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Chapter 348 – Tremendous Gains

Specks of golden light covered the lake of magma. Yang Fish swarmed over, creating a scene that was rather frightening. Shi Hao had never seen so many of them packed together. There had to be at least a thousand there!

In the past, it was already considered a success if he could get more than a hundred. A number like that seemed like a joke compared to this sight.

“There are just too many. Could it be that all of the Yang Fish were hiding within this great lake?” One of the youngsters cried out in astonishment.

They came quickly and left quickly as well, because the amount of bait here really wasn’t enough for all of them. The very first batch had already eaten everything.

With a flash of golden light, they disappeared into the base of the lake. The sight of more than a thousand divine fish left them tongue-tied for words. Just how much divine liquid would they be able to produce?

“We’ve struck it rich this time!” Even the other youngsters were boiling with excitement.

After calming his mind, Shi Hao waited a period of time to avoid alarming the creatures within the lake. Then, he made some arrangements around the lake to carve down some essential symbols first.

He gave the others a few precious artifacts and had them help him out. When the time came, they would intercept the fish together. After all, there were just too many Yang Fish, and a single person definitely wouldn’t be able to catch them all.

Moreover, with the school of fish being so large, there was most likely a Yang Fish King that delved profoundly into its dao. Once caught, it might fiercely resist, sparking a great battle.

Finally, he decided that his arrangements were satisfactory. He approached the great lake and began to scatter the bait over a large surface area. Sparkling specks descended while flickering with light.

Shi Hao didn’t dare stay there for too long. He quickly retreated and hid himself, waiting for the large number of fish to rise to the surface.

Sure enough, after a short period of time, specks of golden multicolored light could be seen, changing the previously scarlet color of the magma. The school of fish appeared and devoured the sparkling bait in large mouthfuls, creating an extremely unusual sight.

The Yang Fish were all extraordinary creatures and had long ago embarked upon their own dao paths. After gathering together like this, the water surface was overflowing with auspicious multicolored light. Lightning curled about, and great magical powers began to stir about chaotically.

Numerous dark clouds formed, resulting in a downpour of magma rain. Abnormal events began to take place here, and thick streaks of lightning hacked down.

There were half-meter long large fish that even soared high into the sky, spitting out multicolored light within the dark clouds. It was truly a rarely seen sight that left everyone stumped for words.

Shi Hao knew that he couldn’t wait any longer.

At this moment, some people gazed over from the great lake’s vicinity and revealed shocked expressions. “What is that? Let’s go and take a look.”

“Yi, those are a type of divine fish. I think I’ve heard of them before. They actually appeared, and in such large quantities!” The group was headed by a young individual with five jade horns on his head. His gaze was fiery, and with a wave of his hand, he said, “Seal up this place and don’t let any information leak out. We are going to seize everything.”

Everyone immediately understood. They were going to lock down both the fish and the people within!

“Young master, it seems like there are people coming from the other side. The lake is too large for us to seal off.” One of them reminded the leader and revealed a nervous expression.

Sure enough, numerous figures began to appear. Another group of creatures had arrived from a different direction with more numbers than their people.

This group had humanoid bodies, but all of them had four eyes. It was clear that they were from a powerful clan beyond this region, and at this moment, they had also arrived at the lakeside. The individuals leading that group were stirred up greatly as they focused their eyes on the great lake’s golden light.

“Wu, it truly is Yang Fish, moreover so many. If we are able to catch them all, then I would definitely be able to reach a terrifying cultivation realm.” A young man in the lead became excited. His four eyes flickered with light, and a fervent passion could be seen within his pupils.

In reality, there weren’t only two powers. Eventually, a third group of people hurried over while staring at the great lake. Their expressions weren’t good, and it was clear that they wanted to immediately take everything for themselves.

At this crucial juncture, Shi Hao had already taken action, or else it would have been too late. His entire body lit up, surrounding this place in blazing light as if he was a deity of lightning. The Heaven Mending Bowl was sent into the magma to begin catching the fish.

