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Chapter 369 – A Sudden Change

“Look, our lightning hounds are running so fast!”

The group of children were on their way back to Stone Village under the sunset, loaded with their findings. Running around them were four lightning hounds with golden fur. They were bumping and tumbling among themselves like streaks of lightnings.

“When my purple sable grows up, it will definitely be more awesome,” said a small girl. Her large eyes blinked as she held the sable cub.

“Your creatures aren’t good enough. Look, this here is the egg of a red feather crane. In the future, it will give birth birth to a powerful descendant!” There was another youngster who was hugging a glittering crimson egg.

“I say, my tigerling is still the best. It will probably evolve into a white tiger with the noblest of bloodlines.” Another small fellow was holding a tiger cub that hadn’t opened its eyes yet.

The sinking sun touched the horizon, elongating the shadows of the group of villagers. None of them returned empty-handed as they came back to the village under the tinted red evening glow.

The village was full of bustling and hustling movements. As soon as Shi Hao put down the medicinal basket on his back, the four toddlers ran into the village shouting “Mom, I’m hungry! I want milk!”

This made the villagers laugh loudly. When they saw all the rare young beasts and bird eggs that the children brought back, they were shocked and worried. They were a bit scared that they wouldn’t be able to control these creatures when they grew up.

“Relax, there’s nothing to worry about.  None of these creatures are of the savage sort. In addition, with Aunt Green Scaled Eagle to look after them, they can form a group of descendants.” Shi Hao was not all that concerned. Regardless, they still had the Willow Deity to guard the village in the end.

Shi Hao had returned and after today, he only had two days left before he would enter the Void God Realm for his decisive battle!

This was clearly going to be a great battle, one that surpassed any danger he had encountered before. This was not only a battle of personal vendetta, but also one that would determine his very fate.

He did not cultivate when he returned. Instead, he allowed himself to loosen up and did not preoccupy his mind with any tasks. The only thing left for him to do was to return to a natural state, one that could release his innate capabilities.

Shi Hao reverted back to that devilish brat, with a pack of little brats around him. At night, they would eat roast meat around a bonfire. Unknowingly, he had created a group of devilish brats.

“Uncle Hao, I heard that you still secretly drank beast milk when you were ten years old. Is that true?” asked one of the milk babies after just running over from his mother. The toddler wiped away the milk stains from his mouth.

“Haha…” The children roared in laughter. Even Dazhuang, Qingfeng and the others standing afar could not help but laugh.

As the most powerful expert within the youth and the pride of the village, this kind of awkward story was a ‘stain’ on his reputation that would stay with him for the rest of his life. How could Shi Hao endure this in front of these little brats?

It was especially embarrassing when a toddler moved closer and suggested in a secretive tone, “Uncle Hao, I’ll steal some milk for you, but you have to promise to bring me out to play again tomorrow.”

The people there all erupted into laughter. Shi Hao couldn’t take it any more and flicked the toddler’s head, “Little brat, go over there!”

“Heihei… Haha!”

In the end, Shi Hao made a surprising and bold decision. When the crowd had practically all dispersed, he went into the mountain with an enormous jar.

Early the next morning, the first strand of light appeared. The eastern sky was soon dyed red, and the smell of milk rose from the small courtyard at the head of the village. Shi Hao had hung a large jar over the bonfire and was currently simmering beast milk inside.

“Smells so good!”

Needless to say, he couldn’t allow others to see this, for he was going to drink all of it himself. His thoughts began to drift back to his childhood and he found himself back in that worriless state.

As Shi Hao returned to a natural state of mind and released all his worries, another individual within the great wastelands was also adjusting the condition of his body to its peak.

In reality, the distance between the two was not all that great, for they were only several thousand li apart. Shi Yi was walking slowly through the western border without any thoughts of searching for his clan’s first ancestral ground.

He was a child of Stone Clan, moreover one under the purest line of descent. As he searched through all types of ancient texts and clues, he found himself traveling west. His dual-pupils that could see through all types of fabrication had brought him here.

Unfortunately, he still passed by this place, deviating several thousand li from the location.

He was returning to his home, and right now, he wanted to find a safe enough location where he could enter the Void God Realm to kill the ‘little brother’ that had gone missing for so many years.

“Yi, that individual is so powerful. Could he be the one that has killed senior gray flood dragon?” The voice came from a group of human-shaped creatures. The bloody aura they emanated was undulating like a vast ocean.

Moments later, sky-high flames erupted from where they were, melting several mountains into magma. The ten or so creatures were caught up within and completely wiped out.

“A bunch of my subordinates died. They weren’t given any chance to fight back and were completely annihilated with a single strike. Even the Great Flame Separation Formation they arranged that could kill pure-blooded creatures directly exploded. This individual really is scary!”

Up on a mountain peak several thousand li away, a pure blood creature muttered to himself with a face full of astonishment and shock. In his hand was a symbol bone, and currently it had cracked, signifying that his subordinates had died.

On an even higher mountaintop, a man was sitting cross-legged on a giant rock. Divine flames blazed about, as if ready to burn through the nine heavens. He had an extremely awe-inspiring bearing, as if he was a descended heavenly deity.

“Senior…” The pure blood creature looked up at him.

“I already know. I felt their bitter cries right before their deaths and saw their last moments. It isn’t that person. This is a dual-pupiled individual,” said the male sitting on top of the large rock. He was as steady as a rock within the divine flames. Scarlet flames jumped about within his pupils, and within them were scenes of the sun, moon, and stars being burned to eradication.

