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Chapter 333 – Killing the Obstacle

His golden hair was dyed in blood as it scattered downwards. A piece of his scalp was shaved off, and dark red blood trickled downwards.

“You’ve made me bleed!” The golden-haired youngster touched his scalp, and several veins throbbed on his forehead. He had a feeling that this kind of result would happen if his opponent closed the gap.


His wings shook, and golden lightning hacked about chaotically. They were like pythons as they rushed towards Shi Hao. Shocking amounts of electricity danced about, attacking at one’s soul.

He was truly angered. He wasn’t even sixteen years old yet, but had already become an Engravement Realm expert. His natural talents were astonishing. He was ridiculing and taunting Shi Hao just now to slowly break down his enemy, but he was unexpectedly the one to suffer greatly.

This was the innate ability of his race. The wind and lightning behind him formed a golden color, interweaving together with electricity to produce an astonishing power!


Shi Hao shifted to the side. It was as if an immortal sword cleaved apart the void, allowing him to instantly appear a hundred zhang out. The area where he previously stood on was submerged by golden lightning and crackling with pi pa sounds.

“Hand over your life!” The golden-haired youngster shouted. His enchantingly handsome face was now a bit distorted. Having part of his scalp shaved off was a type of humiliation he had never experienced before.

For a heaven warping talent like this youngster, dignity and pride were the most important things. However now, even part of his scalp had been sliced off! If word of this ever got out, it would be too shameful.

With an ao sound, the cry of of dragons tore through the air. An enormous flood dragon appeared behind the golden-haired youngster’s back. It curled about like an ominous cloud.

Meanwhile, he once again pulled back his bow, but this time, he released his utmost power. He had been careless before, thinking that he could easily kill his opponent. As a result, he suffered great consequences.

A weng noise sounded, and the instant the bowstring was released, a resplendent golden arrow flew out. The beam of light was over ten meters in length, as if it was a shocking rainbow.

Shi Hao’s entire body was shining. The divine lights within his body surged, and all of them formed little cauldrons. They moved within his body one after another to form symbols.

His entire body formed a three-legged cauldron. There was a mysterious aura around him, with a shocking and vague dao rhythm being released.

During this process, he then used the Black Tortoise divine ability. Black waves surged, and a Black Tortoise emerged, formed from cauldron symbols to block this arrow.

A cauldron was something that could be used both offensively and defensively. It resonated with the dao rhythm of heaven and earth, and was considered one of the most complicated and profound weapons.

The reason why it was profound and complex was not only due to its shape, but also due to its corresponding symbols. It could change unpredictably, and so constructing a weapon like this was extremely time-consuming and difficult. One had to place close attention to its harmony with the world.

Shi Hao wanted defense, but he wanted to attack as well. He decided that bells, cauldrons, pagodas, or furnaces would all do, and the divine lights transformed as such. They then formed symbols to activate his precious technique.

The Black Tortoise raised its head, bringing forth a surging black ocean wave. It was extremely mysterious and powerful as it blocked this arrow.

However, this arrow contained the power infused by the golden-haired youngster. It was the attack of one at the Engravement Realm that contained extraordinary power. The black ocean waves were immediately blasted apart.

Shi Hao was startled. His hands moved, and that Black Tortoise turned into a shield that was covered densely in ancient symbols. This was the divine ability of the Black Tortoise.

At the same time, the fundamental divine light of the precious technique was evolved into cauldrons. Its defense was undoubtedly improved, and its attack power was also promoted.


The golden rainbow flew over and collided into the shield. Weng long sounds rang out as the defense was obliterated. The Black Tortoise shell grew dim and eventually released cracking sounds.

With a peng sound, it pierced through the black armor and went straight for Shi Hao. Its divine might didn’t seem to have weakened at all, and golden light overflowed into the heavens.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. Symbols appeared all around his body, and even streaks of divine light appeared within his eyes. It seemed as if two small cauldrons were moving about within his pupils.

He did not use any other precious techniques. Instead, the light within his body surged and turned into small cauldrons. The numerous small cauldrons fused into his flesh, making his own body as sturdy as one.

At this moment, his body became hazy. He utilized the most primordial and simple precious technique. His two hands continuously moved about to bring forth a miraculous power.

It was just for a little bit, but he merged together with the heaven and earth. They resonated together, and with wenglong sounds, symbols poured down on his entire body, as if the original supreme deity was using a great divine ability.

This was not some technique recorded within the True Primordial Record, nor was it from the battle scenes that were recorded on it. It was something that Shi Hao naturally evolved on his own that inadvertently matched the True Primordial Record.

Pa, pa…

Shi Hao’s hands continuously struck about, as if a great cauldron was being shaken. They collided with the divine rainbow, making it tremble and causing its light grow dim. In the end, it shattered!

A golden wave flooded the skies and wreaked havoc through this area.

“What?!” The golden-haired youth was shocked. This time, he did not hold anything back and attacked to kill, yet this arrow still did not accomplish anything.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao rushed forward while covered densely in symbols. He quickly closed the distance to fight in close quarters and get rid of this golden-haired youth. He did not want to give him the chance to use his bow again.

A cold light flashed past the golden-haired youngster’s pupils. He knew that things were far from reassuring, but he still was not worried. Behind him, his wings flapped, creating tens of thousands of thunderous streaks, allowing him to dodge to the side.

Shi Hao shouted. The divine lights within his body changed again, and this time, they all turned into spears. His aura immediately changed, becoming incomparably ferocious. His entire being was like a golden spear, making one feel as if their souls were shaken.


The golden-haired youth’s lips carried a merciless smile as he activated a precious technique. An enormous hand appeared that was created from symbols. It was like a golden cloud as it descended forward.

