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Chapter 404 – Immortal Mountain’s ‘Relative’

There were finally people from the Immortal Mountain who made an appearance. Everyone trembled inwardly from the horrifying pressure that was being exerted. The cultivators from this place were just too terrifying.

Everyone knew that though their numbers weren’t many, they didn’t cross over regions, and were more like a hidden family clan situated within their own corner, they were still powerful enough to contend against powers like the Heaven Mending Sect and Western Sect. Their existence intimidated every region and they could look down on the rest of the world.

“We’ve already known for a while that their descendant was humiliated. They would never take that lying down, so right now, they are trying to stir up trouble.” Light sparkled within a cultivator’s eyes.

Immortal Mountain is a supreme inheritance. Their name has existed seemingly forever. There were many ancient expert that were practically immortal, living until present day, placing them above all of the great sects.

At this moment, not to mention the Fire Nation’s people, even the experts from outside this region were starting to feel nervous. There would definitely not be a good result for the target of this ancient power.

This sect was normally quiet and kept a low-profile, but as soon as they developed conflict with another person, they would definitely deal with it in a severe manner. They would sweep through their enemies and not leave behind any traces for future trouble.

“The little Stone is indeed extraordinary and can look down on everyone in his generation, but now that he provoked the Immortal Mountain, his future path has simply been cut short!” An older generation cultivator softly sighed.

By now, who didn’t know who Shi Hao was? Who hadn’t heard about him? If he was allowed to grow up, he would become a true supreme being without any rivals above the heavens or below the earth!

Yet now, he provoked the Immortal Mountain that normally wouldn’t meddle in mortal affairs but were fiercely protective of their people. His situation was bleak. This heaven warping genius might end up dying prematurely.

The Immortal Mountain was extremely mysterious, and there were immortal deities that lived in seclusion inside. If they truly decided to direct their power at someone, then even the Archaic Divine Mountains would be flattened.

Everyone discussed quietly. They didn’t want to talk too loud in fear of upsetting the people from the Immortal Mountain. It was clear that the middle-aged individuals that appeared were extremely powerful.

Moreover, even if the cultivation levels of those from the Immortal Mountain weren’t too high, no one dared to publicly provoke them, for their backgrounds were just too terrifying.

“Since you two have some kind of relation to him, why don’t you come over as well.” The middle-aged individual looked at the big red bird and the nine-headed lion.

“What kind of stupid place did you come from? Who even are you? You guys are acting like the second grandson of the king of heaven. Do you think you can do whatever you want? This grandpa isn’t scared of you!” The big red bird’s mouth was extremely sharp. It had never really suffered too greatly, and right now, he was even feeling quite good about itself too.

Everyone became petrified. This ‘crow’ truly did have a unique personality. It was just as rude even in front of the Immortal Mountain and wasn’t scared at all. This was truly impressive in itself.

“Did you not hear the words I just said?!” The middle-aged individual’s tone of speaking was extremely cold. His voice was not loud, but it possessed an imposing type of might.

The nine-headed lion’s golden body towered where it stood. Its power radiated through through a calm exterior, carrying an aura of extraordinary might. This was the embodiment of the energy obtained from its revived bloodline.

It did not reply, but its golden pupils erupted with radiance. They were a powerful race since the ancient times and had their own type of dignity. They had even eaten divine kings in the past.

“Old thing, have you eaten too much or something? Don’t try to put up this kind of bluff in front of this grandpa. I’m not scared of you!” The big red bird challenged.


When the middle-aged individual raised his hand, a streak of silver symbolled light flew out. It produced a thunderous sound as it streaked across the air. Large amounts of symbols followed it, creating a huge amount of pressure.

Everyone was amazed. Just a casual attack was so strong already. This middle-aged individual was extremely formidable!

“King level!” Someone said quietly.

Supreme level figures went into isolation and sealed themselves within their mountains to survive the impending disaster, so noble kings became the most powerful existences. They could move unhindered within the wasteland region.

For the Immortal Mountain’s middle age individual to possess this kind of technique made everyone become serious. Normally speaking, a younger generation shouldn’t bring out a figure at this level.

