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Chapter 403 – Bird and Beast Displaying Great Power

When the lion heard this, its entire body erupted with golden light. The other party was too overbearing! They actually dared to voice their intent of making it their mount in front of everyone. This was the same as establishing a great hatred!

Everyone turned around to see who was the one that dared to act so overbearing. To take action during this gathering, were they trying to spark a great confrontation?

Black mist filled the air. There were a few youngsters there, and they all wore black iron armor. Their bodies flickered with dark light, and the auras they were emitting were extremely powerful!

A few people immediately recognized them. These were the black feather race cultivators from the flood region, young geniuses that rose to power in recent years. Several days ago, it was this group of experts he cleaned up in the suspended palace. They were here to get revenge.

They believed that the one who beat them up was the little Stone. If they were to try and make the nine-headed lion their mount, this would be a complete humiliation to Shi Hao who was its sworn brother.

“Who do you think you all are?!” After the passage of several years, the nine-headed lion already reached an extremely powerful stage. Golden light covered its imposing body as it glared at those individuals.

Black clouds began to roil behind those geniuses. Two middle-aged men emerged and slowly revealed their humanoid forms. They looked coldly at the nine-headed lion.

Everyone became shocked. The black cloud race weren’t pushovers. They were a powerful race that was well known within the flood region. Even though they were now in the wasteland region, their domineering way of doing things didn’t diminish in the slightest.

“Even though you are quite powerful, in the end, you are still fated to be a mount!” One of the youngsters from the Black Cloud Race coldly spoke. There was no respect from him in the slightest, and it seemed like they wouldn’t hesitate to take action even in this type of gathering.

The main thing was that they were humiliated too much a few days ago. What happened then had long spread to the ears of others. They were first humiliated by a bird, and then they were sent flying after three steps by the youth.

Now that their experts came, they had to act aggressively and regain some ‘face’ back.

“Come over if you want to die!” The golden lion’s voice was extremely domineering. After the passage of so many years, it had long matured and lost the tenderness of its past. It had become a successor of its race.

With a hu sound, great winds stirred about, causing sand to fly everywhere. This place immediately became darker. Demonic clouds surged and black smoke rose; this place was quickly submerged.

The expert from the black cloud race quickly took action and pounced forward. Black clouds surged and symbols filled this place. Sometimes, it would be in humanoid form, and sometimes, it would turn into mysterious symbols.


Dark light scattered outwards and flew towards the nine-headed lion. A wave of oppressive pressure was released, as if an enormous star was smashing downwards.

The nine-headed lion did not move from his original location. The head in the middle released a roar, immediately making it feel as if the world was being torn apart. Ghosts weeped and deities howled as boundless waves of golden energy were released. Many people cried out and covered their ears.

This was a lion roar divine ability, not just in name but also in reality!

If it was evolved to its limit, a single roar would tear apart the heavens and cause the great earth to sink in. It was simply incomparable. When used to deal with enemies, it would directly cause them to explode.

Right now, golden radiance was seeping out from its body in waves. A great rumbling rang through the air and into the heavens. The terrifying attack swept through the dark clouds.

Everyone became dumbstruck. This nine-headed lion was too formidable! Just a single attack was enough to scatter the dark light and even cause the heavens to tremble.

What kind of might was this? Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

It was likely that Shi Hao was the only one that faced this attack previously in this place. In the Hundred Shattering Mountain Range, in order to subdue the golden lion, he exhausted many of his methods and fought for a long time.

After the passage of several years, this attack had long changed to something almost completely different, and who knew how many times more powerful it became.

The black mist dispersed. A youngster descended from midair with blood flowing from all seven apertures. His face was pale, and the clothes on his body were in tatters. The surface of his body was covered in wounds.

He almost exploded on the spot. He suffered severe injuries and almost lost all fighting capabilities.

“So powerful! Truly too formidable. Worthy of being known as a race that could devour deities!”

“Is this golden lion going to defy the heavens? The strength of this race is truly astonishing! No wonder there is the legend of its ancestor devouring archaic divine kings before. Its might is truly boundless!”

Everyone sighed in admiration. This lion was truly strong.

The faces of those from the black cloud race fell. They truly humiliated themselves. Originally, they wanted to vent their resentment, yet in the end, one of their cultivators almost died as soon as they traded blows.