It covered Shi Hao below. The golden-haired youngster was relying on the absolute power of the Engravement Realm to suppress and pulverize his opponent.


Streak after streak of divine radiance burst forth, and it was as if golden spears were shooting out from Shi Hao’s body one after another. He displayed his power and sent all of those spears piercing forward.

With a bo sound, he pierced through the cloud-like enormous palm, scattering all of the symbols. He then shot for his opponent.

The golden-haired youngster shook his wind and lightning wings. His face was full of coldness and ridicule. Eight enormous beads flew out and were about to explode here.

There wasn’t a single person there who was not shocked. This was the embodiment of lightning magic, and with an Engravement Realm expert using it, a single lightning bead was enough to extinguish a mountain peak.

Now, eight lightning beads were released simultaneously to stop Shi Hao and blow apart his body. It was extremely terrifying.

“Huh?” The golden-haired youngster was shocked.

Shi Hao’s aura changed again, and a pair of golden wings with black streaks running through them now appeared behind him as well. His speed was just too fast, avoiding all eight lightning beads. They drew a beautiful arc as he rushed over murderously.


The golden-haired youngster shouted, and all eight lightning beads exploded. The sky and earth were turned upside down, with even the lakes of magma were wiped out as all the lava rushed towards the sky.

However, Shi Hao’s speed was extremely fast and he had long avoided it. He used the Kun Peng wings to increase his own speed and rush behind the golden-haired youth.

After that, he lifted his palm to hack down murderously!

With a shua sound, the golden-haired youngster turned around. His face was overcast. “I forgot to mention that our Wind Lightning Feather race’s flesh is extremely powerful. I’ve been waiting for you to come over this entire time.”

He was already taking action while saying these words, throwing himself in front of Shi Hao. He was convinced that his opponent wouldn’t be able to escape now.

This was his assassination weapon. Its outward appearance seemed like a bow and arrow with astonishing magic, so others assumed that it must be because his own body wasn’t powerful enough that he had to attack from the distance.

In reality, his most powerful feature was his body. He was an Engravement Realm expert whose flesh had been trained until it became even tougher than precious artifacts.


Shi Hao didn’t say anything. A palm slammed down, raising a berserk gust of wind.

The golden-haired youngster was shocked. He had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right and did not meet it head on. He dodged to the side, but when the strong winds swept past his face, it felt as if he was being sliced by blades, making him feel an intense pain.


How could Shi Hao miss an opportunity? He continuously attacked and hacked down with another palm.

The golden-haired youth hesitated, but he still managed to raise his right fist and smashed it forward with all his strength.


The two palms collided, shaking this place. At the same time, the sounds of bones shattering could be heard. The golden-haired youngster’s expression was absolutely miserable as his right fist cracked apart.

How tyrannical was that palm? It was actually even more terrifying than his own flesh! It was worth mentioning that his opponent was still at the Spiritual Transformation Realm, yet he was defeated in what he was the strongest at.

The golden-haired youth’s expression was gloomy and cold. He endured the pain and backed off. However, the other side followed and continued to pursue him.

In just a split second, they collided several times in succession. Even though it was a contest of physical strength, there were still precious techniques contained within, only that they were fused into their palms.

For example, the golden-haired youth’s palm possessed the power of a Golden Crow, and there was the Kun Peng’s mysterious power in Shi Hao’s palms and fingers.


During the violent confrontation, Shi Hao tore off the golden-haired youth’s right arm, making him shriek miserably. This was definitely a horrifying injury.

At this point, this battle no longer contained any suspense. Even though the golden-haired youth’s servants were shooting arrows to offer support, it was already too late.

Ten moves later, Shi Hao’s leg swept out and kicked his chest. With a peng sound, the golden-haired youngster cracked into several pieces. He released a miserable cry, and his life was lost just like that.

Shi Hao took that bow and continuously pulled it back. Golden light flew out one after another, and with pu pu sounds, not even a single servant was able to escape. All of them were killed here.

“What a powerful bow!” Shi Hao sighed in admiration.

Everyone was astonished. This was a genius from outside of this region with an incredibly famous reputation who would rarely meet an opponent among his peers, yet in the end, he was killed in such a clean and efficient manner by this youngster!

“Yi, the Wind Lightning Feather race fellow’s aura vanished. Was he killed? There is still someone this powerful in the Fire Nation?”

Two youngsters rushed over from the distance. Even though appeared to be humanoid creatures, they were not humans. They possessed unique traits, such as a row of bony outgrowths on one of their backs that stretched towards the skies. The other had four pupils, giving him a rather sinister appearance.

“Hand over the Wind Lightning Flood Dragon Bow and then you can leave. We will pretend that we never saw anything.” One of them spoke and looked at the precious artifact in Shi Hao’s hand. Desire could be seen within his eyes.


Shi Hao was extremely quick, and in the blink of an eye, he had already broken through the strength of spiritual transformation to deal with these Engravement Realm experts.

“You dare!” One of them roared in fury.

These two creatures were both extremely powerful geniuses. Moreover, they were both in the Engravement Realm, so for Shi Hao to try and kill them by himself was truly unimaginable.

The other individual wanted to flee, but his shoulder was pierced through by an arrow, and half of his body almost exploded. Shi Hao rushed over and removed his head.

Everyone kept quiet out of fear. Who was this? Why have they never heard of him before? How could it be that not even the heaven warping geniuses from beyond this region aren’t his opponents?

This area began to boil with noise. The events today caused a great sensation.

At this moment, another great event was happening outside this place!

Within the ruins of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, one particular area’s space became unstable. Many cracks appeared, and a pure white hand reached out. It propped open the gate with difficulty, and a figure walked out from the Ancient Sacred Courtyard.

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