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Chapter 349 – Leaving Seclusion

After reaching the late-stage Engravement Realm, Shi Hao felt as if he became completely different. He could feel the movements of the natural laws of this world through the opening and closing of his pores.

WIthout a doubt, after reaching this stage, his strength increased by a large amount. His way of thinking and experiencing things were greatly different.

At this moment, symbols would be released just by exhaling. The spiritual essence was like a dragon as it curled about his body, making him seem mysterious and extremely powerful.

This was a great type of feeling. This was a type of satisfaction that could only be gained from obtaining the benefits of breaking through. He was in high spirits, and his mind was clear and peaceful.

“You are all going to tell me what is going on outside this region.” Shi Hao released the horned youth, four-eyed youngster, and the Mist Palace girl before interrogating them.

The horned youth felt his heart pound heavily. A talent as powerful and well known as him was now actually a prisoner.

As for the Four-Eyed Race youngster, he was only twenty years old. His cultivation was just at the late-stage Engravement Realm, the same as Shi Hao, making him feel incomparably ashamed.

The young lady possessing an exceptional appearance was similarly grieving. She was an outstanding individual from the Mist Palace, yet in the end, she was suppressed by a young native within the Wasteland Region. All of her pride as a genius was now nothing more than a joke.

“What is your true age?” They were extremely unreconciled and wanted to clear up their doubts.

“Turning fourteen in a few months.” Shi Hao looked down on them. With an expressionless face, he said indifferently, “Am I the one asking you three questions or are you three interrogating me?”

The three individuals sighed. He was only thirteen! Fuck… was there still law and reason in this world? They had never met such an evil youngster before. This was just too ridiculously powerful! The most outstanding legends from ancient sects might not even match up.

Moreover, they began to develop suspicions. Was this fellow the inheriting disciple of a place like Western Paradise Sect or Sky Severing Sect that was being ‘grown’ in the Wasteland Region? Otherwise, how could he be so heaven defying?

These three were completely regretful of provoking this youngster. They truly brought this disaster upon themselves. If they did not desire those Yang Fish, how could it have ended like this? It was all self-inflicted.

Shi Hao began to question them to find out more about matters from outside this region. At first, these three weren’t exactly compliant and were rather rebellious. However, they eventually came to terms and spoke about a few matters.

It was to the point where Shi Hao even obtained several small divine abilities from the three. Unfortunately, when sect suppressing precious abilities were brought up, the three began to cry out loudly. Their foreheads began to split apart and drip out blood; it was clear that there was a restriction in place.

Regardless of which sect it was, they would all place heavy importance on their sect’s inheritances. Many measures were set in place to prevent these secrets from leaking out, including carving destructive symbols onto their disciples’ souls.

Finally, Shi Hao helped them get rid of the suffering. He did not humiliate them anymore, and with a single slice, three heads flew out dozens of meters, spraying out a huge amount of blood.

He slowly digested the information he received while standing there. Only after staying here for a long time did he finally leave.

Shi Hao found the young lady with the large eyes’ group. They all seemed undisturbed, and after regrouping, they once again began to move. They searched for vicious beasts, refined bait, and caught Yang Fish.

The large lake from before had several thousand fish, but after experiencing last time’s disturbance, these creatures became more prudent. They would no longer be fooled.

It took two days before Shi Hao found traces of them. It was in part due to the bait’s efficacy, but the main contributor was that dual-pupiled eyeball. It discovered the region where they thrived.

This time, he used all of his effort to catch the fish. He rushed into the magma and began to fight ferociously. The Yang Fish King was provoked, making the battle rather difficult.

It had to be mentioned that fighting the Yang Fish King together with the several thousand powerful underlings was extremely terrifying. The entire vast lake of magma began to surge violently.

In the end, Shi Hao wounded it and caught several thousand Yang Fish. The Fish King fled with the rest of its troops deeper into the lake, disappearing from this place.

SHi Hao did not chase them any further. Obtaining the amount he needed was good enough, as there was no need to completely eradicate their species. When he returned, the youngsters were all extremely excited as they looked at him with fervent expressions.

Shi Hao refined the Yang Fish, this time gifting the group not a small amount of them. During these days, he was only able to smoothly cultivate due to this group’s assistance.

This time, Shi Hao emerged from his isolated training after only half a day with a soft sigh. It turned out as he had predicted after all. The divinity within the Yang Fish was now no longer useful for him.