The third group of individuals didn’t utter a single greeting. They all rushed forward to steal the Yang Fish.

“Who are you all? These are the Yang Fish that we lured in! You guys can’t steal it from us!” The young lady with large eyes was furious. You have to understand that for the sake of gathering this bait, they had worked tirelessly for several days and fought against the most vicious types of creatures. This was bait that they had obtained with great difficulty. They had just lured in the fish, yet in the end, these people came to steal the fruit of their efforts.

“Yi, there is even a beauty.” One of them laughed in disdain.

“Less nonsense, hurry up and catch the Yang Fish. Don’t let them escape. These are all priceless treasures!” Someone shouted.

“Stop staring like idiots. Hurry up and catch these fish together!” There was even someone who threatened the young girl with large eyes and her group of people.

This entire place was in chaos. Three parties rushed over with greed in their eyes. They all began to frantically steal the Yang Fish.

Shi Hao had previously carved a few formation patterns, but the main purpose was to assist the youngsters with him in catching fish. It was difficult for the formation to block these individuals.

The three powers pressed forward. Not only did they steal the Yang Fish, there were even some who attacked Shi Hao’s group of youngsters. The situation was desperate.

Shi Hao sighed and transmitted sound for them to back up and not interfere. He himself continued to capture the fish regardless of everything that was happening.

“Don’t chase after them anymore. Hurry up and capture these Yang Fish first. Even losing a single fish is a great loss.”

“Right, what is before us is more important. The heavens are truly helping us out! This is the greatest gift!” These individuals laughed loudly. The three powers no longer pursued the girl with large eyes and her group.

Shi Hao remained indifferent. After thinking about it, he did not take action. He occupied a region before bringing out the Heaven Transforming Bowl to hurriedly take action. Yang Fish were trapped and collected one after another.

“Yi, he actually has some skill.” Those there revealed expressions of shock as they looked at him.


Suddenly, golden light erupted from the great lake. Several fish roughly half a meter in length revolted, creating over ten great waves. Magma surged, and numerous symbols followed.

There were immediately people who cried out miserably. After getting swept up within, their flesh and blood were completely wiped clean, leaving only dried bones. At the same time, the lightning in the sky became even more berserk. The dark clouds moved about, releasing a great pressure to attack these people.

In the next moment, the golden light within the great lake became even more dazzling, releasing a radiance that stretched into the heavens. All of the Yang Fish were now angry. The thousand creatures all displayed their symbols.

“Not good. Quickly, retreat!”

With a chi la sound, dense and numerous symbols rose from the lake and soared into the sky. Half of the people there were immediately blasted apart into countless pieces. They weren’t even able to take a single strike.

It wasn’t that these people were weak, but rather that the school of Yang Fish was too strong. There were a few old monsters within, and together with such a large number of fish, the power their symbols created was simply unfathomable.

Those that remained were all powerful individuals. Their eyes revealed vicious glints as they activated precious artifacts. They attacked from the side to weaken the school of fish and catch them.

The fish were powerful to begin with, and now that they had joined their power, they were quite frightening. However, the waters below them had previously been sealed off, making them go mad. Shi Hao silently submerged himself inside. At this moment, his ten heavenly passages were released, locking down all of the fish. He brought out the Heaven Transforming Bowl and began to hurriedly catch these creatures.

Those three powers were also quite exceptional. Among them, there were a few old servants at the late-stage Engravement Realm who were extremely powerful.

The Yang Fish struggled for their lives and broke up into several groups. These people frantically tried to capture them, but they had also suffered the fishes’ counterattacks and suffered some casualties.


Lightning flickered, and magma rushed into the heavens. In the end, the school of fish broke apart and fled in all directions.

None of them were willing to let them go. They took action hurriedly, pursuing the fish to catch them. They were even able to catch a few large fish.


