words, his heart was not calm at all. In fact, he was somewhat excited.

“If a part wasn’t lost, then there would be five in total.” Fire Nation’s royal elder glanced over at him with shock.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt his blood flowing quicker and his entire body becoming hot. He really wanted to shout out. He was incomparably excited and felt as if his blood vessels were going to burst. In the end, he endured it and controlled himself, quickly calming down.

It was because Stone Village had five pill recipes, and they were all passed down from the ancient years!

He didn’t need to think any more, and he didn’t need to confirm anything. He already knew what it was. They were invaluable, and if news about them were spread out, it would definitely bring about great chaos.

Within Stone Country, the old village chief would always feel regretful that their clan’s inheritance had been broken off. No one knew when those methods were lost, and as a result, the clansmen no longer became powerful.

In the end, only a few ancient cauldrons were left behind within the village, a few seemingly indestructible ancient objects, and five pill recipes.

The elders from the past always felt a bit sorry for their descendants, because they didn’t leave behind any dao methods. The techniques that could allow Stone Village to stand proudly in the world were all lost.

Thinking back, Stone Clan’s ancestral land encountered a few accidents and lost some extremely precious items. However, the most important and priceless inheritance was not lost!

Not even Shi Hao could have imagined that it was those pill recipes!

This really was like guarding a mountain of treasure without being aware of what was inside! This pill recipes were so important that even those from the Archaic Divine Mountains longed after them, so how could they be ordinary? However, Stone Village’s people were just too simple and used them like ordinary medicine recipes.

If this had been lost, just how regretful would it have been?

Fortunately, it was passed from generation to generation and not lost. This shockingly valuable item was preserved.

Shi Hao thought back to the torment he experienced within the medicinal cauldron when he was a child. He was able to stick it through, while his companions couldn’t. They all grimaced in pain while crying and screaming. Turns out that not only was it concocting medicine, but it was also refining his own potential.

“It is rumored that each of those pill recipes requires dozens to over a hundred ingredients. In addition, none of them are ordinary, so the amount of resources exhausted would be extraordinary.”

The elders were still discussing. Even though they did not obtain them, they’ve heard the rumors. They were all sighing with regret.

Even if ordinary people obtained those ancient pill recipes, they still wouldn’t be able to make full use of them, because the materials alone were impossible to gather. Only a top level power could collect all of them.

Shi Hao believed what they said because he was fully aware of what they were capable of. The old village chief had said in the past that while they were soaked within the medicinal fluid, the old medicines, centipedes, and scorpions were all substitutes. What the pill recipe required were spiritual medicines, primordial precious blood, and other items. How could a village collect them all?

Back then, being able to obtain the Suan Ni blood could only be considered fortunate. However, this was still far from enough, as it couldn’t even provide the ingredients for one of the pill recipes.

At this moment, Shi Hao understood somewhat. No wonder the next generation of children like Dazhuang, Ermeng, and the others were stronger than their parents. It was because the conditions of Stone Village were now much better than before. The ingredients for the medicinal baths were much better as well.

“I was also a benefactor.” Shi Hao said to himself inwardly. His outer appearance was calm, not showing anything. Otherwise, this secret would be too astonishing.

Turns out that Stone Village’s most precious inheritance had always been there and had never been broken off. Only, he himself wasn’t aware of it. A divine light flashed through Shi Hao’s eyes.

It truly was searching everywhere only to find that it was right in his palm all along!

“I’ve heard that Stone Clan has a cauldron that is extremely formidable. It was found together with the pill recipe. If it is used to refine one’s flesh, the results would be astonishing.” The Fire Nation royal elder said.

Shi Hao was startled. He thought back to the especially unusual black cauldron and realized that that should be the one they were talking about. Back then, when precious flesh medicine was being refined, he heard all types of mysterious chants. Even the images on its surface seemed like they were being revived.

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