It was more correct to say that they were much less effective. After entering this ancestral land, he had been travelling down his cultivation path like a hot knife through butter, continuously breaking through in the shortest amount of time into the late-stage Engravement Realm. As a result, he had built up some ‘innate immunity’ after consuming so much of the Yang Fish.

“Sigh, I guess this is as far as it will take me.” Shi Hao sighed softly.

There was still a lot of golden liquid within the Heaven Transforming Bowl, so he divided some of it once again to the girl with large eyes and her party. He then went looking for Huo Ling’er, allowing some men in black to lead the way.

Huo Ling’er was trying to search for her opportunities herself and entered an ancient palace. Her mind had been occupied by this matter recently.

“How could there be so much divine liquid?”

When Shi Hao brought out the Yang Fish liquid, the flourishing multicolored light made her charming jade-like face brilliant. Huo Ling’er was extremely shocked; this fellow really was too formidable.

“After a thousand Yang Fish were refined into liquid, some of it was gifted away. The remainder is all here. Many thanks!” Shi Hao said.

This time, the most thankful one was actually Huo Ling’er. Without bringing him into the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds, how could she have encountered something as great as this? Shi Hao was speaking sincerely.

“Alright, then I won’t hold myself back.” Huo Ling’er’s smile was extremely sweet. Her eyes were flowing with light, and her body was charming enough to stir up one’s soul.

She brought up another matter. “Right, while you were cultivating during these past few days, there were a few things that happened outside. The Demonic Spirit Lake’s people appeared in the capital and almost tore down your Heavenly Lord Mansion, but they were chased off by the Stone Emperor.”

When Shi Hao heard what was said, light flashed through his eyes. “Is this some form of revenge? It seems like I need to pay the Void God Realm a visit.”

He always had an urge to slaughter pure-blooded creatures within the Void God Realm. He was going to enter the Archaic Divine Mountains and ferociously raze some of his enemies’ territories to the ground.

However, he knew that doing something like this was extremely dangerous. The existences within those restricted lands were extremely terrifying. Even if they couldn’t do anything to him in the Void God Realm, they could still vent their fury in the real world.

As such, he always felt a restraining fear and did not take action.

However, he now felt that there was a need for him to stroll around a bit. Even if he didn’t unleash a great slaughter, he still had to intimidate them to avoid suffering excessively at their hands.

“The savage child came again!”

When news of his arrival traveled outwards, the Void God Realm began to burst with commotion!

Shi Hao’s name was absolutely dazzling within the Void God Realm. He swept through the Rain Clan, Tuoba Clan, many other great ancient sects, and even crushed the Demonic Spirit Lake. Who could contend against such power?

Currently, in this world constructed by the deities out of essence energy, there was only one person, Shi Yi, who could stop his movements. Others would all only end up suffering.

A great blue sea stretched out into the distance. Shi Hao had arrived! Just like last time, he smashed apart Demonic Spirit Lake’s gate once again. The grand and imposing main gate turned into pieces.

This left their clan utterly enraged, but there was nothing they could do.

“Let me give you all a warning. In the future, don’t casually show off your strength in Stone Country. Otherwise, I will completely slaughter all of you.”

Everyone watched with dumbstruck expressions. These were words that only he dared to speak! Who else would dare act so unbridled here? They would all hide far away instead.

“Surname Shi, do not bully others too intolerably! Even your country’s Guardian Spirit will fall one day, let alone someone like you.” An enormous black spider spoke in a cold voice.

“No one can be sure what will happen in the future. However, right now, you all better behave a bit!” Shi Hao berated.

Then, he shook his sleeves and left, not seeming affected in the slightest, leaving these powerful creatures gnashing their teeth in fury.

Shi Hao went for a walk, causing many people to follow behind him. They all wanted to find out what he wanted, and in the end, he arrived at a few of the Archaic Divine Mountains’ lands. It truly raised a storm of anxiety.

From the distance, the great mountains appeared imposing and heroic. When Shi Hao descended upon the Heavenly Divine Mountains, there was an elder that personally arrived to discuss some matters with him. Beside him was also a purple-clothed girl.

Yun Xi was speechless. This fellow really was unstoppably rising to power! A single move from him actually left her father no choice but to personally come.

“Youngster, we aren’t enemies, but we can’t be considered acquaintances either. It doesn’t seem like I have offended you in any way, right?” The elder was not calm at all. He feared that this youngster would go crazy and tear this place down.