It was only when a golden streak of light appeared that struck a late-stage Engravement Realm expert into ashes did they become frightened. They all halted their steps, and soon after, they quickly fled.

Within the depths of the great lake, there was a resplendent sphere of light. It was burning brightly and extremely powerful. This was where the true Fish King was located. It was roughly a meter long, just like a golden dragon.

Shi Hao was shocked. This Yang Fish was too powerful, even more so than normal noble kings! He merged with the Imperishable Golden Body on the spot to deal with this Yang Fish.

However, he never expected that this Yang Fish would be so perceptive. In the end, it actually silently endured this and led the school of fish into the depths of the lake. They swam into the distance and disappeared within the magma.

“This martial brother offers his courtesy.” A youngster with horns on his head greeted Shi Hao.

At this time, the people from the three powers had once again assembled, but there weren’t many people remaining, with only six or seven in each group. More than half of their numbers had lost their lives here.

Shi Hao did not pay them any attention. These people had ruined this fortunate event and fought over the fruits of his work. His gaze was ice cold.

“Martial brother, do you think you can spare some kindness and hand over some of the Yang Fish in your possession?” From the other side, the youngster from the Four Eyed race also spoke. Moreover, his clan members took action to stand in Shi Hao’s way to prevent him from leaving.

“Are you all trying to seize all the benefits for yourselves?!” The third group of people spoke up. These were humans from beyond this region, and all of them possessed extraordinary strength. It was clear that they came from great sects. Two gorgeous young ladies with charming appearances led this group.

“How about this, our three parties will divide it evenly.” The Four Eyed race spoke calmly.

“Why? Our Horned Race hurried here and noticed his school of fish first, so they should all belong to us,” said the horned youngster.

Shi Hao watched from the side coldly. These people truly treated him like an exposed meal. They did not pay him any attention as they began to discuss how to divide up his prey.

“Let’s see exactly how many Yang Fish he has captured first.” One of the two young ladies suggested, hinting for Shi Hao to bring out the Yang Fish.

Shi Hao said laughed bitterly. “I had the same thought. You all should bring out your Yang Fish so I can see how many there are. If it can make up for my losses, then I’ll forget this matter. If there aren’t enough, then all of you will be thrown into the lake as fish food!”

He had long since flipped out and had enough of these people. Not only did they disturb the capture of his Yang Fish, they even wanted to rob him and most likely kill him afterwards.

When he spoke these words, the three parties were all shocked. You have to understand that these people had already tested his group’s strength. The girl with large-eyes’ group was only mediocre, so how strong could the last person be?

However, now, they felt like the situation wasn’t right. The aura this individual exuded left them feeling rather disturbed.

“Friend, let’s put this behind us. Today, we have errored and ask for your forgiveness.”

“Martial brother, we apologize. We acted a bit impulsively and hope that we can be on friendly terms.”

These people were trying to test him out here. At the same time, there were some who truly felt that things were a bit unusual and wanted to run away.

“There is no need for any apologies. Why don’t you all begin by bringing out the Yang Fish,” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Don’t bully others intolerably!” The horned youngster said in an overcast tone.

“Who is the one bullying intolerably? I was the one that scattered the bait, and you all came to profit from my misfortune. In the end, you even wanted to scheme against me. If I don’t deal with you all, then I would be letting down all of my hard work!” Shi Hao’s voice was cold. He had expended a great deal of effort during these last few days.

“Move! Kill him!” The horned youth seemed like a young master that had never suffered losses. He was at the prime of his life; after entering the wasteland region, he had felt like he could act completely unrestrained.

In his surroundings, several middle-aged individuals frowned. In the end, they obeyed the order and moved out together.

“Trash that doesn’t know the difference between living and dying. Have you not entered the Void God Realm to watch the battle? Right, since you are all going to remain here in the future, there is no need for you to worry about anything else,” Shi Hao said.