Even if it was outside of this region, figures like these would have great identities, for supreme experts were typically always cultivating and wouldn’t meddle in mortal affairs.


The big red bird was truly like a crow. It shouted loudly and flapped its wings. Its face had a somewhat unpleasant expression. It didn’t dared to fight against a figure of this level, for it would undoubtedly die.

“Lion king! Your turn!” It hid behind the nine-headed lion’s back.

The scuttling silver symbolled light flew over and struck the nine-headed lion on the stage. It wanted to seal both the lion and the big red bird together.


The lion’s roar was thunderous. Golden waves surged into the skies. The nine-heads spat out nine golden symbols that condensed to form a killing formation. Clanging sounds continuously sounded as they tried to block that silver streak.

With a hong sound, the nine golden symbols collided with the silver streak. Symbol light filled the air and patterns interweaved to form a dazzling rain of light.

The nine-headed lion’s entire body shone. It was sent flying by the tremendous power and almost fell off of the stage. Fortunately, it didn’t suffer too greatly, because it was not struck by that silver weapon.

“Just a young little lion, yet you dare to act so viciously in front of me. Catching you and making you a mount doesn’t seem to be too bad of an idea.” The middle-aged man’s expression was calm.

He made his move again. This time, a thunder symbol appeared at the center of his palm. It flickered with purple radiance and was about to display its power. With a king level figure taking action, how many people among the younger generation could defend against it?

Everyone began to watch with serious expressions. The wasteland region creatures naturally didn’t wish for a nine-headed lion to be suppressed by someone, and the creatures outside of this region did not want this mount that could even tempt deities to fall into the hands of the Immortal Mountain either.

“Dao friend, please do not be so quick to take action. This is a social gathering, so I ask that you do not cause a great conflict. Moreover, the one you are looking for aren’t these two.” An elder walked out.

This was one of Huo Ling’er’s clan uncles, and it was clear that he was invited out by Huo Ling’er. He wanted to stop these people and save the golden lion from being suppressed.

“This is the Immortal Mountain’s matter. You Fire Nation don’t need to get involved.” The middle-aged individual’s expression was cold as he spoke.

When the Fire Nation expert heard what was said, he felt a bit of anger within him. No matter how you looked at it, this was still the Fire Nation, yet the middle-aged individual still acted so domineering. They weren’t giving the Fire Nation any face at all.

“Dao brother, please sit down and chat for a bit. There is no need for you to bicker with a younger generation cultivator.” The fire clan elder said.

“What if I refuse?” The Immortal Mountain’s middle aged man coldly spoke. He didn’t seem to want to give the Fire Nation elder any face.

Huo Ling’er’s brows slightly wrinkled. She clenched her beautiful fists. She asked the king level uncle to speak in hopes of temporarily stopping them from taking action, but instead, her king uncle was only humiliated. This made her feel rather angry.

“Princess, don’t pay this thing this conceited thing any attention. Who does he think he is? So what is he is from the Immortal Mountain? If he doesn’t listen to reason, then he deserves to get the shit beaten out of him!” The big red bird shouted unbridledly.

It was rather shameless before and never accepted the bullying of others. No matter how great the Immortal Mountain’s backing was, it would still ridicule them. Of course, it didn’t want to suffer any consequences either. He still had some confidence within him.

The crowd’s expressions changed. To even consider the Immortal Mountain as nothing, this crow truly dared to say anything. Just how many people in this world dared to mock this ancient sect?

“Noisy!” The middle-aged individual berated and took action again. He soared up and was going to fly onto the stage.

“Lion, take this sword and kill him!” The big red bird gave the black broken sword to the nine-headed lion, for it knew that the more powerful the individual that used it, the more might the sword would display.

The nine-headed lion didn’t act overly polite. When facing a king level figure, it needed to use this level of magical artifact; otherwise, there was simply no chance of winning. Even if he obtained some great opportunities during these past few years, it still wouldn’t allow him to defy the heavens.