“There are too many areas where you have let me down. You tricked me into going to the Northern Sea, and in the end, I was almost buried there as a result.” Shi Hao was extremely discontent.

“That is not a matter that involves me.” The elder said. He then wanted to ask for the divine armguard back.

“In my opinion, I think that you should be a good person and also give me the other one to make it a matching pair.” Shi Hao said.

The elder was truly fed up with this brat. How could he give the other one out? However, the Heavenly Divine Mountain was truly in the wrong last time, so there was no way for them to get the armguard back.

The purple-clothed girl Yun Xi possessed an otherworldly beauty. As she stood on the side, she continuously grinded her teeth in anger.

“What? You want to wrestle against me again? You are far from being my opponent.” Shi Hao shot her a condescending look before sweeping his eyes over her curvy and wonderful body.

This left the purple-haired girl absolutely furious. She felt as if a caterpillar was crawling through every corner of her body. She found it difficult to calm down and truly wanted to trample on this fellow with her foot.

“Right, I have always been curious. What kind of race are you guys? I have made a bet with her that if she loses, then she has to return with me to protect my village. However, she always went back on her words.”

“We are a small branch of the Celestial Race,” the elder said proudly.

“Celestial Race, what kind of race is that? Is it famous? There shouldn’t be a problem if she protects my village, right?” Shi Hao spoke while pointing at the purple-clothed girl.

The elder was speechless, and the purple-clothed girl was furious. She felt the fine hair on her pure-white body stand up straight. She truly wanted to kill the other side.

“If there comes a day when you can travel beyond this region and reach a powerful enough realm, you will clearly understand what the Celestial Race signifies. Then, you will be filled with reverence for this race,” said the elder.

Following that, the elder urged him not to go to the other Archaic Divine Mountains, telling him that this was pointless. Even if he could intimidate everyone in the Void God Realm, in the real world, those divine mountains were still unshakeable supreme lands.

Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds.

Shi Hao returned. He realized that the period of a month was not far and almost here. He decided not to cultivate anymore and wander about. He wanted to adjust himself to an optimal state.

“That place is the ancestral land’s core. It’s not that we can’t enter this restricted land, but rather that it is extremely dangerous. You have to be careful. We do not dare enter.” The young lady with large eyes and her party warned.

The forbidden area was rather unique. Not a single blade of grass grew outside, yet there were many trees here rooted within the magma with lush and flourishing leaves growing from them.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. Rumors had it that this was the birthplace of Fire Nation’s Guardian Spirit, reputed to be a divine ground.

There were many volcanoes here, and there were also quite a few magma lakes. Flames curled up about ancient trees one after another, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

After entering this place, he could clearly sense that there were quite a few creatures here. Moreover, they were all rather powerful with no lack of noble king grade experts among them!

“Flame birds!

Ferocious scarlet birds appeared one after another. There were some that were as large as a small mountain, and some that were less than a meter in length. Their entire bodies were scarlet and surging with flames.

“The same race as the big red bird. These are… descendants of the vermillion bird?” Shi Hao softly spoke.

Fire Nation was a country founded on its reputation of flames. Moreover, their sect suppressing precious technique was also a fire dao world-shocking divine ability. Their Guardian Spirit was suspected to be a Vermillion Bird.

Huo Ling’er had warned him before that he couldn’t take any lives here. He couldn’t provoke any creatures or act rashly in this place.

He hid from these flame birds to avoid being detected. Otherwise, if there were any conflicts, the Fire Nation people would all turn against him. None of them would help him then.

At a volcanic crater, there was an enormous ancient tree. Its tree bark had cracks running through it, but its trunk was upright and strong, as if an ancient dragon was resting here. It took root within the scarlet magma to absorb its divine force.

This ancient tree was extremely unordinary. It could be seen from far away. Its entire body was sparkling with brilliant luster, and resplendent leaves rested along its branches. The spiritual essence around it was astonishing.

Shi Hao made his way over and looked up from the base of the tree. He noticed a bird nest that wasn’t large, but emitted light like a small sun. It released powerful fluctuations.

The diameter of the nest was only a foot in length. However, the golden divine light surging around it gave it an incredibly terrifying appearance.

Shi Hao looked left and right and noticed that this place was rather peaceful. There were no creatures roaming about. Like a small monkey, he scaled the tree easily, making a beeline for that plate-size nest.

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