Dark clouds surged, and a youth walked out. Purple radiance could be seen within his eyes, and the armor around his body emitted a beautiful light. Every step he took in the courtyard seemed to make it tremble.

“Yi, this is the Black Cloud Race’s most powerful talent. He’s actually going to make his move as well.”

Everyone could tell that this individual was definitely powerful and had the strength to contend against anyone in his generation. Many of the experts here immediately became ashamed of being inferior.

He walked out one step after the other, and his aura continuously became stronger. He was like a black demonic mountain, and eventually, it seemed like the entire world was resonating in response to his movements.

Suddenly, a strange strand of energy rippled over, completely scattering this imposing aura. An old servant in gray clothes walked over from Huo Ling’er’s side. His appearance made him appear rather old, but when his foot descended, everything here became calm.

“Fire Nation princess, what are you trying to pull off here?” The Black Feather Race’s genius asked coldly. He naturally knew that the old servant took action under Huo Ling’er’s orders.

“This is a social gathering, not some martial assembly,” Huo Ling’er calmly said.

“Even if it is a social gathering, there is no law prohibiting us from fighting. As cultivators, we have always behaved directly. A single wrong word could lead to a life and death battle.” The Black Cloud Race youth spoke.

“Princess, allow him to continue. I do not mind killing a few more people like these,” said the nine-headed lion. Even its pupils were golden. Its words were calm, but it was still incomparably imposing.

Huo Ling’er hesitated for a bit before nodding. “Fine, since this is the case, you all can fight in the arena.”

There were many ancient medicines and even treasures like the stalk of seven leaf star grass within these palace gardens, so they naturally couldn’t be damaged and shouldn’t be used as a battlefield.


Right at that moment, an elder shouted within the manor. A great formation was raised, and then an enormous stage rose to the sky and suspended itself high in the sky.

Everyone was shocked. There was actually a battlefield that could suspend itself in midair. They were worthy of being a country’s imperial family, actually possessing this kind of outstanding battlefield.

With a shua sound, the golden lion turned into a golden streak of light and shot upwards. It stood on top of the stage.

Smoke surged. The Black Cloud Race’s youth also turned into a dark streak of light and rushed up. “Are you really the smaller Stone’s sworn brother? If I make you my mount, I wonder how he would feel!”

The nine-headed lion became extremely cold. It didn’t erupt in rage, and instead appeared to be extremely dignified. “Even scum like you think you can make Shi Hao your enemy?!”

“You…” The expression of the Black Cloud Race expert became even more downcast.

“I am Shi Hao’s sworn brother! Even though I consider myself far inferior, but I am still enough to deal with you bunch. If you don’t think so, then you can come and see for yourself!” The golden lion spoke coldly.

When everyone heard this, they were all moved inwardly. They could all see how powerful this golden lion was, yet it still praised Shi Hao like so while looking down at the Black Cloud Race’s experts.

“Right? Even random creatures like these dare to show themselves. You all truly don’t know your limits.” Right at this moment, another creature spoke up.

When all the experts turned around, they only saw a little bird fluttering its wings over. Its entire body was pitch black. No matter how they looked at it, it seemed like a crow. It acted arrogantly and swept a look of contempt over the cultivators of the Black Cloud Race.

“It’s that bird again!” Someone cried out in a rather strange fashion.

Several days ago, it was precisely this bird that gave the Flaming Bull Race and Black Cloud Race experts a beating. It slapped their mouths again and again in a ferocious manner.

When the golden lion heard this, it nodded in its direction. It naturally recognized this sharp mouthed crow. It was precisely that extremely shameless big red bird from the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

Huo Ling’er revealed a happy expression. Now that she saw the big red bird, she naturally knew that Shi Hao came. He should be inside this manor.

“Damn bird, I’m going to kill you!” A vicious bull that released scarlet fiery light shook the skies with its roar.

Everyone became incomparably bewildered. Could it really be a bird raised by the little Stone? Everyone looked around everywhere for that youth, but they didn’t see him at all.

“You think this grandpa is scared of you? Later, when that lion has had its fill, I’ll fight you.” The big red bird spoke pompously.

“I’ll kill you right now!” The fiery red vicious bull stood on top of a precious artifact. Its entire body was swirling with fiery light as he rushed into the sky to fight the big red bird.

“You dare to act so rudely to this grandpa? I’ll cut you up and eat you completely later!” The big red bird shouted viciously.