The black broken sword was suspended behind its back. It opened its mouth to spit out golden multicolored light. It was like an expanse of sparkling stellar splendor. It then began to burn with astonishing divine might.

With a weng sound, the broken sword lit up. Dark light erupted and quickly rushed outwards. It was like a black streak of lightning and extremely terrifying.

The Immortal Mountain king’s expression changed. He reached out a large hand, and dazzling symbols erupted. He avoided the sharp radiance and was going to capture the nine-headed lion in one go.

However, the sword radiance was too sharp, and the brilliance it released was too intimidating. Divine might poured outwards and actually made him shudder inwardly. This was a holy level magical artifact at the very least!

After becoming alert, he hurriedly retracted the hand he reached out to avoid the sword radiance. He shifted out several dozen zhang and then rushed up from another direction to suppress the golden lion.

The Immortal Mountain’s people entered the wasteland region rather late, so they didn’t know the history of this sword. As a result, he almost suffered a disaster as soon as he went up, giving him quite a fright.

“A small lion like you actually had a holy sword to protect you. It seems like I’ve underestimated you a bit. However, this should be it, right? In the end, even if you have this magical artifact, the disparity between us is too great to surpass.” The middle-aged man laughed coldly.

He spoke the truth. Once one entered the ‘Formation Arrangement Realm’, their strength would erupt. The cultivation realms earlier were meant for laying a foundation. This realm was where one would would truly reflect the power of a true expert.

Regardless of whether it was towards the use of symbols or one’s insights, they would all enter a completely new level. It could be seen from the name of the realm alone: Formation Arrangement. The symbols accumulated from before would completely erupt.


The nine-headed lion didn’t say anything. It once again spat out an expanse of golden multicolored light that wrapped itself around this broken sword, allowing it to erupt with power.  Sword energy immediately weaved about, and divine radiance surged.

Everyone’s eyelids jumped. This golden lion was too ferocious! After using this broken sword, it actually made a king expert from the Immortal Mountain reluctant to face it head on and continuously back up.

In reality, even among king level figures at the Formation Arrangement Realm, no one dared to fight against a holy sword or divine sword head on. They could only avoid its killing energy and attack from the side.

The Immortal Mountain Formation Arrangement Realm expert never expected the Nine-Headed Lion to be so bold and powerful and for his methods to be so unordinary. It turned the black sword into a part of its body to continuously send out sword energy. He had no way of immediately rushing up.

The middle-aged man’s expression congealed. Fortunately, his movements were quick enough. He didn’t dare to meet it head on, but he could still avoid it and circle the stage to find opportunities to take action.

Soon after, the entire arena turned golden. The nine-headed lion displayed its might. Symbols surged as the broken sword continuously moved about, hacking left and right. Sword energy soared into the heavens.

This place was immediately submerged with dazzling radiance. The multicolored lights were so dense that they resenbled clouds. This type of fluctuation was extremely astonishing, causing many people to feel great pressure.

This was a great battle!

Even though the king expert from the Immortal Mountain was extremely powerful, he did not have a holy artifact on him, so he temporarily couldn’t deal with the nine-headed lion. He was greatly angered. He said he was going to suppress the golden lion, yet he couldn’t do it all this time.

In addition, the main instigator didn’t even show up yet. He was fighting with a former mount of the little Stone, yet he couldn’t even do anything. This was simply a type of humiliation!


Finally, after continuously forming imprints, he released a wave of divine force, allowing his speed to immediately increase several times. Moreover, since the golden lion had been using the broken sword all this time, the amount of divine force it exhausted was rather great, so the sword energy was no longer as concentrated. The Immortal Mountain’s king expert grasped the opportunity to force his way in.

“This is bad!” The big red bird shrieked.

However, what left everyone shocked was that a streak of sword energy hacked down from the skies, immediately drawing forth a stream of blood from the king expert, almost hacking him in half.


When the second streak of sword energy struck out from the sky, a pu sounded. One of his arms was sliced off and fell down.

This place was completely quiet without the slightest bit of sound. This was a king expert of the Immortal Mountain! How could he lose? Who dared to injure him?!

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