These middle-aged individuals were extremely powerful experts at late-stage Engravement Realm. They seemed middle-aged, but in reality, they were all seventy or eighty years old. They have cultivated for a really long period of time.


They cooperatively activated a fiery furnace to suppress Shi Hao. Terrifying scarlet flames rushed out streak after streak.

Shi Hao seemed indifferent. His entire body released dark light, and from between his brows emerged a black fish. It was only a foot in length, but it was formed from symbols. Black waves immediately soared into the heavens.

He was testing out the power of the Kun Peng’s precious technique. After a hong sound could be heard, the foot long black divine fish’s tail blasted the scarlet divine furnace to pieces.

“What?!” Everyone was completely shocked.

Following that, the fish swam about. It opened its mouth and spat out black-colored true water that contained the power of the moon within. It completely engulfed those middle-aged individuals.


They cried out loudly. They felt as if their entire bodies were freezing up. Even after using their symbols to display their great abilities, it was still completely futile.

Soon after, these individuals were completely frozen. Their bodies began to crack apart inch by inch, eventually turning into black-colored dust. They were completely annihilated.

The horned youth cried out loudly. He was so scared that his face became deathly white. It was as if his soul was trying to leave his body! He turned around and fled, but in the end, he was caught by Shi Hao. He was trampled into the ground with a single foot.

“Do you think my words are farts? Bring out all of your Yang Fish so I can see whether or not I can recover my losses.” Shi Hao spoke with an extremely cold voice. At the same time, he looked towards the other two parties.

“Martial brother, we are truly sorry and have truly treated you unfairly. Let’s discuss this matter in a good manner.” The four-eyed youngster was the one who spoke up. His face was incomparably ugly.

“I don’t want to hear any nonsense. Throw down your precious artifacts and bring out the Yang Fish. I will then decide if I want to let you all live,” Shi Hao spoke coldly.

On the other side, the human girls from outside this region as well as the old servants they brought over revealed unsatisfied expressions. Among them, there was one young lady who was still reluctant to admit their mistake. In an overbearing manner, she said, “Do you know that we are from Mist Palace? There are some sects that you can’t provoke. You should think carefully before provoking a huge disaster on your teachers!”


Shi Hao used the Kun Peng’s divine speed to shift his body forward and immediately slapped her face, sending her flying out. “I dislike it when others threaten me the most.”

That charming young lady was struck dumb. Then, she shrieked loudly. “Mist Palace is going to enter the Wasteland Region. You are bringing about a huge disaster to your sect masters!”


Shi Hao flew across the sky and with a kick, he sent her flying out several hundred zhang away. After smashing into the ground, her mouthful of teeth were all knocked out from the impact, never to speak again.

“Kill him!” The other young lady shouted, because she could tell that it was no longer possible to talk things through. They were better off taking action and join forces with the Four Eyed Race’s people.

Another battle unavoidably erupted. Under the pressure of that foot long black divine fish, all types of precious artifacts were shattered. The old servants were all killed.


Shi Hao’s foot descended, trampling one of the young ladies to death.

There was only a single individual remaining from each of the three powers, because he still had some questions for them.

Only after checking his spoils of war did Shi Hao finally reveal expressions of joy. Even though these people had disturbed his fishing, the losses had still been recovered. These individuals had caught a total of five to six hundred fish altogether.

Together with his own, it surpassed a thousand. This was a plentiful harvest.

In reality, even if no one disturbed him, he still wouldn’t be able to catch them all. He would only be able to catch this amount at the most.

Shi Hao did not continue to interrogate the remaining individuals and instead suppressed them inside magical artifacts. He then began to directly refine the Yang Fish inside the Heaven Transforming Bowl.

Ultimately, sparkling golden fluid filled the small bowl with incomparable brilliance. Divine qualities flowed through them. Shi Hao was greatly moved with this great harvest.

Shi Hao went into seclusion. He found a secret place to raise his cultivation level. When he reappeared, he had already broken into the late-stage of the Engravement Realm!

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