“What? A dual-pupiled human? After these countless long years, the dual-pupiled deity from the ancient era has reappeared?!” That pure-blooded creature was visibly shaken.

“Those are extremely powerful dual-pupils. I saw the power to obliterate everything within those eyes.” The voice of the male on top of the large rock was soft.

In reality, this was only a youth. While submerged under those divine flames, one could only see his tall outline and not his real appearance. Not even the pure-blooded creature under him could see through the flames.

“It’s even better this way. He will be my target as well. I want him to become one of my followers as well,” he said.

The pure-blooded creature on the mountain peak alone felt his scalp go numb. His mind was greatly shaken; this master of his always acted completely unrestrained. However, he truly had the ability to do so.

“Are you going to catch him now, master?” The pure-blooded creature asked.

“It’s too late. His dual-pupils activated an ancient treasure that opened up a passageway into the void and he already disappeared.” The male on top of the large rock gazed into the great wasteland horizon and said, “I already know who they are are.”

Even though it hadn’t been long since they arrived in the wasteland region, they only needed to investigate a bit before learning that two supreme youths were going to fight a decisive battle. This was how he deduced a conclusion.

“When the time comes, I will leave for the Void God Realm. When the crucial motion arrives, I will bring both of them away!” The youth within the divine flames was extremely conceited. He stood up and began to survey the great wasteland.

“Fairy Yue Chan will surely show up,” reminded the pure blood creature.

“She is my primary target!” The voice of the man on the large rock was resounding. The flame immediately soared and burnt through all the clouds in the sky. The world was immediately covered in red, smothering the nine heavens.

The sky battlefield was definitely going to be a place of great action. There was going to be more than a single great battle!

Capital of Stone Country, the Martial Imperial Manor.

Shi Yi had returned. The great treasures and magical artifacts from the ancient deity’s era on him did not surprise anyone because he had dual-pupils. After more than a dozen years, no one knew just how many secret treasures he had discovered because of them.

“Yi’er has returned! The battle will definitely be won and no one can stop that!”

“He will definitely win this battle! Yi’er will kill his enemy and rise to greatness within the great wasteland. He will step onto an unrivalled divine path and evolve his great dao. He will create his own legend!”

These words came from his relatives and spread throughout the entire capital like resounding thunder. The countdown of the great battle everyone was watching had started!

They were from the same race. However, these words were too fierce and somewhat excessive, drawing gazes from everyone.

Stone Country Capital was full of commotion today. The restlessness and activity began to spread into the distance, stirring up the various regions within the great wasteland.

Shi Hao and the dual-pupiled individual were about to battle. Who was strong and who was weak would be revealed soon!

The same day, an imperial edict was transmitted from Stone Country Imperial City to Martial Imperial Manor. Shi Yi was granted the title of peerless lord!

Once news of this decree spread, the entire country was stirred up and the surrounding country were stirred up soon after. Everyone was shocked, for this title was too severe and fierce.

Stone Emperor granted him the title of peerless lord right before the decisive battle, so was this a sign of approval?!

Before this, Stone Emperor had never expressed declared his stance. However, at such a crucial point, he released this kind of decree, so how could this not make people speculate?

Did this represent his stance, or was it his attitude towards the fight? The entire world was discussing this topic.

“Before this, he granted Shi Hao the title of heavenly lord, and even added the word ‘wasteland’ before it. With the three words wasteland heavenly lord, what other title could compare? He could only grant out the peerless lord title!”

“Right. Is Stone Emperor trying to treat him equally without favoring one over the other by giving out this title of peerless lord?”

“If the dual-pupiled individual wins, then this peerless lord title would be too overbearing. He will not only take on the position of Stone Emperor in the future, he would probably control an even greater amount of land.”

This title created an enormous disturbance, leaving Stone Country capital in complete unrest.

“Peerless lord, Yi’er is unrivalled in this world! Who could contest against him? No one is comparable!” The Martial Imperial Manor’s people were naturally extremely excited. The title was definitely a type of acknowledgement.

“Dual-pupilled individuals are natural born deities and would inevitably rise to greatness. No one could stop his advance, and his road would definitely be a glorious one. It will illuminate the world and be forever recorded in history!” Shi Yi’s relatives were all filled with enthusiasm.

Inside the manor, Shi Yi stood alone in front of a window. In his hand was a decree. The front side had the title peerless lord, and there was another character on the back: humane.

Was this a warning? A faint smile appeared on the edge of his lips. His eyes were burning fiercely like two heavenly swords. they swept over the decree and silently turned it into ashes.

“Yi’er, have you decided to enter the Void God Realm from the manor?” His father appeared.

“No, I will go to the Demonic Spirit Lake. I won’t feel at ease here. I do not wish to be disturbed in the slightest during the decisive battle. “Shi Yi turned around and looked at his father.

Immediately after, his eyes lit up. Two halberds flew out from his pupils, and after making contact with each other, endless symbols erupted. They then merged together to form a magical artifact.


All types of symbols appeared. Divine light flickered, and a sacred path was opened. This magical artifact was extremely mysterious; it could allow one to travel through the void.

A moment later, he vanished from where he was standing into the void created by the magical artifact.

“A magical artifact created from the primordial symbol bone of a void beast! It truly is shocking!” Someone within the manor cried out.

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