When everyone heard this, they all became stunned. Could it be that the little Stone came? This bird’s tone of speaking, as well as saying that it’s going to completely eat the other party was definitely similar!

At this moment, a great battle had already broken out on the stage. The nine-headed lion was fighting decisively against the number one genius within the Black Cloud Race. It was extremely intense, and the energy from the fight surged endlessly and shook the heavens.

Everyone became astonished. Even the great races from outside this region trembled inwardly. These two were definitely extraordinary geniuses. This kind of confrontation was rarely seen within this generation of creatures.

They were evenly matched. The two sides quickly exchanged over a hundred moves. Golden light submerged heaven and earth, and dark clouds surrounded the heavens. The battle was especially intense.

With a hong sound, the Black Cloud Race expert’s entire body disappeared and turned into dark clouds. Then, lighting interweaved, and a terrifying aura diffused. It was like a tribulation cloud.

Everyone trembled inwardly as they thought of a legend. That race was extremely mysterious, as it could produce a heavenly tribulation. After forming a tribulation cloud, it could strike down its enemies as if the heavens themselves took action.

This was also the basis of their ancestor’s confidence when they attacked the Western Paradise Sect’s precious temple countless years ago. Unfortunately, they ended up provoking its old sect master in the end.

The tribulation cloud rumbled. It looked like a black sea, and enormous streaks of electricity were running through it. Thunder rolled and electric radiance filled the skies; it was extremely terrifying.

Everyone became dumbfounded. This number one genius’s reputation was well-deserved after all. With this kind of technique, how many people could stand against him? This heavenly tribulation was not something that ordinary people could stand against!

The golden lion was fearless as it stood on top of the arena. Its nine heads simultaneously shone. It opened its enormous mouths, and at the same time it roared, every single head spat out a symbol.

The nine golden symbols imprinted themselves into midair. They shone brilliantly and released a wave of energy that was powerful to the extreme. It was as if nine deities were descending into this world!

“Kill!” Following the nine-headed lion’s cold shout, the nine symbols linked together and turned into a golden ring of light. It rushed into the tribulation cloud and collapsed everything!

The thunderous sounds vanished, and the electricity was neutralized. The nine symbols flickered and turned into an immortal killing formation. They rang out sonorously to suppress everything.

The Black Cloud Race genius’ original body was revealed, and there were several bloody holes that went all the way through his body. His body then exploded, dying just like that in midair.

The golden lion coldly said, “Even trash like you want to summon my sworn brother and find trouble for him, you really don’t know how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is. Far too inferior!”

Everyone became stupefied. It was rumored that the golden lion had once served as Shi Hao’s mount, bringing him everywhere within the Hundred Shattering Mountains to kill everything. However, right now, it killed the genius of a powerful race all by itself.

“Ao… This grandpa is going to fight you to the death!” Right at that moment, the sound of that crow rang out. The voice sounded completely irritated.

During these past years, the golden lion received great opportunities that allowed it to transform so greatly and become so outstanding. As for the big red bird, even though it also improved greatly, it couldn’t compare to its current opponent and almost suffered greatly.

It was never of the good sort. When it waved its wings again, blazing dark light erupted. A streak of heavenly sword radiance chopped the fiery red vicious bull at the waist.

With a pu sound, blood blossomed into the air. The two halves of the vicious bull’s corpse fell down.

“What… happened?!” Many people were astonished.

“To fight against this grandpa, you are still too lacking!” The big red bird shouted. However, inwardly, it had a guilty conscious and sneakily put away a pitch-black broken sword. This was the divine object that ghost grandpa from the Heaven Mending Sect gave Shi Hao. After entering this place, it got it from Shi Hao for self-protection.

The battlefield was completely silent, and everyone present was trembling inwardly.

You have to understand that Shi Hao did not show himself at all, yet the nine-headed lion that he had rode on before and the bird he raised had swept through everyone in his place, leaving everyone shocked!

Just how powerful was he himself? A demonic bird and a vicious beast could already intimidate everyone!

The little Stone didn’t appear, and his birds and beasts displayed their might, leaving everyone with great restraining fear.

“Good, good. The one that injured my Immortal Mountain’s descendant was that little Stone? No matter what kind of family is behind him, they will all be punished severely!” A middle-aged individual from the Immortal Mountain with a chilly gaze appeared. Even though his aura was being restrained, he was still as terrifying as an ancient desolate beast.

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